Friday, October 16, 2015

Veterans Today - The End Of Homeland Security

Yeah, like Steve sez - 'Put Yer Ears On!'   DT the ET

Reader discretion is advised: This article contains appeals to emotion, proof by labelling and repetition, ad hominem arguments, etc.

The End of Homeland Security
Preston James, Ph.D, Veterans Today, October 12, 2015

 Now that Putin’s checkmate of ISIS in Syria has exposed DHS as part of the Israeli-American Terror Machine, it’s time to disband it.

Who wants DHS to exist? Most Americans hate it and have no respect for it, viewing it as just another 1984 Orwellian “Big Brother” incursion into their private lives and robber of their precious freedom.

Many see DHS as an horrendous waste of American Taxpayer money.

A congressional study showed that DHS has stopped absolutely no terrorism in America and that all the expensive Fusion Centers have been an unneeded waste of billions of US Dollars.

All the the lone-wolf terrorists arrested are nothing but dupes (either retarded or mentally ill) that have been set up and entrapped by the FBI.

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