Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Important Information For The 144,000 1st Wavers

Jenji And The White Wolf Tribe On 7-16-19

Dearest brothers and sisters,
Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with news that all that you have been waiting for and praying for has now begun in earnest. 

The Old frequencies that kept this realm locked into the hellish 3D Matrix  have reached their end days, and it is important that we remind you, that this stage of humanities Collective Awakening will reveal truths to you that will utterly shock you to your deepest core. However this is not the place for us to speak about these atrocities that are being exposed currently. All of the Mainstream Media will be reporting about the dismantling of what is known as the Deep State - the Cabal.

We are in the end days of Kali Yuga and the opening stages of Satya Yuga- the Golden Age. These two timelines are operating concurrently at the moment, and therefore it is crucial that you are continuously aware of where you are focusing your god-given almighty Attention and Intention. We advise you to not feed the fears or indulge in any victim narrative in these energies, as all that you focus on will be amplified exponentially in these current energetic climate.

Last week's solar eclipse in Cancer was extremely potent for many of us Ascending Ones, and please know that many of you who are still in 3D karmic relationships and are not listening to and Following the promptings of your Heart and Sacred Intuition.  Please know that you are being tested now to your absolute core, and all those who are holding onto these relationships through false 3D beliefs of obligation and sacrifice, will have to go through a more challenging initiation to assist you to free yourself from these old obligatory templates.

Monday, July 15, 2019

WWCC Of 9: Riding the Lunar Moontide Waves At Tthe Time Of The Eclipse, 16th July 2019

Surf's Up!!!  Git Sum pointers on riding the Cosmic Energy Waves right here...

By Magenta Pixie

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Disclosure Digest 7-15-19


Welcome To The Capricorn-Cancer 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Sandwich

Who better to introduce us to the intricacies of this powerful Eclipse cycle than Stephanie Austin:

The global warming scam run by the Dark Hats is finally getting debunked by authentic science:

This is a Big Dig from NeonRevolt on the roots of the Pedo-stein Predicament; Grokfest y'all:

I think POTUS will start Star Fleet recruitment sometime this summer; Trek yourself,,,yada yada:

KejRaj (KayRe) at Era Of Light does some nice re-caps about once a week; for example:

That roaring sound you hear is the toppling over of major predatory corporations; Ándale, Ándale!:

The global RICO dragnet pulls ever tighter and Team Dark is systematically asset-stripped; For Joy:

Circular firing squad anyone? The fall of Deutsche Bank is the death knell for all central banks:

Blossom is getting along much better with her Folks-In-The-Rafters these days; here's her latest: