Friday, October 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-23-20


Grey Bumps For Trump 

Bust It In Florida!

POTUS tweeted:11 DAYS! #MAGA; please watch this great new Campaign Video and Share:

'Meme Wars Heating Up' read the headlines; if you've lost your sense of humor, replace it Now: 

Makin’ hay while Dark Sun abomination slowly sinks into the West; God bless the American Farmer:

Let's take a peek behind Sol's frequential veils as planetary Ascension up-shift Quickens all that Is

Shekina Rose's Empath Ascension Shift Energy Update; Crown Chakra Activation; git sum Now:

Gillian's latest newsletter has some spot on downloads; take what you like and leave the Rest:

GaiaPortal: Cosmic Delineations Are MadeApparent

Channelled By √ČirePort On 10-22-20 @12:12
Cosmic Delineations are made apparent.
Alignments with Higher Beings accelerates.
Sparseness is released.
Abundance in all forms is recognized.
Humanity wins.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Disclosure Digest 10-22-20


                                               Pre Debate      Post Debate


 X22 Dave now has his own serer to safeguard his show videos; git sum 10 days of Darkness:

Betsey to the rescue...American higher ed for sale...step right up for your pay-off, visas on Demand:

Normalizing pedocracy is a slimy thread running throughout the Cabal globalization Agenda:

Arrest to my ears; observe the ongoing Death by a 1,000 Lawsuits for bad Pharma:

Y’all can’t hide your death-jabs no more, your cover is blown; here come da Judge:

It's amazing how often folks on this here Interweb mistake the Bee Stings for hard 'news'; Kek-A-Topia:

Mind bending Insight from The Nine is what Pixie has led us to expect; no disappointment Here:

Tag Creator...You're IT! All-That-Is, The Ancient Of Days, Source,The Inefable and a Bag-O-Chips: