Thursday, March 31, 2016

Disclosure Digest 3-31-16

We Are The Champions Of The World!

The above photo of Big Brother bears an uncanny resemblance to Freddy Mercury, were he still alive:

Damn, ya cain't spit these days but ya hit a whistle-blower:

And not to forget this latest from Brother Ben Fulford:

Or Kung Fu Lightworker Zen Gardner:

And we finish with the Queen video - 'We Are The Champions'

GaiaPortal: Storm Fields Relinquish, As Dregs Are Removed

Channelled By ÉirePort On 3-31-16

Heralds of amplifications present.

Storm fields relinquish, as dregs are removed.

Waters of emerging Higher Energies wash the planet, and hu-being consciousness.

Nothingness appreciates.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Disclosure Digest 3-30-16

 Yeshua/Sananda/Jesus' Easter Rap

 De-constructing the lame-stream disinfo around the Big C:

The Arcturians What Is Lightbody?

Study this message carefully lest you 'flash into Lightbody' only to realize that yours is fluorescent...just sayin'.


Channelled by Suzanne Lie On 3-2-15

Lightbody is the YOU that resides within the light of every synaptic junction of your neurological system, and within the core of the 97% “junk DNA.” Your Lightbody has a neurological system much like your physical body, but instead of resonating to the third and fourth dimension, your Lightbody resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Your Lightbody is what keeps you “alive,” and your High Heart and Third Eye rule it. Your physical heart and your physical brain rule your physical body. Your etheric body of your fourth dimensional self serves as the frequency interface between physical body and your Lightbody.

As your “junk DNA” comes online, which it is doing day-by-day, more and more of your Lightbody will be revealed to your third-dimensional consciousness. Those of you who have meditated to the extent that you can consciously connect with your gamma wave consciousness have had fleeting experiences of “being Lightbody.”

These experiences are fleeting because you have made a pre-birth contract that you would not flash into your Personal Lightbody until there was enough Unity Consciousness of humanity to “time” that flash into your personal Lightbody with Gaia’s flash into Planetary Lightbody.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Disclosure Digest 3-29-16


No Bueno, Arizona Republican Machine

 Anatomy of a False Flag Operation cover-up; does anything sound familiar here?

Or here?

Timely info from Zingdad, our South African channeller...Git Sum:

Ashtar Command Message Via Christine Preston...entering the Long Paragraph Zone now:

Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy On 3-29-16

Channelled By Sheldan Nidle

12 Ix, 7 Mac, 12 Manik   Dratzo! The slight delay around Easter is over and the funds are moving forward again. This cat-and-mouse game of stop/start is related to the concern of the ancient families and royals over the sudden way that the oligarchs strike and how they too often disregard whatever they have agreed to. This wariness is thus reflected in the odd way funds have moved over the past few weeks. We have sincerely questioned these tactics and suggested alternative methods for countering this continued distrust of the way this process is to conclude.

In any case, you are to eventually receive your initial funds and are to see the downfall of the rulers who compose their many defacto regimes. In fact, let it be known that the farcical false flags in both Paris and Brussels are just ways used by the dark to show that its days of manipulating you are not over. As long as their puppet governments rule, you can expect even more attempts to scare you. Fortunately, the new American Republic proposed by NESARA is quite close to actual fruition. There are still a few kinks left to work out and a stronger set of agreements to be put in place.

Quantum Gravity And The Solar Aspect Of Self


Channelled By Sandra Walter On 3-29-1

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
For many Souls who chose the path of crystalline/Solar Cosmic Christ consciousness, you store a fractal of your beingness within your local star – the Sun (Solaris). A fractal of your light signature dwells within the Sun for safekeeping until the merge of dimensional levels (Higher and Lower Self) occurs. This maintains the intent of Christed embodiment; the Soul plants a possibility for your incarnational experience within that star system. The Sun serves as a Gateway for an entire OverSoul group dedicated to this Divine Service of Planetary, Galactic, and Universal Ascension. As your progress intensifies, it becomes clear that your Ascension is not personal. It is an act of Divine Will, of Service to the (much) larger perspective.

The Sun is our local Gateway to Pure Source Light Intelligence. A review for newbies, here is the simple Gateway chain for HUmans on the Ascension Path: Your Heart Center > Sun > Central Suns > Galactic Center > Great Central Sun > Source. The Gateway chain for Planets: Gaia > Sun > Central Suns > Galactic Center > Great Central Sun > Source. This is how information is accessed; this is why we have spent the last few years receiving intel directly from the Solar beings and connecting with the Divine Team through the Sun. It is a source of purity, and as evidenced by the synchronized Solar and Galactic activity during the Gateways of the past, a quite reliable portal of information.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Disclosure Digest 3-28-16

  'Birdie' Sanders Flies With The Eagles

Showdown in AZ - voter fraud hearing gets wild: 

Vexing developments on the vaccine front:

Old Sol's kickin' out the upgrades again - here's the skinny from Denise:

Breaking Free - It’s Time for Liftoff


Channelled By DL Zeta On 3-27-16

It’s time for souls to break free of denser energies and achieve liftoff by aligning with the vibration of unconditional love, the highest vibration in the universe. It’s through love that we chart a course in life that allows us to live more fully in the new time on planet Earth.

The new time is here. It’s a location alive and well in its own timeline. We’re free at any moment to step into the new time and begin living the visions we’ve experienced time and again.

Many of you have experienced periods of heightened perception, expanded consciousness and peak states. These moments keep you moving forward on your path as you seek to experience more high-vibrational frequencies.

       Higher Frequencies are your Natural State

These higher frequencies are your natural state. These are the frequencies where your higher self exists. It’s not that your higher self resides in a remote, lofty location in consciousness, but that you exist in isolation and separation - a condition derived from physical-based programming, mind control and parasitical influences.

The moment we adopt physical-based perceptions (what we see is all there is) we are weakened, our frequency is lowered and we are easier prey for parasitical thought viruses that convince us we are small, separate, weak, victimized, poor, and disempowered - all variations on the same theme included in the programming of free-floating thought viruses.

Arcturians – Morning Message

morning (1)Arcturians: Good morning Suzille

Suzille: Good Morning Dear Arcturians

A: Suzille are you ready to begin your next adventure?

S: Do you mean the adventure of the school?

A: No, we actually mean the adventure of Ascension.

S: Do you mean the adventure of the School is related to the adventure of Ascension?

A: Absolutely! You might even say that the school, as you call it, is a trial run. It is for that reason that we have told you to have another session of school.

S: Are we that close to the process of Ascension?

A: Well Suzille, it depends on your definition of Ascension. There are several version of Ascension. There is an emotional Ascension – which is the process of gaining mastery over your emotions to the point that you are no longer bothered by “reactionary emotions.” NO reactionary emotions means that you gain a mastery over your emotions to the extent that you are the creator of all your emotions.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hilarion's Weekly Message For March 27 – April 3, 2016


Channelled By Marlene Swetlishoff /Tsu-tana

Beloved Ones,

The world is moving into the process of renewal and regeneration. This can be readily seen in world events. All the outworn systems that do not serve the highest good of all are being highlighted through events that are taking place. It is difficult for humanity to comprehend that a higher law is in force when all that they see is chaos and a world gone mad. This is the time for which all Lightworkers of the world have been incarnated upon this planet. Your Light is making a difference! Do not become discouraged by what you view through the lens of the media, there is more at work in the higher perspective than is presented to you.

Within you there is much recalibration taking place. Like it or not, your physical vehicles are being transformed into higher versions of more rarefied form. Most of you are by now intimately experiencing waves of heat throughout your spines at regular intervals. When this happens, you know that your DNA strands are being activated and opened up. There are many strange symptoms that are being experienced by many of you and this will continue to occur. Some of you are experiencing anxiety without knowing the cause. This is in relation to the fact that you are heading into unknown territory and you do not know what it holds for you. Be at peace and ride these waves as they come, you will emerge victorious!

WWCCof9 - Collective Crucifixion, Easter And The Return Of The Atlantean Priests

Magenta reviews the emerging fractal of the Fall of Atlantis and points out how we are in the NOW moment of healing that collective trauma.

Channelled By Magenta Pixie On 3-26-16

(This video is available on

GaiaPortal: Warmths Of Higher Energetics Imbue Hue-manity’s Essence At This Moment

Channelled By ÉirePort On 3-27-16

Warmths of Higher Energetics imbue Hue-manity's essence at this moment.

Freestyle collaborations form within, and without.

Gaia patterns adjust to Cosmic Emergence.

Forms of Light are made visible... to all.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Disclosure Digest 3-27-16

Prelude To An Egg Hunt

 Hillary, aided and abetted by the Democratic Party and election officials, is “winning” primaries through fraud:

Jesus: The Nightmare of Worldwide Poverty, Conflict, And Suffering Will Cease.

Earth's a really tough room but JC's still workin' it... L'chaim!


 Channelled Via John Smallmann 3-25-16

We are all evolving spiritually because Creation, Reality is ever ongoing, there is no final destination, just a continual growth in joy and happiness that continuously uplifts and inspires.

God, our Father, the Source, All That Is wills our happiness and joy and so it will be accomplished. Life within God, where all Life occurs, is an ever-expanding journey of joy. In contrast the human life experience is one in which you strive to accomplish something and on achieving what you intended soon find it unsatisfying, and so you seek something new to replace or supersede it.

Satisfaction is impossible within the illusion, because nothing there is Real. Temporary pleasure or satisfaction does of course occur, but the pleasure or satisfaction cannot and does not last. Life is eternal, but human life is a very limited experience in which there is great striving to prevent, avoid, or deny the inevitable – death – that is driven by fear. But death is just a releasing of limitation and an opening into Reality – fully conscious awareness of eternal existence within the Oneness that is All That Is. Reality is what all are seeking, but cannot find because they look outside themselves instead of within.

Lasting joy and happiness, where you know and experience yourself as One with Source, and therefore with all of Creation, can only be found within. That is why all your guides and mentors from the spiritual realms keep on stressing the absolute essentiality of taking time out daily, and also throughout the day, to go within and be in peace there with the inextinguishable divine Light that dwells there – the Real You. You will not find it elsewhere, as many self-help books might suggest, because there is no “elsewhere.” Within is Reality, without is illusion or dream.

Adamu: An Open Letter To Pleiadian Starseeds

Thanks to Steve at goldenageofgaia for this post...
"Arn Allingham (Zingdad) has begun channeling Adamu again. I’ve found Adamu’s messages to be among the most helpful and informative of any I’ve ever read so I’m delighted to hear that he’ll be transmitting more often. In this series he offers a most remarkable view of Planet Earth’s history. SB"

Channelled By Zingdad On 3-19-16 

My Dear Friends,
I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, brought to you through my dear young friend, Zingdad.

We have reached a nexus in the flow of the timelines of your reality at which it becomes important for you to understand certain crucial matters.

You need to understand why you, as Pleiadian Starseeds, are here upon earth. What your mission profile really is. And you need to understand why planet Earth and why now. You need then, also, to understand what will occur next. What’s next for Earth and what’s next for you. You need this information so that you can make an informed decision about where you will go next. What your next experience of life will be.

There is no more important decision before you that the one I am about to inform you of. So this is crucial information. I will require your patience and your attention as I lay this all out for you and remind you of all that you once knew before you entered into incarnation here upon Earth.

Firstly. Why Earth? You are a Pleiadian being. You arose, spiritually, amongst your soul family upon the Pleiades. That is your home. And you were doing sterling work in your journey towards your ultimate awakening and ascension back into the Oneness of the Monad to which we belong. You are one of our brightest and best.

AA Gabriel Message ~ Saturday March 26, 2016

Daily Message Channelled By Shelly Young

When you hear of the old control systems no longer having power, it applies to you as well, Dear Ones. Your attempts to control others will no longer be supported, as freedom becomes paramount on your planet. 

This is wonderful news for through this people will finally be free to self express in the ways that best suit them. It will support the end of the old conditional love models, the manipulation of others based on how you think they should be, and support authentic self expression in all ways. 

This is a massive and vital part of the Shift and what will start to pave the way for far greater acceptance and satisfaction for all. ~Archangel Gabriel

Friday, March 25, 2016

Space Weather News for March 25, 2016

Coronal Canyon Spews Solar Wind

HOLE IN THE SUN'S ATMOSPHERE:  A canyon-shaped hole in the sun's atmosphere has opened up and it is spewing solar wind toward Earth. Estimated time of arrival: March 27-28.  Arctic sky watchers should be alert for a springtime display of auroras.  Visit for more information.

 Above: This canyon-shaped coronal hole is spewing solar wind toward Earth

VERY QUIET SUN: Solar activity has returned to very low levels, and it is likely to remain so for the next few days. NOAA forecasters say there is no more than a 1% chance of strong flares on March 25-26-27. Solar flare alerts: text or voice
RADAR IMAGES OF EARTH-BUZZING COMET: On March 22nd, comet fragment P/2016 BA14 made the 3rd-closest approach to Earth of any comet in recorded history. NASA researchers took advantage of the comet's proximity and pinged its icy core using the Goldstone Solar System Radar in California's Mojave Desert. Newly released images reveal a 1-km wide strangely-shaped object spinning once every 35 to 40 hours:

"The comet has an irregular shape. It looks like a brick on one side and a pear on the other," says Shantanu Naidu, a postdoctoral researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory who led the observations. "We can see quite a few signatures related to topographic features such as large flat regions, small concavities and ridges on the surface of the nucleus."

While the radar observations were underway, Vishnu Reddy of the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona, also observed P/2016 BA14 using the Infrared Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. He found that the comet reflects less than 3 percent of the sunlight that falls on its surface. In other words, it was as dark as fresh asphalt. 

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Disclosure Digest 3-26-16

Can You Spell 'Chaotic Node'?

Off With Their Heads!!!

I love Ben's evenhanded zealotry in this new little video announcement:

The wickedly retro-graded weekly astro-outlook from our friend Ralfee Finn:

Some severe kool-aidosis symptoms apparent among USA Corp reps here:

Don't you just love headers full of impressively big words:

Review of March Celestial Events

By Patricia Cota-Robles On 3-25-16

This revelation confirms what we have always known in our hearts, which is that our Ascension process will unfold step-by-step. This particular step will actually move us forward in the Light a quantum leap.

To grasp the magnitude of the opportunity we are given in March, let’s review the events that have taken place so far and the events that will take place during the rest of March 2016.

This month we were blessed with an incredibly powerful Eclipse series which we entered on March 8th with a Super New Moon Solar Eclipse and completed with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurred on March 23rd. That Full Moon was also the Full Moon during which the Jewish Festival of Purim was celebrated.

On March 20th , we were blessed with an additional influx of Light from the Equinox, which greatly empowered the shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness being initiated within the heart and mind of every man, woman, and child on Earth through the unprecedented frequencies of Light bathing the Earth from the Eclipses.

On March 21st and 22nd, two Comets passed the Earth with record-breakingly close flybys. One of these Comets was the closest Comet to pass by the Earth in 246 years. Science often thinks of Comets as being just dirty snowballs, but that is not accurate. Everything has a degree of Divine Intelligence and a purpose and reason for being.

Archangel Michael: The Point Of Balance Between I Am And We Are

By Steve Beckow, Humble Scribe, On 3-25-16

This message from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn must be one of my favorites. I stumbled on it doing research on “balance.” Rich distinctions for financial wayshowers and spiritual students. From April 2013.

In this Shift into the New Reality, Beloved Ones, you have moved from the old “stories” of victimhood and disempowerment into a new sense and perception of yourselves as Human Angels, Empowered beings of Light who co-create reality with the Divine Creative Intelligence. In this new space of Power, you connect fully with your I AM presence, the work of your Soul, and the Flow of Divine Abundance.
But, Beloveds, what is new is that this Transformation is not only about you and “I Am,” but also about the Global Community and “We Are.” It is a fine point of Balance between individual Soul Expression and the needs and creations of the Collective Community, the “We Are.”

Seeking only your own Abundance and Highest Good will not bring Joy. It is only when this Journey of Self-Expression is undertaken within the complexities and challenges of the Global Community that the Soul finds its true expression of Divine Love and Compassion.

Beloved Ones, this is why many of you seek and yet do not find. Your Higher Self seeks to express and create within the Community of Light and not just for yourself.

Higher Self Message On 3-25-16

Channelled by 'Multiple' Mike Quinsey

Whether you are aware of it or not, matters are progressing well in spite of the many delays. However they will be unable to influence the outcome, as all has been well planned.

The Forces of Light approach nearer to you as time passes, and are ready to carry out their tasks at very short notice. The dark Ones and their minions are but a small force compared to the Light, but nevertheless can cause delays in your work as you have experienced.

“Re-valuation” is ready to commence and will do so once those in control are satisfied that by proceeding they are not putting the whole scheme at risk. It involves many countries that are now ready to go ahead at very short notice. Be assured that matters are so advanced now that nothing will stop the eventual changes from taking place.

The turmoil is still occurring on Earth as the dark Ones continue make themselves known by their indiscriminate actions against innocent people. Naturally karma is involved but that does not in any way excuse their murderous intentions. It achieves nothing in furthering their cause, but alienates people on all levels.

These actions can be brought to a complete halt and will be once a certain point is reached. Meantime you will continue to evolve as the vibrations proceed to lift you up, and will draw further away from the lower vibrations until you are ready to ascend.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Disclosure Digest 3-25-16

 From Our Gross National Happiness Desk:

Chairman Mao got it right about religions:
Team Dark...such one-trick-ponys running out of an audience:

Benjamin Fulford – Full Report – 3/22/2016

As always, take what resonates as true for you and leave the rest...
Mazel Tov - DT the ET

Posted by Benjamin Fulford

Something strange happening around Antarctica as negotiations continue for new financial system...

Something is happening around Antarctica these days that is shrouded in secrecy but is also attracting a lot of heavy hitters. The visit to Antarctica by Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, in February was the first sign of something unusual happening. Now this week US Presidential spokesperson Barack Obama will be visiting the Nazi South American headquarters in Bariloche, in Southern Argentina.

Just before the Obama visit, it was revealed that China has built a giant space exploration base in Southern Argentina. Following this revelation, the Argentine government reported they sank a “Chinese fishing boat,” near a restricted area off the coast of Southern Argentina. Pentagon sources say the boat was probably a Chinese spy vessel since a normal fishing vessel would have responded to Argentine warnings.

Furthermore, the heavy handed attempt Khazarian mafia attempt to overthrow the government of Brazil has now failed, depriving the Khazarian mafia of Brazil as a place to flee now that the American people are waking up to the crimes that have been committed against them, CIA sources in South America say.

The Arcturians – Remembering What You Always Knew. Part 2

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 3-23-16

DimensionalJourneyYou do not die. Death is a third dimensional illusion. Death is not even an illusion that occurs within the fourth dimension. Your fourth dimensional Self remembers that when you crossed the line called “death” in the third dimensional world, you find that you were in another world in which you feel very alive.

When you remember that, you remember more and more of the lives in which you tried to ascend and could not. But you lived a good life, you followed your spiritual practice and, in the end you “died” like everyone else. But you didn’t really die. You went to the fourth dimensional Astral Plane.

Sometimes you travelled into higher dimensions, and other times you remained in the fourth dimensional astral plane. Then, when you felt as though you had moved through and learned enough about the lifetime from which you just “died,” you would “die” to your fourth dimensional life and be born into a third dimensional life.

Then, that third dimensional life would progress until you would “die” to that third dimensional life and be “born” to your fourth dimensional life. It is for this reason that the third/fourth dimension is called, “The Wheel of Life and Death.”

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Disclosure Digest 3-24-16

Time For Some Divine Intervention For Flydubai Airlines

 Has that old black magic still got us in it's spell?

I was stirred and shaken by this piece of disclosure journalism:

Mainstream publishers are right down there with mainstream media:

Good analysis, Pat; wrong conclusion. Neither major party will survive this current electoral process.
Revulsion will restore The Republic: