Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Hathor Quote for September, 2021

Via Peggy Black On 9-20-21


"Each one is responsible to awaken and realize their part in this energetic flow. Each one is responsible for the thoughts, feelings and actions that are put forth into this grid. Do you put forth fear, hatred, chaos or joy, love and peace. Each moment it is your choice as to what you send forth." 'the team'

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Saul: You Are Awakening Humanity Just By Being You

Via John Smallman On 9-18-21

As the collective awakening of humanity draws ever closer, please intensify your intent to be only loving whatever may arise in your day to day lives.

These are very difficult times for many of you, and so you do need to call on your friends and your support teams in the spiritual realms frequently – at least once daily – for a powerful spiritual energy boost as you do the work you incarnated to do in this time of mass awakening.

For the vast majority of you the task you set yourselves is to share and extend LOVE to all.  You are LOVE, your nature is to extend and share It, but, as humans in form, who have largely forgotten the plans you designed prior to incarnating to follow and fulfill, that often seem counterintuitive when you see conflicts in so many places that need to be dealt with, and, apparently, forcefully brought to a halt.

You do know, deep within yourselves, that force of arms never leads to peace, although it may bring a brief truce during which the opposing sides may rearm and reconfigure themselves to access the most effective way forward.

But of course they never move forward, because it only leads to either an angry stalemate, or to the total destruction of the opposition, which will then rebuild, in the next generation, an army or a political system to punish and defeat those who previously defeated them.

Humanity’s awakening process started to accelerate quite recently when large numbers of people finally began to really understand the total futility of conflict, and to see that a war to end wars is impossible.

Everyone wants only to be loved, but because of the trauma that the vast majority experience as they grow into human adulthood, it has been very difficult for them to place their trust in engaging with others in only loving behaviors.  However, enough of you now do have the courage to face your fears and move forward in Love, realizing that an attack of any kind is, in truth, a call for Love.

An Amphibian Overview Of Current World Events

Whiplash347 Danielle, Posted On 9-20-21 

You must understand that this is all optics. 

There has been a Military Operation going on for years liberating humanity and removing a hidden crime syndicate that has been enslaving humanity for hundreds of years.

Understand that Covid is the theater that sets the stage to remove, reset and awaken humanity from the illusion of freedom.

Understand that all political, financial, pharmaceutical scenarios are part of the same Military operation behind the Covid stage.

Understand that this is not about countries and leaders but about Good fighting Evil. 

Understand that this operation is all about cleaning up a evil matrix of corruption, human trafficking and toxic mind body pollution that has hijacked our planet.

Understand that all good leaders have complied to the worldwide alliance and that the war scenarios are set up to clear the stage for the big shift. The event.

The scenarios that play out and come together will collapse the evil matrix, that has been imploding from the inside for years.

It will all come crushing down:

The financial market system

Monday, September 20, 2021

Disclosure Digest 9-20-21


The Great Awakening Accelerates

This Harvest Full Moon Digest kicks off with Stephanie Austin & a sampling of the usual Suspects:

The Cabal global Covidiotocracy is imploding faster than slamming the oven door on a Souffle; Kek: 

Three Bee stings for your amusement; it's getting very hard to tell these from the LSM Newswires:

Truth is we’re dealing with a sophisticated Borg-like injectable satanic weapons system targeting our own natural and very effective God-given Immune System. Dark to Light…

Get the Basest take on Comrade Minaj right here! And the winning ticket is (pause for Effect):

The Hathors: the Great Awakening

Via Peggy Black And The 'Team' On 9-20-21

We are here and we begin this by sharing that there is much work to be done. We will also say there is much work being done across your globe. There are those awakened and looking around with new eyes. There are those who are awakening with fear and confusion. There are those of you who are awake and aware. It is those who are awake that will reach out to others who are ready.

We are inviting you and those like you, Bright Ones, for it is your light, your energy, your radiance that precedes you. These are times of great shifts and changes on your planet. This is on every level and at every stage. You can sense or feel it.

You can observe all the negative energy being flushed up to be transformed. This negative energy is causing much distress, fear and alarm. It is being out-pictured in the events and happenings around your world. This energy is most difficult and painful for those who are extremely empathic and sensitive. Know that your sensitivity is your gift. When you feel these negative and misqualified energies, it is your birthright and responsibility to transform them.

Remember you are true masters of energy, you are alchemists, here at this time to shift and uplift all on this planet and in this limited dimension to a higher frequency of love and grace. Since you are always connected to everyone and everything you have the power to invite and envision a different reality.

A Kryon Snippet: The Recalibration Of Humanity


 Via Lee Carroll On 9-20-21

From Kryon Book 13 – The Recalibration of Humanity – Page 146

DNA and Long Life

DNA is designed to give the human being a very long life, and it's also designed for full rejuvenation and self-healing. DNA is designed so that the bridge between you and the innate is always there. Yet that's not the way it is, is it?

Perhaps you've heard of those human beings of old who have lived a great many years. Was that a misprint in scripture? No. So what allowed some human beings to actually have more health years back then than now? Was that true about their ages? I'll tell you.

Yes, it was. And here's why. The field around you and others is so aligned with Gaia that you cooperate and shift according to one another, you and Gaia.

That's what the ancients knew. And it is why they were one with the planet. This is something that you're going to start discovering as well.


(Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel,