Sunday, May 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-25-19

Still Breaking In Your New Merkaba?

Just in from Sandra Walter a.k.a.Our Lady of Mt. Shasta - Timeline Shift Complete; Grok on:

Some good advice and insight from Suzanne over at The Golden Age of Gaia website: grokfest:

I personally think the Ukraine will be better served by elected comedians than by C_A Clowns:

I loves muh some Dinarians; here's Judy Byington's most recent compilation - sprinkles of truth:

This is a timely history lesson on how the Cabal/[DS] engineers endless conflict: it's sooo over:

I'm glad to have lived long enough to witness this rollback; no more sheeple poisoning, boys:

It’s raining micro plastics in the Rockies; coming soon - stoned frogs blocking I-25 - pictures at 11:

It's long past time for a short Creator Break from your increasingly chaotic current timeline:

Multiple Mike - SaLuSa - Kryon of Magnetic Service; the band's got back together; CrO2:

The Matrix Revealed: Cartels That Run The World

By Jon Rappoport On 5-17-19

The following information comes from insider interviews with Ellis Medavoy and Richard Bell, two people I interview extensively in my collection, The Matrix Revealed. This is just a brief taste of what they have to say...

Major institutions on this planet that control Military, Money, Energy, Government, Medical, Corporate, Media, and Education are becoming, more and more, global cartels, horizontally integrated across national borders.

This is more than a top-down command process. It's organically evolving. Three steps forward, two steps back. There is a great deal of competition among the components of a given cartel, but there is also cooperation. And in the long run, the see-saw is tipping in the direction of cooperation, as these entities realize they may well have more to gain that way.

I can't stress too strongly this EVOLVING process. All attempts to merely assume twelve men in a room run the planet fall woefully short.

Instead, over time, people who lead a powerful institution (like Energy, for example) look out and recognize more major players, and in this recognition there is an impulse to compete and win and destroy, but there is also an impulse to build commonality and therefore monopolize the entire territory.

During one conversation with retired master propagandist Ellis Medavoy, I asked him about the extent of mutual cooperation in his given field, psychological warfare. He responded: