Monday, February 29, 2016

The Council: Truth is Truth is Truth

Ron's Crew is right about the efficacy of the Perennial Wisdom as it has been spread throughout this galaxy from the git-go. Paying these truths forward is what this blog is about...on a good day. DT

By Ron Head 2-29-16

We will address the subject of messages that arouse comments of “that was nothing new” or “that was based on the work of so and so” today. We are not attempting to judge anyone’s viewpoint. We do not do that. We are going to approach this in several ways in order to explain why the messages you receive and the teachings that you are finding are, as you may perceive, not new. In fact, we will say, if it is new, please examine it very carefully.

You are in a time of remembering things and applying things that have been known for millennia and much longer. The truth is that you are bringing forth knowledge that many of you have learned, relearned, and then learned again. You are exposing, if you will, things which have been known as true for eons.

Now, these are the sort of things that reach your dimension, your planet, through individuals that you term seers or prophets or the spiritually oriented. And the truth in that is that they really are no different in any way except in how they have chosen to live their current lifetime. And the things that they offer are true, if they are true, for all of time, forward and back, and in all places. This is the sort of truth that they usually are attempting to access.

Disclosure Digest: Leap-Day Edition

 Whenever I gather five good articles on shifting our broke-ass old 3D paradigm, I post 'em. Just so happens this five-pack comes your way on a mostly non-existent day...enjoy! DT

For Your Consideration...

Nervous System Recalibration

IMHO this is spot-on information and the price is so right! 

Presented By Tiara Kumara On 2-29-16 

In this biological morphogenesis, the nervous system is being rebuilt. We are receiving a new electrical system that is wired differently so that we can operate from different grids of attunement and vibrate faster.

It is a time of extreme vulnerability as we are completely emptied and the human consciousness learns a brand new way of perceiving.

Once you say YES to the consciousness shift and really go for it, this all happens quite quickly. It becomes very important to place a lot of focus on cultivating your still point so that you can move through your morphogenesis without fear and resistance. When resistance drops, our density drops and the old programs cease to really work.

In this biological morphogenesis, the nervous system is being rebuilt. We are receiving a new electrical system that is wired differently so that we can operate from different grids of attunement and vibrate faster.

This can be extremely intense, especially with those people who are neurologically sensitive or in others who have imbalances in the physical, emotional or mental bodies. These types of changes always come with phases of detoxification. It can be both physical and energetic as we constantly clear out the old database that upholds fear programming.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hilarion: Life’s Blessings And Gifts Are Eager To Come In

Thanks H, I needed a good pep-talk... 

 Via Marlene Swetlishoff On 2-28-16

Beloved Ones,
You are experiencing the effects of the previous downloads that have been given and are finding yourselves going within as the inner revelations come. There is much inner work being accomplished as you realize that somewhere along the way, you have become the observer of your own life.

This is a mighty step forward and will serve you well when thoughts come up to the surface. You can then simply say to yourself, “Oh, this is old energy, I do not need to do anything with it, I choose to let it go.” Immediately replace this with a happier and more empowering thought that makes you feel good and happy about something positive that is occurring in your life. This is YOU taking back your personal power one thought at a time.

Staying within your center no matter where you go is important during this time as this process keeps you clear so that you always know when the energy of others impinges your consciousness and can take steps to clear it. For some of you who are very sensitive to energies, this is very uncomfortable and requires clearing often.

As stated last week, the Total Energy Clearing process done at least once every week is most effective in getting you back to center quickly so that you do not suffer needlessly just because the energies of others’ worries and concerns entered your field. I have asked the scribe to include the link once again in our message.

Those who follow their own star rather than the paths suggested or given by others is the correct way to go. You have everything you need within you and you are linked to the wisdom and knowledge of the Source. Be discerning during these times, there are many who wish to manipulate you for their own economic purposes.

Meeting In Dreamtime - By The Arcturians

I found this quite helpful s my own 'dreams' have been increasing in intensity and clarity for the last few months. Perhaps it's time to clean up my In Box...DT

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 2-25-16

More and more of you are awakening with vivid, yet quickly disappearing, messages from your nightly meetings in dreamtime. These meetings are very real, but as soon as you awaken from your fourth dimensional dreamtime, your third dimensional self will quickly forget them.

Therefore, we advise that you keep a writing pad or means of documentation next to your bed so that as you awaken you can document these inter-dimensional meetings.

You must document these inner meetings almost immediately upon awakening, as your third dimensional brain is not yet trained to store this frequency of information and will quickly forget the meeting that was initially very vivid and “real.”

We say “real”, meaning that when you first awaken, and/or slightly before you awaken, your third dimensional brain is able to store these messages not as a “dream,” but as a “real” experience. Remember, your third dimensional brain is programmed to only perceive physical encounters as “real.”

GaiaPortal: Gaia Co-ordinations Are Amplified At This Moment

Channelled By ÉirePort On 2-28-16

Gaia co-ordinations are amplified at this moment.

Illuminations on Cosmic scale have been enabled.

Non-aligneds are referred and dissolved.

Sol illuminations increase exponentially.

Participations with the planetary ascension increase.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Personal Message From Ronna Herman

 Ronna is a seminal figure in the world of Metaphysics and good Channelled Messages from Archangel Michael.  If you appreciate her work and want to send some Love her way, I have included a link to her site below. Thanks for your support...we all need some from time to time. DT

 Prefaced To AAM Channelling

 Of March 2016

To all my beloved Soul/Star Sisters and Brothers: 
Our emotional, mental and spiritual reality is expanding by leaps and bounds, as we begin to access a higher truth and greater wisdom.

Humanity is coming of age - we are no longer children, stumbling in the dark, or following others without question. A consciousness level is emerging that will incorporate not just our families, neighborhood and cities, but races, cultures, countries, planets, and even our solar system, galaxy and universe.

As we begin to resonate with the higher frequencies of love, compassion and non-judgment, there will be no scene of fear, separation, limitation or disease. We are in the process of healing and releasing all energies and frequencies which no longer serve us and which cannot exist in the Light Body we are building. As we release all the dark crystals (as Lord Michael calls them) we can fill those vacancies with pure crystalline Light substance. These old imbalanced energies hold the memories of pain, suffering and limitation from our ancient past.

It is time for us to release the misconception or sense of separation: good and bad, light and dark, duality or polarity consciousness. We are here on Earth in a physical body, on the plane of materiality, to experience duality and polarity. It is balance we seek, not the elimination of duality or polarity.

It is time for us to return to a sense of Oneness or wholeness. All creation is an aspect of the Divine Creator, our Father/Mother God. It is also time for you to remember that you are a master. You came to Earth as a Master of co-creation: to build, experience and enjoy the paradise world called Earth. Are you ready to move from being a master of lack, limitation, fear and suffering? It is time to reclaim your heritage as a master of love, beauty, bounty, abundance and joy.

Never since our arrival on Planet Earth, so many aeons ago, have we had so much assistance from the higher realms: Archangels, angelic helpers, masters, teachers, guides and wondrous beings from far distant galaxies. But you must ask and then follow your inner guidance until you find your way back onto that wondrous path of higher awareness and illumination and mastery.

We are all in this together, on this wondrous journey back home. Every victory, every gain you make, smooths the way for those following behind you. My hope is to make your journey a little easier and the experience more joyful.
Love, Light and BlessingsBeyond Measure,                                                        
Ronna                                                                                                                                                SupportLink                                                                                                                                                                       

Message From Archangel Michael: March 2016

This is a bit of a metaphysical pill so grab some Kosmic Kool-Aid and popcorn and wade in:
"Beloveds, we know some of the concepts we relay to you can be very confusing. However, as you expand in consciousness and wisdom, your Sacred Mind will open to the well-spring of knowledge you have in reserve, and you will remember and understand. I am with you always." AAM 


Beloved masters, everything in the Universe is endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception. Remember, ALL Creation–the Omniverse at all levels–is Cosmic Energy, which was sent forth from the Heart-Core of the Supreme Creator. This Energy is composed of vibrational frequencies of infinite variations, which interpenetrate with each other, and yet are separated from each other by the variance in Light frequency patterns.

The Light/Energy of the Creator contains all the components of Creation, and these innumerable Seeded Patterns of Light make up the complexity of the many levels of material manifestation. The terms used to describe the multiple levels of Creation, such as “Dimensions and Sub-Dimensions,” were established to bring clarity and understanding of the very complex “nature of the reality” in which you all exist. As most of you are aware, each Dimension within your earthly etheric environment has seven sub-levels.







FIRST DIMENSION * MINERAL KINGDOM: First Dimension and lower sub-levels of Second Dimension: The Mineral and Vegetable Kingdoms are ruled strictly by instinct, and they are infused with God Light/Life via the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms. The First-Dimensional environment is the world of the elements, the building blocks of the material world from the sub-atomic elements to the soil, rocks and water that make up the body of the Earth....

The Creator Writings 2-27-16

Transcribed By Jennifer Farley

  The Perfect Time 

If you are feeling left out, left behind, excluded or ignored, do not be dismayed.  This may happen when you, in your current vibration, are not understood.  Even though you may feel lonely, know that those similar to you are nearby and waiting for the right moment to join your world.  There is no need to push it into arriving; instead rest assured that it will happen in an organic way and at the perfect time.  Until then….relax, enjoy your alone time and fall in love with you. ~ Creator

Friday, February 26, 2016

About The Seventh Chakra

Now this is what 'getting high' is all about. A great overview of our Cosmic Consciousness point of connection...Git Sum!


By Suzanne Lie On 2-22-16

LOCATION: The location of the seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is at the crown of the head, the location of our “soft spot” as an infant.

PETALS: The crown chakra is known as the Thousand Petal Lotus. When it is clear and open, it is our own personal Stargate, or vortex, into the higher dimensions.

NOTES AND MANTRA: The musical note for this chakra is B and the Mantra is “aum” or “ee” as in bee.

COLOR: The color for the seventh chakra is violet. Red, which is the lowest color on our physical perceptual light spectrum, and just above infrared light, rules the root chakra. Conversely, violet, the highest color on our physical perceptual light spectrum, and just below ultra-violet light, rules the crown chakra.

RULES: The crown chakra rules the cerebrum, top of head, entire brain, and nervous system. It is also said to rule the right eye. In Egyptian mythology, the opened Third Eye is called the Eye of Horus. The physical left eye rules the Moon and the feminine, manifest physical world, and the right eye rules the masculine, unmanifest spiritual world. Therefore, the Right Eye of Horus brings the Spirit down into matter and then feeds that Spirit into the Left Eye of Horus. In this manner, the Third Eye remains open, grounded in the physical world, and fully perceptive.

Disclosure Digest: 2-26-16

The shift is happening in slow motion and not getting any coverage worth mentioning in the lame-stream corporate media. To aid your search for the truth in the blog-o-sphere, I'll be posting links to articles that I have read and vetted. As always use your discernment; take what resonates and leave the rest... DT

For Your Consideration...

Higher Self Channelling: 2-24-16


By Mike Quinsey

Events are still moving on at a fast pace, and the possibility of interference is becoming much less as the power of the dark Ones is being diminished. Much depends upon their ability to continue funding their needs, and it is slowly becoming more difficult as their activities are being affected by the lack of funds. The higher powers will continue to restrict their activities as they have done for many years.

Now however, their options are becoming more limited and they struggle to keep their projects moving. Many times they have tried to get round the limitations imposed upon them. However, it is to no avail and they are unable to carry on with their plan to start a Third World War, and have been told in no uncertain terms that in no circumstances will they be allowed to start one.

Meanwhile moves to enable “Disclosure” to go forward are well advanced, and nothing will be allowed to prevent it from being announced. Other issues that are also planned to bring out the truth are proceeding well. On many fronts people are finding the courage to tell their truth and they will be protected. The lies are no longer being accepted and the cover up is being exposed.

The time for the release of the truth has now arrived, and when history is re-written it will be remembered as the time of Revelations. The truth is so different to what you have been led to believe. In fact many will find it incredible that you could have been misled for so long.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Episode #4

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 2-24-16 

Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life

There are many gems of wisdom that have been lost to your third-dimensional memory, however, your soul has collected everything that you have ever done, thought, said and experienced and compiled it into the whole of your “Collective Self.”

Your Collective Self is vital to your personal and planetary Ascension because this component of your Multidimensional SELF is the integration of all the incarnations that you have ever had on the body of planet Earth.

Then, when you cross into the higher dimensions of reality either through meditation or through what you once called “death”, your Collective Self deposits this information into your “Soul Bank.”  Your Soul Bank is just a title and has as many names as there are people. This Soul Bank then deposits all that was collected during your myriad versions of reality and integrated it into all the experiences that you have had in your myriad incarnations. 

You have a section in your Soul Bank for every earthly incarnation, as well as other planetary, dimensional and even possible, parallel, alternate, simultaneous, probable and fourth-dimensional realities that you have ever experienced.

All of these experiences are constantly being integrated into the ONE of each incarnation.  Then each and every incarnation with all of its possible, alternate, parallel and simultaneous realities, which are usually hidden to your third-dimensional self, are sent into your Soul Bank.

Emptiness Is The Alchemical State

pathless copy 2'To be empty means to be aware of a supreme source in your life and allowing the grace of its power to carry and to sustain you at all times, in full faith. We are not proclaiming to really know anything for all true knowing is of this absolute source.

Surrendering to emptiness is really surrendering to be your natural self. This means to always be true to the authentic you. You are opening up, in total vulnerability, to the understanding that you are created, in the image of the Infinite. Therefore, live your true and most natural self always.

The conflict comes in when we are trying to be something or somebody that we are not. This throws us for a loop internally. Then life reflects back to us this conflicted energy in the form of some really uncomfortable experiences of struggle and strife.

When you are your natural, most authentic self, you will recognize the conflict-free zone of being perfectly centered in abundant life energy. You become a living, walking still point, because, you are willing to “surrender” to your true self in each and every moment.

There is no better way to reach into this emptiness than through a stillness type practice such as meditation, yoga or just simple down time from the busy mind. The other vital key is to create space in your day to connect and commune with the consciousness of pure ‘Presence’ Itself.

This does not mean that you have to sit cross-legged, with hand mudras and chanting the names of God. Meditation can be however you define it to be, and whatever works for you to get into a space of quiet communion with your source of life.

It is to put into play whatever feels comfortable for you to authentically feel in harmony with life and the underlying spiritual presence that guides and sustains you. Through this attunement, it is much easier to make contact with that deep vibrational resonance of stillness that is at your core.'

This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS:
Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness.
Complimentary enrollment with more than 60 podcast episodes.

Presented by Tiara Kumara
Founder, Children of the Sun Foundation

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Accelerating Phases of Our Ascension

 Here's another refill for all you heavy ascension cool-aid drinkers who read this blog on a regular basis...L'chaim!

By Sandra Walter On 2-24-16 

Creative Evolution Newsletter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

As mentioned in the previous article on the Resurrection phase, the first weeks of March will find us deep in embodiment preparation. By mid-March, the next wave of amplified light aimed at acceleration – and embodiment in particular – will begin to arrive. This means the next few weeks are important to the Resurrection phase, the conscious merging of Higher and Lower Self. For some the welcoming forth of the Christed state of consciousness rises to a brand new level. Things happen quickly this year; pay attention.

Christic Ascension – Pure Unity of Crystalline Consciousness

Our Christic Ascension on Gaia is a unique Ascension process. We are beings that can be sealed up in density, completely wiped of their higher skills, and reunify with Source while still in form. It makes us extremely strong Creator beings; we become capable of connecting with, and maintaining, Source consciousness in any situation.

The experience of the true Christed stats overwrites the multidimensional consciousness into Unity with the Solar beingness, then Source. This reaches beyond the unity of Higher and Lower Self; there is a profound unification with the Solar aspect of our fractalized nature. Many of us are ready to surrender to this level as the Resurrection phase comes to a close over the next two months for first embodiers. Many are receiving days of this state to stretch their energy fields and conscious perception of that true Christed state.

GaiaPortal: Encephalographs Are Removed And Cleared

Channelled By ÉirePort On 2-24-16

Encephalographs* are removed and cleared.

Star Beings are realized.

Quenches of water Beings come to Gaia frontier.

Stirrings are noted and communicated.

*DT's commentary:  This strikes me as another confirmation that the old Archon grids of Dark controlling Energy are indeed gone from Terra Gaia's Realms.  
All implants, in whatever density, are gone.  MK Ultra mind control technology, Supersoldier programming, scalar weaponry, weaponized nano-tech and many other service-to-self nasty toys and tools of oppression are no longer supported by any planetary energy grids.  
We have raised the frequency of Gaia to the point where these negative technologies are no longer viable.  
Next on the Ascension Hit List: Negative Thoughtforms...

Galactic Earth History ~Continued, 2-21-16

Today's installment is a recent video lecture by James Tyberonn.  IMHO this is one of the clearest, most concise and least confusing iterations of our Lemurian/Atlantean back-story.  If you have the time and curiosity it runs about one and a quarter hours and has reasonably good sound quality.

Atlantis - The True & Forgotten History of the Rise & Fall 

(This video is available on

Current Events Hot-Links

Awakening comes to each one of us in it's own good time and place. I am guided to post these links for your consideration and trust that they may be of use in maintaining a positive orientation to the chaotic world-view presented by the lame-stream media in service to Team Dark.  And so it goes...DT

Important Interview With Julian Assange

Assange explains how Washington coerces the world and keeps its citizens under a blanket of deception and disinformation....

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.
J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring, 1954, chapter 2
British scholar & fantasy novelist (1892 - 1973)  
(This video is available on

From Paul Craig Roberts: 

Vladimir Putin Speaks On The Syrian Agreement:  
In light of the fact that the conflict in Syria was intentionally caused by Washington, can the Russian government trust that Washington will abide by this agreement?
Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events?
The sign of a totalitarian or authoritarian state is a media that feels no responsibility to investigate and to find the truth, accepting the role of propagandist instead.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hold On! We Are Moving to the Next Level

Herein are discussed various planet-side consequences of the ever-rising Light-energies on Gaia's expanding form as some of us, with inquiring loci of sentience, really need to know the source(s) of our galactic road-rashes...just sayin. Don't let the rampant use of the G-word put you off of the solid info provided...DT

By Patricia Diane Cota Robles On 2-21-16 

Since the birth of the New Earth on December 21-22, 2012, the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on this Planet has been raising the frequency of vibration of our Earthly Bodies the maximum we can withstand in every 24-hour period.

Day-by-day this process of Divine Alchemy has been slowly changing the cellular structures of our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies from carbon based planetary cells into 5th-Dimensional crystalline based Solar Light cells.

Many people are consciously aware that there is something unusual going on within their bodies, but the masses of Humanity are oblivious to what is actually taking place at this time. This lack of awareness is causing much stress and anxiety as every day our bodies are pushed to the limit in this transformational process.

Fortunately, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are aware of the mental and emotional challenges this process is causing, and they have joined with the I AM Presence of every person to cocreate a Divine Plan that will ease the stress and bring comfort to the process without slowing down our physical transformation.

It is important for us to understand that this great acceleration would not be allowed by our Father-Mother God or the Company of Heaven if it was going to cause more harm than good. The only reason it is being allowed with this intensity is because of the assistance we are receiving from the heartfelt invocations of Awakening Humanity and the myriad Celestial and Global opportunities being presented to us at this time.

Please open your heart and mind and focus on the following information with the full power of your attention. Your I AM Presence has brought this Celestial Sharing into your sphere of influence because you have a role to play in holding the sacred space for the next quantum leap in Humanity’s Ascension Process.

Monday, February 22, 2016

An Overview Of Dimensional Consciousness

Get your scorecard!  Right here...only while supplies last! You can't tell which dimension the players are in without a Playbill! Git sum multi-dimensional insight...right here!

By Suzanne Lie On 2-17-16


First dimensional consciousness is awareness as a point. The consciousness that resonates to this dimension is the Mineral Kingdom. Current third dimensional science has not proven that minerals have any awareness as we recognize it, but healers and shaman have been using crystals as healing tools for many centuries.

Humans’ first dimensional consciousness is “unconscious” to our five physical senses. However, the first dimension is a portion of our bodies and represents the minerals, water, and genetic codes that are the foundation of our physical forms. If we could access this level of our unconscious, we could connect with the entire physical world via its most basic common denominator, the individual molecules. Perhaps we could even consciously access our own genetic coding.

I feel myself upon the first step of my consciousness. I am of the first dimension. I am an atom of carbon, a drop of water, and an imprint upon a strand of DNA. However, I cannot perceive the strand or the other molecules of water and carbon. I am only conscious of my exact point of my awareness. However, as I look inside myself, I find that another world exists, a world of electrons, protons, nuclei, and quarks. I am the gateway between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

EcoAstrology: Virgo-Pisces Full Moon

By Stephanie Austin On 2-21-16

Important Alignments:

2/21 Neptune conjunct Ceres (9º Pisces)

2/22 Full Moon 10:20 AM PST (4º Virgo-Pisces)

2/23 2nd Jupiter opposite Chiron (20º Virgo-Pisces)

2/24 Chiron conjunct South Node (22º Pisces)

2/28 Sun conjunct Neptune (9º Pisces)

3/03 Sun conjunct Ceres (14º Pisces)

NOTE: My 2016 Yearly Forecast, a 2 hour recording with 6 pages of handouts, is available via email for $25, or as CDs mailed for $35. For an immediate download of the recording and handouts via PayPal click here, or mail a check to Stephanie Austin, Box 1745, Port Townsend, WA 98368.

February 21, 2016
Dear Friends,

The Sun has recently moved into Pisces; its once a year monthly passage throughout the 12th sign calls us inward. Living in artificial light, disconnected from the elements, we have largely lost touch with the natural rhythm of the seasons. Yet, part of us still remembers, and longs for that time -- in between cycles and worlds -- where we rest, recharge, and remember who we really are. Like the dark of the moon, this is the balsamic time of the year, when we experience the dissolving of the old and germination of the new, distilling wisdom from the past and choosing the seeds for the future. It is also a time when we strengthen the bridge between Matter and Spirit. While we can always contact that liminal space — in meditation, in art, in nature, in solitude, and deep communion — it is more readily accessible as the Sun drifts through the trans-personal waters of Pisces (this year from February 18 -- March 19).

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Matthew Ward - February 18, 2016


Channelled By Suzi Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We begin by addressing issues foremost in thoughts around the world. North Korea’s recent successes in rocketry were not unexpected by analysts who have been observing activity in that country; nevertheless, this is of concern because Kim Jong-un is considered unstable, egoistic and ambitious. What none of them knows is that if North Korean scientists attempted to launch a missile bearing a nuclear warhead, crews in spacecraft surrounding Earth will assure its failure just as they have done with more than a dozen Illuminati attempts during the past several years.

Our perspective of “Putin’s aggression in Eastern Europe” is that this is an Illuminati-promulgated implication that he will forcibly bring Baltic countries and others under Russia’s governmental and economic control. That is not his intention, and as a reminder, the Illuminati feed on the energy of fear and resort to any means to engender fear.

With talk of a ceasefire, albeit temporary, it is natural that violence has escalated in Syria, where energy long has been chaotically directed; and, with several diverse contingents at battle in that country and nearby countries, a lasting ceasefire will not come until those energy streamers have run out their course. While Russia is criticized for its air strikes that aid the Assad regime as well as help ground forces regain areas taken over by the Islamic State, President Putin and other influential individuals are working behind the scenes to bring stability throughout the Mideast and North Africa.

Hilarion's Weekly Message: 2-21-16

Channelled By Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,
As the energies intensify even more than before, it is difficult to stay focused on any one thing for any length of time. One’s mind jumps from one thought to another without any logical conclusion. It is a case of having entered into unknown territory where everything is possible, and there are no handholds or footholds to grab onto. It is therefore important to be aware that you do not have to do anything or accomplish anything in particular during these moments; all you must do is ride the wave as it comes and experience it - nothing else is required. When you can, send blessing thoughts to everyone and everything around you including your common home, the Earth, and have faith that you will all make it through.

Did you know that you are made of wondrous stuff - that you come from the stars and from many different planets? We are sure that you do, yet you do not yet fully believe that it is YOU! There is a barrier that must be overcome and it is contained within you. Do not look to other planets or off planet beings to save you, when you do so you give away your own power to create and transform your world. What you are being asked to do is unify all aspects of self, the Light being and the shadow self, the happy and the sad, the courageous and the fearful, the gullible and the wise, to embrace and unify all the seemingly endless polarities in self. As you are doing this, it is best to simplify all areas of your life so that it can help eliminate unreasonable expectations within yourself and instead give focus where it is expedient and necessary. You are all much too hard on yourselves as you seek to master everything at once!

GaiaPortal: Dolphin Connections Align The Planetary Grids At This Time

Channelled By ÉirePort On 2-21-16

Dolphin connections align the planetary grids at this time.

Sedentaries are observed and released and removed.

Particulates clear from the primary Gaia dome.

Forefronts imagined are vanquished.

Micellar* mechanics come to the fore.

[* sub-atomic]

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Activating Our Expanded Perceptions

While being interviewed by Brother Beckow, Sue listed and explained many of the states of super-consciousness that are coming on-line for many of us.  Good reading if you want to keep up with what your expanding Self is up to these days! 
Git Sum Super-Powers...DT


Channelled by Suzanne Lie On 1-26-16


Those of you who have been unconditionally loving yourself Chakra by Chakra, and just opened your Sixth Chakra, will likely be having more experiences of expanded perception.

As we expand our consciousness, our perceptions expand as well. Just as we have special talents in our daily lives, certain expanded perception will be stronger or will come “on line” to our mundane consciousness first. However, all of us have all of these expanded perceptions as an innate component of our true multidimensional nature.

More of us would use these perceptions if we had not suffered judgment from others who were afraid of that which they could not understand. However, as more and more of us awaken, there is far less fear and judgment. Hence, more and more of us are “coming out” with newly awakened, or long hidden, expanded perceptions.

As with all spiritual/enlightened endeavors, we cannot try to awaken or force our expanded perceptions. The Path to awakening is like a river in which we must stay in the center current to allow ourselves to easily be carried along with the floe. If we struggle or work, we only push ourselves out of the center current and into the many eddies and whirlpools of third dimensional life.

One of the main keys to restoring our innate “psychic” perception is to listen to the still, small voice within that whispers into our mind, heart and body. Just as our physical body uses our five sense to inform us of what we are hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and touching, it also alerts us to information that resonates to the expanded frequencies our higher consciousness. Inherent and latent within our earth vessel is our higher consciousness and the expanded perceptions that can receive and understand these multidimensional consciousness.

A Message from My Higher Self On 2-19-16

Glad to hear that Mike's HS is attending the same briefings that 
I AM...DT the ET

By 'Multiple-Mike' Quinsey

Time continues to speed up and your consciousness levels are growing all of the time. You will reach a point where you will no longer be able to remain in the lower vibrations, and will ascend. It is the point of change that you have been heading for since you first dropped down into them.

This opportunity is open to every soul that has focussed upon Ascension, and taken steps to prepare themselves for such an occasion. If you have been aware of it and raised your vibrations, there is no reason why you should not be successful. These opportunities are always open to any soul that has prepared for such an upliftment, and their Guides will help them to be successful.

Earthly matters are in a great state of change, and some major decisions have been made that will soon bring the details into the public domain. Although given little publicity, the State of America has been brought into being and is now going through legal moves to validate it. Along with currency changes that are also well advanced, many countries are seeking to change from the dollar as their leading money standard.

Also with the coming re-valuation of the currencies no one should lose out as a result, as there are arrangements that when put in hand will ensure that all people will be catered for. It has also been planned for a very long time to distribute funds that have been growing under the protection of St. Germaine. Be assured that everyone will ultimately be looked after, and have their living standards greatly raised.