Saturday, March 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 3-28-20

Stay Grounded And 

Git Sum Mother Nature

Well, Sandra is all abuzz about this coming weekend, what could it be? A ponderfest Methinks:

Cabal money-changers in utter panic, flaccid markets and more Corona Baloney, Oh Joy:

And now for something completely different (courtesy of KP's Blog); John Cleese Opines:
Play-by-play of the ongoing mass population awakening from Uncle Dave @X22:

Introducing the new 'Chair' of the Federal Baloney Reserve; Bye bye FED welcome NESARA!
You think Adam Schiff happened along by accident? Check out his Illuminutty Ancesttry:

Factual overview of recent and ongoing fear porn info-war to control the Sheeple:

Lisa Renee offers salient insight into how we can best navigate/survive this global Timeline Shift:

Friday, March 27, 2020

New Magenta Pixie Interview - Worth A Listen

 By Jay And Magenta On 3-27-20

(This video is available on

Disclosure Digest 3-27-20

It's Habbening!

I heartily recommend this Forum to all of you masochistic daily readers of these Disclosure Digests:
"We’re live at last, providing for our readers a safe community sharing space.  Together we’ll weave our stories and experiences into a beautiful collective Earth Tapestry and learn more about one another in the bargain/" Suzanne Maresca

Today's Corona Baloney Roundup raises several very uncomfortable issues; spoiler alert - Truth:

The ubiquitous Cabal spinmeisters are increasingly unmasked by inquiring media Minds:

Exploring mature adult content re: Cabal blood-suckery, Adrenochrome and Kids; buckle Up:

Truth Bombs loaded and ready to fire, Sir! AAM comes shining through if you See:

A guided meditation for bat-shit crazy times from Magenta Pixie and the Folks in her Rafters:

Please enjoy these irreverent and amusing Babylon Bee-Stings du jour; laughter is the best Medicine:

James and the Pleiadians are on it; Big Sky View, some sage advice and a very Happy Ending:

Bible! Whazzup Ecky? Oh, a parable from Lord Sananda, now I get it: Grok-A-Thon:

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Great New Red-Pill Video Short

Q Just Gave This A Thumbs-Up

Git Sum & Pass It On

Disclosure Digest 3-26-20

I Can't Drink Corona Anymore,

Make Mine A...

This blog is in total agreement with PM regarding reducing noise and amplifying Signal:

Bro Meyer from Holland gives us a reliable global clean-up overview; forgive him the Translation:

Cures for the Wuhan BooBoo, got domestic production of vital drugs; all for a Chloroquine LARP? 

Panning good news, it’s what the lame stream media does for their evil Masters:cessation [Marker]:

Truth Bombs loaded and ready to fire, Sir! AAM comes shining through, if you have eyes to See:

[TD] feels that Dr. Fauci is their Great White Hope; this presser shows that Trump totally owns Him:

Cousin Vladimir continues the take-down of offshore corrupt Oligarchs while bolstering Economy:

An instructional video featuring two of the best Dowsers in the world; git sum Pendulumfest:

Multiple-Mike, just back from a swab-job at the NHS clinic, channelled this message for US:

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Saul Speaks To The Great Awakening

"Your presence in form at this moment in the awakening is an absolutely essential part of the divine plan."

Via John Smallman On 3-24-20

The worldwide pandemic, and the constant stream of advisories concerning it, is unsettling and disturbing for many of you as you worry about the health and well-being of friends and loved ones.  The self-quarantining that many of you are engaged in tends to intensify the sense of separation that is a major aspect of the illusory world of form in which you are experiencing yourselves as humans, and this can cause you unnecessary anxiety.

However, being in quarantine or self-isolation is in fact an excellent opportunity for you to spend much more time relaxing into the peace of your holy inner sanctuaries from where you can call on your support teams in the spiritual realms for comfort and guidance.  When you are at rest within that holy inner space it is much easier for you to reduce the quantity and noise of your normal and almost incessant flow of thoughts, making it easier for you to listen to and hear the personal guidance from your friends and support teams in the spiritual realms.

They are always available, but, as you go about your normal and busy daily lives, it is often very difficult for you to be aware of them, let alone hear or sense them.  So, while you now have plenty of time to do so, please make a point of visiting with your spiritual support team three or four times daily.  This will strengthen your connection with them, thus enabling you to commune with them more easily, and to “hear” them more clearly.

Here in the spiritual realms we are watching with wonder and delight as you move forward so powerfully in your collective awakening process.  As you live your daily human lives at this point in your spiritual evolution there is very little direct feedback available to demonstrate to you the fantastic progress that you are actually making.

Disclosure Digest 3-25-20

 More Lock-Down Looney Tunes

Vidya has put together a spot-on missive; please give yourself the Gift of Awareness:

'You’re Not Part of This, Unless You Want to Be' is a reassuring message from Brenda Hoffman:

Creator just nails keeping the pep-talks short and sweet; please enjoy these most recent Offerings:

Bee Stings can have an anti-viral, protective effect if consumed in a mindfully silly Manner:

Magenta Pixie put up this little primer video for Newbies to the Ascension Process; Grok Sum:

The Corona Baloney Spamdemic Follies are chronicled by these engaged and deranged Authors:

This is a wonderful communique from a practicing Tibetan Physician manifesting Medicine Buddha: