Thursday, February 28, 2019

Disclosure Digest 2-28-19

 Time To Get Out Your 

Dog-Eared Hitch-Hiker's Guide

They were Masters Of Terra forming on Tralfamadore; nothing like this geo-genocide from TD:

The Anti-Vaxer Wars are definitely hotting up; now might be a good time to get some back-story:
I rather like this theory because it Feels Right and will terminally mess with the medical mafia:

The extents to which Team Dark has gone to poison all of humanity is truly mind boggling: 

Really, when do our Star Families arrive with high tech solutions to human hygiene? Could happen:
This is a witty and entertaining look at the AI creep going on all around us; forewarned is forearmed: 

I think it always wise to give Creator the last word, on all things and in all circumstances; Git Sum:

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