Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-26-17

How Was Your Day-Out-Of-Time Yesterday?

Thanks to Suzanne Maresca for finding and posting this very helpful message for all High-Vibers:

This is a chock-full-o-disclosure interview of Kerry Cassidy by Robert David Steele...git sum:

Ben Fulford's Full Frontal Report always adds a few more pieces of the disclosure puzzle:

This latest from Sheldan Nidle goes into a little more detail on what I call 'the waiting game':

For me, as a retired RN, this no-nonsense view of our energy fields is most welcome:

Some good news for rainforests, Hue-manity and Terra Gaia:

This article exposes a very serious corruption of our law enforcement agencies:

Herein, Brenda Hoffman channels the Galactic perspective on The Ear of Listening:

While we're in full-listening mode let's visit the Rubin Museum of Tibetan Art in NYC:

 We finish with some channelled words of encouragement from, who else but the Arcturians:


GaiaPortal: Stellar Connects Are Accelerated

Channelled By √ČirePort On 7-26-17

Stellar Connects are accelerated.

Serenities of the Higher Light experienced in full.

Higher Guideds lead the way.

Flowers of Lights come forth.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-23-17

And The Beat Goes On 

For those of you wondering just which planet Ben Fulford hails from, this recent interview is for you:

There is one light still burning in Congress, and Bernie is his name-o:

Some very good news for the Standing Rock Sioux and the entire planet:

Julian Assange removes another brick from the Wall of Unknowing:

It seems that Mars, and it's SSP colonies, is in for a major cleansing wave from Ol' Sol:

Saul: There Is Only Source, Father/Mother/God, And That Is What You Are, Each And Everyone Of You

As all the channels are reiterating, enormous changes are happening right now, right as you are typing this!  They are essential aspects of humanity’s awakening into the awareness that all are one, that there is only ONE and that all are at one with That.  The idea of separation would be an enormous joke if only you had not convinced yourselves so firmly that separation is REALITY!  It’s not!  There is only Source, Father/Mother/God, and that is what you are, each and everyone of you, without any exceptions.  How could there be exceptions when there is only the ONE?

Many of you are now awakening to this knowing, this realization, and as you do your energy fields change vastly as Love flows through you abundantly instead of in the dribs and drabs to which you have all become accustomed.  Consequently others, many, many others, are feeling, sensing, that enormous change is in the air, as it most definitely is.  Those of you who read these messages, and many other beautifully channeled messages, have been holding the Light on high for decades to bring the awakening into the lives of all around you and to extend it to all on Earth. 

At first, progress was slow, but as more and more of you became aware of your spiritual essence and answered the calls from your guides and mentors in the spiritual realms, the rate of progress expanded across the planet, while at the same time accelerating, thus much reducing the time it was going to take for humanity to awaken unto Itself, into the awareness that It is the beloved Son/Daughter of God.

The chaos and confusion worldwide – politically, ethnically, racially, philosophically, within multi-national corporations, and religiously – are powerful indicators of the ongoing changes, changes that will no longer be delayed or prevented.  Everyone’s “dirty laundry” is coming out to be cleansed, and some are experiencing it as an extremely painful process.  However, all that is not in perfect alignment with Love has to be dissolved in the laundering process, because it just muddies the waters of the vast Ocean of Love that is Reality, making it very difficult for you to be aware of who you truly and eternally are.

Higher Self Channelling On 7-21-17

By Multiple-Mike Quinsey

Can you believe that you are over half way through the present year. If ever you needed proof of the special times you are now in you need look no further. Changes are likely to come thick and fast that will propel you into the New Age, so that you can enjoy the advantages and benefits to be gained. Nothing will stop them coming into being and as you must know by now, the ultimate is to reach the point when Ascension will occur.

We see the whole picture as all is in the “Now” and can assure you that all proceeds well and in accordance with the plan set by great Beings who monitor and follow your progress. Some souls will not be ready to ascend and that is to be expected, and their path is also planned to ensure they continue to evolve. It is one that meets their needs and enables them to continue evolving. All of you at some stages in your evolution are guided by Higher Beings, who are dedicated to their work that will not cease until all of the Human Race has ascended.

You are at a time in the new cycle when it is being established, which is why many of you seem to be getting nowhere fast. The turmoil and upsets experienced are all part of the changes that are getting rid of the old so that it can move forward into the higher vibrations. You have one foot in the 3rd dimension and the other one in the 4th dimension and before long both will be in the higher 4th dimension, and all of the problems associated with the lower vibrations will have been left behind.

 It is a slow but positive transition that requires no action on your part beyond doing all you can to maintain a high level of vibration. That requires a dedicated approach to your actions to ensure that you are positive in all of them. Negativity and fear will only pull your vibrations down so you must endeavor to avoid getting involved in situations that may create it. Keep calm and help to raise the vibrations by keeping your own steady, and send out loving thoughts where you find discord or negativity.

GaiaPortal: Streets of Gold Are Unveiled

Channelled By √ČirePort On 7-21-17

Ferrites embed within the soft matrix.

Separations are resolved.

Banners of Illumination are raised.

Streets of Gold are unveiled.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Disclosure Digest 7-22-17

 The Ten Hyperlinks

Seeing as it's a New Moon let's check in with Stephanie Austin:

The View from inside the Cosmic Cuisinart:

The Tale of the Sovereign Stairmaker...git yer curmudgeon on:

We're seeing much more coverage of Cabal created terrorism on the old Interweb these days:

Likewise for Big Pharma's worldwide, licit and illicit, opioid racket:

Lovely to see transparency come to the Syria False Flag Operations and their financiers:

Flash! This just in from PCR:

Yeah, and just who is going to pay for this busted up country, sovereign Syria:

 I've been using the term 'weaponized food' to describe, essentially, a genocidal conspiracy: