Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jesus - ""The time has come to dismantle the vast international corporations

Channelled By John Smallman On March 1, 2013 
Here in the spiritual realms we watch with love and compassion as you continue to hold and display your Light to the world.  It is truly exceptionally effective, so although your media would have you believe that all is proceeding absolutely normally – from crisis to crisis, as “experts” attempt to resolve the issues that threaten the economic, social, and political stability all across the world — rest assured that all is moving ahead as divinely planned and that all these issues will be resolved peacefully and most efficaciously for the benefit of all mankind.

Your loving intent is the most powerful way in which you can bring pressure to bear to effect the essential changes needed in attitudes and behaviors that will enable the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to resolution to be overcome. Love is the answer.  You all know that, but frequently it is very difficult to maintain loving attitudes when caught up in the midst of outrageous ethical conflicts that divide negotiators into numerous warring factions, each of which is absolutely convinced that it is right, that it has the only sensible solutions, and then it does everything in its often considerable power to win the negotiations!
That approach has never worked and never will.  It has been consistently tried throughout the eons, as history demonstrates so clearly, but it just does not work. Before the present era, that approach was extremely damaging to humanity, but your free will was honored as you tried to make the system work. Now, with the new technical abilities available to almost every nation, making destruction of the planet as an environment that will support life increasingly possible, in fact highly likely, a divine intervention could not be avoided.

You retain your free will, but very necessary limits have been placed on the amount of damage you can do with your technologies.  Going beyond those limits will not be permitted or tolerated.  This is obviously good for humanity, although some of your more aggressive leaders will try to circumvent these limits, and will try to persuade you that what they wish to do is essential for your safety and survival.  Do not believe them.  You all have ample amounts of wisdom and discernment to enable you to see clearly when those excessively aggressive ones are misleading you or lying to you.

Humanity wants peace and abundance for all, and the evidence for that is profuse.  The time has come to dismantle the vast international corporations that believe that only they have the right, the knowledge, and the skills to govern the planet.  All their agendas, as you well know, are utterly self-serving, and the power to control that they have amassed is unconscionable, especially in the light of the damage that they continue to inflict on humanity and the planet, and for which they refuse to acknowledge any sense of responsibility.

Large organizations – governments, legislative bodies, religious and political administrations, and large corporations or multinational entities – are no longer able to act with impunity and with total disregard for the wishes of those that they are supposedly serving.  Their freedom to act has been severely curtailed because of the unacceptable and indeed abusive ways in which they have been using that freedom.  Once, voices of reason within those organizations were heard and had the power and influence to ensure that their activities were ethical in nature and were then carried out ethically.  That is no longer the case.  They have become monsters of insatiable greed, destroying all that crossed their paths.  They had to be stopped.

What you hear from the mainstream media would suggest that not much has changed, but if you search out the independent sources and pundits, along with the increasing number of whistle-blowers making publicly available the information they have uncovered, you will see that much has changed, and the rate of change is increasing.

You are not alone as you bear your Light on high and determine to behave with love and compassion in all situations.  You are ably assisted by the powerful divine energies enveloping the planet which are encouraging and inspiring so many to become aware of the dire need for change and to take appropriate action to bring that change about.

Love is irresistible, invincible, and unstoppable.  Know that the changes necessary to establish food, shelter, health, and abundance for all on Earth are already occurring, and that your personal intent, the loving intent of each one of you is bringing this about.  You are dearly honored and mightily respected for what you have chosen as your life paths in order to ensure that this new Golden Age is brought to fruition quickly and effectively.  Continue holding the Light and sharing the Love as the divine Will is accomplished.

Your loving brother

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