Sunday, October 18, 2020

Your Meme Du Jour

His Death Not In Vain...

Disclosure Digest 10-17-20


Enjoying The Movie?


A spot-on rant from ECETI James for your consideration and cogitation, absent obfuscation; git Sum:

The Disclosure Kill-Shot is on the way; Swampies scurry as septic sucking Services begin their OPS:

Apparently, lotsa chicks dig 'henbags' like this one; it's a goin' as Viral as the last Bird flu; git Clucked:

Why not spend 3 minutes in the Swamp as the Babylon Bee cartoon squad goes full South Park:

Now the panicked Euro Pandemocrats surge ’social bubbles’ up the butts of the Sheeple; wakey, Wakey:

This fire is burning 25 miles to the Northwest of our Boulder digs and it's smudging Everything:

DC-R has got quite the road-show going so hook up if you're a bored Starseed, lookin' for Love:

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saul: The ‘Work’ Is To Be Loving Whatever Arises


Via John Smallman On 10/17/2020

Humanity’s awakening process is advancing rapidly now, as each day increasing numbers of the population worldwide become aware of the essential need now for major changes in the manner in which people think of each other – friend, untrustworthy other, or foe – and understand that all, without any exception are, like themselves, the beloved children of God.

Realizing that, and Knowing it, they are then able to let go of judgment, dislike, and dismissal of others as different and wrong, and instead listen to them and discuss with them issues that need to be resolved.

There are many issues that humanity can most successfully resolve if they choose to listen to and hear the opinions and beliefs of others in order to engage in meaningful discussion.

Remember, you have limitless loving assistance and guidance available to you from your support teams in the spiritual realms if you will call on them and allow yourselves to hear them – your intuition – without believing the instant egoic disparaging thought arising: “That will never work!”

All are in Relationship with the One.  There is only relationship because all are One.

The experience of separation that you undergo as humans in form is unreal, although you experience it as very real, and that was the intent with which it was designed.

When you feel that you are a separate and tiny individual being in a vast universe filled with uncountable numbers of ‘others,’ that are not you, it causes you to feel fearful, alone, unsafe, threatened by the vastness of which you appear to be such a small and insignificant speck or particle.  And yet, in truth, you are that vastness, because you are in relationship with it.

It and you are One.

Friday, October 16, 2020



 Just Askin', Ya Know?

All Mac repair shops get street cred off of this one...

Memology 101


Self Explanatory...

Disclosure Digest 10-16-20


The Perfect New Moon To Begin

 Your Heavy Metal Cleanse...


EcoAstrology Update: Libra New Moon October 16, 2020; git sum Stephanie Austin MA:

BOM controls @jack, scripted public take-down in progress; rabbit-hole guided tours booking Now::

More Bankster market-rigging gets Busted by the US DOJ; a serious take-down of an Old House:

The Rockefeller UN is now being outed for the Cabal operation it’s been from day One; Grokkable:

Expose Bundle - Veritas kickin' [DS] ass, Gloucester educator/Masshole self-destructs and More:

Guess who's coming to dinner...the Andromedans! They're probable Gluten-Free, just Sayin':

James is a very good scribe; enjoy these messages from St. Germain and Ka Ra of the Pleiades:

Like Father, Like Son


Pedophilia Runs Rampant In Cabal 

Bloodline Crime Families...