Thursday, January 20, 2022

Disclosure Digest 1-20-22


 It's Time To Git Yer Ascension On


The Covid bio-weapon Scamdemic is winding down to an Incredibly Yuge surprise Ending:

The best and worst of current rumors and far fetched opinions; proceed at your own Risk: 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Arcturian Group Message For 1-16-21


Via Marilyn Raffaele

Greetings dear readers.

In these present times of chaos and seeming negativity it is important to remember that in spite of appearances all is proceeding according to the Divine Plan. You may look out at the world and say to yourself that nothing is changing but understand that before something can manifest materially, the idea and energy of it must be first present in the invisible.

Changes that you cannot yet see in the outer are taking form on other levels because so many are now awakening to the deeper truth about themselves and as a result are adding light to collective consciousness. The outer world in time will, can not avoid, manifesting these energies of higher awareness because their essence will be present in the invisible allowing them to then appear in material form.

Now is a time for trust, a time to cease judging the world’s evolution according to the three dimensional standards based in old energy that seem to still rule the world. As the substance, energy, and essence of many obsolete beliefs decrease through the spiritual awakening of increasingly more individuals, the energy that originally formed and supports what many still consider to be the right and only way of doing things will no longer exist.

Earth is a spiritual universe, peopled with Sons of God. Those who do not know this, create and live out from a very limited three dimensional belief system and experience their good and their bad on the physical/material level, unaware that they are manifestations of God and one with all life. This is the human condition, the illusion of separation that you came to help dissolve by entering into and experiencing these energies yourselves.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Digest Dustbin For The Week of 1-10 to 1-17

Some Old, Some New 

Curated With Love

Just For You...


We begin with Stephanie Austin & Co with some Full Wolf Moon reports; Grok-a-Thon:

The air traffic on the US West Coast was totally grounded this week by the FAA supposedly due to a N. Korean missile test 6,000 miles away. Expect more military visible on the streets and more travel restrictions as we are all nudged towards open Martial Law, without the sudden freak-out effect for the Sheeple. It's good time to buckle up and stay low Frens…

Clones-R-US sponsors this latest collection of side-splitting Babylon Bee Stings; Kekfest: 

The long-awaited Downfall of the Medical Mafia looms on the infosphere horizon; Oorah!  

Jon does a great public service with his spot-on research and insightful articles; git Sum:


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Disclosure Digest 1-15-21

We Passed The Twelfth Marker

- The Supreme Court Ruling -

It's Showtime Frens


The latest good news updates starting with Tarot by Janine on the 12Th Marker et Al:


Three from the Up Side of our current fecal storm; grok on Pilgrims:

To avoid any bad Cosmic Ju-Ju we include these eternally relevant Last Words: