Sunday, December 15, 2019

Disclosure Digest 12-15-19

Old 3D Is So Thick...

We begin with some Holydaze Greetings from the always ephemeral Arcturian Group; Back at 'Ya:

Judy Byington has assembled some of the latest gossip from Dinarland for those maybe Interested:

Escape the Matrix only to find yourself in the shadowy halls of the Kremlin analyzing Q Posts:

A trove of resources re: the Zionost Anti-Semitic/ Holocaust Deflection Meme &its current Demise:

An anniversary Kryon channelling from earlier this month; 30 years of Kryon messages -Showtime:

A certain Divine Discretion is useful when pondering these postulations; you Dig:

Beware the vigilant Pharmacopiopaths running the 'cancer cure scams'; many healers Arkencided:

More and more I find myself able to remember to ingest some coconut oil every day, Dagnabit:

Who Is Feeling The Intense Energies Of The 12/12 Portal? by Gabrielle Melchizedek; Grokfest:

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