Thursday, December 19, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-19-19

Impeach Me and I Will Become More

Powerful Than You Could Ever Imagine 


Cabal led Democrats have made him more powerful than they could ever imagine; where's the Fire:

In his own words POTUS lays the whole impeachment scam out in plain Sight:

Tovarich Sorcha examines Swamp Creature Pelosi and the Congressional Klown Schiff Show:

There is some very nasty disclosure going on Now about the real War Mongers; Blech:

I like the way David thinks; imagine a benign, abundant open-sourced world Economy:

The Woke Dutchman rides again! Just remember English is his 3rd language; Begrijp Je:

'British Election Heralds Collapse of United Kingdom' Methinks, M'Lord 'twould be a Boon:

Bens latest compendium of craziness may bemuse you...we certainly hope so; Git Sum Discretion:

Starting at 4 minutes git sum good stuff via Lee and Kryon; punchier and more to the Big Point:

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