Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-31-19

 Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

Neon Revolt gets good airplay from the folks at Stillness in the Storm; popcorn for Kekfest:

Sorcha nails it - POTUS has already become 'the most trusted news source in America'; Suck It CNN:

Creator seems to be alluding to the ongoing Swamp Drainage going on world-wide; High Time:

Soon all eyes will be on [Obama] and the MB as the President deconstructs the Cabal Conspiracy:

Slowly but Shirley the world is demilitarizing (as per Q); Ukranian swamp draining Accelerates:

Georgie Porgie had his fingers in sooo many pies; this master Cabal 'fixer' was the first to Go:

This isn't at all surprising considering all the animal communicators in San Francisco; Snark-a-Thon:

Odd how this news item was shit-canned as soon as it happened; finally the Storm Is Upon Them:

If you still hold the delusion of being in the 'same old energies', watch this little video from Sweden:

GaiaPortal: Partners Of Light Engage The Depths

Channelled By √ČirePort On 12-31-19 @ 11:44


Portals of "New Beginnings" for Gaia open and are traversed by the Higher Vibrationals.

Segue-ways assist in the transitions.

Partners of Light engage the depths.

Storms of revelation come.

Monday, December 30, 2019

The Arcturian Group Message for Dec. 29, 2019

  Via Marilyn Raffaele

Dear Readers, greetings to all at this time of celebration and festivity.You are entering into a new year and not just in the calendar sense. Change is going to manifest in many areas of living that will be resisted by those who fear change and those who financially gain from keeping “business as usual.”

As increasingly more individuals awaken and spiritual consciousness expands, many commonly accepted social rules, words, actions, religious beliefs, laws, etc., are being questioned.

Do not despair as you witness the creations of dense energy manifesting. Pockets of long dormant energy formed through ignorance, war, and suffering are surfacing and clearing through the presence of high resonating energy now flowing from Higher dimensions as well as from spiritually-evolved states of consciousness. You chose to be here during this powerful time of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual change.

The New Year is a time during which many make resolutions for some change in their lives but this year is going to be more expansive than ordinary New-Year resolutions. Each day more people are realizing that some perfectly acceptable actions, thoughts, words, concepts and beliefs simply no longer resonate with them in the same way.

New-Year resolutions are usually intellectually based in three-dimensional concepts of how to be a good or healthy human. These things continue to play a part while on Earth in human form, but for those living from a deeper level of truth and awareness, change will flow from within rather than from popular concepts.

Disclosure Digest 12-30-19

Please Say A Prayer For The 

Patriots Now In Harms Way

This is a big reveal about some Galactic tech the SSP's have had for ages; better late than Never:

Khazarian Mafia roots explained - this is well worth an hour of your time to fill in the Big Blanks:

Why do worldwide Reptilian inspired human spy agencies thrive on Secrecy and Total Control?:

A troika of turd-blossoms from our friends at RT to enlighten up your leisure-time reading; Spaciba:

1984 Redux - Dig away, Anons, the Russian intel community isn’t out to get Us; avoid Judgement::

The latest decode series from gluten free Serialbrain2; chew thrice, swallow Once: Ponderfest:

Now the Cult Puppet Masters are getting Kevin to do another 'comms' video for the Sleepers:

Lamestream Media shills hoisted on their own pitiful petards by Q+, much to the delight of Anons:

Sue Lie and the Arcturians bring us this latest multi-dimensional Transmission from Ten Forward: