Thursday, February 28, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-28-19

 Time To Get Out Your 

Dog-Eared Hitch-Hiker's Guide

They were Masters Of Terra forming on Tralfamadore; nothing like this geo-genocide from TD:

The Anti-Vaxer Wars are definitely hotting up; now might be a good time to get some back-story:
I rather like this theory because it Feels Right and will terminally mess with the medical mafia:

The extents to which Team Dark has gone to poison all of humanity is truly mind boggling: 

Really, when do our Star Families arrive with high tech solutions to human hygiene? Could happen:
This is a witty and entertaining look at the AI creep going on all around us; forewarned is forearmed: 

I think it always wise to give Creator the last word, on all things and in all circumstances; Git Sum:

Archangel Michael: The Path Of Ascension


Through Ronna Herman-Vezane On 2-28-19

Dearest friends, some time ago, Archangel Michael explained to me:

"As a messenger of the advanced Cosmic information for the New Age, when you have integrated the remainder of your Soul Fragments within the Third and Fourth Dimensions – and you are in the process of gaining access to your entry-level SACRED TRIAD within the Fifth Dimension – it is necessary for you to demonstrate your ability to directly bring forth some of the new knowledge from the higher Planes of consciousness. This must be accomplished through your own expanded, intuitive awareness. This process is necessary in order to blend your physical, mental capabilities with your intuitive higher faculties – your connection with your Spiritual Triad – via the Sacred Mind.”

Beloved Michael has asked me to share with you some of the important lessons and techniques he has given us over the past 25 years. Therefore, beginning in 2019, occasionally, I will be posting some of the key lessons I have compiled for Archangel Michael’s seven books messages.


You gradually tune into and begin to listen to the small voice of your conscience (your embodied Soul Self), and you begin the process of healing and harmonizing your Emotional Nature. You slowly allow your Soul-Self to be the guide and the director of your life’s experiences, instead of the ego-desire body. You begin the process of upgrading and refining your Emotional Body consciousness, which can be painful and challenging, but also rewarding and en-Lighten-ing.

As you begin to delve deep within your subconscious mind, you initiate the process of aligning your emotional will with that of your OverSoul/Higher Self and Divine Will. Your most often used mantra or affirmation becomes: “Thy Will be done for the greatest good of all.”

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-27-19

Filthy Rumors...Peace Is Breaking Out Again

The Chef Boyardee War: Venezuela's Clueless Opposition. By Justin Raimondo; Tovarich:

An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela; IMHO whatever is going on in Caracas has to do with the Reval:

You’re Not a Friend Control by Jennifer Hoffman; planetary Recovery from 4D is getting sticky:

Been there, done that: Next?:

It would seem that some of the hench-folk at the Evil Empire (MS) are tired of their complicity:

I thought we already banned whaling world wide; it's time to reign in these Viking rednecks;

Sorcha Fal dishes some very interesting historical 9/11 nuggets from the Russian Secret Services

The Andromedans: 2019 The Year Of The Light Warrior

 Via Morag O'Brien On 2-27-19

We are here to congratulate you on completing Level 1. The game has changed, as you would say. We witness a new phenomena in Ascension, the intricate fusion of Light and dark matrix. The duality paradigm has shifted beyond previous dimensional measure. Spanning lower realms, the material plane vibrates within the Fourth Realm where previously the Matrix, the reality you perceived, vibrated on the 3D Realm.

Lightbody upgrades assimilate enabling each of you to Ascend to the Fifth Dimension whilst still vibrating on the Material Plane. This is a wondrous event to witness. We commend all those whose integrity has withstood the onslaught of intensive negative energies in the last few months. We are seeing the Phoenix rising from the flames of Divine Transformation.

The unprogrammable were the first to awaken, then each of you surrender to the ripples of Cosmic Lightwaves raising the frequencies of form within Earth and without. To zoom in we see turmoil, the inevitable chaos of a dimensional war. We see auric light emanating from awakened souls. The dance of dark and light plays out on a celestial stage to an intergalactic audience. Yet we are not passive in our observation. We are very much actively involved from ground level up in the liberation of Gaia and her peoples.

We are from the Andromedan galaxy, we are your neighbors. We are in a conglomerate, as you would say, with many other star beings from across the galaxies. There are three who concern our transmission. The Plaeidians, the Arcturians and our Traveller brothers and sisters, Andromedan. We have been operating as teams, Traveller teams, if you like. Skill-sets shared, the mission to save Gaia and, if possible, humanity. Humanity as conscious beings would always have the final say.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-26-19

Breaking News Is Breaking My Back..

Morag starts us off with her astute observations of the latest incoming energies; buckle up, Cadets:

No Ben post this week as it's total psy-op crap and TDS chaff; David explains why: grok on:

RT Breaking News - Pope labels child abusing clergy ‘tools of Satan’, calls for ‘all out battle’: 

The Council agrees with me - 'assumption' is the mother of all f---ups; No Sloppy Magic:

Robert Kraft case: ‘Tentacles’ of trafficking ring expand nationwide, disgusted authorities say:

FDA (pharma mob bosses) demands U.S. states eliminate vaccine exemptions… or else; Nastiness:

In case you're still on the fence about God's Gift here's some reliable scientific info to ponder:

This ain't the shamanic version of Hopium for the Sheeple; Terrence tells the Multi-D Truth here:

WC coming in loud and clear; this is what good voice channelling looks and sounds like, Y'all:

The Latest From Saul

 By spending time quietly within you will come to a state of self-acceptance and peace which cannot be found in the world outside.

The Tsunami of Love continues to strengthen and intensify as more and more of you set and hold the intention daily to be only loving, whatever arises.  You all incarnated to do just this, and you are doing it, and it is having a most wondrous effect.  Do not doubt the efficacy of your intentions!  Without them the awakening would be moving a lot less rapidly, so your intentions truly are a most essential aspect of humanity’s collective awakening.

When you come into awareness of what you have achieved you will be amazed, and filled with untold joy.  In fact, you will have become fully awake, you will have returned to your natural and most holy state, that of knowing that you are One with and inseparable from God.

Separation is what You chose to experience when You invented the game that allows You to seemingly be separate, alone, abandoned, and utterly disconnected from Source.  So much so that You became unaware that there was a Source from which you were separated, and so you believed yourself to be a small, separate, and insignificant being in an environment full of others, also separate and alone like yourself.

Being apparently separate, and therefore unloved, unwanted, and unappreciated caused you, and still causes you, enormous pain and suffering.  You seek relief in relationships, but those with whom you seek relationships are also experiencing separation and abandonment, and so they are seeking from you what you are seeking from them.  What you seek is Love, and Love is what you are, but you have totally lost awareness of this, forgotten that It is what you are – although It is within you – and that you and Love can never be separated.

Disclosure Digest 2-25-19

Q -You Are The News Now

The Game Is Afoot


02-26-2019 14:04:55 MST Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID:087672 No.5399134

All-out assault against the duly elected President of the United States.
We have never experienced anything like this in our history.
Treason & sedition at the highest levels of office throughout many departments [F + D].
Propaganda arm [FAKE NEWS MEDIA] of the D party in full attack mode (no facts, only statements).
Propaganda arm [FAKE NEWS MEDIA] of the D party prevent-limit 'sheep (you)' from learning the TRUTH.
Propaganda arm [FAKE NEWS MEDIA] of the D party retain-control of NARRATIVE (control over you).
House D's in full attack mode (no facts, only statements).
Senate D's in full attack mode (no facts, only statements).
Fear of prosecution?
Fear of the public learning the TRUTH?
Fear of losing POWER?
Bribes, blackmail, threats, etc. all being deployed.
Q's "You are the news Now" signifies D-Day, the deployment of Q Army; I'll have butter on mine:

Let's play 'Can You Spot The Cult' for $500; Do you want to play a game?

The reality of the Q Phenomenon is based on verifiable proofs; the back-channel to POTUS is open:

Pepe goes full on 'talking head' in this news anchor sendup by a clever Anon; grok on, oh Green One:

The Angels understand perfectly well just how 'future proves past'; git sum Divine Synchronicities:

Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Arcturian Group Message For Feb. 24, 2019

Via Marilyn Raffaele

Dear ones, we and all others helping from the higher dimensions are well aware of the pain and struggle that so many are experiencing during these times of intense negativity where things seem to be getting worse rather than better.

Most people remain totally unaware of the illusory nature of the third dimension and because of this when faced with something they do not like, will resist or take violent actions which simply add energy to the situation. However, the resulting attention is often the very thing needed to awaken those who remain oblivious to the fact that there even is a problem.

The third dimension forms its “reality” from the substance of the collective conditioned consciousness of the majority. As God Beings, every individual is a creator, creating from the substance of their attained state of consciousness, but the majority is as of yet unaware of this fact.

This is why it is so important to feed your consciousness with truth at all times rather than allowing it to fill with false concepts and beliefs simply because it is easier. Your consciousness goes with you wherever you go because it is who and what you are. Many believe that moving to a new location or entering a convent/monastery will change their lives, but then soon find that this is not the case as same old issues (their creations) reappear.

Know that no three dimensional creation is capable or ever could be capable of actually removing the Reality which is held infinitely in place by Divine Law.

Disclosure Digest 2-24-19

Get Ready For Some 

Really Weird Science...


Navy insiders corroborate secret Antarctic Space Fleet &a  mission to Oumuamua; get Zharkov!

Justin Nemos gets his Shungite anti-EMF fix and goes public with his newest addiction; grokkable:

Stargates, Dark Energy, and Manipulating Extra Dimensions (Oh My!): a stylin' Red Pill video:

It makes more sense when you realize that all the Big Bad Actors belong to the same Satanic Cult:

The Navajo Nation would be disingenuous if they accepted this dead-herring of a deal; YaTeHe:

Let the bankster litigations begin; a fitting accompaniment to the unsealed Federal indictments:

Who Rules France? Not the French; PCR can you spell R-o-t-h-s-c-h-i-l-d? The jig is so up:

GaiaPortal: Cycles Of Illumination Elevate And Complete

Channelled By √ČirePort On 2-24-19

Cycles of Illumination elevate and complete.

Partnerships in Spirit form on a planetary scale.

Elements of Light infuse the hu-being.

Hue-manity clears the way.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-23-19

David Icke Banned From Lecturing In Australia

David is still deconstructing the bs TD narratives and they are scared shit-less of the truth getting out:

A great article detailing the findings on MMJ if you need any further convincing of it's efficacy:

PCR gives a nod to George Orwell in this look into Washington-speak; enlightening:

Jordan does an admirable job of with his new video software; good red pilling of the LSM:

Again, we owe a yuge debt of gratitude to RT for having the cojones to report real news; git sum:
Truth be told Vlad is working surreptitiously with Trump and Xi Jinping to defeat Team Dark's global machinations. Their respective millitaries are totally coordinating the worldwide Swamp draining:

This court decision is a portent of the imminent de-construction of the IRS under POTUS; Yes!:

Friday, February 22, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-22-19

AAM Boots On The Ground

Blossom opens for us today with this latest and very positive FOL Message; Gok Sum:

Macron is showing his Khazarian Mafia bias every time he opens his frog-like mouth:

RT’s over the target and drawing the requisite flack from the Cabal machine:

This is one of the main reasons that regular meditation practice leads, inevitably, to greater sanity:

Finally, the utter species chauvinism of Homo sapiens begins to unravel; call Dr. Doolittle:

Lionel exposes the 'usual dis-info suspects' regarding the truth of what's happening in Venezuela:

Magenta Pixie offers a quick update on FB about the current energies and how to juice up the body:

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-20-19

Welcome To Q's Coming Out Party

Stop the presses for this latest blast from Britain - Magenta Goes MAGA! git yer story on:

The video that confirms that only Q provides the play-by-play of the swamp draining:

Fnally a transcript of what I consider the current 'Plan' working out from the Q Group to all:

David Wilcock, if you like his style, has just released a very important bit of Disclosure Video:

Magenta seems to be on a mission to support intelligent, non-toxic discussion of Swamp Draining:

I do believe that Tulsi's heart is in the right dimension; she'll be one of the survivors of The Storm:
Well, let's round this one off with some wit and wisdom from JC on releasing doubts and fears:

GaiaPortal: Wings Are Born On Those With Freedom Of Spirit

Channelled By √ČirePort On 2-20-19

Wings are born on those with freedom of Spirit.

Elements of Higher Vibrations are embraced.

Polarities are leveled.

Mediators brought in.

Conclusions are created.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-19-19

 It's Official: The STORM Is Here

Let's begin today with Stephanie Austin's wonderful Virgo-Pisces Full Moon EcoAstrology Report:

We've got some Real Sauce here folks; the corn's a poppin and the goat butter's melted - KEK:

This is the Full Frontal Super Moon edition of Ben's weekly Report; minimal erroneous assumptions:
Bad science paid for by Team Dark is at the root of so much disinformation it's hard to grok:

This video might be helpful in red-pilling the curious about the coming economic reset; git sum:

This 4 minute snippet from InfoWars might help clarify just what POTUS is up to these days:

I thought it only fitting to give Creator the last word on this glorious Super Moon Tuesday; grok sum:

Monday, February 18, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-18-19

 Celtic Goddesses Kick Tuchus

Another lively and insightful 5D Morag Rant for starters today; she sure can sling it:

Truly the Earth Pig Year of 2019 is off to a good start; ass-bit fitness model gets Yuuge publicity: 

Thanks to Suzanne Maresca at GAoG for this Magenta Pixie re-post; may the Schwartz be with you:

While we're in Facebook-land let's check out all the bad actors therein employed; revealing:

Creator chimes in with some cautionary and brief advice; ponderable stuff here:

"Call any vegetable and the chances are it will respond to you." Frank Zappa

The Council: Low Energies and Protection

Via Ron Head On 2-16-19

A question has been asked regarding low energies and protection. This has not been, because of his former training, an issue for this channel, and therefore we have not addressed it previously. We see that it is, however, of interest to more than a few. We will have a short discussion of the topic today. Here is the question that was asked:

“How can one protect themselves from lower vibrational energies and prevent them from feeding on the energy at any given time.”

There are a great many ways to address this matter. The obvious place to begin is with the statement that, in the observation of energies, like attracts like. Think of the energetic being that you are as being a magnet. It will bring to itself more of that which it is. Sad will bring sad. Happy will bring happy. And your question brings to the fore, fear will bring fear.

So the direct question could have been worded “How do we protect ourselves from the effects of being fearful?”

There are a great many practices around the world that exist to do this. Smudging is one. Burning incense also helps. Various incantations invoke higher energies. But we wish to speak of this from another viewpoint entirely.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-16-19

 This Is Gonna Be A Whale Of A Full Moon

This just in from Kauilapele, our Being in Hawaii, with the latest, mocha-infused Q Intel:

Epic level trolling by digital artiste, Carpe Donktum; posted on the Chans by Q - grok on:

The Maestro is trolling all the bad actors lately; US.Gov starts recruiting Meme-ologists - Git Sum:

I truly believe that Francis is going bigly public with the Satanic Cult cleanup inside The Vatican:
Today, Dave's X22 Reports are on preparing for the Grand Fnale; grab some popcorn and a drink:

Matthew's latest download via Suzy Ward for your edification and amusement, step right up, folks:

Friday, February 15, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-15-19


 Gaia's Recovery Just Entered High Gear

Here's an interesting article from the Twitter Personality formerly known as Imperator Rex

It's official - KP is the designated current Q-events video screener for this blog: carry on, Comrades:

Lionel performs a short rant for Q+ asking for only 3 wishes; worth 15 min. of your precious time:

Finally, the fear porn about chemo is being refuted with some ‘good’ science; Duh:

Anyone with my first name is O.K. just o.k. in my universe; Git Some Dennis McKenna insight:

This Just In From ECETI: Galactic Federation Update

Via James Gilliland On 2-15-19

There has been a consortium of beings contacting us lately from 13th Dimensional beings on down. Most contacts are with the 7D, 6D, and 5D beings. Pleiadians, Orion Council of Light, Arcturians, Andromedans and Sirians. They are deeply concerned with the direction of Humanity and the Earth and are now activating the ground crew, those who incarnated for these times.

It is said for these times, God/Creator/ Great Spirit has given its best. This process is also extremely agitating the lower realms, those in the lower 4D and those in 3D who have aligned with the darker forces. The Draconian or Archon Grid is dismantling. It is the grid of tyranny, self-serving narcissists who lust for power, wealth and longevity at any expense. Whatever is out of alignment with Universal Law will be transformed or dismantled altogether. This is not wishful thinking this was written about in Becoming Gods as far back as 1982.

The escalation of solar flares, erratic weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity along with the upcoming pole shift and the rise and fall of the tyrants has been documented. The Fall of the Tyrants is here. The  many Beautiful Masters, Saints and Sages, Galactic Federation, the White Hats, and Qanon are real. The Creator God of this Universe has said, “It Is Finished”. One only has to monitor the electromagnetic light spectrum if they need proof. Our solar system is moving into a highly energized place in space; it is a natural cycle. We have to rise to the occasion.

A Plan is unfolding which no man/woman can stop. Neither can the unseen negative entities stop this Awakening try as they might, (and they have) they will be unsuccessful. There is so much being done in the Unseen on a positive level which unfortunately most cannot comprehend. It is all about the process of Creation and Manifestation. Everything begins in Consciousness, lowered into Light, then Energy is followed by Mass. In other words, everything you think is real is nothing more than condensed consciousness light and energy.

GaiaPortal: Scurrilous Energies Dissipate As Cosmics Infuse

Channelled By √ČirePort On 2-15-19

Scurrilous energies dissipate as Cosmics infuse.

Territorials are abandoned.

Levitations commence on grand scale.

Fortunes are collected and shared.

Maters are seen in the Telepathics.

Commentary from Kauilapele's Blog:
One word, “scurrilous“, means, “of a malicious or slanderous nature; defamatory”. So this message would imply that these energies are leaving (especially as we release our “hold” on them).
The statement, “Maters are seen in the Telepathics“, well, “Mater” means “Mother”. I’m presuming this is like “Divine Mother”.
Wonderful new post (in my view)!

Disclosure Digest 2-14-19

Phase III

Bring The PAIN

Morag unpacks the most recent reminders from our Galactic/Spirit Advisors in fine style:

I always took the 'epithet' as a badge of honor; still proud to be a member of the Conspiratorium:

Jordan rocks on and he's talking about the realities related to the Planned Parenthood mob et al:

The deeper reason for drug ads on television; the Big Pharma mob trying to control the Narrative:

From our You-Can't-Make-This-Stuff-Up Files; this may well explain Teresa's strange behaviours:

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-13-19

As Above, So Below

It's Showtime!

Let the First Zen Patriarch enlighten you as to just how 'Zen' this or that is; Domo arrigato:

Divinely orchestrated de-construction of Earths dark web of Draconian kontrol; Arriba!

WHAT HAPPENED IN LA? #SpaceForceExtraction #RedPill78Source #PlanZAverted: Grok On:

Well, goodness me, more dirty financial laundry being aired out over at the Pentagon; Goldman who:

Well it seems James Comey played fixer for El Chapo's bank; ein goyishe macher, whoda thunkit:
News Flash: Your Doritos were developed at a biological weapons site! Start reading labels:

More things I like about Ocrazio Cortex, she's big on organic food, clean air and potable water:

Cannabis truly was a divine gift for a suffering planet; it soothes the Soul with ease and grace:

"And what would be the answer to the answer Man?" Saint Stephen, by the Grateful Dead;

Saul: As The Tsunami Of Love Continues To Intensify

 Channelled By John Smallman On 2-13-19

An event in human affairs of enormous significance is approaching rapidly. The mainstream media have been avoiding issues of real significance, while attempting to draw your attention towards distractions which are intended to confuse and divide you so that you live in anxiety and fear.

Politics is a game played by influential people who are blinded by their own self-importance and driven by their desire for power over others, and who are supported by the mainstream media, while both are controlled and manipulated by a tiny but very powerful elite who have unlimited financial resources, and who have personal information about those influential ones which ensures that they can brought down in a moment, if they refuse to obey their masters, by releasing scandalous information about them.  Thus many politicians and news organizations are “owned” and used by a few very wealthy people with self-serving, secret, personal agendas that have been kept hidden from the public view.

Many people are now aware, or are becoming aware of the immense corruption that has been ongoing for a long time worldwide in large organizations, organizations that until recently were thought to be honest and trustworthy – operating in politics, business, education, healthcare, charities, religion, and the media – and a worldwide grassroots movement seeking enormous changes in their management and operations is growing rapidly as more and more shocking but, until now, hidden secret scandals are revealed and brought into the light of the public arena.

If humanity is to avoid self-destruction this powerful and power-hungry elite will have to be totally separated from their financial resources, and from the organizations through which they exercise that power and control.  Then the incredibly damaging activities in which the military-industrial complex has been engaged for decades must be terminated, following from that, quick and positive steps must be taken to start repairing the damage done to the planetary ecosystem.