Friday, May 25, 2018

The Arcturians: Cycle Two Of Planetary Ascension - 5D Star Planet


Through Suzanne Lie On 5-17-18

(For Review see Cycle One Here)

Entering an earth vessel can be quite shocking for one who has been wearing their Lightbody, which resonates to the fifth dimension and is beyond time and space. Of course, while wearing a physical vessel, but having inter-dimensional consciousness, our volunteers to incarnate on ascending Earth can visit their Ship on a regular basis.

They can also visit the wonderful Priestess Caves and/or the Core of Gaia. The Priestess Caves are open for those who honor Mother Earth and serve as Her Priestesses and Priests. In fact, all of our brave “Galactic Representatives to Earth” have chosen to visit those caves so that they can perceive Gaia through that perspective.

Many of these representatives are YOU, but you may or may not remember that about yourself. You, the volunteers to assist Gaia, were told before you chose to take an earth vessel that you were to serve as Scouts.

As a “Scout” you were assigned to go deep into Gaia’s energy field and report back what you discovered to the Pleiadians and the Arcturians. The Pleiadians and the Arcturians are the primary Galactics that are assigned to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension from a third/fourth dimensional physical planet into a Fifth Dimensional Star Planet.

Therefore, many Human/Galactics have merged with their third/fourth dimensional expressions of SELF. However, the third/fourth human brain is unable to fully merge with the  fifth dimensional brain of their Galactic SELF.

Disclosure Digest 5-24-18

Waves Of Transformation Are Upon Us

We begin with this latest on the upcoming Solar gateway opening from Sandra Walter:

Dr. Salla reviews the latest insider info on secret underground and off-plantet military/corporate bases. This is mind-boggling disclosure of Team Dark's most precious secrets; Git Sum:

Some much needed clarity on the Korean situation from the X22 Report, for your edification:

Lionel chimes in on perp-walks of the rich and famous in this entertaining short video - grok sum:

Deus Nexus paints disturbing picture of our oligarchs unmasked (IMHO Trump is a White Hat):

Denise LeFay checks in with her latest piece on our rapidly morphing physical bodies;

We find Sue Lie, blindfolded and  chained by her sense of duty to her typewriter, decoding the latest Arcturian download. Being a Galactic Scribe is not for the feint-hearted:

GaiaPortal: Selections Of The Candidates Is Complete

Channelled By ÉirePort On 5-25-18

Selections of the candidates is complete.

Profiteers are dissolved in the Light.

Essentials are complete.

Fasten the belts.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cosmic Awareness: The Immanent Event

Via Will Berlinghof On 5-20-18

Callista: Do you have a message for us today, please, Awareness?

Cosmic Awareness: That which is the collective voice, the collective consciousness of that which is Cosmic Awareness is indeed available at this time and does indeed have an important message.

That this massage has to do with the event that are ready to take place now, events that have been long in building up to a point, a needle point, a raiser point in consciousness that will have great power, intended force that will change the course of human history and specifically chatter the veils of elusion and delusion that have been in place for some time.

This has much to do with the events in the United States of America, events that have been building up over the last months and years, hidden behind a veil of secrecy, hidden from the few of those who have had power for so long, those who have had corruption and deceit and ill intent towards the people of America for so long.

While this is an event that will have great significant in America, it will shake the very foundation of humanity itself worldwide. It will indeed be the chock heard around the world and the precursor to other events that are ready equally to begin to unfold and to be revealed in the weeks, months, years ahead.

It is a point of epic proportions and a point of no return, for when the events that are ready to take place occur there will be no going back to where it once was, but rather a movement forward into those unknown realms of the future. An old dream, indeed an old nightmare is ready to come to an end and a new dream, a new vision, a new human experience is beginning to dawn in the paradoxical nature of human events.

Energy Update - Upgrades And The Matrix

Via Morag O'Brien On 5-22-18

Cosmic intervention is activating upgrades for humanity on a cellular level. Coupled with the goddess Gaia’s mission of ascension we are being re-calibrated from the inside out. Micro to macro and back again.

The elite warlords and corporate kingpins are in overdrive. Their mission is to keep humanity and our planet entrenched in dense energies. Fear is their weapon and their goal. The sun is raising the energies with vast pulsating waves of solar light. His fiery temperament enraged by the abuses of the feminine by those misusing divine masculinity for lower dimensional power. He is illuminating the darkness with pulses of solar photonic light. The Sun has joined forces with Gaia to assist in her ascension. All of this is creating energetic maelstrom on planet earth.

We are at a tipping point, caught in a great clash of opposing frequencies. Events are being engineered to keep us in depths of doom, depression, despair and hopelessness. Individuals stir up fury and fear. Service to self souls are triggered in the darkest recesses of their beings, unleashing hate in a sea of entitlement.

Those who are awake see everything and it is weighing heavy on our hearts. As high frequencies permeate planet earth’s atmosphere, the matrix responds by dragging us down into a mire of chemically modified, dark magic density. This depression of frequencies generates low vibrational wavelengths. Our cellular vibration is the target, ground zero.

Disclosure Digest 5-23-18

Presented For Your Consideration...

The Team Dark backstory on ‘life extension tech’ and farming the sheeple; Go Wachowskis:

This op-ed piece from the Information Clearinghouse blog is a fair assessment of current events but, IMHO, needlessly negative:

Ben knows that he's observing the exquisite roll-out of a Divine Plan, he just has a hard time believing his own eyes and ears. He would benefit from some serious Q-tipping:

Putin is really starting to enjoy taking down the world wide Deep State; Go Vlad:

Lionel masterfully explains the 'Obama/Netflix Trojan Content' fiasco in just 10 minutes; git sum:

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Arcturians: Cycle One Of Planetary Ascension

Through Sue Lie 5-12-18

What if your imagination was the truth? What if, for all of your life, you have been a living human with only one incarnation, and then slowly, or quickly, began to remember one, then three, then more and more of the many incarnations that you havehad on Earth, a Starship and/or other planets?

What if you remembered the “cycles of ascension” of your Galactic Self? When you finish all of your cycles of your ascension, you will be able to understand and remember what is occurring on your fifth dimensional Ship, your fifth dimensional reality, and many of other incarnations when you were third/fourth dimensional.

In these incarnations, you were, and are now, on the edge of, or just beginning to, consciously perceive that you are within your “ascension process.”

As you progress through this process of remembering, you will gain an understanding of what is occurring on your fifth dimensional Ship and/or your fifth dimensional planetary based reality. When you first begin to have these memories you are entering your “Ascension Cycle ONE.”

Ascension Cycle ONE is the first realm of your fifth dimensional frequency of awakening consciousness. In other words, you are beginning to have flashes, memories, dreams, and imaginations of a NOW in which you are resonating to a higher frequency of reality.

“Is this just a dream or my imagination?” you may ask. However, the mere fact that your dreams and imaginations can remain in your third dimensional consciousness means that you are beginning to include the higher frequencies of reality into your perceptual field.

You may be “unconscious” to this process of “multidimensional perception,” and may say, “This is just my imagination. It is not real!” However, more and more of you are beginning to experience more than one reality in your consciousness, within the same NOW as your current incarnation on Earth.