Friday, January 17, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-17-20

Vamoose Banditos...There's A

New Sheriff In Swamp City

There’s a new Sheriff in the USA - Sorcha’s on the case, telling it like it Was, Is and might yet BE::

As the big push to force vaccinations on the sheeple ramps up, the backlash begins; 'bout Time:

Home grown solutions sprout up in scenic, stoned Colorado; all along Us Hippies had it Right:

As our Ascension into higher frequencies accelerates these numbers appear much more Often:

Revisionist Cabal histories are being outed with increasing frequency and Volume:

Jon does a wonderful job of bringing vast conspiracies into the Light to be Healed:

We close with a Shamanic journey to Uluru, Gaia's Earth Star Chakra; watch the Boomerang:

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-16-20

Stay Humble, My Friends

Sorcha nails it again; a good track record in these strange, yet oddly stimulating Times:

What Is Really Happening In Australia? - David Icke, Morag O'Brien and Dana Mrkich fill us IN:

Please take five to enjoy this great little video: Q - Killing The Mockingbird; (P.E.T.A. Approved):

This second-level Bernie campaign shows his true intentions for our futures; Booooom!!!

"I Impeached The President And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" cried pitiful Pelosi: Yukfest:

The 9D Arcturian Council sez that Chakra Detoxification is Not optional; best go with the Flow:

The Themes for 2020, according to Archangel Gabriel, are: Expansion, Trust and Embodiment:

GaiaPortal: Cosmic Dances Erupt In The Light BEings

Channelled By √ČirePort On 1-16-20 @ 07:07
Cosmic Dances erupt in the Light BEings.

Central presence is embraced.

Inner Beats are heard and followed.

Resonance with the Galactics is felt.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-15-20

It's Time For A Real Deep Dig!

In 2011 The Alliance collapsed our Denver D.U.M.B.; here's the updated list with recent Deletions:

OMG, finally the ugly truth about weaponized climate change science is creeping into the BBC:

A few recent tid-bits regarding the very bad habits of the Medical Mafia

Khazarian death cultists are still masquerading as ultra Orthodox Jewish communities; OyVey:

Wow, a bio-degradable (yet wholly inhumane) way to produce bio-available protein from Plants:

According to Brenda Hoffman we have shifted our Core Consciousness from fear to Love; Git Sum:

 We close with a word from The Folks Upstairs, courtesy of Aussie channeler Galaxygirl;

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Message From Matt Kahn

By Matt Kahn On 1-11-20

It’s important to notice how the inner-workings of spiritual love are different from expressions of personal love. In personal love, you often invite others with whom you resonate into the depths of your being for further communion and connection. Spiritual love contains almost the opposite movement. Instead of attempting to bring each and every person into your heart, it is an opportunity to allow the love you have within yourself to radiate toward those whose journey could benefit from greater blessings.

To bless from the heart of spiritual love is merely the assertion that those who hurt others do so instinctively because of unresolved pain— a depth of pain they may be unaware of in an effort to avoid facing it by spreading domination, manipulation, cruelty, or harm. In the subconscious mind of an unconscious being, as long as they constantly play the role of 'the hunter', they believe they are free from remembering what it’s like to be 'the hunted'. It’s a simple equation of hurt, so not to be hurt again, and dominate, so not to be dominated again. Such an understanding doesn’t validate their behavior on any level, but provides a bird’s eye view into how deep into the predatorial darkness the survival mode can go.

No matter how furious or incensed these actions make you, the blessings of spiritual love suggest: “I send you this light because I respect the evolution of your soul too much to help you avoid your history of pain by condemning or criticizing your actions. May you be blessed with light, so to break the cycles of abuse, so no other person, including yourself, may be hurt moving forward.”