Friday, February 28, 2014

Remembering In Time For Change: Semjase Of Temmer, Pleiadian

Channelled Through Maryann Rada, 2-28-14

Let’s talk about your dear sanctity. Certain motivations are determining factors in your future. One is the determination of sanctity. You choose what to do based on your determination of the sanctity of one choice or another. It doesn’t matter what you choose; all is sanctified eventually. Even your life mistakes become sanctified when you choose to see them as divine teachings of dark nature. Everything becomes pure in the light of knowing love. Even your worst error.

As the events start to pick up speed, you will begin to notice a few changes in the way you think about things. You will expect things to work as they had, but it won’t be possible. You will continue to do things as you have done as always, but now there will be certain overtones of delight and remembrance. Now the time of transformation will begin in earnest. Deny yourself nothing that brings you into resonance with delight and remembrance, for you are coming from despair and forgetfulness and the first steps toward a global transformation will need to be firmly planted. You are on your way to becoming the galactic people you remember yourselves to be. Delight in that!

Long ago on your planet, there was a core of Pleiadian adventurers who stayed when the rest of their number returned to Pleiades to await the next phase of the mission. That core group was of a number ensuring their survival during their stay on Earth, and over the course of many millennia they assimilated and their souls began to splinter. The mechanics of soul generation are not so complex as you might imagine. The core Pleiadian beings began to pair with Earth beings, and the new beings had some resonance with both sides of the contributing genetics. In this way, the natural Pleiadian beings became merged with the beings of Earth. Now is the time that many are waking to their Pleiadian nature and stripping away all that does not lend itself to the integration of the soul awakened.

Light Language Transmission with Jamye Price - March 2014


March Light Language Healing

Light Language is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjusts to the resonance of each listener’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, activation, balancing and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Each time you listen, you initiate a new layer of healing based on your current vibration, your intention to heal and your willingness to participate in your Personal Path of living your Higher Vibrational state.

As you watch and listen to the channeling, note what my hands are channeling through, as you will notice them directing energies in certain ways or working over certain chakras.  You may prefer to close your eyes and just feel the energy as it is not just limited to the specific chakras or movements I am channeling in the moment.

March's Light Language is loving, nurturing support for you to shine your Light, blessed being!  Enjoy!

 Link to full transcript Here.

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SaLuSa, February 28, 2014

Channelled by Mike Quinsey

Dear Ones, we come with good news to inform you that the dedicated work you have put in, is about to bring the rewards that you have deservedly earnt. Our combined efforts have brought about a speeding up of the necessary work needed to bring about a notable stage in the progress required to bring the changes about. Your efforts have brought about a review of the progress made, and the decision was taken to rapidly move ahead. It means that specific events will occur that you will become aware of that will clearly reveal the commencement of another stage leading to "The Event". Within a relatively short period you will be given irrefutable proof of the advances being made, but do not expect them to be broadcast by the main media. The dark Ones will suppress the truth and will do anything to stop progress, and that means you may have to search around to find evidence of what is happening.

After all this time of waiting every effort has been put into bringing the necessary changes about, and the stage has now been reached where the Light is in its ascendancy. No longer do the dark ones have the controlling power that they used to have. Instead the Light has suddenly moved into a commanding position and its progress will now accelerate.

Lightworkers are asked to keep their focus on the goal that they are working towards. It still requires a focused dedication to keep the momentum going, as there is still a long way to go. However, the good news is that it is all downhill now and you will not find as many difficulties on your path as previously. By now most of you know what is required of you, and many have awaited this particular time to commence their tasks. If you are one who seems to be without a specific task, you can do good work by continuing to spread the Light.

AAl Gabriel On 2-27-14

    Daily Message From Trinity Esoterics

Do you realize that the act of surrender can put you squarely on your healing path, even if you are not sure exactly what it is that needs to be healed? Surrender and flow bypass the mind’s desire for specifics, and allows a greater intelligence, that of your soul, your guides and the universe to deliver to you exactly what you need. You simply cannot make a mistake by navigating you life expression in such a way.

So, if you have an area of your life that seems stuck, and you are unsure of how to rectify the situation, simply surrender, and allow the universe to work its magic, assured that the highest outcome will be experienced in record time. That is not giving up, Dear Ones. That is giving UP, which is the way of the empowered human being. ~Archangel Gabriel

World Financial, RV, GCR Update From St. Germain

This resonates with me, though I refuse to hold any date-specific projections. That being said, my gut tells me we are right on top of "IT"   DT the ET

The Golden Light Channel 2-27-14

Dear Friends,
161988917816980490_kIHAFnpC_fWas feeling discouraged tonight as times have been tough lately with a death in the family, 3 blizzards this winter, severe health challenges, and difficult financial times. I’ve really just been hit from all angles. I’ve been following some of the RV intel, and decided to bring in some of my own. I connected in with my higher self and Council of Angels and did not get a clear message. 

Then I decided to connect with St. Germain (who I rarely connect with), as he seems to be involved in general with our coming prosperity. Below is a message I received loud and clear. It is a very brief message but also quite helpful. He “showed” the message to me partially as a vision which is how I receive a lot of my messages.

 After the message he pointed me towards a site online and I then was led to Tolec’s recent video describing imminent shift to 4D (possibly otherwise known as “the event”), and also found his recent financial update from 2-22-14 pointing towards imminent major financial changes. In the video he describes how in the higher dimensions, 75 years can equal one minute of time on Earth, as the higher dimensions are outside of time (the Council of Angels reiterates this frequently.) Please listen to Tolec’s video as he discusses time in the higher dimensions as the March 4th date of bank shutdowns from St. Germaine could be way off target. I am not one to usually give predictive channelings but this is a critical date according to St. Germain. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

AAM And The Councils Of Higher Selves: No One Less Would Be Where You Are At This Time

Channelled Through Ron Head On 2-27-14

Having just spoken of self-love, let us move to the topic of worthiness, of self-forgiveness, of  knowing oneself to be deserving of all that one can imagine. And we say all that one can imagine because by and large you do not imagine very big.  You have, most of you, an ingrained practice of thinking you do not deserve very much.  And you also have the habit of thinking that the big things are impossible for you.
Let’s take care of that little misconception right now.  There is available a force that has created everything that you can see and far, far more.  For such a force, creating all that you can imagine is no more difficult than creating one flower, and both are miracles, are they not?  So just for fun, why not practice thinking big?

Now, please ask yourself, “Why do I think I don’t deserve everything I need?”  There are as many answers to that as there are people, but the most common is that you have been conditioned for a very long time to think that way.  And you have been told outright that you do not deserve it.  And you have believed it.

You have imagined all the ways you might not deserve it, and you have believed that, too.  You also believe that you carry sacks and sacks of guilt around with you.  And we could go on in this vein for a very long time.  So let’s do a little thought experiment.  You know, the kind of thing your Mr. Einstein used to do.  It will be short, so let us propose it, and then you close your eyes and do it.  And if it doesn’t feel real then do it over every day until it does.

Dress Rehearsal is Done! We Go Live As We Enter March!


Written By Lisa Gawlas On 2-26-14

When I woke up yesterday with an email from telling of an X4.9 class flare that
had just erupted from the sun, I strapped myself in, knowing things are going to get intense, but not knowing exactly how.  I expected the headache that always comes when the sun spits so strongly, but didn’t happen.  The moment the readings started, I knew where all that energy went… straight to the heart of Gaia.

Just before my day of readings started, something within me felt reduced to zero point.  Like a still point where nothing prior to that moment existed.  Part of me worried/wondered if I am going to be able to “see” and connect that is how empty I felt.

The moment my first lady showed up, I knew something was different in the field of Light, holy intensity batman!  The entire earth I call Eden raised her vibration to a whole new level.  As I sit here trying to pull together all the elements that came thru in a vastly different way thru each person, 2 hours later (grumble) I finally see the bigger interconnections!!

My first lady was probably the most telling, these huge feet (and not human feet either) coming out of the west and walking toward her center, each huge footstep on the earth sent ripples across the land, like an earthquake happening from the surface spreading outwards.  The energy being released from each slow and purposeful step was like nothing I had ever felt before.  And the sound… an echoing thud just as the foot met the ground.

St. Germain: Solar Flaes, NESARA & Galactic Energies

Channelled By Méline Lafont On 2-26-14

(Note from Méline: Saint Germain has been speaking about this to me in my private space for some weeks now since he is at the moment more consciously present on our Earthly planes, but I never found the time to actually sit down and allow a channeling about this to come through. Finally I grabbed the chance a few days ago and made some space for this message.)

Greetings, my beloved friends, it is I, Saint Germain providing news, a lot of news actually. Now and then I enjoy stepping in with important news referring more to present events while at other times I prefer to give you more profound actualizations which are having a deeper impact on your Ascension process. Well, this message contains both approaches.

The year 2014, which is the first year of the actualization of all your wishes, your realities, your creations and your preparations, has already brought about many initial shifts. For starters I am more specifically referring to the intense solar flares which are having an enormous impact on your Earthly reality and also on your current consciousness and your embodiment.

Never underestimate those enormous powers and impulses as they represent a crucial link in this global Ascension process. More than ever they rush towards you with more powerful impulses and at an even faster pace than you could ever imagine. Be forewarned, my friends, it will all intensify and increase even more! This will help to achieve more awakenings and more shifts coming to pass in your Earthly reality. Up until now, the increase in solar flares has been a kind of ‘terra incognita’, an unknown region for many of you because the intensity of those flares has never reached such proportions as they have now.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eireport Blog: Current Planetary Energies Have Reversed Direction…

On 2-25-14 Éireport Group Energy Reporting Posted The Following:

Current planetary energies have reversed direction, following a period of fluctuations, then stillness.

Reversal of direction is “temporary” and is required for next steps in the planetary “liberation” process.

Fibrous energetic “streams of entanglement” currently accompany planetary energies, intended to collect all those encountered of “lower than necessary for planetary ‘liberation’” vibration.

All is in readiness for the resultant chaotic “Node of Planetary Transformation”.

Activating A Future Self That Can Time Travel In Consciousness


 Channelled By DL ZETA

When we align ourselves with our highest visions, we begin manifesting these potentials. This opens the door to a new and powerful source of guidance and assistance: our future self.

When we are taking steps to create the causes of a future empowered with intuitive knowing, spiritual awareness and a finely-tuned sense of perception, we are linking ourselves with a self that can reach back and entrain our present moment to new vibrational frequencies. These frequencies transform our life here on earth and transport us to timelines where our highest visions manifest quickly and with ease.

Creating The Causes Of A Highly Intuitive And Aware Future Self

Our intuitive knowing comes directly from our soul and is a direct reflection of the wisdom our soul has acquired throughout lifetimes. When we take actions in our present moment with the intention to access soul knowledge we have accessed throughout time, we create the causes, so to speak, of a future self empowered with this wisdom and insight. This self knows how to step free of limiting beliefs and enter inner spaces beyond time and place. This self knows how to time travel in consciousness to assist past selves, including your present-moment focus self.

This is one way you’re able to enter a quantum phase of spiritual growth and awareness expansion. The further you move along the path of quantum growth, the more your consciousness becomes entrained to higher frequencies.

You're Strong Enough To Process Energy Bursts Instantly


Channeled by Brenda Hoffman On 2-22-14

Dear Ones,
Sometimes energy shifts affected you dramatically, other times you wondered what the fuss was about. You merely accepted the shift and went about your business with little real understanding of why that shift was important to your new being. And you seldom processed the shifts as dramatically as you received them.

What is happening now is a more direct correlation between energy shifts and processing those shifts. There is no longer down time or time lags between.

You learned that as you mature in your new being, manifestations occur more rapidly. And so it is including your understanding of who you were and who you are becoming.

There is no longer a need to slow the pace of shifts to make sure your physical being is strong enough, for your physical being is now nearly able to process anything and everything.

Initially, such instant processing may seem cumbersome or difficult for your physical being is adjusting to so many pieces at the same time.

Many of you assumed you accepted new segments into your being to enhance your emotional being. Such is partially true. Your physical being was also strengthened far beyond what you imagine. Is it not easy to break one small tree branch? An action that becomes progressively more difficult as branches are bundled into larger and larger bunches. So it is for you.

Of The Universal Plan

By The Creator Writings  2-26-14

Inside you exists a very important part of something so much bigger than you realize. That small spark of The Divine you carry in your heart will soon unite with the others and bring about a huge explosion of Light the likes of which has never been seen on your Earth plane. Carry it carefully, breathe love into it and know YOU are part of The Universal Plan. ~ Creator

Update: A New Portal Has Opened!

Now that James has eased off on his adversarial damnations of Team Dark I feel more inclined to post this piece.  He seems to be trying to stay out of judgement and he has a good grasp of the broad strokes of the Ascension process...DT the ET

James Gilliland, ECETI Maui News 2-23-14

It has been a while and it is time for an update. A major portal has been opened on Maui, the heart chakra of the planet [DT - IMHO not a true statement]. There have been 20 others. The Earth now is being flooded with light and higher dimensional light beings. Yes this includes their light ships as well. 

These higher civilizations which we will refer to as the greater family of man rather than ET which has been given a fearful twist by Hollywood, the disinformation campaigns, etc. are appearing globally keeping the UFO reporting centers extremely busy. I might add that some of the UFO reporting centers are not operating from the highest integrity as many know the ongoing UFO activity at ECETI has virtually been ignored. This is a precursor to what many call the EVENT.

The timing of the event is tied into critical mass, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is now foreseen as spring or early summer. This is not coming without challenges. Whenever a higher consciousness and energy enters a system due to sympathetic resonance the lower consciousness and energy must rise to meet it. This creates chaos yet chaos is the letting go of the old paradigm in order for the new paradigm to take its place.

 The Intellect and the ego must surrender to the heart. The heart is your soul connection and the soul is the path to God/Creator/Spirit. Sometimes a little prayer and some sleep work the best in adjusting to these new energies.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dispatch From Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation ~ 2-25-14

Received Through Sheldan Nidle

3 Batz, 14 Zac, 10 Caban 
Dratzo! We return!
Much is happening across your globe. The dark cabal struggles to maintain its power and sees that these efforts are in vain. The Light, now represented by ancient families and numerous sacred secret societies, has come and laid successful claims to the wealth and power of the dark. This legal assault is aided and abetted by us. We come to end this unholy debauchery of the dark and to bring in a new time, filled with prosperity and your liberation from the odious enslavements perpetrated on you by the dark. The Ascended Masters, acting under the divine decrees of Heaven, have established the means by which the dark is to surrender to the Light. This process is underway and is reaching its first major milestones. The prime instrument of your enslavement is wealth, and especially that most hideous invention of theirs, "fiat money." This insidious invention has created unnecessary inflations and manipulated panics or "crashes" for centuries. Each time, these vile maneuvers greatly enrich the core of the dark cabal while creating events that have further cemented their rising power.

The results of these manipulations led to war, death and division. We are in the midst of ending this odd merry-go-round and replacing it with a divine stability that permits you to clearly see what is real and what is not. As you begin to expand this process to include the wonders that are Gaia and her amazing eco-systems, you discover your true purpose for being on Earth. You are a special Being that is meant to be an ever-Loving intermediary. You have the ability to correct those things that threaten these eco-systems and provide those things that can actually help every being that resides upon this globe. Moreover, you are on the verge of rediscovering your subterranean brethren. Inner Earth is in actuality a 5-D realm. It is where you are to return and resume the special mantle of being fully conscious humans. The truth of this is now vibrating within every cell of your body. We are here to assist this process and, under Heaven's direction, to transform your current troubled reality.

Sanat Kumara And Adama: The Tsunami Of Love Will Wash AwayThe Old You

Channelled Via James McConnell On 2-25-14
Sanat Kumara
I am Sanat Kumara. I am the One you have known, each of you has known, in many times previously. For we have fought many a fight. Not the kind of fight you would think of though. Not the battle you would know of today but a fight for love and understanding. We have been there in the trenches, you and I. To all who would be in this room and to most who would be reading these words. For I am One who is known as the “One Initiator”.

I am the One who is there whenever there is that change in consciousness that movement that takes you to the next level of your being. I am there with you at that time. And have been many times before. But now at this time, we no longer call it initiations because that is no longer necessary. In the past, it was an initiation to move from dimension to dimension. From vibration to vibration. In order to receive that initiation you had to go through much. Many of you have done that in the past. If not in the bodies here in the Earth, in your other systems that you came from.

But now the time has changed. It is a new time. A new awakening. It is the time to start anew. With a new body. Not that you will not have your physical body, you will. But a new body of vibration. A new body of light. Some have called it the rainbow body. You are taking that body on once again. You are taking on as a cloak over you. For it is really no different than that.

It has been said that the year you are in now is a year of transformation, a transition. That it is. This is the year when all that you know of is going to wash away. That tsunami of love that has been spoken of many times.

The Merging Part 4 - Answering the "Door"


Channelled Via Suzanne Lie On 2-23-14


I guess we were NOT back in the 3D because when I went to the door no one was there. However, shortly after I opened the door, Jason and I felt a very strong sensation. In fact, it was a multidimensional sensation. Because our physical eyes could not see anything, we looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

However, we both had a strange feeling that we were not alone. In fact, the feeling we were having was immensely familiar. We stood very still, almost as if we didn’t want to interfere with this unique energy that had entered our home.

“This energy feels very familiar,” said Jason. I nodded, not wanting to disturb the atmosphere by speaking. Gradually, a growing awareness came into our consciousness, “Is it the Arcturian?” we both asked with amazement in our voices.

“Yes,” replied the Arcturian speaking through our clairaudience. “We are pleased that you have perceived us with your multidimensional perceptions. We will now assist you to expand your multidimensional consciousness by sharing some important information with you. Please listen closely to our multidimensional communication.”

I was just realizing that Jason was as astounded as I about the Arcturian actually visiting our home when the Arcturian continued, “We are not visiting your home. We are visiting your multidimensional consciousness. Because you have calibrated your physical brain to your multidimensional consciousness you are able to perceive our presence within your joint consciousness.”

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Newest From The White-Winged Collective Of Nine

Channelled, Written And Narrated 

By Magenta Pixie On 2-18-14

This video is available on

Trust, Forgiveness, And Love In Our Triflame And Chakras


Channelled By Linda Dillon On 2-23-14

Triflame 22The Divine Mother said through Linda Dillon:

“Long ago we have told you the keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, the doorway is Love. Open this doorway with your keys and step into your new life.” (1)

And Steve speculated in his article, “Love, Trust and Forgiveness: The New Pattern for Nova Earth,” that “forgiveness relates to the past, love relates to the present, and trust relates to the future.” (2)

My meditations often feature visions, downloads, and messages.   Yesterday in meditation I was shown something I regard as significant about our Tri-flames.

Sanat Kumara and the archangels often ask us to ignite and balance the Tri-flame in our hearts. We ignite our blue, gold and pink flames and then we balance and entwine them. But the Company of Heaven also asks us to go deeper.

Today I was shown how the Blue flame represents the trust that the Mother speaks of, the Gold flame represents the forgiveness and the Pink flame represents the Love: the keys to our new life.

Furthermore, these divine qualities are also associated with our chakras.  Forgiveness and Joy reside in our solar plexus;  Love spins in our hearts; and Trust and Peace spin in our throat chakras.  We are ourselves the keys to our new life.

I write this today as the Tsunami of Love gently washes away debris from this lifetime of mine and all of us and many, many lifetimes, moving us all closer and closer to what the Mother called “the time of cosmetic repair, the birthing of Nova Earth.” (3)

We are the Love. We are a reflection of it. We can see it in our triflame and in our chakras. As within, so without. As above, so below.

(1) Linda Dillon, The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. 2013, 27.
(2) Steve Beckow, “Love, Trust, and Forgiveness: The New Pattern for Nova Earth,” at
(3) Lida Dillon, The New You, ibid.

Montague Keen - February 23, 2014

I'm posting this one from Montague for two reasons: he's not engaging his us-vs-them Celtic grudge and he's talking about the importance of the Glastonbury Tor at this delicate stage of Gaia's Ascension.  The Tor is the surface location of the planetary Heart center and there's a lot of heavy lifting going on there Right Now!  DT the ET

Received By Veronica Keen On 2-22-14

It is ten years since I passed to Spirit. In that time, I have talked many times about the importance of ley lines. We have had to wait until the timing was right before we could act on this information. Much had to be put in place and the response from all over your world has been magnificent. Now I ask that all you good people study the little film of the sunrise on the tor, in Glastonbury, filmed on the 2nd February, 2014. Some of the most important ley lines in your world pass through this tor. It is imperative that you do all in your power to release this energy as soon as possible.

Our plan is for as many of you as possible to link with this film. Use your minds, your energy, and your intentions to release this energy. As yet, you are not fully aware of just how powerful your minds are. Do this, and together, you will enable this energy to flow once more for the benefit of humanity. By doing so, you will rescue humanity and your planet. If you can manage to gather in groups, it would be even more powerful. This exercise can be undertaken by every person on Earth, from your own homes. It is an opportunity to assert your power and to stop being VICTIMS.

There is a map which shows the importance of the ley lines at the tor. This is why it was decided that Veronica should go there on 2 February. The next few months are of the greatest importance. The future of humanity is at stake. This is a huge responsibility for all of you. Make up your minds that you will do it, and it shall happen. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose but the control of those who have enslaved you for generations. We have guided you to this moment. Now, you have enough information to achieve the desired result.

Hilarion's Weekly Message: February 23-March 2, 2014

Channelled By Marlene Swetlishoff On 2-23-14 

Beloved Ones,
The winds of change are upon you. While life goes on as before, the changes that occur within you are vast. These changes are taking place within each soul who lives upon the planet. Each soul has agreed to experience these changes. The first noticeable change will be a greater ability to feel emotion and express it. Most people on the planet have suppressed their emotions in order to harden their hearts so that they could function in the ever increasing density and these filters are now falling away because there is much greater light than ever before. As each person is enabled to truly feel and speak from their hearts, all that needs to be expressed will begin to come forth from within their being. At some point in this process, the feelings expressed will be the feelings of love, followed by the feelings of joy and other positive emotions which will move people in directions hitherto unknown on your world.

The people of the Earth are gathering together in greater numbers than before so that they can give voice to those areas in their respective worlds that can be improved upon. Individuals are willing to sacrifice their lives for the changes they are demanding. It is a tumultuous time in the affairs of all old paradigm systems which no longer serve the needs of the people. As people continue to awaken, the illusions are dispelled and those who have kept the populace under subjugation are being revealed. There is no place for these ones to hide as the revelations of their backroom agendas comes to light, for each must now come face to face with their own choices and deeds, and make peace with their soul. While this will produce some chaos, ultimately it is for the highest good of all.

Semjase: New Words From An Old Friend, Temporally Speaking

Semjase (who some of our readers may recognise as the Pleiadian contact of Billy Meier) speaks here through Maryann Rada, who regularly channels the Asket [another contact of Billy Meier's]  from the League of Light and others from the Pleiadian collective.

Semjase from the Pleiades
Greetings to you all from one who is in service with the League of Light at the side of Asket and others who you will come to know. I am one who has long been in communication with many people on your planet and whose role has long been to intercede within the workings of your social structure from time to time to awaken a wider sense of what the truth is about your origins and meaning within the larger context of a divinely ordered cosmos.

I love the interaction with your planet’s mind, and I love your people with all of my heart. I am Semjase, and I come to you now as one who is speaking to the heart of all humanity at a time of transformation on a planetary scale. Please hear what I have to say with grace and forbearance, as I know many of you have been listening to a lot of different sources saying a lot of different things about the way things are moving on your world.
My intention of course is to bring some clarity to those who read my words, and to impart the understanding that you are, indeed, part of a greater cosmic family and a greater cosmic intelligence that sources from the very essence of life itself, which we call OM. In that love which animates all beings, I stand before you now with these words.

A long time ago, there were beings time-travelling through a sector of the fabric of space who came upon a nascent Earth and decided to use it for a great purpose in their plan for temporally resetting the weave of galactic history to their own purposes. These beings were wily in their act of subversion, and soon the history of Earth became twisted to serve their plan.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Light Collective: On Embracing Love

Channeled Tazjima Amariah Kumara 2-17-14

Great winds of change are currently sweeping around your globe, reflected in some of the most violent and unsettling weather patterns of recent years, if not decades. You are now well within the transitional zone betwixt and between one paradigm and another. Yet still do the powers that controlled the old paradigm seek to hold back humanity and the planet from going forth into ascension.

As a mighty tide cannot be held back, so does the sweep of the solar and cosmic rays continue to penetrate the miasma perpetrated by those who would keep the illusion alive. The darkness cannot prevail and only continues due to certain portions of the population refusing to let go of their preconceptions and old belief systems, either out of fear or disbelief that change is possible or desirable.

Yet, though darkness seems to prevail especially in some areas, the light has penetrated deep into the hearts of many and has woken there a yearning and a knowing that all things are possible if a dream is held long enough. The dream in the hearts of many is the cry for freedom; freedom from tyranny, freedom from poverty, freedom from fear and most especially, the freedom to be, to manifest the highest good for each individual soul.

We work with you just beyond the edge of your waking consciousness and walk beside you in your dreams. We are the Light Collective, a gathering of light beings, ascended masters, galactics, elementals and angelics who desire to aid the highest dreams of humanity, the goal of bringing heaven to earth.

Bryan De Flores On Light Language

Light It Up, Bryan!  Check out his website; it's well worth the effort.  Thanks to Jayme Price for the link.   DT the ET

(This video is available on

Weekly LightBlast: Not Allowing Pain

Written by Jayme Price On 2-21-14

As you cleanse your vessel of the challenges of the past, you are changing your future.  In this way, you are Not Allowing Pain to cloud your creation.  This is different than avoiding pain.  As you observe your past to cultivate the wisdom it has potentiated, you are using the power of your present moment of Love to flood the past.

In this way you cleanse it and you ride the wave of its grace.  Enjoy the ride!  You are a powerful Creator Being, being creative is your power.  Utilize the loving power of your mental acuity to understand the grace of your past, soothe your present and emblazon your future with Joy!

Observing the past is different that immersing in pain with the delusion to learn to swim with its weight upon you.  As you immerse in the buoyant blessing of Love, you learn to ride the current of the universal laws of creation; allowing Life to consume, sustain, release and create anew.  Consume your past as food for growth, let it nourish your courage and wisdom.  This will sustain you as you choose anew, circulating your vibrational emanation into your world as Life responds.  First unseen, your call is answered.  Life begins shaping to your magnetic music.  The dance begins.

As we sit to Blast Not Allowing Pain, we are unstoppable in our wave of Love as we consume the fuel of lessons learned into wisdom.  We are moving faster, freer and brighter than ever as we ignite our passion into form.  We are the Lightbearers, baring our soul for others to see as the shadows stretch into wisps unable to catch up with the speed of our Light.  We are the courageous, and often the quiet, as Love speaks between the lines of fire.  Blast on!

Video Version
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Archangel Michael On Why Things Seem to Take So Long

Posted by Steve Beckow On 2-22-14

Lest anyone think that they’re the only one squirming in their seat, wondering when the major events

I promised you I would post his comments. He answered me candidly and at great length and I feel quite satisfied with his explanation. That doesn’t mean that you need to be.  We’ll probably respond to things differently.

He did go into why the Reval has taken so long. While he didn’t say this precisely, nonetheless, built into it was an extensive sting operation which cleaned out dishonest bankers, foreign exchange people, corrupt senators and congressmen, etc. Unless they were cleaned out, we might not be able to hang on to our earnings. He can’t say too much more about that or he’d be signalling the recalcitrant ones. But he did discuss it.

I believe that most of that work has now been done. But I can’t speak about those matters as if I somehow know more than you. I’m as impatiently awaiting events as you may be.  But here is what he felt he could say on the broad subject of the seemingly-slow pace of events.


This is a new channelled info source brought to my attention by Suzanne M. at the goldenageofgaia...Gracias, amiga!  DT the ET

 IBOC COMMUNIQUE Session 1- Excerpt

Received By  Gesanna On 1-10-13

So, there you are on Terra, immersed in all its chaotic swinging to and fro in every aspect of life, trying to maintain a balance within yourselves while endeavoring to consciously do the divine activity that you agreed to do while, conversely, the negative faction endeavors, simultaneously, to undo it all for you.

Our advice to you – stay out of their way and stay out of their fray. Do not give heed nor attention to their influences or concepts of who you are, of what your life is all about, of how you should live it. Instead, embrace the soul memory of who you are as a Volunteer on Terra, and engage your divine activity, your “divine job”, consciously, deliberately. Ascending Souls, embrace who you truly are as a Source-Being evolving to a new understanding of yourselves and of a new way of life in a Higher Dimensional reality where your new Home awaits you.

For a few minutes each day, visualize the light-energy that you are anchoring into the planet becoming stronger, brighter, whiter, lighter, because your conscious focus adds another degree of power to that which is already being done through you without your conscious focus. Visualize this light-energy anchoring into the planet’s core, and radiating out from there to surround it in a field of Higher Dimensional light that is literally transmuting the entire planet, all of nature included, into its pure pristine state of existence as an ascended planet.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thoughts On Satan And Christ

Keep It Simple, Sentient...

Eye of the Beholder 

 Vision at Dawn  
I'm going to present a much different version of this conflict and instead of externalizing it, I'm making it deeply personal. Christianity is supposed to be based upon Judaism, yet if you look at the Jewish ideas about Satan, you see something vastly different than how it's portrayed in Christianity. While different Jewish sects has different views on Satan, I'm going to focus upon their interpretation of Satan as our "temptation to do wrong".

Now I don't really like the word "wrong", as it's rooted in the illusion of duality. I don't believe for a moment there's some list of rules God requires us to follow. God doesn't make rules, God only has Laws and those can't be broken no matter how hard you try. I'm going to use "wrong" in a very specific sense, where the only "wrong" is that which denies God. Denial of God is not "bad", "evil", or anything like that, it's simply heading in the wrong direction.

We have another word for the "temptation to do wrong" and the denial of God's Presence. We call that "edging God out" or ego. So instead of the idea of this vast cosmic war going on between the "forces of good and evil", it becomes a deeply personal conflict that nearly every Human Being on this Planet is going through. It's the struggle with one's own ego, one's own negativity. We're not helpless pawns in some larger game, we have our own power, responsibility, and influence over the outcome, as the battle is fought within ourselves.

Spirit Science 22 (Part 3) - Animated Short

This Ascension stuff is getting Way to serious! It"s time for a cartoon featuring the Higgs Bozo and Vesica Pizza...DT the ET

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