Sunday, October 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-20-19

It's Way Past Time To

Stop Making Sense

This just in from Cherubial Matt Kahn ~ Old Self Die-Off is like dimensional erectile dysfunction:

A splendid and horrific 9/11Truth-Out from the archives of Laurent Guyénot over at

Very good news for All Sentient Beings; Galactic/Alliance geek squads have neutered the 5G Beast:

Tell Tulsi that she’s calling out the Hillary 2.0 Clone; Killary’s long gone: only doubles and CGI left:

Junk food by any other's still poison designed to further dumb down the Sheeple; Organic!:

Tasty Organic Bites to contemplate as our ground ones ingests some free range ganja, Jah Rastafarai:

Today's uplifting closer will be a live performance video of Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin so
grab the headphones and give this classic a listen - with your new and improved '5D Ears’:

GW Bush Junior; Best Kept Secret, Mitt Romney's ARREST, Impeachment Scam, PG&E/CA Fires And More!

I truly consider Utsava to be a bonafide alliance conduit for reliable information regarding what's actually going on behind the last remnants of the Veils; Sara Carter and John Solomon. 
The first 4 minutes or so are blog announcements.  
This is Yuuge Stuff! 

By Utsava On 10-18-19


Friday, October 18, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-18-19

And There Shall Be No More War,

Nor The Rumors Of War


He’s actually saying this out loud on TV and is not immediately droned: folks, I think we’re There:

The House has overwhelmingly voted its bipartisan condemnation of President Trump’s withdrawal of American forces from Northern Syria; the Death star is ready to blow - watch yer Boots:
More MIB hidden tech is being used in high profile situations; Hillary 2.0...wait for IT:

The Medical Mafia runs a sloppy, greed driven extraction industry based on our suffering; Begone:
Kids under attack by [DS] anti-life agenda; a David Icke video, a PCR post and Natural Mike:

The horrific truth about our (formerly) trusted institutions is being slow dripped into the Collective: 

We round it off today with this Saul channelling from 10/17 through John Smallman; Mazel Tov:

Matthew’s Message, October 15, 2019


Through Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We have joyous news—the spray that forms chemtrails no longer has toxic elements. This development went through the chain of command, you could say, so it wouldn’t deny Creator’s gift of free will to those who are behind the spraying.

Gaia asked God to end this endangerment to her residents, air, waters and soil; thereupon God authorized the special forces volunteers among you to transform toxins in the spray into chemicals natural to Earth. Thus, the individuals who have ordered the chemtrails still may choose to do so, but any trails that may crisscross your skies are harmless.

Matthew, this is marvelous! But won’t they become suspicious that something’s up, investigate, and put toxins back in the spray?

Mother, please type what you just said. ….. Thank you.

I would like readers to know that we often chat about information as I transmit it. It’s natural for us to do that, and many years ago, your questions and comments were part of the messages. Then we changed the format to reduce the length of messages and still include the most significant information.

Now then, those individuals already are more than suspicious, they are fearful, and not only because they surmise that toxins in the spray have been eliminated. They’re fearful about all other developments that also are eroding their remaining fragments of power. And they did have some of their minions investigate—all were told that if they were involved, they would be arrested for unlawful use of toxic chemicals.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-17-19




Aha! We knew it all along; NASA stands for Never A Straight Answer -Git sum truthout:

 Never underestimate Donald Trump - Sorcha Fal a troika of sisterhood digs from the MoFA cantine:

The bad news, this is a Thing -The good news, we're onto the Hidden Hand; Game Over:

The House is coming down; Glen goes visual w/memes and all- Grokfest Comrades:

So many snarky lines to tag onto this one, I'll just refrain and post it straight up:

Blue Meannies Matey!

Bad Soros street theater gets ugly in Denmark; the Danes may be terminally ‘Woke’

Dutch digger anon casts his  spotlight on Deceptive climate Science - Enlightening:

Cheerful Q Day Y'all!

Disclosure Digest 10-16-19

Brother Beckow Could Use Some 

Extra Light These Days

Steve is in hospital in Canada and being prepped for Open Heart surgery; keep him in your Prayers:

UBC has been central to Steve's post Reval world view; may he be here when it arrives, Amen:

Some hits from the 'lighter side of chaos'; remember that 'sense of humor = sanity' these days: Ayuk;

We live in the time of Big Demons so this makes total sense; Think she'd work in the DC Swamp?

I can't wait for the Mormon abomination to get it's overdue public disclosure (& some new undies):

Real eugenics agendas are surfacing for all to see as the C_A Clownfest publicly self-destructs: Kek:

Sorcha brings us good intel from Russian boots on the ground in Northern Syria; Adults On Duty:

Every day another nefarious hidden Chinese anti-US agenda surfaces; [China in the kill box ASAP]:

Adele posted this personal blog item for those who may be experiencing what she's going through:

1111 Quantum Leap Gateway Closed 444 Upgrades Incoming

 A short and sweet download from the Divine Miss M; Don’t let the Portal hit you in the ass on your way out and up!

By Morag O'Brien On 10-16-19

Quantum leap gateway closed. The final jump of 2019 has happened.

Light Workers, Warriors, Earth Guardians, Healers, Seers, Light Missionaries still walking the material plane…

The Shift is energetic. We raised our vibrations through intensive childhood, ancestral and past life karmic clearing. Forcing all those not on our wavelength to back the fuk off. 

We have taken control of our lives, wrenched our sovereignty out the claws of the users and abusers, the liars and deceivers. Their lives are their own business now. They shriek, growl, howl and spit as we cut the cords, cutting off their energy supply from us. Fuk 'em. Our lives are ours now. We create, we manifest, we breathe life into our dreams, we manifest with truth in our hearts.

Realignment to higher states of being in a world lost in darkness was no easy task. All those who resonate with my words We Are Changing the World. The Divine Feminine rises, unstoppable in Her Sacred Rage. Mary Magdalene rejoices as each one of us returns to our Self. Her love caresses us in Divine Source Light. Her Angels bathe us in Cosmic Light Rays.