Monday, December 30, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-30-19

Please Say A Prayer For The 

Patriots Now In Harms Way

This is a big reveal about some Galactic tech the SSP's have had for ages; better late than Never:

Khazarian Mafia roots explained - this is well worth an hour of your time to fill in the Big Blanks:

Why do worldwide Reptilian inspired human spy agencies thrive on Secrecy and Total Control?:

A troika of turd-blossoms from our friends at RT to enlighten up your leisure-time reading; Spaciba:

1984 Redux - Dig away, Anons, the Russian intel community isn’t out to get Us; avoid Judgement::

The latest decode series from gluten free Serialbrain2; chew thrice, swallow Once: Ponderfest:

Now the Cult Puppet Masters are getting Kevin to do another 'comms' video for the Sleepers:

Lamestream Media shills hoisted on their own pitiful petards by Q+, much to the delight of Anons:

Sue Lie and the Arcturians bring us this latest multi-dimensional Transmission from Ten Forward:

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