Friday, November 26, 2021

From A Friend In Russia On Astrological Happenings


Posted On 11-25-21 By Suzanne Maresca

Speaking about astrologers, I happened across a Russian astrologer talking about the coming changes. I am attaching a few (google-translated) excerpts: perhaps you’ll find something of interest.

      Excerpts from a message from July 2021:

Attempts to build a future in only one country, with the thought that let the rest live as they want, will not work. The planets have conceived a worldwide process and let it be asynchronous, and there will be hotbeds of special activity, epiphany, if not to say,

Now there is a scrapping of all structures in order to bring into our world a completely different structure of life, world outlook and relationships, and this is only a small part of these changes. The planets require a reformulation of understanding and even attitudes towards one’s physics, body, health.

Our task is to comprehend and realize this transition, restructuring both within ourselves and in society, under the conditions of understanding that this will have to be done, but independently changing this world for the better and, above all, ourselves. Therefore, this difficulty has now come to everyone at his own level, and at his own level it is necessary to solve it first of all by choosing his own path. And as soon as we understand this and begin to move towards solving this problem on our own, and not in
a simple but deadly plan of those who want to present everything to us differently, we thereby begin to fulfill the task that the planets are setting and will set before us. This is the formation of one’s own future.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Disclosure Digest 11-25-21

Epistles From A Tryptophan Haze... 

This Bull Elk is no BS…back off my bitches foolish Pinkskin! a chuckle-fest for your Turkey Day:

Kyle was gang-stalked MK Ultra style, get the details here; Archangel Michael definitely had his Back:

More Manchurian Murders won’t stop what’s coming & don't you be distracted from Gislane's Trial:

Tarot by Janine and Megan Rose bring some very welcome good news for unsettled times: Grok On:

Dismantling Mandate Mania with JFK Jr. and Friends:

Please note these really welcome words and deeds of support for our Humanity in Transition;
Thanks again to Suzanne Maresca over at GAoG for curating these Angelic Messages of support:

Monday, November 22, 2021

Holding The Line


Ascension Class Talk By Lisa Renee

 Transcript From Oct. 2021

In ES community we have always challenged the idea of what could be qualified as a base line for normal human behavior. When we begin to understand that there is this anti-human infrastructure of alien machinery, implants and mind control programs being targeted at humanity from the time we're born into this world, how can it be made possible that we could define normal human behavior? Because what we're enduring in this world is not normal human behavior. It is the overlay of anti-humans, negative alien agenda, super imposing their deviant behaviors and value systems upon us.

Many people do not understand the control that evil has had in this world by deceiving us. Everything we have learned in this reality has been a lie. What we have been educated to understand is largely lies. They have rewritten our history, they have stolen our original languages, and we have been subjected to this slave programming for thousands of years. The biggest trick that the devil or the antichrist has played upon humanity, and in our community that we assign to the negative alien agenda, is tricking us into thinking that they do not exist when they most certainly do. So, as evidenced by the genocidal program that is still not being noticed by many people, this in my humble opinion, is point in case of many insisting to live in complete denial of the existence of evil. Human beings need to know that unfathomable evil exists in our midst or it will exploit us to inadvertently serve evil agendas. And it most certainly has.

Thus, what I really want to say to you today, those that are resisting and seeking out the unpleasant truth behind the roll out of global techno-totalitarian medical tyranny, is that you are the sane and coherent person. Those of us in our truth and spiritual community that are living in between the worlds in order to defend human freedom. Sometimes it feels like you're living as a double agent, right? You're in the 3D world, and you're interfacing with 3D people that are believing in the controlled narrative of mainstream media. And when we are enmeshed in environments that are running the mass hypnosis of delusion, it creates an erosion of our own sense of integrity, sanity and accurate assessment. We may  start questioning ourselves because the gaslighting and demoralization is just beyond anything that we have ever lived through before.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Hathors: Heal The Wounded Heart


Peggy Black & The Hathor 'Team'


We are here to invite and support your total awareness.  We have come to realize that human beings have difficulty with the connection between thoughts, emotions and the physical stance that the body takes. 

Thoughts and emotions appear to be formless whereas the physical body has shape and form. However this is one total and whole system, body, mind, emotions and spirit each part reflecting the other. It is an energetic exchange which can be monitored.

When there is disharmony within the thoughts or when emotions are in conflict, the body will eventually manifest this lack of balance and harmony, there will be dis-ease.

So dear ones, when you are experiencing a state of unease or feeling off balance, the name your society has given to this state of disharmony and unease is often stress. Ask  yourself what emotions are you avoiding, what emotions have you labeled uncomfortable. We invite you to look within at the possible conflicts that you are dealing with. List each one in a clear and precise manner. This offers you an insight as you travel into the maze of your disharmony, your depression or your anxiety.

Also we might offer that you be aware of the labels others have given you and you took as your own without question. Usually a label is an attempt to assert control and manage any uncertainty. A label may allow for a type of mental closure and even encourage you not to think about the things, issues, or emotions again.

Realize life never comes to closure; life is a process, even a mystery. Life is known only by those who have found a way to be comfortable with their emotions, with change and the unknown.  Given the nature of life, there may be no security, but only your adventure.

Once your inner conflicts have been offered to the conscious mind there can be resolution. You have many tools to use that will bring you to a balanced state of mind, a balanced state of emotions and therefore a balanced healthy body.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming ~ A Pepe Musing


Buy Me a Coffee    SuzanneMaresca

Nov 16, 2021

By BasedCitizen

It's dark, and getting colder.

I take a long draw from my rusty nail and close my eyes. I waft around the sweet leathery smoke. Behind me I can hear some faint sobbing. Its not that far away. I reflect on the many times the world has tested me to the point of tears, but not today.

Off to my left I can still hear the clowns. They are not any quieter, yet somehow not as loud. The honking seems more random than it once was.

I open my eyes and ahead I see a faint beam of light breaking the darkness; a new dawn. I feel a friendly hand on my right shoulder and I remember… Even though I cannot always see them, I am surrounded by frens.

Some have been marching for months. Others have been marching for many years. None of us seem to know exactly where we are, but every last one of us knows where we are going.

I take one last draw before tossing the nub to the ground. Then, as if coordinated by God, I hear a billion footsteps begin marching with me and I know…

Nothing can stop what is coming.