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Astrology March 7th-13th: The Aphotic Zone

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By Austin Coppock

This week is host to a total solar eclipse in Pisces.  The eclipse, which takes place on Tuesday evening (March 8th, 8:57 PM PST), will be visible over South/Southeast Asia, northern Australia and many of the Pacific islands.  But one need not stare into the blind eye of an eclipse to be seen by it.  Its gaze will sweep across the Earth and even penetrate to the ocean’s lightless bottom.  It is there, amid ancient ship wrecks and bioluminescent entities, that our story will take place- deep in the Aphotic Zone.

Leviathan’s Head and Tail

Eclipses occur on one of two points, the North or South Node of the Moon, traditionally called the Head and Tail of the Dragon.   The one this Tuesday happens atop the South Node, while the Lunar eclipse which waits for us on March 22nd will be on the North Node.

Though much has, and will be, said about the two nodes, their powers can be adequately summarized as the twinned powers of the Moon- wax and wane.  To the Head of the Dragon belongs the waxing power of the Moon- the increase of manifestation.  To the South Node, the Tail of the Dragon, belongs Luna’s waning potency, the capacity for release and the diminishment of form.

Eclipses on the Tail, such as the one which occurs this week, are therefore helpful for those works which have release as their essential action.  The release of deep emotions, as well as of physical toxins, is augured by this eclipse. As the Sun’s orb empties out, so too do the body and mind follow.  Programs of fasting, abstention and reflection are thus highly favored.

Yet in darkness, otherwise un-noticed points of light draw our attention.  The same is true of silence, which allows us to hear the faintest of sounds.  Movement toward absence reveals subtle presences.  Thus, in the midnight darkness of the deep ocean, we find ourselves surrounded by the strange phosphorescence of ancient and exotic life-forms.

This solar eclipse on the Tail of the Dragon in the tropical sign of the Fishes brings us to this particular locale- the point where the landscapes of the underworld and the ocean overlap.  Although the underworld is not described in marine terms in the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is a not unknown characterization in world mythology.

As Thor once attempted to drink the ocean and Shiva consumed the entirety of the poison-sea, here we are offered a draught of these Stygian waters.  The chalice’s contents are salty and psychedelic, and once imbibed, sure to bring dreams of the ocean’s floor.

No light reaches the sea bottom, yet much that dwells within and upon the ocean eventually makes its way here.  The aphotic zone, as it is called by scientists, is a thriving graveyard, fed by the organic matter which drifts down from above.  In addition to the microscopic soup constantly descending, there are entire ecosystems which form around the fall of a great whale to the ocean bottom.  These “whale-fall economies” bring strange vigor to the deeps.

All that is heavy enough descends to this layer of the world, and of the psyche, for digestion.  Like the intestinal underworld where food is digested, the presence of the daylight mind is normally not required.  Yet it is here, far below the waves, that the eclipse takes us, for there is work to do.  We are pulled to inspect these depths, for among the whale bones and odd denizens there are also the preserved hulks of old ships, their contents resistant to the scavengers of the deeps.  These ships, which never arrived, bear the messages and treasures of the past, as well as a few very confused ghosts.

The solar eclipse’s blacklight penetrates to this alien graveyard, guiding us toward those treasures forgotten and lost.  Yet the sea-bottom is not dead, not silent.  Its residents and guardians range from the odd to the terrifying, for this is where our Leviathans dwell, and creatures of impossible anatomy thrive.  For this place is marked by the beginnings of life, older by aeons than anything above.  There is thus wisdom in this place, the pearls of a consciousness long forgotten.

Let what seeks the daylight float to the surface, yet let what is leaden fall to the bottom.  We may have old hurts and sad stories which can only be buried at this depth, tokens of bitterness or pain whose weight we continually bear.  These we might bury under miles of water, their release an offering to the powers of the deep, and a meal for the industrious scavengers of the abyss.  This sorting process is natural, for once released, all things rise or fall to their proper elevation.

So drink and descend.  Seek the preserved message-in-a-bottle, and search for the lost treasure ship.  The Kraken has secrets to whisper to you, and you have tragic stories to leave at the sea bottom.

Yet if it all seems too strange, worry not.  You are a creature of light and land, and your buoyancy guarantees a temporary stay in these depths.  You’re sure to awaken on a beach some days hence with only an empty bottle of some strange brew, a hangover, and a fistful of odd sea shells.

Om Ketave Namaha


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Aries: The Ram
The solar eclipse this week sheds blacklight upon the submerged texture of your subconscious, causing a variety of fantasies, obsessions and insights to fluoresce. As these materials rise from the ocean floor of your mind, they are likely to change. Secret dreams and fears transform as they approach the surface, their bodies unprepared for the increase of light. What glowed with such color in the depths may not prove so fascinating in the world above. Likewise, those forms which seemed terrifying below become awkward, even comical, as they make the ascent.
Taurus: The Bull
The solar eclipse this week irradiates your social sphere, causing friends and colleagues to fluoresce. Although it is these people which glow, they are being illuminated merely as a consequence of the subtle light passes through them on the way to its true destination. This endpoint is the deep layer of your social world, the story which frames and organizes your friendships. It is the narrative in which the cast and crew are yourself and all those around you. It may be worth asking whether you want to renew the show for another season, or if it has come time to begin another series altogether.

Gemini: The Twins
The solar eclipse which defines this week asks that you take a step back from and reflect upon your professional activities. Are you living the dream? If so, what kind of dream is it? Nightmare, sexual fantasy, wish-fulfillment? Perhaps movement forward from this point is less a matter of having more pleasant dreams, but instead one of waking up and attending to those details which can only be seen in bright light of morning.

Cancer: The Crab
The eclipse this week sees the star of your aspirations wink out, if only for a bit. Take this passing moment of darkness as an opportunity to liberate yourself from having to seek, to journey and to worry upon success. For just a second, try floating in that great peace which resides at the bottom of the real.

Leo: The Lion

The Sun’s light disappears for moment this week, making of the sky a hollow, a bowl. In this cup you will find the bitter brew of toxified relationships, but also the medicinal elixirs resulting from mutual trust and kindness. Drink deeply of those draughts and consider the storylines responsible for their distillation. 

Virgo: The Virgin
It is your relationships, and your attachment to them, that you will see in the poignant absence of this eclipse. What you have cast into the sea of the Other may well wash back upon your own beach, demanding you claim it. What you have given is thus returned to you, as either a gift and or as revenge. It may take you until September to know what to do with it, but as and when it emerges, accept it.

Libra: The Scales

The solar eclipse in Pisces reveals the condition of the body of your life- both your mobile anatomy and the state of your finances and possessions. It is not only their condition which is revealed, but also the patterns which brought them here. There is an opportunity this week to see into the storyline of your relationship with the material world, and possibly, to change it.

Scorpio: The Scorpion
The solar eclipse this Tuesday plays across the pattern of your habits. The activities and cogitations to which you devote your energy glow neon for a second, the light of their construction framed by the eclipse’s strange dark. To what degree are these routines a result of purpose, and how much do they owe to mere inertia? Intentions are easily obscured by habit. Take the time to fish your will back out of routine’s muddied waters.

Sagittarius: The Centaur
The eclipse illuminates the basement of the house in which you dwell, as well as the home from which you hail. The murmurs of your ancestors bubble up from those foundations, their stories a quiet, invisible flood. The voices of these ghosts wreathe the present, encircling the mundanities of home life with old stories. Though you may find the past’s interference an irritation, there is much to be learned from our ancestor’s stories- even if they are only cautionary tales.
Capricorn: The Goat
The solar eclipse which defines this week highlights the psychic cost of your weekly schedule. Of particular concern is the degree to which the flow of tasks and events is muddying your stream of consciousness. If you can, take some time to filter and purify those troubled waters. There is no beverage more refreshing than clarity.

Aquarius: The Waterbearer
In the darkness of the total solar eclipse this week, you’ll be able to see your relationship to money and possessions all the more clearly. Beneath the simple legal status of what’s yours and what isn’t, there is a story hiding, a narrative about your relationship to money. It is your tale, but you will not be able to edit or rewrite it if you can’t find the original manuscript. So dig amongst your ledgers and journals- somewhere in there, there’s a story.

Pisces: The Fish
The total solar eclipse this week speaks to both profound changes and subtle pivots at work within your life. This eclipse, and the others to come later in the year, speak to a period of transformation. Though usually beneath the threshold of waking life, this week you may grasp the extend of that change, and the current carrying your into and through it, with greater clarity than usual.

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Austin Coppock is a writer, esotericist and astrologer based in Los Angeles. He has published yearly Almanacs for 2011-15 and is the current president of the Association for Young Astrologers. His most recent work is a book on the decans, "36 Faces," published by Three Hands Press. 

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