Saturday, October 31, 2015

TheTeam Message # 76 - Time Is Elastic

Channelled By Peggy Black On 10-29-15

Each individual is confronted with their old third dimensional time beliefs as they move in consciousness to the other dimensions. Humanity has recorded time, history and past events with clocks, calendars, and all manner and methods of measure.

Imagine moving into a new frequency in which time as you have known it does not exist. Imagine an expanded state of consciousness in which what you thought and what you expressed was manifested instantly with no time lag. You would think about something and it would appear before you.

There are those among you who have expressed this concept in many ways. Your story by Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, says it very well; "To fly as fast as thought, to be anywhere there is, you must first begin by knowing that you have already arrived".

You are experiencing the inner conflict of your concepts of time and the realization that you are more than your physical body. You are an unlimited being of expansive states of consciousness.

Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Harmony

Channelled Via Marlene Swetlishoff 

On 10-30-15

Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as harmony.

Harmony is a prime and natural law of the universe. It is an energy that vibrates within and around all of life in a continuous manner, connecting all living things with each other including the Earth and its kingdoms. It connects life with the constant flow of universal energy and the events that take place.

This energy can greatly expand one’s potential to be the change they would like to experience in themselves, within their relationships, and within the collective consciousness of humanity. When an individual focuses on the harmony they desire to experience, they connect to that power until they manifest this state of being and have many harmonious experiences to enrich their life.

When they create harmony within self and with others and align harmoniously to the universe, things in their life start falling into place. Assistance comes to them from many unexpected places to help their vision move into manifestation. They receive the helpful and needed information in perfect timing through wonderful coincidences and synchronicities. They feel the rhythm and harmony of the state of universal joy.

GaiaPortal: Inner Harmonizations Continue...

Channelled By ÉirePort On 10-31-15

Inner harmonizations continue the unfoldment of the human and Hue-man.

Awaitings of futures are no more.

Released from shackles, Higher Consciousness flourishes.

Standards of old paradigms are viewed and released.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Evidence Of Humanity’s Shift Of Consciousness

Patricia and the Pope are both recovering Catholics...MazelTov

Channelled By Patricia Diane Cota Robles

On 10-24-15

Patricia Cota-RoblesNow that everyone has had a few weeks to assimilate and evaluate through their own personal experience the most powerful influx of Light the World has ever known, I would like to share with you some information from On High that may enhance your understanding of what has actually taken place.

The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth said that the Portal of Light that was opened during the amazing Eclipse Series in September 2015, and the Collective Cup of Consciousness that was formed by Humanity through the synchronicity of myriad outer-world events that coincided with the Eclipses, an unprecedented Global shift of consciousness was cocreated in the Realms of Cause by the I AM Presences of Humanity en masse.

This shift into a higher consciousness will manifest through every man, woman, and child in ways that are specifically aligned with his or her individual Divine Plan. But for the first time ever, the Immaculate Concept of the Templates for the New Earth that were associated with this shift of consciousness were INSTANTLY ANCHORED IN THE WORLD OF EFFECTS, which is the physical plane of Earth.

These Divine Templates reverberate with the profound Truth that HUMANITY IS ONE WITH ALL LIFE. They also pulsate with the reality that DIVINE LOVE and REVERENCE FOR ALL LIFE are foundations for every facet of Life abiding on the 5th-Dimensional New Earth, onto which we are all Ascending. The Company of Heaven want to assure us that now that we have transcended the grip of our human egos, the ability to tangibly manifest these Templates in our individual life experiences is going to be easier than ever before.

The NOW To Release--Suzanne Lie And The Arcturians

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 10-26-15

In the same manner, your human baseline frequency will shift form the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, which was once your higher expression of SELF. In the case of Earth, the third/fourth dimensions will gradually become less and less inhabitable.

You will find that just as it once took effort to consciously experience the fifth dimension, it will become increasingly difficult to consciously experience the third/fourth dimension. Even now, your consciousness may appear to be wandering off into what appears to be a trancelike state. This trancelike state feels so natural that you do not want to leave it.

Also, as this shift continually accelerates your consciousness, you will gain a new perspective on your physical world. This higher viewpoint will enable you to perceive your 3D reality from “up above it” rather than “stuck within it.” In other words, you will be able observe your ego from your Higher SELF.

As we make this transition, there is a release, a letting go, of what has been our predominant expression of self. For example, we Arcturians are expanding our baseline frequency from the eighth through tenth dimensions into the eleventh and twelfth dimensions.

Hence, as the third/fourth dimension releases itself from the shackles of the third dimensional reality of illusion and shifts into the fifth dimension of the light of cosmic truth, all the dimensions above the fifth also shift into their next higher dimensional expression.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

GaiaPortal: Streams Of Illumination Move Hue-manity Into Next Levels

Channeled By ÉirePort On 10-28-15

Streams of Illumination move Hue-manity into next levels.

Difficulties in Advancements are smoothed and straightened.

Elements of Infatuations are addressed and dissolved.

Flowerings of Inner Awareness come to view.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Arcturians – The Golden Portal

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 10-23-15

PortalOpenerBlessings, we are the Arcturians.
We would like to take you through a corridor together. So all of you imagine your entire group in a huge circle and imagine that this circle goes all around your country, your area on Gaia’s body. And take a moment to allow that imagination to come into your mind and expand the circle beyond your country so that all of the corridors and all of the areas that are interfacing with your country will get the same blessing and will get the same amount of Light.

Now, I’m going to ask that each of you take your own specific area, your specific neighborhood or city and put a circle around your area or any specific area that you would like to send special blessings too. Are there any areas that are having a difficult time such as strife or political disorder? Be sure that all of you in your collective consciousness put a circle around that specific area.

We are going to see the big circle all the way around as the major portal. So, all of you standing within that major portal – feel how this major portal all around this country goes first down, down, down to the core of Gaia so that it can be grounded in the center of Gaia because, just like we make our human changes from the core of ourselves, Gaia makes Her changes from Her core.

Creator: What Are You worth?


Transcribed By Jennifer Farley On 10-26-15

self_esteem_lionWhat are you worth?  

You may believe that this is determined by outside influences, but the answer lies within.  

It is not up to others to decide this for you.  

With the establishment of firm boundaries and a healthy dose of self-love, you will be able to discern what you are truly worth to yourself and those around you.  

If you have these important ingredients, you will never allow anyone to sell you short again. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 10-27-15

Channelled Via Sheldan Nidle 

13 Cauac, 13 Tzec, 12 Manik

Dratzo! The final meetings are underway. Schedules are in place as a number of agreements have allowed a general release of funds and the merest of beginnings of the formal switch from the cabal to the Light. These operations are to yield the start of the manifesting of a new reality. As stated last week, the new financial system is done and is to be gradually moved on line. 

Those in charge of special security for the new republics are confident that these long secret entities can at last be properly announced. This process is happening only because we have made it clear that Heaven’s programs rely on the formation of new governance and an end to the continued use of an easily manipulated fiat currency. Hence, there is to be a global prosperity based on a worldwide resetting of currency and most importantly a currency, which has a true value. 

That is, it is founded on the use of precious metals backing. This is at best a temporary measure as monies are shortly to disappear as processors and other related technologies appear. These devices are to be both Earth-based and Federation technologies. You are entering a time of increased consciousness and the knowledge that you are not alone.

The new governance is to be founded on the transforming of debt slavery into liberation. What does this really mean? It implies that you have transcended a whole series of core perceptions put into you by the Anunnaki and their minions millennia ago. You have reached freedom and are putting behind you the concept of lack and the feeling of being useless. Successful men and woman go beyond these beliefs. 

Sandra Walter: The Gifts of Resurrection

Another tasty dose of ascension Cool-Aid from Sister Sandra...
Git sum!

Channelled By Sandra Walter On 10-25-15

VideoVersion 'Here'

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
It is written into our Golden HUman DNA; the quest for Self-realization, Ascension and reunification with source. Creation is an extraordinary story, and it is our own. A Universal, Galactic, Solar template; a Source BEingness fractalized for our experience, laid out by our Higher Levels for our discovery and participation.

As above, so below is reflected in every aspect of this Universe. The In-Carnate Self reflects the external activity until we awaken and begin the Ascension process, then we begin to reflect the Higher Self activity. This reflection expands as the consciousness ascends, reflecting higher and higher aspects of the multidimensional Self. The multidimensional Self model reflects the multidimensional Universe, or Source-as-Self; the Divine cosmic quest for complete Self-realization.

The Resurrection Phase
In the Resurrection phase of Ascension, we release old trajectories of our grounded path in order to transform our consciousness; a deeper phase of the merge of higher and lower Self. Earlier phases of Ascension feel like preparation for this step; everything that is learned becomes a foundational platform to stabilize the consciousness as you enter this sacred immersion of Mastery.

Mike Quinsey Retires

By Mike Quinsey On 10-25-15

Mike QuinseySteve Beckow: Mike has carried on through computer breakdowns, health crises, and cabal attempts to close him. No one deserves more than him to retire and pursue other paths and en-joy-ments.

At the same time SaLuSa feels like a member of the family and will be sorely missed. He was among the earliest and most trusted channeled sources on current affairs I ever listened to, along with Matthew Ward. 

Hi Friends,
I have decided that I am not going to continue channelling, as just of late I have not been happy or satisfied with my messages. I can only match them against how things were before I had my stroke, and they are not working as smoothly as I would like. When I started up again I was pleased with the way I got back into it, but it has dropped off lately.

Mike Quinsey
Mike channeling SaLuSa live, a first, at the 2012 Scenario Sedona Conference
I must thank you for your great support over the years, and without you and many others the messages would not have reached so many people and gone so far and wide. I have enjoyed being part of it and had some wonderful times, not least of all my visit to Sedona, where I met so many great people including some of you. Thank you to a wonderful group of people.

For anyone who may be looking for a similar source of messages, there is to my knowledge only the one website, and that is Sheldan Nidle’s which is strongly recommended, it is very professionally set up and a mine of information. Go to:
I hope in my “retirement” to still find useful things to do, and no doubt something will come along so that I might be able to keep in touch with some of you. As they say, all good things have to come to an end, but I would like to think that many people have benefitted from what they have learnt.
In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey

Monday, October 26, 2015

WWCC of 9 - Beyond The Rainbow (Turning the Wheel Of Memory)

If you are interested in where your memories from previous lives are, this message will clear that mystery right up...DT


Channelled By Magenta Pixie On 10-25-15

(This video is available on

Consider A Tree

A Leafy Tome from David Nova's

Consider a Tree
The Symbol of Life
One living totality of consciousness
The Oneness of being to which we all belong
Always connected, never separate or apart
The trunk as our Creator, the Source of all Life
The divine dividing branches, our soul family, our connection to source
Each individual twig, a unique soul, our higher selves
The roots below ground, invisible helpers, our guides on the other side
A vital support system providing nourishment and growth
And the leaves that bloom each spring, our human incarnations
Fragile and green, beautiful to behold, but short lived
That shed every autumn, only to be reborn anew every spring
Yet it is our destiny, our mission, our greatest purpose
As collective branches on this Tree of Life
To evolve, to be transformed, and Ascend
To become … Evergreen
Shining with an inner light
– “Consider A Tree,” by David Nova

Pleiadian Starship Pi – Update By ‘The Captain’

Further to my recent update on our present Reval mission last week on Thursday, October 22, I would like to share with our readers some information about our Pleiadian Starship Pi and her future missions for the unfoldment of the Ascension process for this planet.

Although I knew innately from my ‘downloads’ earlier last year that I had a past as a Starship Commander taking part in the Sirian Migrations, and that I was to be closely involved with Disclosure, I had assumed that this latter process was to take place on board our Pleiadian mothership, the Neptune, and would involve the collection of photographic, video and interview evidence for distribution over the terrestrial mass media.

Indeed, in a couple of messages from Archangel Michael in February of 2013, this return to the Neptune by the small Disclosure team was confirmed. Later, in early June 2013, I had an ‘out of body’ visit to the Neptune where I was briefly reunited with my Twin Flame in what was for me a life-changing experience. Afterwards, however, I realised to my chagrin that I had not asked her for her name!

However, a few weeks later on August 6 2013, Archangel Michael confirmed that she was indeed my Twin Flame and gave me her name – Ellisa. Just two days later Commander Ashtar gave me some further details of this in a personal message as follows –

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Extreme Weather Gradually Disappearing

By Steve Beckow On 10-24-15

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed the changing nature of the weather these days. I can only speak for my local area, but here in Vancouver, we’re nearing the end of October and I’m still going out in just a sweater.

What’s happening to the weather? SaLuSa told us earlier this year:

“As you are aware, your weather patterns are gradually changing for the better. There will be problems created by the changes, but you will have ample time to adjust. The net result will be a more acceptable temperature without the extremes that you are used to experiencing.

“The seas will also warm up, and when you take the two together you will find that many changes will occur in nature. Species of animals will move to conditions that are more suited to their needs. All told it will all be for the better as you will enjoy a more temperate climate.” (1)

These changes in the weather will be gradual, he explained:

“The extremes that you normally experience will slowly disappear, and ultimately your weather patterns will settle down. Do not expect too much too soon, as we are informing you of what to expect in the immediate future.” (2)

SaLuSa: October 23, 2015

Channelled By Mike Quinsey

Time moves ever faster and for you there never seems to be enough to do the tasks you have set yourselves. Yet you do manage and achieve so much in your work for the Light. There are so many of you spread across the world doing your bit to bring the Light to Earth. Your success is such that the Light is now so powerful that it cannot be stopped from bringing even more souls into it.

At times you have been disappointed at the time it is taking to cleanse the planet of the negativity that has built up over eons of time. Yet it has given more souls the opportunity to find the Light for themselves. However, a time has come when the New Age must be manifested, and with that in mind action has been taken to speed things up.

The Illuminati have had their powers curtailed, and as you are probably aware can no longer use their nuclear weapons. We have often emphasised the point by hovering our craft over their silos and disarming them. In no circumstance will they be allowed to use them and we have made sure they fully understand.

You are destined to ascend and nothing will be allowed to stop it taking place. Matters on Earth may seem to be in a turmoil but with so much happening we are not surprised. The cleansing period is in full swing and is necessary to make way for the New Age to fully manifest. The old ways have to change and many of them are necessary before you can take advantage of the new inventions that we are waiting to give you.

The Group Avatar Mind is Your Higher Self


Via Tiara Kumara On 10-25-15

group mind copyWe are each an individualized presence of God, a consciously coherent Greater Self… in group formation. As a collective Avatar, we selflessly think as one, feel as one and move as one while consciously connected at all times through the grid of telepathic inter-relationship.

Metaphysical law states… that every part contains the whole and the whole contains all of its parts. Each and every one of us, as human beings, is a part and a unique expression of the whole. It is thru this wholeness that we are connected to everyone and everything.

The journey of evolution is simply a return to our origin. At our particular level, we are making transition into an exciting new life matrix created through multi-dimensional perspectives.

In this grand metamorphic experience, our individuality, as we have lived it, changes greatly. This results from the recognition that our personality is impermanent; therefore, it is not real. Our thinking minds, our bodies and our emoting natures are not real, merely instruments, constantly changing.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Team: Morning Message #74 - A Bigger Playground


Channelled By Peggy Black

You are being invited to practice ways of riding the intense energy waves being generated from the stars.

Everything you experience as solid and "real" is vibrations of energy, held or locked in place by belief systems. If you could set aside all the mental programs about your reality you would experience a different reality. There are dimensions and timeframes you can experience and 'travel'.

Imagine a child who is raised in a small house. All their needs are met--they are happy, yet their entire world is the small house. They become an adult, yet never venture out of the small house, believing that the small house is all that exists. They see nothing more--all their beliefs and mental programs tell them that reality is only that one small house.

Then something happens and they are shocked out of their stance and beliefs. They catch a glance of a bigger reality beyond the small house. This is the beginning of expanded awareness.

This is happening on your planet. People are being shocked out of their stance of what's real. It's frightening and fearful and they have a tendency to run back into the small house, with small, safe, limited beliefs about reality.

The Background To The Global Currency Reset Or Reval

Repost By Steve Beckow On 10-24-15

XZim 22The Global Currency Reset and the Reval are actually two different events. The Reval refers to the re-valuation of Iraq’s currency. The Global Currency Reset refers to a much broader re-valuation of many currencies around the world.

But in the public’s mind they’ve become linked together so I’ll be using the terms interchangeably here.

Let’s have a look at some of the background to the Reval to see what purposes it serves in the Divine Plan and how the Company of Heaven wishes us to look on it.

When Ashtar spoke of the Re-valuation of currencies, or Reval, in late August 2013, he suggested that it was one way to show that the events being spoken of were real.

“If you look to the outside for tangible evidence for our messages – although we tirelessly stress that you should seek changes within yourselves in the first place – each and every one of you who follow our messages will see the first widespread, tangible proof by noticing the change in your financial affairs, especially with the revaluation of many currencies.

“We are certainly aware that many – if not all of you – have some doubts now and then whether all this is real. And we understand this because of the many changes in the Divine Plan experienced by you throughout your journey.” (1)

GaiaPortal - Patterns Of Freedom Come To The Fore

Channelled By ÉirePort On 10-24-15

Fires are ignited.

Patterns of freedom come to the fore.

Higher Consciousness fully awakens in all of Gaia inhabitants.

Grievances are addressed and transformed.

Gaia metamorphosis nears completion.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Celestial White Beings: The Transitions Of Your Soul Group

Via Natalie Glasson On 10-23-15

nature-768373_640The shifts occurring in this moment of ascension are likened to the energetic transformations which have been taking place throughout this year. The only difference is that the intensity of the energy is now being enhanced and magnified dramatically.

The Goddess energy and Crystalline vibrations continue to support a transition of clearing, purification and renewal upon the Earth and within your being. However, their energetic vibration is allowing a new download of energy to anchor. It is each person’s Soul Group which is now stepping forward to work with their soul extensions.

Your soul, from which you are an extension, as are eleven others, is moving through a process of releasing all unneeded energies from all of the past, present and future lifetimes you have experienced upon the Earth and the inner planes. Your soul is being invited by your Soul Group to purify its energies entirely, to complete all lessons of previous, present or simultaneous lifetimes, so that a wealth of knowledge and wisdom can be acknowledged and collected to be expressed in the new Era of Love upon the Earth.

Your soul is moving through a powerful purification process which is raising its energy vibration and allowing new heightened vibrations of light from the Creator to flow through your body and soul. The process of purification occurring within your soul is naturally impacting upon your physical reality, as you are connected to and embody your soul. It is as if your soul is scanning your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body’s to bring to the surface all that does not serve, align with or enhance the soul.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Unifying The Divine Continuum Of Self

By Sandra Walter On 10-21-15

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
There is a vastness, an infinite beauty to this passage of Resurrection which cannot be distilled into words. We turn to creativity in these passages of transformation. Creativity assists in integrating what is occurring in our own consciousness; it light-grounds our experiences for the collective, and assists us in comprehending dramatic shifts as we attain higher and higher levels of expansion.

These higher frequencies can only be interpreted with the Heart. They literally miss the lower levels of the mind.

Creating, expressing, and living from the Heart center allows you to receive these energies with clarity and apply them to your own Ascension process, and the global collective project of Ascension. The Gateway of October 23- 28th is aimed at Solar Heart center expansion. And it feels like a very strong passage, which has already begun as I write this. Take care, Beloveds. It may feel quite physical for many of you.

Having Trouble Sleeping Lately?

This is what an open Trans-Dimensional Solar Portal looks like!  Gaia is being majorly re-constituted.  Git Sum!

Space Weather News for Oct. 23, 2015

THE SOLAR FLARE THAT WOULDN'T END:  Typical solar flares are finished in a matter of minutes. On Oct. 22nd, a solar flare in the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2434 lasted for more than 3 hours. The slow explosion produced a CME, which is expected to deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field on Oct. 25th. Visit for more information.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed this long-duration solar flare on Oct. 22nd