Friday, March 24, 2017

Channeling His Higher Self - 24 March 2017


 By Multiple-Mike Quinsey

Many of you are well prepared for Ascension, but some are also lagging behind with little chance that they will really improve their position in the time that is left. However, each soul will be given every opportunity to lift themselves up, and no one else can do it for them. You have all come a long way with your experiences since the beginning when you dropped down to one of the lowest levels. The fact that so many of you have risen up whilst experiencing many tough challenges is a credit to your determination and perseverance. You will soon reap the benefit of your achievements and are to be congratulated for them. One thing for sure is that you will not have to walk this pathway again, as the time for testing in the lower vibrations has passed and you are all the greater for your achievements.

If you are ready to listen to helpful advice there is much available on your websites. By now most will have identified those incarnate souls, like David Wilcock, who are the teachers for the New Age. Their messages will carry an energy that is uplifting and subconsciously you will know that they speak the truth.

Clearly not every soul is ready for the truth as some are only just awakening and find it hard to comprehend. The problem is that so much that is untrue or distorted has been placed before you, and it has been difficult to sift the truth from it. However, there are always well informed souls around at such an important time and you will find yourself drawn towards them. The truth has a quality of meaning that will resonate with you, and in any event can be checked out against reliable information coming through from other sources.

Disclosure Digest 3-24-17


Welcome To The New Hood

My understanding of the Seventh Dimension is that it is the Realm of Universal Cosmic/Christ Consciousness riding the Carrier Wave of Unconditional Love/Light.  Git Sum!
Here's another civics lesson from PCR for your edification. Do keep in mind that he still hasn't embraced the NESARA/GESARA happy ending emerging from behind the tattered veils. Gaia and her Hue-mans deserve a happy ending and, any minute now it will be emerging from the Chaos:

It looks like the Rockefeller strangle-hold on the UN has been broken and good things are afoot:
I post this to remind us all that citizen journalist/bloggers are bringing transparency everyone:

And lastly, let's scoot-a-boot down to Austin, TX for some Real News from Jim Hightower: 

GaiaPortal: Forested Arenas Are Cleared Of Invasives

Channelled By ÉirePort On 3-24-17

Forested arenas are cleared of invasives.*

Care for hu-beings is paramount.

Hardenings are cracked.

Galactics approach.

Cosmic awareness expands.

*[My take on the first image was that the last stronghold underground bases of the Draco/Reptilians in the amazon basin and the Congo river Basin in Africa have been cleaned out by the Earth Alliance forces.  This will allow worldwide cease-fires to usher in an era of Peace. A very long time coming!]

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-23-17

Unmasking The Puppeteers

The draining of the world-wide pedo-swamp is finally broaching the MSM firewall of silence:

The latest London false-flag event is unmasked virtually at it's inception. Mossad fingerprints are all over this one; the usual suspects again, and again and again. It's time to end this insanity:
And while we're at it let's end this nonsense as well:

If you're running short on sanity these strange days, here are some sources of supply:

This just in from our My-God-We-Need-A-Laugh-Here Department:

USA Corp politicians are egregiously boring; here's a bit of Indian comic relief:

I love this Congress Woman! She's a world healer whose first name (Tulsi) means Holy Basil:

White or Clear Neutral Force

This sure sounds like Porlana-C to me...just sayin'

By LISA RENEE On 3-22-17

(Energetic Synthesis - Original)

May this Equinox season bring more energetic balance to the world of forces in your life, and be experienced as the loving invitation to more deeply connect and feel your inner spiritual source that guides you to express your true authentic self without limitation.

Happy March Equinox! We are in the cycle of the thirteenth stage of the Galactic Alchemical Law of Pisces, when the Christ Consciousness is descending its Diamond Sun body pattern and will begin to embody and/or contact a few more members of the human race through this Spring Equinox. This is the attainment of those on the ascension path who have achieved the power of spiritualizing the body and know how to transmute the corruptible physical elements into the incorruptible truth spirit.

As the Cosmic Christ Consciousness frequency descends into human beings, there is a meeting between the Cosmic Christ and the fallen hierarchies in the Portals of Consciousness that are located in the physical world. May we join together in loving and peaceful thoughts to strengthen ourselves through this period of time to reach our highest expression in the Christ spirit!

At the top level, there are White or Clear Subtle Forces that are the neutral energies that are connected to the Christ Consciousness. It helps to restore balance, stability and peace, as it transmits higher spiritual intelligence to bring energetic harmony and higher consciousness into the environment. The neutral quality and neutral force is what develops spiritual Awakening. It is the virtues, goodness and clarity that comes through the access to the higher spiritual intelligence, as well as connecting with the force of love that is inherent in creation.

AAM: Synchronicity Among Reval, Disclosure and Ascension – Parts 1&2

By Steve Beckow On 3-22-17

Steve Beckow: Is there is temporal tie-in or synchronicity of (you have answered this partially, in the past) among the Reval, Disclosure, and Ascension?

Archangel Michael: Yes.

Steve: Is there anything you want to say either privately to me or publicly about that?

AAM: From the very beginning I have endeavored, as much as an Archangel can endeavor (I am playing with you), to emphasize that what you have called the Reval has been about spiritual revaluation. That vision I have needed and will continue to need to bring to everybody’s attention, time and time and time again.

This is simply not about a temporal or a physical manifestation because one has committed to be a Lightworker. In fact the level of entitlement amongst many is appalling and I say that very strongly and very clearly.

It is not because you are the chosen people. It is because there is a need and an agreement and a soul agreement in the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan that when the spiritual re-evaluation of enough people, and the commitment to truly change, takes place, then the physical manifestation of those resources come forth.

As we have said in the past, we do not make funds available to create dictators or for buying weapons of mass destruction or war.

Steve: Or châteaus in the south of France.

AAM: That is correct. That would be an abomination of the Mother’s Plan.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-22-17

Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay...

There seems to be movement on national legalization, with revenues driving the bus:

The Reptoid/Cabal obsession with secrecy is coming gloriously undone through Disclosure:

I don't buy the 'incineration ending' but the rest in right on and crystal clear, git sum PCR:

It seems the shadow gov't is the methane monster in the room, break-dancing to the Cabal's tune:

For you 'monopoly money' fans here's an update from Dinarland (closer and closer...):

So begins the Yuge job of restoring integrity to governmental regulatory agencies. Git 'er done:

Here's another example of Russian media subversively spouting Truths to the Sheeple:

Israel Complies To Adopt A Two-State Solution After China Visit - Middle East Peace In Your Lifetime!

Posted By Enerchi On 3-22-17

(Note:  I published this article earlier today and it disappeared from my blog!? Republishing now.  Troll/Google/CIA hacking?

There are only a few websites or news outlets reporting one of the most important peace agreements in world.    That of which a peace deal brokered between Israel and Palestinians, a two-state solution, in which both states have complete sovereignty and separate governments officially recognized by the global community.

Apparently China has announced less than 24 hours ago, that they "appreciate Israel's adoption of the two-state solution".  One would think this statement from China, would set the main stream media airwaves on fire.   Even the Chinese news agency who reported this amazing agreement for a two-state solution, gives it very little attention.

Here is a snippet of the report from China's Xinhuanet English News...........

China, Israel announce innovative comprehensive partnership

"A peaceful, stable and developing Middle East meets the common interests of all parties including China and Israel," Xi said. 

The Israel-Palestine issue has long-term and profound impact on the situation in the Middle East, Xi said, adding China appreciates Israel's adoption of the two-state solution. 

Netanyahu said Israel admires China's history, achievements and role in the current international community. 

Also an interesting note, is that an ex-Mossad chief came on record just prior to Israel's visit to China, stating that a lack of a two state solution is existential threat to Israel.  Source link here. Coincidence?

How about this coincidence?  Newsweek magazine ran an Op-Ed, entitled "Peace in Israel Will Come Only Through a Two-State Solution" which was published on March 21, 2017. Source link here.

It seems that "they" are slowly disclosing that middle east peace is coming in our lifetime once a two state solution with Israel and Palestinians are reached.  It seems it has, since China just announced this ground breaking news to the world.

Question remains, how long will it take to see a true public roll-out in which new boundaries are drawn, compensation to families victimized by years of terror (both sides), and a road map designed with educational, psychological, social, and economical support in which both states work side by side as partners instead of adversaries?

Thank you to Yosef for pointing out this amazing news headline.

Heavenletter #596 : Enjoy Your Voyage On Earth

Gloria Wendroff

God said:
Whatever you have on your mind today, whatever may be weighing you down, whatever may occupy you, let it go.

Unless a thought gives you happiness, why have it? What merit is there for you to worry this and worry that? Come now, come with Me, and enjoy your voyage on Earth. You are here for joy, so enjoy.

On the ship you sail, there may well be two conversations going on. One conversation may make your heart soar. The other conversation objects to life in the world as it is. Which conversation do you want to sit in on, be part of, to practice?

I don't believe that you really prefer to listen to bashing about life and the world and what the world, by golly, looks like. What is the point of being clever when you hammer in the errors of the world and make them stand out? Are you really required to add up faults and errors and present a long list? Let your heart sing instead.

The world is going to go on with or without your input.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-21-17

Pachalafaka, Pachalafaka

They Whisper It All Over Turkey,

Pachalafaka, Pachalafaka

It Sounds So Romantic And Perky...

Wherein Brother Beckow goes off on Islamophobia and Arab bashing in general, he's spot on:

I truly think he is a Sith Lord who has lost his soul to the Dark Side. Decide for yourself:

Team Dark is losing it's godfathers and capos big time and it's lashing out at truth-sayers is obvious:

Remember, it's not Prseident Obama who ordered the surveillance; he just signed the orders: 

So let's finish with a short Update from the GFLvia Sheldan Nidle:


The Golden Ones - The Center Path of Peace and Calm


 Channelled By Sue Lie On 3-16-17

Dearest Golden Ones,
I have been moving through a major initiation regarding change and relocation. It has been extremely stressful, yet simultaneously great fun. In other words, I have been bouncing from one polarity to another.

I am contacting you now to ask for your assistance in guiding me, as well as my readers, to find the Center Path of Peace and Calm. I think that you have already answered me, as the term of “Center Path of Peace and Calm,” did not come from me.

Yes, dear Scribe, we the Golden Ones, did remind you of the Center Path of Peace and Calm. It is a “path less traveled,” even within a planet that is in as much transition as dear Mother Earth is experiencing.

Dear Ones, we say “ones” because we know that this scribe will be sharing our response to her call. We also say “ones” because we know that those of you who read our message will also share our response with others. Hence, we send our response to all of them as well.

We wish to share our information with all those who are awake and aware of the great transmutation that is silently occurring within your NOW. We also want to thank and bless you ALL for your endurance and consistency of purpose.

WWCC of 9: The Wave (Critical Mass For Positive Polarised Charge) March Equinox 2017

 This latest message from Pixie's Oversoul Level Self is about as good as it gets when trying to relate to the quantum ascension energies. Definitely git sum o' this!

Channelled By Magenta Pixie On 3-19-17

 (This video is available on

GaiaPortal: Velocipedal Pathways Are Elevated For All

Channelled By ÉirePort On 3-21-17

Velocipedal Pathways are Elevated for all.

Calibrations are recognized.

Horizons are approached, as velocities increase.

Celebrations are in store.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Message From The 'Team' - Nourish And Strengthen Your Light Body

 Well this about sums up the journey from Homo Sapiens to Homo Sanctus quite nicely I'd say. The Arcturians always do a bang-up job helping the locals to sort things out in a galactic sense. 
Carry on...

Channelled Via Peggy Black On 3-20-17

We are here, honored to inspire and trigger your remembrance and awareness of who you truly are. You are beings of pure light, energy and consciousness. You are embodied in a dense physical form that allows you to interface with the 3D reality in which you find yourself. However, we continue to remind you with our words and transmissions to shift your focus as often as possible to the truth of who you are and why you are here at this time.

You are a multidimensional being of divine light. It is the power of consciousness that has created your physical body. This body allows you to play in this dimension. It is the vehicle in which you experience the limitations and the duality of this hologame. Realize that the physical form was designed to survive and even thrive without the awareness of, or connection to, the divine energy aspect.

The physical body is the main focus during most of your experience on the timeline. We understand that the care and maintenance is important, as well as the sensations and emotions that are encountered or endured.

We are inviting you once again to acknowledge yourself as a divine being of light, energy and consciousness having a physical experience. It is most important that you truly recognize and honor this duality. Honor this partnership between your physical awareness and your divine awareness. Allow these two aspects to merge more fully and support one another.

You are here in physical embodiment to anchor the authenticity of your sacred transcendent Self. You are here to author and seed the new level of sentient truth and enlightenment.

Disclosure Digest 3-20-17

Tell It Like It Is, Jean-Luc

I've waited very patiently for a story to complement the above illustration, and here it is:

The White Hat roll-out of the Restored Republic is breaching the blogosphere:

One picture is worth 10,000 words - Angela has seen The Anti-Kraut: 

This week's Full Frontal Fulford Report is chock-full-o-goodies:

Romper Room stories for a vaxed-out juvenile population...Oy Vey: 

I always knew the Mercator Projection was SO wrong: 

And this just in: Top Cabal Mob Boss Drops Body, Succession in Chaos:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-19-20


 The March Stargate Parade Has Started

A lovely, git'-r-done pep talk from Katie Indie-Crow (ya gotta love these Pleiadians):

Here's a pep-talk from Solara An-Ra in the UK...talkin' planetary Brexit:

As Above, So Below - As Within, So Without. Git Sum:

It seems Morag is on a roll this week; this is the second spot-on piece she's posted:

And last, but never least, The Donald as seen by the Thrive-Tribe:

Adamu: The Starseed Contract And Planetary Ascension

 Channelled Via Zingdad On 3-19-17

My dear friends, I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation speaking to once again through my scribe, Zingdad.

Today I wish to speak directly to the Starseeds of Planet Earth. But, even if you do not think it possible that you, yourself, are a Starseed, I invite you to nonetheless read this release. I think that anyone with an open mind will find value in it!

So, my dear Starseeds, I have so much to share with you in this update. So many points to touch upon in order to reach my final point. And that final point is an invitation to you to remember who you really are so that you might step into your divine creative power. So that you might do as you intended before you were born into this present incarnation of yours and so that you might participate in the creation of a golden new age of humanity.

So there is much to say. The best place to begin is to tell you about the contract all Starseeds signed before coming to Earth. All this information serves to trigger your deep memories of a place far away and a time many lifetimes ago. Of who you were. Of the courage and self-sacrifice that drove you to choose as you did. And of the commitments you made to yourself about how you would act, how you would help, how you would heal yourself, how you would remember… and how you would heal others, as you did.

The Starseed Contract

There are six components to the Starseed contract of which you, as a Starseed, need to be reminded. They are known as the Invitation, the Shattering, the Repair, the Gift Giving, the Return and the Dissolution. I shall discuss these components, one by one:

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-18-17


What Does A Real Statesman Sound Like?



  "The oligarchic ‘1 percent’ that dominate our world “abandoned substantive and equal dialogue with other actors in international life, chose not to improve or create universal institutions, and attempted instead to bring the entire world under the spread of their own organizations, norms and rules. They chose the road of globalization and security for their own beloved selves, for the select few, and not for all.” V. Putin

Dark-side Donald's true mission is seeping into the lame stream media:

Morag has some advice for the newly activated Earth Warriors in the New World:

Space Weather: Neutrons On A Plane and a wide stream of solar expected to reach our planet on March 23rd. Grab yer socks!

The Shoshone tribe, the National Wildlife Federation and the coordinated efforts of a host of other individuals and organizations, bison have finally been brought back the Wind River Indian Reservation. This is profoundly auspicious, Sarva Mangalam:

Equinox Passage: Shifting to the Higher Timelines

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Our timeline shift is upon us, already in progress and unfolding over the next few weeks (Gateway key triggers on Equinox, March 20 (3:28amPT), March 23-27, and again April 3-7.) It is a profound experience; a combination of leaving, rising, ecstasy, revelation, new sensations, and embodying at once.

After the visions of the etheric bands of light aligning for Equinox, the Solar amplification, and what is happening in the consciousness of the Light Tribe, we arrive at the point when the lower realities will be energetically cut off. We have critical mass to reveal the alternative reality of freedom, peace and Divine Love. This a Divine opportunity for Ascension, Masters.

It is imperative that we assist Gaia in revealing what has already been created; a Christed planet of peace and unity consciousness. Let us embody our new templates of Self NOW. Let us focus on global embodiment, and calling in the frequencies and dimensional-shifting codes from the massive cosmic stargate template.
 This particular Gateway passage may present gravitational anomalies, magnetic shifts, weather shifts and quake activity, because it is a big jump in frequency. Embodiment changes the noosphere, the HUman heart grid, and literally opens Gateways through HUmans for the new reality to be revealed. We are very powerful beings; remember that manifestation is amplified during Gateways. Let us Direct the light as ONE to call forth this creation with ease and grace.

GaiaPortal: Patriarchals Balance With The Cosmic Feminine

Channelled By ÉirePort On 3-6-17

Patriarchals balance with the Cosmic Feminine.

Self-indulgents dissolve rapidly.

Communities of Light assemble for Higher Purpose.

Federations come together.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Arcturian Group ~ Justice: A Balance Of Energy

Channelled By Marilyn Raffael  On 10-9-16

Greetings dear ones. We come in the Light of a new day and meet you in that place.

Do not expect anything to continue as you have known it in the past. This is because the material world you are familiar with was formed from the energy of beliefs that no longer exist. Be open to and embrace change instead of resisting it, for nothing real is ever lost and ideas based in truth (reality) will always reappear in new and higher forms of expression when needed.

The Arcturian group wishes to speak of justice which in reality is a spiritual idea, a facet of Divine Consciousness the concepts of which are now shifting into higher expression.

In a three dimensional world–one based in duality and separation, justice is commonly thought of as an “eye for an eye” and many religious belief systems still teach this concept using the bible for their reference. What is often ignored is that this quote is from the old testament of the bible, written long ago for the unenlightened consciousness of those times.

There is truth hidden in many of the stories for those who read them with “eyes to see, and ears to hear” but a most still interpret them literally. The concept of and “eye for an eye” was supposed to have been moved beyond when the master Jesus taught; “I come to bring a new testament” but the people of those times and even now, were not yet ready to embrace this.

The Arcturians: Remembering Your Source SELF

At this time in Gaia's Ascension journey there are no more appropriate pointing-out instructions than these. This is a good article to share with friends who may be just starting their own inner journey; it will give them a larger framework for their own experiences and the language used is not off-putting.  Many thanks to Sue Lie for a lifetime of being in service to the Light and our Arcturian Elders. Cheers! 

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie On 3-4-17

Those who volunteered to take a 3D physical Earth Vessel to assist with Gaia’s ascension chose to take an earth vessel that was third dimensional, with a fourth dimensional aura, and a fifth dimensional Lightbody, which was hidden within, and protected by, the core of their spinal column.

Sometimes, or often, the difficulties of their third dimensional life made the volunteers temporarily forget about the connection between their third dimensional physical life, their fourth dimensional astral life, and they especially forgot about their fifth dimensional Lightbody life.

Often, once they forgot about their lives in the higher dimensions, they often became depressed, angry, frightened, and confused. Something was missing, or was it some ONE? Either way, they could not determine what was missing. Therefore, they could not find it. 

Hence, they became disconnected from their fourth and fifth dimensional family.

Even though this family often entered their dreams, and even their daily thoughts, they could not believe that these “imaginary beings” that spoke to them in their dreams and meditations could actually be members of their own galactic, angelic, and higher dimensional family.

Because they could not remember how to communicate with these higher beings, they often became sad and depressed. They did not know why they were sad and depressed, but they did know that they missed the constant contact with a reality that was kinder, gentler, and far more creative than the reality to which their third dimensional consciousness was restricted.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-16-17

Eenie, Meenie, Mienie, Moe

Catch A Kazarian By The Toe!

A wonderful thing happens when you apply the Remedy of Mindfulness to American politics:

Taryn Crimi and her Angelic Guides chime in with some very sage advice for us all:

Perhaps it is time to check in with Ralfee Finn in NYC and get an Aquarium Age update:

I like this view: we're not destroying our carefully crafted Matrix, we're upgrading it to 5D:

Not much new this week from Mike/SaLuSa but worth a look anyway:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-15-17

Beware The Ides Of March!

A summary overview of the origin, purpose and destiny of Planet Earth. A nice, light read:

Here is a lovely op-ed piece on Intimacy As Enlightenment, Git Sum:

 Don't worry, Whole Paycheck isn't in trouble, just their penchant for overpricing everything:

Pedogate is becoming the 800 lb. gorilla doin' his Kong-thing on the business-end of the Deep State:

Well, Jelelle's internal guidance matches the messages many, many of our readers are receiving:

I think it high time (CO time!) to put up a short video of Alex Jones talking to Steve Pieczenik:

Let's finish with the latest  message from Nancy Van Domelen and The Lightbringers: