Saturday, December 28, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-28-19

Easy to Understand?


We hope that this Astrology King offering is amusing; Solar Eclipse December 2019 – Serendipity:

Creator just can't help but give out a never-ending stream of helpful stage directions; On your Marks:

That's it! Enough is enough! Denise is mad as hell at the Holydaze and not going to take it Anymore:

Compromising pictures of Santa coming down the chimney in Blackface surface; oh, the Horror:

Yuzu to you too! Citrussy aromas are more effective against common depression than pharma Crap:

Praying Medic does a nice decode on the phenomenon he calls the Pelosi Gambit; Anon Grokfest:

Sister Ciara is totally wrong about Astrology as 'black art' but oh so right about the Greta Troll:

Sandra Walter provides a handy High-Life Calendar for the next month in fine Festivus Fashion:

Guess whose coming to the cast Party - Our 5D Inner Earth cousins! The lowdown from Downstairs:

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