Friday, January 1, 2021

Disclosure Digest 12-31-20



Patriots Awaken!

Swamp Rats Exposed

Panic In DC

Let's call this the John (Oh No, I'm goin' to Gitmo) Roberts Bundle; go join your Pals: 

A flash memo just in from Gitmo - Jeffery is still singing like a bird; as is Gislane; Praise KEK!

A Free version (doc) of this essential rabbit-hole background dig; only for those who are Ready:

Major Asian Flu strains A and B have been Cured by their close cousin - good ole' Sars-Cov 19:

Funny, the same fate befell millions of mail in ballots; whooda thunk it Sparky: stingers On:

Yup he/she/it is at the tipi-top of my Tranny Top Ten...praised in rest rooms from coast to Coast:

Here’s more proof positive that we’re firmly in the planetary Bozone Layer of Stupidity; Kek:

Personally, I'm gonna get the full Atlantean AMG high performance package for my Upgrade:

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