Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WWCC of 9: The Rainbow Effect And The Dark Magicians

Magenta and The Nine remind us of why it is critically important to stay out of egoic judgment as we assist the Awakening Ones during Gaia's Ascension process. All in all, a very Buddhist take on duality and how to be in it but not of it. It's the only way I know of to avoid the Old 3D karmic flypaper:

Via Magenta Pixie On 1-16-18

(This video is available on

The Creator Writings: More Choices

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley 

On 1-17-18

Now, more than ever, it is important to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and reactions.  Your Earth plane is shifting in a way that it never has before and there will be no room for falsehoods or denials.  If you create it, own it; see it for what it truly is, learn from it and release it to be transformed by the Unconditional Love of The Universe.  This is much too significant to ignore.  Of course, the choice has always been yours.  Make wise, informed ones that resonate with your soul. ~ Creator

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Update FTrom the Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy 1-16-18

Via Sheldan Nidle

An important event is expected to occur in the coming weeks, so be prepared. The dark realizes how close its demise really is...Once all is in place, be prepared for the sudden arrival of the RV GCR NESARA/GESARA, including all the rest of your promised prosperity.
Selamat Balik! We return. The events of today are encouraging and continue to foreshadow the defeat of the dark cabal. The important point is to understand what this defeat would truly imply. The dark is reeling as it collapses in the wake of its unavoidable defeat. Consequently, we are ecstatic and realize that this is just the beginning of many rewarding events to come. We recognize what this process truly means to all of you who are working in the Light. We expect, after initiating our next gambit, to present you your long-sought victory of prosperity and freedom. We have now devised a special strategy to see that this is actually carried out.

The dark can no longer rely on power as its main base. So far, the dark does not yet fully understand our intent. We are determined to achieve the victory that their defeat implies. It is not easy to remake a reality that is over 13 millennia old. We ask that Lightworkers persevere in the patience you have shown so far. An important event is expected to occur in the coming weeks, so be prepared. The dark realizes how close its demise really is.

The dark continues to deploy any stratagem it can to delay the inevitable. The long-delayed packages are being readied for release. The maneuvers of the GF and our Earth allies have enabled us to surmount certain obstacles. Once all is in place, be prepared for the sudden arrival of the RV~GCR~NESARA/GESARA, including all the rest of your promised prosperity. A number of discrepancies in the banking system are currently to our advantage. We are using their own system to out-smart them. These “banking rules” are to allow the long-promised Lightwork to actually occur.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-15-18

Cheerful Capricorn New Moon Y'All

As this New Moon ushers in new alignments it would be prudent to check in with Stephanie Austin:

Jordan Sather comes through with an eye-opening report to start our week:

Ben Fulford chimes in with his latest Full Frontal rant you your consideration, with discernment:

A truthful article and a bang-up video synopsis by Alex Jones on mopping up Team Dark:

We close with this mid-month Q and A offering from Matthew via Suzy Ward:

GaiaPortal: Thoroughfares Of Energetic Pathways Have Been Cleared

Channelled By √ČirePort On 1-15-18

Thoroughfares of Energetic pathways have been cleared.
Higher Levelers are succeeding in the hu-being arena.

Nocturnal living is finished.

Levitations into Higher Consciousness become commonplace.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-14-18


 Time Isn't After Us...


Blossom Goodchild starts us off with an upbeat message from The Federation of Light:

We continue to offer more links to Earth History101 because inquiring minds want to grok:

A short note from the Arcturian Council, via Daniel Scranton, for your consideration:

For those just awakening to the Secret Space Programs here's an overview from Jordan Sather:

Thanks to Marilyn Raffaele for this kind message from her Arcturian 'family':

Remember that the RV/Prosperity Funds will come in many different guises:

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-13-18

It's Time For Some Galactic Input

Let's begin with some sage advice from Creator about our ongoing mental hygiene:

The latest from our Starseed news anchor, Jordan Sather, for your consideration:

A Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity's Billion-Year Legacy:

It's been a while since a good snippet from Bashar has been available...git Sum:

Here we sample recent channellings via John Smallman; messages from Jesus/Sananda and Saul: