Monday, November 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-11-19

 No Bull, It's A Taurean Full Moon

We begin today with Stephanie Austins EcoAstrology Update on the Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon:

Magenta and The Nine weigh in on embracing the individual and planetary Dark Side Stuff:

Jordan Sather takes some time out of his busy life as a 'producer' ti bring us the 11:11 Report:

Selacia from the British Isles sends us this timely reminder about the 11:11 Portal; Ponderfest:

Praying Medic offers some sage perspective for the overly impatient anons out there; git Sum:

Let's not forget that no matter how horrific the recent news item, there's always a Lighter Side:

Lee Carroll was kind enough to send this greeting along from Kryon - 2019 November - 1:11:11:

Gregg Prescott, founder of the In5D site, shares his impressions of our current Strangeness:

Saul gets right down to it in his latest epistle through John Smallman; Galactic Ethics Explained:

The Coming Global Tsunami

It's official, Praying Medic is now The Internet Chaplain; 
Can I get an Amen!

“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”
~ Amos 3:7

During the last few decades, many people have had dreams and visions where a tsunami was featured prominently. Generally, in prophetic revelation, a tsunami will appear in a local region, such as a coastal city. When one is shown in close proximity to a town, that is the location of which God is speaking. What would be indicated, prophetically, by a tsunami that struck the entire world?

A friend recently had a dream where a tsunami did just that. I’ll explain the dream and provide an interpretation along with other confirming information.

In the dream, my friend was preparing for the arrival of the tsunami. Forecasters had been warning the public about the approach of the massive wave. They were able to predict it’s severity—how high the wave would be— and the fact that it would have a global impact. The wave would touch the lives of everyone on the planet. Forecasters repeatedly warned the public of its approach. There had not been a phenomenon like this since the flood of Noah. Some people grew complacent because a long interval had passed between the warnings and the arrival of the tsunami.

Some people were preparing for the wave’s arrival by going to airports and shipping terminals to board airplanes or boats, which were the safest places to be. My friend and her husband went to an airport in Australia. (She lives in the U.S.) In the dream, she and her husband assisted others who were boarding an airplane. Even though she knew the tsunami would devastate everything in its path, she felt no fear, only peace.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-10-19

It's Time To Get Yer Stooge On, Kemosabe

It's official; Dearest Blossom has closed the Are-We-There-Yet-File; multi-dimensional Celebrations:

Sauce from the Chaplain of the Internet on swampish things; much equanimity, few follicles - Kek:

Sorcha Fal weighs in on the 'Impeachment For Imbeciles Show', coming to TV screens Everywhere:

I'm relieved to see that ABC is finally showing their true Pedo-Disney roots for all to see; Honesty:

More Scalar Disclosure comin’ at ya big time; next stop ‘Free’ Energy and Space Travel:

NV was recently interviewed by SGT Report; git sum NEON REVOLT: THE FOUR HORSEMAN;

The hard core Satanic stuff is going to really mess with the LSM and Sheeple worldwide; Buckle Up:

And you thought that putting the original Disneyland in Orange County was because of Cheap Land:

Some mind-blending concepts in this latest channelling from The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie:

WWCC of 9: Krystalline Samhain 11-11 Stargate, November 11th 2019

 It's time to Listen Up, folks, we're in 
Prime Time - No Time - Quantum Soup Du Jour, 
Git Sum Pixie On!

Channelled By Magenta Pixie


(This video is available on

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-9-19


Perfect for A Mercury Retrograde

This report just in from the Meme Front; Lamestream Memes Bomb as General Pepe Gloats:

I see it coming, hot and fast - Revenge Of The Uppity Newswenches; Pictures at 11:11:

This is how the [DS] quietly turns our tech into an instrument of censorship; fascists and shills, Argh:

Cabal attacks on our Constitutional Republic have laid the Golden State way Low:

LSM making no mention of this anniversary; could be too much Goodness, Kimosabe:

Danny's got some serious sobriety and an amazing filmography as a direct result; Potent:

Dianne's got me 'Sedona Dreamin' about the Crystal Folk under Cathedral Rock; YaTeHay:

Archangel Gabriel: The 11:11 Gateway To Higher Consciousness


  Via Shanta Gabriel On 11-8-19

Dear Ones,
From the beginning of time, there have been clear moments when the Portals of Awakening open for individuals to advance. The 11:11 Gateway is a collective, high-vibrational portal opening to assist the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.
Stepping through the gateway in a figurative sense, allows you to move into your most Evolved Self, in oneness with All That Is. We will offer suggestions and visualizations so your imagination can help you create a beautiful scenario to empower this Light-filled ritual. You have been coded within for this awakening moment. It is another step in the evolution of consciousness, one with great power and support.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Disclosure Digest 11-8-19

It's Game On, Snowflakes

The Disruptor In Chief is immensely larger on the inside than he appears to mere mortals, eh Doctor:

Enjoy the latest Galactic Gossip and Lighted Insights from Our Lady Of Mount Shasta; Ponderables:

Jon is very adept at calling the Medical Mafia on their shit; Caveat Emptor In Extremis:

Bayer/Monsanto down, Monarchs up; it’s not rocket science folks -just loose the POISON:

The American Trial Lawyers Assoc. will look back on 2020 as The Golden Year: Kekaphonous:

Confirmed, Coup Is Real, [DS] Holds Report That Would Exonerate Trump; X22 Report Rocks:

Let Loose the Dogs of War - These Canidae are Lightwarriors and working for AAM; Fer Shure:

Well, POTUS let Don Jr. loose on an unsuspecting daytime media hacks; it all began with a Tweet:

Step Into It! Own It! Revel in the utter competence you embody at Every Level of Consciousness:

Epstein, Mafia Media, And Their Conspiracy Of Silence

By Martin Geddes, 11-6-19

Back in August, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. We do not know for sure if he is even dead, as he could still be in witness protection, and his “death” is a ruse using a substitute body. But the “official story” we were offered of his suicide is transparently absurd. Even the medical examiner agrees: “Hanging does not cause these broken bones, homicide does.”

So here we have a lurid story involving a blackmail centre, child sex, rogue intelligence agencies, foreign governments, corrupted leaders (political, media, academic, business), presidents, royalty, and more. Plus a murder mystery — making the official story seem comically ridiculous — to top all previous whodunnit tales!

Yet the corporate mainstream media has been very very very quiet on what ought to be the crime story of the century. Meanwhile, citizen journalists and an army of digital soldiers have been keeping the story alive, with Epstein themed memes and the #EpsteinCoverup hashtag. Something is clearly not right in the world.

Now we have a clearer picture of why there is that collective media omertà. Project Veritas has released candid videos of an ABC TV presenter accidentally spilling the beans on how the Epstein Island scandal was hushed up. We now have hard evidence of the corporate media failing to alert law enforcement to child abuse — thus breaking the law themselves — whilst allowing countless children to face an awful fate of rape (and worse).

Disclosure Digest 11-7-19

A Fecal Tornado Named Giuliani

Just Entered The Swamp

The Queen is under house arrest in Balmoral Castle as the rest of the royal family lawyers up; Kek:

For those of you following the Brexit Circus Magenta Pixie weighs in from her lofty point of View:

For those of you interested in non-political, turkeys here's the Holiday Turkey Buying Guide; Yum:

X22 Report just in - Confirmed, Coup Is Real, [DS] Holds Report That Would Exonerate Trump:

Oh, it's way past time to recalibrate our Cellular Resonance to Multi-D Frequencies; Ponderfest:

L'Aura Pleiadian  offers a sweet channelled message about The11:11 Portal & Activating The Heart:

Thursday, November 7, 2019

11/12.11 Taurus Full Moon Energy Update Heart Chakra Healing Meditation

Treat yourself to a delightful little video from the Divine Miss M. Today!

By Morag O'Brien On 11-5-19

(This video is available on

Disclosure Digest 11-6-19

The Humpbacks Are Back For Hump Day

We begin with a truly 'deep dive' into attorney John Durham; IMHO we've found The Punisher:

Dave at X22 got info on current Follies for anons: Trump is shutting the [DS] funding Down:

The Romney Polygamist Clan in Mexico trafficked sex slaves to the NXIVM cult; Wild Stuff:

The Saudi ‘royals’ want to destroy their enemies and gift Rolexes to their accomplices:

Mr. Natural Sez: Bill W. had it right about LSD experiences strengthening long term Sobriety;

Bernie is nobodies fool and he smells the incoming tsunami of anti-trust lawsuits; White Squall:
Kryon comments on the ongoing planetary transfiguration Gaia is realizing: Grokfest: