Monday, February 22, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-22-21

Springtime For Terra Gaia

Is Just Around The Corner...

It’s raining Boeings in Holland as the Slo-mo Self-destruct of Seattle seems to be speeding Up:

Creepazoids in the [DS]CCP world are still trying to co-opt our Divine DNA to make superior Orcs:

The Marathon of Madness - Kill-rooms in Disney World’s invisible-green Underworld, babies in Subs:

It's time for a Fun, Moon flower update and the latest on the kick-ass CME hitting Earth right Now:

The Three Witches Bundle brings you missives from Shelly, Maria and Jenny; it's a Grok-A-Thon:

The Patriot, Citizen Journalist And Light Worker Tool Bag


 By James Gilliland, Star Lord, 2-22-21

There are some energy waves coming in that are driving the dark hearts rather mad. They are pulling out all the stops invoking and sending everything from demons to creatures through ritual to maintain their diminishing control. When you are exposing and going up against the tyrants realize many are no longer human. This is why they can do so many inhumane things much of which the average human cannot even contemplate. You are not just working against some very evil people you are up against unseen negative influences as well. 

It is not uncommon for the dark hearts to use spells and hexes against light workers.  The Satanic/Luciferian rituals are real, it is an unthinkable abomination what they are doing to children. It is the ultimate slap in the face to Creator. The sex and child trafficking are also real along with harvesting organs and blood and “Adrenochrome”. It has become epidemic within almost all institutions and industries. It is time to wake up, end the denial and take back your planet.

Just as these fallen humans and other unseen negative entities are real, so are the positive seen and unseen entities in greater numbers and powers. We can be a victim or stand tall in our own divinity. The positive higher vibrational beings are here to liberate, empower and awaken Humanity and the Earth in a plan that goes all the way back to Creator. Some have incarnated from these higher planes, dimensions and civilizations  while some are raising their frequencies merging with their higher dimensional selves. Some are being initiated, having visions-dreams of beautiful loving beings and receiving guidance through these tumultuous times.

On the other side of the coin some are having nightmares, being psychically attacked, put in hellish situations, having lovers, friends and family turn on them and feeling totally alienated. Hopefully this newsletter will assist you in understanding, depersonalizing these events and help with tools to get us through these trying times. The prophecy of End Time Madness explains these times.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-19-21


 Don't Wait For An Intermission,

This Show Is Just Getting Good...


For Denise LeFay fans here's her latest collection of multi-dimensional mind-droppings; Ponderable:

RDS is very good at de-coding the spook stuff yet is obviously uncomfortable with Spiritual Ascension:

Higher Ed. in the West is a Joke; Pimping freshwomen as the new 'woke curriculum' -triple Blech!

Disney Corp. is truly the heart of Satanic Darkness and it Oozes out of everything they produce; Basta:

Today's triplet of thought-trinkets from the enhanced Merkabas over at GAoG; ponder on Pilgrim:

Creator makes it all sound so simple; is this same Being who created this very complex Universe?

GaiaPortal: Partners of Duality Unify

Channelled By ÉirePort On 2/21/21/ @ 02:20

Partners of duality unify. 
Melchior elements sing.

Spatial components delineate the martyrs.

Forgiveness marks the time.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-19-21

Space Force Gets Me to Mars In An Hour...

This one we'll call the Awakening To The Matrix Bundle; coming to your Senses is hard Work:

Contrary to popular belief Comedy isn't dead but it has suffered greatly under Scamdemic Restrictions:
Israel has by far the most Brainwashed and Confused population on the planet, Oy Vey Bist Mir!

A sampler of fine articles from the Radiant Beings masquerading as editors over at GAoG; grok Sum:

Saint Germain: Endings And Beginnings

Via James McConnell  On 2/18/21


I am your Saint Germain. I come at this time to continue to assist you in all that you are doing at this time, and all that you are doing to find yourselves out of this illusion of separation, this illusion that you yourselves long ago were part of creating.

You created this as a collective.  And as a collective, you can now move beyond this and change this.

Yes, there are those that are attempting to hold onto the status quo, attempting to hold onto the life as they know it to be, which is the old 3D paradigm, the matrix.  They attempt to hold onto it in every way that they can, every way that they know to do.  Using that same old playbook over and over and over, which has worked for so many years and years, thousands of years even, it has worked.

 But their biggest fear was always that the population would awaken and no longer follow their playbook, no longer follow their programming.  And that is what is occurring now.

People are awakening everywhere.  Consciousness is rising everywhere.  Vibrational frequency is increasing everywhere.

And those that continue to remain in the darkness, continue to hide themselves in the shadows of that darkness, can no longer do so.  They cannot hide anymore from you.  So therefore, they have arisen from those shadows and shown themselves to be exactly what they are.

And you see them now for what they are.  In many cases, soulless beings that have attempted to hold control over the population of this planet.  For this is the planet where they have attempted to do so.  They have attempted it at other planets as well.  But they have fallen upon this planet, Earth, Gaia, for so long now, attempting to hold on to it as their own, to control it.  But as you know, this is not being allowed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-17-21

 Fearless Leader Asks

The Burning Question,

Can You Handle The Answer?


As Above, So Below, ya Know...Galaxies have Auras too, just like us! Who'da Thunkit?

This bundle has turned into a bit of a F_F_ Primer for newbies; oh gets a lot Weirder:

I love a thorough, no punches pulled Lightworker curmudgeon; time to git sum Gilliland!

A must view Gene Decode video on DUMB Dungeons from a year ago; many more blown Since:

Mmmmm, excelent work, my Padawan; continue your spelunking in search of the White Rabbit:

Git yer Neo-Feudalism straight from a bastard Rockefeller’s mouth; this will melt some ‘Flakes:

Don't miss 'Giddy-yup Daddy...Sledding Texas Style' and other PG rated delights; not for the Timid:

That donkey-pal Swiss miss Utsava be messin’ wit y’all’s heads again; that includes ole Ron Head:

We have crossed Oceans of Time to get to this Moment, only to find Creator patiently waiting for Us: