Saturday, November 18, 2017

MINI UPDATE From The Galactic Federation Of Light

Via Sheldan Nidle On 11-16-17

Selamat Balik. Welcome to a brief update from Sheldan Nidle and the Galactic Federation.

We are on the brink of a prolonged dark era that has held us back for far too long. That obstacle is about to be transformed. Hang tight, as many Truths are being readied for disclosure.

Much is happening behind the scenes that will smooth the way for an easy NESARA/GESARA transition. Countless wealth and Heaven's supply are anticipated to be released.

Your quiet, non-violent revolution unfolds before your very eyes. The spiral of Heaven's Light is rotating toward its final destination - your ascension to the 5th dimension.

The Ascended Ones are preparing to manifest and assist with your effortless transition to a more loving, peaceful and cooperative society.

As evidenced in your media, arrests are now taking place. You are living in constantly changing times. Like a willow tree, you are being asked to bend with the winds of change.

Use your affirmations. We are proud of the spiritual energies that you collectively are infusing into your reality. Look deep into your hearts and know that great changes are ever looming on your horizon.

In this Light, always remember that the never-ending and countless supply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!)

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Latest Message From The Team: Allowing A New Template

Via Peggy Black On 11-16-17

We are here addressing you once again with our acknowledgment and encouragement. We continue to sponsor and support your awakening. The 3D environment that you enrolled in when you selected to embody is intensifying as it is in the process of decaying. The energies and patterns that have held this challenging matrix of illusion in place are being revealed.

More and more individuals are waking up and realizing who they truly are as divine creators.The process of this awakening has been slow and steady for some and for others it has been a rather intense sudden awakening. However, once an individual expands their consciousness outside the limited mental box, they cannot totally return to their unconscious state of mind.  Many of you reading these words understand what we are sharing.

We celebrate your awakening however it has occurred and we encourage you to continue to expand your understanding of who you really are and your role in anchoring a new energetic matrix of life-sustaining conscious light.

In your awakening process be mindful to support one another. Use the tools that support and anchor your expansion. Use sound frequencies, mediation, movement, and connect to the energy offered by your planet . Continue to remember to unplug from the limitations offered by the old paradigm. Everything you know is shifting, changing and morphing into a different reality.

Wide Open Hearts Experience Pure Magic


By Lisa Transcendence Brown On 11-16-17

Aloha beautiful Cosmic Love BEings,

Our hearts have to be WIDE OPEN... just a little bit won't do. This last week while immersed in sharing Unity-Love-Consciousness with a group here on Kauai, playing, beauty, presence, magic and freedom replaced linear beliefs of "should/should not" or "rules on how" to do this journey.... all went out the window when the REALity of raising each's vibration to the point of HAPPY took on a life of it's own. Everyone came to realize that none of this is as they "thought" and it actually wasn't as "hard" as it was all made out to be, yet they also learned/realized how each one of them dictated their realities by their own focus, contribution and by uniting, not separating off, not putting up protection mechanisms and how easy all is when we get our head out of the way. Learning simple practices are KEY. Doing them together creates a "visual imprint" and a "virtual memory" to access later when intentional shifting is desired. Working together in a group brings forth more unity. Experiencing beats linear anything!

This was a beyond POWERFUL GATEWAY AND PORTAL ACTIVATION WEEK, where we chose to get out in nature and open portals in a multitude of ways! We captured photos and shared them too. Playing in Unicorn and very strong LeMUrian Mermaid energies, brought forth even more excitement as we oozed playfulness, happiness and cleared everything that emerged of old separation/unconscious programming that no longer serves a purpose for anyone. Often huge body clearings, where the deep, heavy ones were held, we supported and worked through everything together, which is beautiful to observe. So many old hidden things seeking to finally be released without any attempts to hold on or judge. So many reflective of the collectives, each experiencing their own individual stories, yet not desiring to keep carrying anything forth. All ready for MORE LOVE and HAPPINESS! Such profound exquisiteness!!!♥

Friday, November 17, 2017

Disclosure Digest 11-17-17


'Q' To You Too!


These are the latest postings from the White Hat clean-up crew courtesy of Q:

This is a very large 'shoe' waiting for just the right time to drop on the Cabal perps in the US:

Ben agrees that the counter-coup to take the Cabal down permanently is ongoing:

Dennis Kucinich is calling out the Deep State/4Th Reich and it's pimping of perpetual war:

Here's the latest blatant attempt by Big Pharma to create more treatable conditions and fleece the Sheeple into buying more unneeded medications at ridiculous prices; can you spell R.I.C.O.?

Deus Nexus reminds us of just how close we've gotten the Huxley's Brave New World:

Thanks to GAoG for this timely reminder about basic Internet security measures available to us all:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Disclosure Digest 11-15-17

Time For Another Trip 

Down The Rabbit Hole

This feels like endgame desperation by the US deep-state players; the games have begun:

 Jordan Sather delivers another short,sharp update on the ongoing global swamp drainage:

2017 was my Year of Major Detox From Weaponized Processed Foods; this info is right on:

 Big Pharma’s world class drug pushers are still protected by corrupt politicians, legislators and the judiciary. Why in heaven's name is this still possible? It’s time to drain this corporate cesspool:

The Khazarian Mafia runs Israel, the US and Britain like a wholly owned Satanic subsidiaries: 

 If the above information is giving you brain-cramps here's a guy with the cure for monkey-mind:

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

GaiaPortal: Generations Of Conscious Hue-Beings Assemble For The Final Phase

Channelled By √ČirePort On 11-14-17

Generations of conscious Hue-beings assemble for the final phase.

Illuminative elements prepare the foundation.

Stealth workers soon to be visible.

Descriptives concur with the final phase.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Brenda's Blog: The War Is Over


Via Brenda Hoffmann On 11-10-17

Dear Ones,
Perhaps you believe the earth is dividing into two entities of “good” and “bad, ” and you do not feel worthy of the “good” earth. That earth division is not as most now envision. There is only one earth location with various dimensions or veils that open as one becomes of the 5th or beyond dimension – which is little different from what is now true.

Many of you know your angels and other guides helped you throughout this transition even though they were not visible in your 3D world. So it is you have received messages in the form of sequential numbers, feathers, signs, music, and other indicators that you are not alone.

For some, such indicators are enough to justify all you have encountered in this life and many others. You are not alone – a comforting phrase indeed.

But you also need to know that your diligent new you process is creating something worth your arduous effort. So it is you are beginning to question your assistance from behind the curtain.
“Am I making this up?” “Is this glorious New Earth so many are proclaiming true? Or is it a facade to keep me going throughout this life?”

You are questioning the wisdom of your journey because you cannot yet touch or feel the joy that has been proclaimed over and over. You are begging for and dreaming of the parting of the dimensional veils which is little different from explorers demanding to see land after months of ocean sailing.