Monday, April 22, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-22-19


Love My Spirit Bears...

Russian intelligence agencies pile on the Deep State-with lots of juicy details:

Master cryptographer, Bill Binney cites communications between Seth Rich and Julian Assange:

Team Dark’s version of ‘salting the earth’ after DEW attack on Galactic residents;

 Ten thousand whistle-blowers can't all be wrong; whazzup with this dog and pony show:

The Creep-a-zoid Factor on this report is off the charts; trying to legitimize their satanic rituals:

More Kona drips dropping in for our entertainment; I love the light, humorous touch here:

Curious about the symphonic ringing in your ears and the nagging dizziness? Inquiring minds:

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Great New Cartoon From Ben Garrison

DisclosureDigest 4-21-19

More Incoming!!!

This has been arriving all weekend and should peak on Monday, the 22nd of April - Earth Day:

Sandra Walter is doin' her thing in Sedona and still found the time to put this message out:

Sierra (NZ) opines on dinar chronicles and in her feels that 'The Tide Has Turned'; git some Kiwi on:

Q is lauding the patriotic Fox News "Three Amigos'; here's Praying Medic's take on it all:

Hey! You got a problem with Edelweiss, you got a problem with me; be strong, Comrades:

Fiction or prescience? You be the judge,,,well written bit of imminent Disclosure; git sum:

Morag rags on the hilarious Full Moon Follies and the ever accelerating Team Dark implosion:

Saturday, April 20, 2019

WWCC of 9: Plasma Dreamscapes Into The Emerald City (Pink Full Moon Activation, Easter 2019)

Channelled By Magenta Pixie On 4-20-19

(this video is available on

Disclosure Digest 4-20-19

Up In Smoke!

Planetary cleansing of old, patriarchal demonic control mechanisms is ongoing; Momma's on it:

Thanks to Stephan Sanford for pulling this piece together on TD's decapitation fixation:

Witness this current kerfuffle over contemporary head lopping; Oy vey bist mir:

While we're on this heady trip Glen Greenwald deserves a nod for his astute observations:

Because all work done in and for the dark ultimately serves The Light, this false flag attack is also integral to the Divine Plan; both things are true. SM:

Here's a potential remedy for those overloading on fear porn and stinking thinking; Git Sum:

Please enjoy this most beautiful and elegantly sane little two minute video; Ya Te Hay:

GaiaPortal: Inspections Of Higher Ascenders Are Completed

Channelled By ÉirePort On 4-20-19

Inspections of Higher Ascenders are completed.

Those unwilling for the upward movement are soothed and transferred.

Heavenly Partners assume the Guardian role.

Flights of Hummingbirds fill the skies.

The Pleiadians: Who’s Purpose And Your Assignment

 Via Barbara Marciniak

(Excerpted from Bringers of the Dawn, 1992)

We said that you exist for a purpose. Whose purpose? Did you ever think of that one? Whose purpose are you?

You have purpose because all aspects of consciousness are connected to one another. None exist outside the system; they are all parts of the whole. That is the purpose we want you to seek. The essence of the vehicle you occupy and the energy you generate are part of a developmental sequence that you can say has a purpose for your personal search in life. But what purpose do you add to the whole? Can you conceive of someone else using your purpose and growing from it? An energy that you do not know exists?

This universe is interlocked in such a way that it is based on the domino system. All aspects of consciousness have gathered in this universe to affect each other because that is the only way consciousness in this particular system can experience itself. In another system or another universal structure, each and every type of consciousness may be completely free. In other words, you could be on your own and serve no purpose to anyone else. That is not true in this universe.

There are many different universes and themes. Just like one hundred pennies make a dollar, certain collections of universes make something that is a collection of energies. Eventually, you will begin to fathom and recognize that there are whole systems of existence that have nothing to do with existence as you are working with it. This system is designed as a free-will zone, within which everything is interlocking and interworking with everything else.

There are other kinds of zones, which perhaps you could also call free-will zones, where everything is independent of everything else. Here on Earth, everything is interlocked with everything else. There is much more space in a system in which everything is independent. Or, let us say, there is much more awareness of space, not necessarily space. That kind of universe could in actuality be much smaller than this universe, but because it is not operating out of density, the awareness of space could be greater.