Friday, December 1, 2017


Welcome Pleiadian Starfamily!

It seems the Galactic Cavalry has arrived to help Hue-manity shut down the Old 3Rd:

A bit of a magnum opus from Full-Frontal Ben this week...enjoy:

It's good to be reminded that President Obama is firmly of the Light, here in the last Act of the Play:

A very timely sharing by Carolyn for Creators of this New Earth Era:

More on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde-On-Steroids; git yer retro on:

Those still trusting in the integrity of Big Pharma and it's products need to read this:

Hot off the presses: two more whistleblowers divulge involvement in Secret Space Program:

Let's hope these Dharma Pies help ease the discomfort of planetary disclosure...git sum:

We close todays Digest with Sandra Walter's Sacred Gateway of December Report:

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