Thursday, December 14, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-14-17

What's That Smell!

James Gilliland waxes rhapsodic on the current state of affairs from an anonymous Mexican beach:

Banksters preying upon the most disadvantaged people in the country; shame on you:

When the truth of the Disney Empire's foundations in systemic child abuse become common knowledge, shareholders can use their stock to start kindling alight:

FCC's net neutrality vote: what's at stake & why you should care:

High rollers: big Canadian business invests $2.7bn in cannabis in 2017, 3 times more than last year:

I'm all for sex-workers subcontracting to any military if it reduces sexual predation by the troops:

Git sum ranting by George Carlin on religion...classic team dark disclosure, live and onstage:

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The 12/12 Gateway Sacral Chakra Shakedown

By Morag On 12-12-17

We are deep in the Shift now. Kansas is going bye bye. The great separation has stepped up a gear, polarity leading to chaos and confusion. The Gemini supermoon illuminates duality, mercury retrograde creates delays, setbacks and misunderstandings. With the winter solstice just around the corner, there is no doubt December is proving tricky. The tension is cranking up globally, the chasm between truth and the mainstream media widening. The veils lifting on elitist depravity and greed. Misogyny and racism are part of daily online discourse. War and poverty appear increasingly unnecessary to people around the planet. These truly are times of awakening.

The third dimension is in total shakedown. This is affecting our lower chakras. 12.12 gateway triggers activation of our sacral chakra. This is our weakest point for matrix manipulation. Our ego is the target, our sacral chakra the conduit. We soak up matrix quick fixes to alleviate the traumas of the 3rd dimension. This plugs us into the matrix and blocks our chi flow. Siphoning our energy off to feed or chase matrix modes of escapism and false nourishment. Pharmaceuticals, alcohol, gambling, junk food, materialism, pornography give us a synthetic sense of being in the present or of being released into the fifth dimension. This is a fake high. Instead these toxins create addiction, disease, mental health issues and spiritual lockdown.

The sacral chakra connects to our root chakra and solar plexus. Our root chakra can contain old, deep rooted, sticky karma accrued from past life, childhood or ancestral trauma. This is tough karma to dislodge and bring to the surface for airing. The shakedown of the sacral chakra can run deep and dig down into our root. Be prepared for painful, long buried memories to bubble up for clearing. Allow time and space for this.

Disclosure Digest 12-13-17


Looks Like Friday The 13Th

Comes On A Wednesday This Month


Thank Source it's only the 13Th once a month! And now the news with Jordan:
and a late California fires bulletin as well,

Big Pharma is truly acting out of desperation as it's marketing machine no longer produces the desired sales; time for Big Brother to enforce drug usage with the help of crooked courts:
Looks like it  will take Divine Intervention to  wean our civilization off of constant warmaking:

The Deep State loves it's clandestine operations with no oversight by elected officials. This article is right on, save for not recognizing the behind-the-scenes White Hat agenda being pursued by POTUS:

Not all is what it seems and this Pope's no dope, he also came for the Party:


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Magenta Redux

 This was such a hot message Pixie felt it needed more explanation so she did two more videos just to clarify this one! Very important information here for any lighted ones planning on surviving this most 'interesting' month of an off-the-charts, transformative year...Git Sum Y'all.

Channelled And Produced By

  Magenta Pixie On 12-6-17



 (This videos are available on
  Pixie has been quite generous in doing a string of follow-up explanatory videos on the above message. They are eminently worth a listen as the material covered is cutting edge ascension instruction from the highest realms, in plain English to boot.
Here are the links to the four vids she's done to date:

Disclosure Digest 12-12-17

Cheerful Festival Of Light!


Let's git sum Rabbinical wisdom to kick off Hanukkah:

Barbara Hand Clow offers a concise shamanic view of the coming Solstice Stargate:
Today's Jordan Sather commentary for your consideration. Oy, this kid's a smart cookie:

And then there's Ben Fulford; my favorite wizenheimer, Deep Throat wannabe:

 This infant mortality stat is one of the saddest things I've read in a while:

 I like this Archangel Michael Monday Message from Leslie-Anne Menzie's newsletter:


Monday, December 11, 2017

Dsclosure Digest 12-11-17

Draining The CA Swamp

With Star Wars Tech

Jordan Sather, as usual, is right on top of the breaking mopping-up events...Git Sum:

I believe that Santa will gift all of humanity with gold/asset backed real currency:

If, like me, you're tired of Google's not-so-subtle censorship take heart. Transparent BRICS Internet is imminent. The rest of the world has had it with Team Dark monkeywrenching the Interweb:

The hyper-acellerated expansion of our consciousness into 5d is leaving many 'betwixt and between:

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-10-17

Weather Is Gaia's Emotional Body

Full moon display over Canary Islands 12-8-17
I guess this is what the spin-cycle of Ascending Gaia looks like:

More incredibly useful information through Sue and the Arcturians

Multiple-Mike checks in with another weekly report from SaLuSa-land:

Brother Beckow gives us an enlightened peek down the Team Dark rabbit hole:

Thanks to Corey Goode and David Wilcock for this peek behind the ET curtain:

Dolores was privy to some amazing insights regarding the reality of planetary Ascension:

GaiaPortal: Frequencies Of Illumination Increase As Pardons Are Granted

Channelled By ÉirePort On 12-10-17

Frequencies of Illumination increase as pardons are granted.

Essentials of the Illuminates are employed.

Fires of stargates are formed.

Mellorite canyons are crossed with ease.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-9-17

Things Is Gettin' Downright Illumi-Nutty!

Steve Beckow seems to have a 'clear channel' these days; try this troika of his epistles:

Sue Lie and The Arcturians chime in on the current C______ F___ of Chaotic Nodes:

The Hathors -who first explained the concepts and realities of Chaotic Nodes- really get into the nitty-gritty of NOW in this recent message through Tom Kenyon. Seems Tough Love is a Galactic concept:

Mira the Pleidian, courtesy of Valerie Donner, gives us the insights of the First Responders:

 Sandra Walter seems to feel that Humanity is down at the Quantum Crossroads; be brave comrades:

WWCC of 9: Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray And The Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017)

 This was a hot message Pixie felt it needed more explanation so she did two more videos just to clarify this one! Very important information here for any lighted ones planning on surviving  this most 'interesting' month of an off-the-charts, transformative year...Git Sum Y'all.

Channelled And Produced By

  Magenta Pixie On 12-6-17



 Followed by this  one on 12-8-17:
And this one on 12-9-17:
 (This videos are available on


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-6-17



My morning started with this report on breaking good news in DC from Jordan Sather:

The draining of the 'Swamp' will spell the end for all of these Ecocidal dark agendas:

I don't often post messages from Monty but this one strikes a resonant chord; for your consideration:

Even the lame-stream media seems to be rousing itself from the dark spell of disinfo:

This digest wraps up with a helpful overview of the Ascension process from Morag:

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-5-17


The High-Vibe Tribe Is Alive And Well

 Early LSD testing at Canada's McGill University proved it's usefulness in awakening chronic alcoholics to their true circumstances; why not in Brazil's penal institutions:

Adeana M. Slater offers this juicy Ascension coaching tidbit for our consideration:

And while we're being coached into the 5Th Dimension let's give a listen to Brenda Hoffman:

High on Wasabi and tellin' it like it might be, we give you the Full-Frontal Fulford for this week:

And last, but not least, the Electric Sheeple of my dreams...git sum:

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Arcturians: The NOW Of The HERE Beyond TIME


Through Suzanne Lie On 12-3-17

There is a NOW that is more related to the HERE than to the TIME. In the fifth dimensional frequency of reality the operating system is quite different from the third/fourth dimensional operating system.

Because humans have had many incarnations in the third/fourth dimensional frequencies of Earth, it is often difficult for them to realize, and recognize, that there is a NOW in which there is no time.
In a reality that resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, “time” is a term that is used for people to “mark” their connection within the collective. By “collective” we mean those who have joined into a collective reality in which humans are no longer bound by the rulers of third/fourth dimensional planet.

In this “collective planet,” which resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, NOW is the only time, and HERE is the only place. In other words, there is no traveling over time to get to a certain place. We know that it is very difficult for those who have had many third dimensional incarnations to understand these concepts.

Because of all humanity’s many third dimensional incarnations, many humans have grown accustomed to “HERE” as being a place or experience. Also, this place, or experience, is usually marked in some manner, by the “time” that they spent in that place.

When they were in that place it was the NOW of that experience as the “NOW” was “the time that they were presently in that place.”

The Arcturian Group: The December Emotional Roller-Coaster Ride

Via Marilyn Raffaele On 12-3-17

Greetings to all at this time of celebration and festive activity. We are here to assist you toward a better understanding of the emotions some of you are experiencing at this time. This year, many are finding that holiday lights do not seem to be as bright, festivities not as attractive, shopping more of a burden, and that holiday celebrations no longer hold the same sense of excitement and enjoyment that they used to.

This is because your evolving energetic frequency has shifted you out of alignment with much that up to now you enjoyed. Foods, entertainments, friends, etc. as well as many traditions no longer hold the same value they once held, which can make things difficult when you are in situations surrounded by people still in alignment with these things. Because you have evolved, attempts to revive the past and "get on board" as before, simply will not work.

This does not mean you will never again enjoy these things but rather means, you will begin to see and experience them in new ways and with a deeper understanding of what they represent rather than from a level that is in alignment with the emotionally based commercial hype being broadcast to you 24/7. Excitement and celebrations will no longer be as intense as they were in the past simply because you are now experiencing them from a different level of awareness.

The world will continue to push and many will accept holiday concepts whether they be traditions or simply TV promotions because these things hold the promise of that happiness and love everyone seeks. Most of these promotions are based in the belief of lack and limitation and as long as there remains a receptive audience at that level, they will continue.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

GaiaPortal: Colors Of The Nova Rainbow Are Now Viewed By The Planet Of Gaia

Channelled By ÉirePort On 12-3-17

Houses of paper are viewed for what they are.

Leaders of the Light battalions clarify the minds of all.

Hope is restored for those perceiving darkness.

Colors of the Nova Rainbow are now viewed by The Planet of Gaia.

AAM: Accessing The Earth's Memory Seed Atom Crystals


Through Ronna Harman Vezane On 11-30-17

Beloved Masters, in your mind’s eye, however you perceive, envision that you are viewing the Earth from a great Light ship, and together we, the angelic Forces and the multitude of universal Light Beings who represent our Father/Mother God, are bringing forth the energetic vibrational patterns of the wondrous Divine schematic in preparation for humanity’s inhabitation of the Earth. During the intricate, complex stages of preparation, great sentient crystals were implanted deep within the Earth in strategic places around the planet. A portion of each huge crystal rose from the Earth’s surface as a sentinel which radiated energy and information out into the cosmos, as well as functioning as a receiver of Divine Light, Wisdom and Power from our Father/Mother God. 

Over the many aeons of time, as Earth changes took place whereby mountain ranges rose into the skies, land masses sank beneath the waters, and continents shifted and changed shape, most of those great crystals were shattered and buried deep within the Earth and the waters. However, many remained intact deep within the waters, in great caverns, and many more lie close to the surface of the land hidden only by a thin covering of earth or vegetation, waiting for you to discover them and bring forth their powerful gifts and ancient memories. They are the Earth’s Seed Atom Record-Keepers, and you hold the key which will give you access to the wisdom and the power of manifestation that lie dormant within them.

Each one of you bears within the Essence of your Soul, your DNA and your personal God-self such wondrous gifts, such magical energy, and a vast memory bank of universal information and history. All of these stories that are now being told and the ancient memories that are being accessed, don’t you realize that you were there? 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Disclosure Digest 12-2-17

Cheerful SuperMoon Y'all!

From Master Astrologer Stephanie Austin we have the EcoAstrology Update: Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon December 3, 2017. This is a kick-ass major Supermoon on steroids; git sum 'fore it gits you:
This phenomenal mini-series just started airing on BBC America; great dot-connecting Disclosure:

It's been a long time coming and I'm overjoyed to see the members of my former profession finally rebelling against the Big Pharma medical genocide program; #DoNoHarm:

I believe that Bill and Hillary are already under arrest (ankle bracelets) and awaiting arraignment:

Podesta and Clinton lying on camera about Pizzagate!  Jordan Sather's latest offering:

I post this link because it contains a large number of pedophilia related recent news article links: 

I close with this disturbing piece because it is really good news, in that the response to it will spur a worldwide crackdown on human trafficking in any form:

Friday, December 1, 2017


Welcome Pleiadian Starfamily!

It seems the Galactic Cavalry has arrived to help Hue-manity shut down the Old 3Rd:

A bit of a magnum opus from Full-Frontal Ben this week...enjoy:

It's good to be reminded that President Obama is firmly of the Light, here in the last Act of the Play:

A very timely sharing by Carolyn for Creators of this New Earth Era:

More on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde-On-Steroids; git yer retro on:

Those still trusting in the integrity of Big Pharma and it's products need to read this:

Hot off the presses: two more whistleblowers divulge involvement in Secret Space Program:

Let's hope these Dharma Pies help ease the discomfort of planetary disclosure...git sum:

We close todays Digest with Sandra Walter's Sacred Gateway of December Report:

Jesus/Sananda:As Creators Your Abilities Are Limitless

Via John Smallman On 11-28-17

As humanity’s awakening process continues to accelerate, know that it is unstoppable.  The collective has made the choice and the decision to awaken, and that intent goes on intensifying.  There are signs of your awakening everywhere, however, at the same time, much is arising that is not in complete alignment with Love, and it is arising only to be seen, recognized, and released.  Your own daily individual visits to your holy inner sanctuary to open your hearts ever more fully to the Love residing there greatly assist in that intensification, and are an essential aspect of it.

When you go within to commune with Love, by opening your hearts to It, you are most effectively assisting in the awakening process, which is why you are incarnate as a human at this point in the evolutionary cycle.  The awakening process started the moment that you chose to experience separation and was completed in that same now moment, because God, Source, Love did not want you to suffer for even a moment.  Nevertheless, you chose to play your games in the illusion, where time is a major characteristic, and they appear to you to have been ongoing for eons.  – The “eternal now moment” and “time,” what a paradox they present you with!

To awaken is to release yourselves from the illusion by letting go of your hold on all that is not in perfect alignment with Love – by putting all the pieces and the board on which you are playing back into the box and discarding it because it no longer serves you.  The game of separation is all about resisting Love and proving to yourselves that you do not need It by destroying It, but of course you cannot destroy the indestructible.  So it remains a game, a painful one admittedly, an unreal state into which you introduced judgment, blame, bitterness, hatred, conflict, and, of course, fear, the underlying aspect of all the states that are in opposition to Love.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Feeling Too 3D Or Too 5D? Don’t Worry! It’s Cosmic rEvolution

By Morag On 11-29-17

Guest writer,

We are caught in a maelstrom of clashing energetic frequencies, a great war for the evolution and freedom of humanity and planet earth, Gaia. Prophesied and predicted for many thousands of years, cosmic occurrences have conspired to activate multi dimensional, accelerated rEvolution. We are experiencing profound timeline shifts triggered by the 11.11 portal. Our allies work to guide us towards positive timelines whilst our enemies, the cabal elite and their intergalactic masters step up their attempts to lock down humanity in negative timelines.

These adjustments can be felt by some, like a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality, nothing feels solid. If we are moving when these adjustments occur, vertigo or nausea can be experienced. We can feel untethered and simultaneously connected to everything. This creates a floaty, fluctuating, woozy feeling that can last a few minutes. Timeline shifts are key in the manifestation of a new peaceful higher dimension.

Warriors of Gaia we have much work to do yet many of us are feeling in limbo or overwhelmed. Whilst some with the calling to help humanity and Gaia have already actively engaged in this role, many more of us feel stuck, caught in the blinding headlights of cosmic evolution. Others are poised and ready, waiting for a green light, go. This waiting, this sense of anticipation carries with it anxiety, a spark of adrenalin crackling throughout our system.

In the blink of an eye, in a wave of higher vibrational surf we can soar or crash on our cosmic surfboards. Studying, knowing and speaking the language of energy and how it manifests our realities is fundamental. We are learning to be hyper aware of our frequencies and the vibration of people and places in our lives. We are here to learn or relearn the meaning of quantum existence within the relative confines of a third dimension holographic world.

The Arcturians: Accepting The CALL To Transmute Gaia From A Planetary Culture To A Galactic Culture

 Channelled Via Suzanne Lie On 11-29-17

You must remember that you are NOT alone and that you have NEVER been alone. You came to this earth vessel to liberate Gaia from Her long process of living the illusion of being a third dimensional planet.

Therefore, you must liberate your selves from your personal illusion that you are just a “3D person.” Your process will begin by advancing your “concept of SELF” from a member of a “Planetary Culture” to being a member of a “Inter-dimensional Galactic culture.”

You have also had many different Home-worlds such as:
Venus, Mars, Pleiades, Tau Ceti, Andromeda, Arcturus, as well as many other planets, which you may not even know about in your current incarnation.

You usually choose each incarnation with a “theme, and/or dedication,” to transmute as many components of your SELF as you can into a fifth dimensional frequency of vibration, perception, and contribution. Yes, you all choose a contribution that you decide to contribute to Gaia within each of your incarnations.

Sometimes you were able to keep these “promises of contribution,” but sometimes you could NOT keep your promise. In fact, in some incarnations, you totally forgot all your past incarnations, and even forgot that you have had many lives—and will have many more!

For some reason, many human leaders wanted to tell people that they were innately “flawed” and would have to “work hard to be forgiven,” or they would NOT “make it to Heaven.” Heaven was often known of as a place where Angels fly around and play harps.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Polaris AB On Current Ascension Dynamics

Channelled By Paul Dobree-Carey

The current conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is drawing large quantities of cosmic light from the Central Sun to provide a clear message that the Power of Love is stronger and more illuminating than the Love of Power.

This illusion will soon tip the scales in the inevitable direction of Love as the hearts of your awakened souls begin to pulsate at higher frequencies of Light. Use this time well to find peace within the center of the whirling energy constructs of the world around you. All That was created within the Third Dimensional frequencies remains as a projection of your former existence.

For some the pathway ahead may be covered in rose petals but for others it will feel like walking on glass. Each step brings its own painful reminders of the difficulties in transitioning through the requirements of achieving Sovereignty. Sometimes, the worst scenarios create the best experiences, but often not perceived as such at the time. The pains of child birth become the joys of motherhood. The efforts of building become the success of accomplishment.

Each dramatic external event that you cast your mind upon creates a further fragmented part of YOU creating connection with that event. Instead, seek to empower the Sovereign Self by remaining within YOU, as a detached compassionate observer by sending Love instead to the focus of your attention, through your intention.

Disclosure Digest 11-28-17

If You Want To See Starships

Ya Gotta Look Up!

We begin with a review of this last, fun-filled week of Plutonian butt-kicking:

Latest video from Jordan Sather; Evidence of Possible Covert Space War:

Who does the King trust? Nobody when 4 Trillion Petrodollars are up for grabs:  

The House of Saud begins consuming it's young in a greed driven, reptilian purge:

This Marine raid on CIA headquarters was quite real and greatly speeds up the swamp draining:

Big Pharma goes to great lengths to protect it's lucrative Cancer Cash-Cow; no cures allowed:

Disclosure of Cabal pedophilia and blackmail progresses exponentially and globally: