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An Unexpected Conversation With The Arcturians

SaLuSa: May 29, 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

5 Grand Illusions That Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

Well written and very much to the point...Grok Sum!  

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GaiaPortal: Shadow Remembrances Clear...

Channelled By ÉirePort On 5-28-15
Shadow remembrances clear as Hue-manity awakens further into Higher Energetic Light Mastery.

Inner Freedoms are embraced within humanity and Hue-manity.

Distinctions differences between humanity and Hue-manity decrease rapidly at this moment.

Forward movements via the Stillness are primary.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Arcturian Morning Message #24 - Energetic Stance

Channelled By Peggie Black On 5-24-15

There is a mental state of mind and an emotional state of being that we invite you to maintain. When you bring your awareness into the present moment of NOW and you are holding an energetic stance of a high vibration, it does not matter what you are doing or with whom you are doing it.

The key is to be in the moment, fully filled with your joy, gratitude and appreciation. There will be a flow, a grace and an ease. It is not what you do, but how you do each moment.

The illusions of struggle, stress and strain are low frequencies, and these states of mind vibrate/radiate in the third dimension. They are a part of the matrix of lock-down.

Become aware that you hold the illusion of struggle, difficulty, and challenges; these are states of mind that are learned as part of the third dimension. They are part of the collective limitations of lack and powerlessness.

There is an awareness occurring in the consciousness of humans - that they are unlimited; they are only playing a hologame that appears to have limitation. This is an illusion.

These illusions of limitation are passed down from parent to child; they are only beliefs. These limitations are encouraged and maintained by your society; they are supported by the media, and by your leaders. Limitation is the old third dimensional paradigm.

There is an evolution of consciousness happening in the hearts and minds of more and more humans who are waking up to the realization that they are the creators of their experience.

This evolution of consciousness expands into the truth of the unlimited self - into the awareness, and the aspect of each human becoming conscious of their lives in multiple realities.

©2006 Peggy Black All Right Reserved.

The Arcturians – Reading Light Language


Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 5-25-15

Dear Arcturians,
I woke up with a message from you. If I repeat what I remember, can you complete the message? Also, can you comment on the vision I had of a huge whale with wings in the deep ocean?

Dearest Suzille,
We answer these questions for you and for your readers. Our message began with, “The shift is NOW, but you can only perceive it when your consciousness expands into the fifth dimension and beyond.” We do wish to remind you that when we say “NOW,” we are NOT speaking of the 3D now in which it is the “time to do something.” When we say NOW, we mean “it is the NOW in which you leave the illusion of time.” Within that NOW you can experience the Shift because your consciousness is then calibrated to the fifth dimension.

The forces of darkness that have worked against Gaia’s Ascension since the fall of Atlantis have lost their battle to control Earth. However, the “cleaning up” process will take more 3D “time” to be completed. Fortunately, many of our Volunteers are opening portals to the fifth dimension, and holding those portals open.

This higher frequency Light streaming through these opened portals greatly assists those who are cleaning up the lies and domination that has invaded Gaia’s planetary form since the later days of Atlantis.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Arcturians – The Journey

Herein DT learns the reason for that constant buzzing in his ears...Git Sum.

Dear Arcturians, Can you tell us what is happening?

Dearest Ones,
We answer you and all who read this transmission. YES, something IS happening to ALL OF YOU. Everyone is receiving the higher frequencies of energy that are moving into and through your bodies in a strange transmutational manner.

You might say that the protective cover of the lower dimensional energy field that was placed around your bodies at birth is beginning to fall away. No one knows about this protective cover, as it a natural component of your physical anatomy.

However, your anatomy is transmuting from the physical, third-dimensional frequency that you have always known, to a slightly higher frequency, which you may call etheric. However, since you experience most of the world in relation to your perception of the world, you may not realize this shift because the world is shifting right along with you.

Now, this is where our term “all of you” changes. Not all of you, meaning humanity as a whole, will have this same experience. Furthermore, all of you will NOT have this experience within the same NOW. Therefore, we speak initially to our Volunteers who took a physical form to assist Gaia.

You, our Volunteers to wear human bodies comprised of the same elements as Gaia’s planetary body, took these forms because you volunteered to live in “entrainment” with Gaia. When you live in entrainment with the planet, as you transmute the elements of your own human body into a higher frequency, you assist Gaia to transmute Her planetary body into a higher frequency.

Monday, May 25, 2015

AAM On Lightworker Leadership


Channelled By Linda Dillon On 5-19-15

(excerpted from full transcript

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

Steve Beckow: Greetings, Lord.

AM: And welcome to you. Welcome to all of you, sweet bringers of peace, of harmony, of nurturing, of gentleness, of attendance. For this is the new realm and a wave of unity consciousness.

It is not merely empty words, but the heart-felt and energetic sharing of your heart, of your love, of your very being with others all over the planet.

And I wish to reassure you that the many that have joined us through this series of earthquakes and other geo-physical shifts have been heartily welcomed and are in the full joy of being home. But with you, and in attendance on you, we also attend to those who suffer in grief, in sorrow, in loss.

For even in the spiritual knowing and awareness that those you cherish have simply assumed a different vibrational form, there is still that human sense of loss. And this is understood.

It is a different form of what you think of as chaos. Is there a shadow of ego? Yes. But not in a destructive, controlling way. In a way that looks around and says, my familiar, my brother, my sister, my parent, my child, my neighbor have left my side, and not only do I not have the pleasure, the honor of supporting them, I no longer have the gift of them supporting me. I no longer have the physical joy of laughing together or arguing together, whether it was over the weather or the price of tea.

What Is An Empath?

By Christel Broederlow On 10-24-13

What is an empath?
Being an empath is when you are affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others.  Your life is unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods.  Being an empath is much more than being highly sensitive and it’s not just limited to emotions.  Empaths can perceive physical sensitivities and spiritual urges, as well as just knowing the motivations and intentions of other people.

You either are an empath or you aren’t.  It’s not a trait that is learned.  You are always open, so to speak, to process other people’s feelings and energy, which means that you really feel, and in many cases take on the emotions of others.  Many empaths experience things like chronic fatigue, environmental sensitivities, or unexplained aches and pains daily.  These are all things that are more likely to be contributed to outside influences and not so much yourself at all.  Essentially you are walking around in this world with all of the accumulated karma, emotions, and energy from others.

Empaths are often quiet achievers. They can take a while to handle a compliment for they’re more inclined to point out another’s positive attributes. They are highly expressive in all areas of emotional connection, and talk openly, and, at times quite frankly. They may have few problems talking about their feelings if another cares to listen (regardless of how much they listen to others).

Sunday, May 24, 2015

WWC of 9: Crystalline Pineal Gland (The Gift of Sight)


Channelled By Magenta Pixie On 5-15-15

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Archangel Gabriel - The Quality Of Love Called Excitement

It seems AA Gabriel is a big fan of Bashar...

Channelled By Marlene Swetlhisoff On 5-21-15

Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love called excitement. Having this quality is most helpful for living the life of ones dreams and living it to the fullest. Feeling excitement allows one to be truly grateful for the wonderful things they have in this very moment and for being happy. Happiness depends on one’s ability to be grateful for the things one has in their life. Happy people live with excitement, enthusiasm and amazement, they are always curious to discover their deepest depths through their daily and ever changing, adventure of life.

They have taken control of their life and are the creator of it. They know that they alone are responsible for their actions and their thoughts and have found the secret to living life to the maximum. They define what it means to them to live a happy life and participate in it each moment instead of just watching it pass them by. They enjoy each and every moment of life. Every day is a new challenge and an opportunity to discover something new. They have learned to trust themselves and their own strengths. Excitement in one’s life reveals a persons true love of living.

Message from Matthew: May 23, 2015

Channelled By Suzanne Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us speak first about the earthquakes in Nepal in the context of planetary and personal ascension. Mother Nature was dispersing negativity produced primarily by bloodshed and the fearful, dire conditions in which vast numbers of your population are living. If negativity were allowed to accumulate, it would upset Earth’s tenuous balance and adversely affect her ascension course; to preclude that, she is using quakes, tremors, volcanic eruptions and severe storms to release negativity as it gathers.
On a personal level, the earthquakes in Nepal enabled thousands of souls to complete their contracts and ascend spiritually and consciously. This is the goal of every soul, and during this unprecedented time in the universe, multitudes leap at the opportunity to complete karmic lessons in only one lifetime instead of many. Knowing that a major quake in that country would cause many deaths, souls who wanted to balance other experiencing by living humbly and dying traumatically chose to embody there; many more chose to experience the grief and extreme hardships inherent in the aftermath of a catastrophic disaster.
It is so that these events ended the lives of some persons whose soul contracts were not completed or didn’t include that kind of ending. They are granted the three options mentioned in our last message and, along with all others who perished, they received tender, personalized care upon arrival in Nirvana. Some who transitioned due to either event are recovering psychically or their etheric bodies still are strengthening in Nirvana’s customized healing centers; others have embarked upon active, fulfilling lives in your spirit world. The plight of grieving families and friends who are living amidst massive destruction is being eased by the light beamed from Nirvana and far distant civilizations and the light within the outpouring of prayers, compassion and direct assistance on Earth.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Questions And Answers With The Arcturians

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 5-23-15

Dear Arcturians,
Can you please tell me about this “cold and sore throat?” Am I having an initiation, or have just not taken good enough care of my self?

A—There is a “sound” around and within you. Do you feel it Suzille?

S—Right now I mostly hear it, but it is very loud. I have always heard this buzzing noise when I am quiet, but right now it is louder than ever. In fact, I have the impression that it is trying to say something to me, or I am trying to hear something.

A—Do not “TRY” Suzille. Just let go.
S—What do I let go of?
A—Let go of everything.

S—Oh, now I remember the meditation I had, was it this morning? I cannot remember. I am having a lot of problems with 3D time now. There was an energy field moving through my body that seemed to have a purpose and looked like an electrical current. However, the electrical currents looked like myriad small letter “Cs,” but more closed than a “C.”

The “Cs” were separate but also joined and looked like an unusual form of electrical current. They were not spiky like we see it in the 3D. They were like millions of small “C” shaped currents that were somewhat joined. Maybe they were just joined in purpose. But they were all a blue/white color of electrical currents.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Jesus: There Is No Alternative To The Divine Will Because There Is No Other Will

Spot On, JC...Rock 'N Roll!

Via John Smallman On 5-21-15

As the Divine Plan for humanity’s awakening moves steadily forwards, those so successfully holding the Light on Earth to assist in this great venture are highly honored by all in the spiritual realms. Without you the Plan would come to nothing!

However, it is God’s Plan, and so perfect success is, of course, absolutely guaranteed. Nevertheless, your willing and enthusiastic involvement is an essential aspect of His plan.

At times most of you experience doubt, lack of motivation, even a sense that you are doing nothing of value as you carry on with “normal” life in the illusion. Those feelings and sensations are just another aspect of your illusory environment whose only purpose is to confuse you, and undermine your confidence that you have a divine purpose on Earth at this time.

Do not be misled by those depressing moods and doubts; when they arise just let them pass, as they most surely will, and turn to us and ask for a comforting and loving hug. We are permanently on call to answer your requests for assistance because that is our purpose and our joy.

Do not doubt that we are watching over you lovingly in every moment. Call on us for confirmation, and we will respond. Our task is to assist you and ensure that nothing prevents you from completing yours. We shall not fail and nor will you because the Divine Will insists on success, astounding and, to you seemingly, amazing success! God’s Will is achieved instantly, but within the illusion that is frequently not apparent.

Dancing With The Hologram

Zen's got the big picture he just has a hard time staying out of judgment...DT the ET

By Zen Gardner On 5-20-15

That there’s an invasive parasitic force at work trying to gum up the works and usurp this magnificent design and claim whatever weirdness it simulates as some sort of alternative reality is absolutely ludicrous, yet this is the contest humanity and our planetary existence finds itself in.
Just look at the fractal nature of Creation, the amazing regenerative geometric patterns from the inconceivable macrocosm to the infinitesimal microcosm of the very smallest of particles. They scream wonder and awe at every possible level. That even settled science is awakening to the fact that consciousness and empirical discoveries are intrinsically interwoven is one manifestation of the awakening age we are blessed to be a part of.
Many such opportunities for awakening have happened in the past. Most civilizations, at least from recent recorded history, only used their new found understandings of the workings of the Universe to assert more and more human control over others and our planet, instead of returning to natural cycles based on love and cooperation.

SaLuSa: 5-22-15

Channelled By Mike Quinsey

Time continues to pass very rapidly and will continue to do so, which for many of you is a relief as you are experiencing many challenges. This is to be expected as you face clearing the residue of karma accumulated over a long period of time. There will come a point when you will have virtually completed it, and it will be considered as having been cleared and the slate will be clean. 

Your focus on all that is positive will ensure that you stay on the path of Light, and the end times should be an occasion when you become aware of completion within yourself. It will come with a feeling of peace and a knowing that all is well. You will find it easier to live in the “Now” and life will be more enjoyable as you focus on the Light. The old vibrations will hold little or no attraction any longer, and you will know beyond doubt that you are ascending.

It is as though two worlds are intertwining, but they are in reality becoming separated as the higher vibrations lift you up. You are by your own choice leaving the old vibrations behind, as you have learned the lessons they had to give you. For those who choose to remain their life will continue very much as before, even if they have to re-locate to a new Earth. 

Be assured that the plan for Man is perfect and each soul will find themselves exactly where they are intended to be. If it means parting from friends do not despair as where it is formed from a love link you will always be able to renew it. Bear in mind that at some stage in the future everything will be in the “Now”, and then you will be able to move instantly by the power of thought.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Arcturians: It Is The NOW

Spot On Ascension Coaching...DT the ET

Channelled Via Suzanne Lie On 5-20-15

Morning Message for May 19 and free download click here
It is the NOW for ALL of you, our Grounded Ones, to BE your true Multidimensional SELF.

We suggest that you document your experiences and share them with others so that you can facilitate their full awakening. Please “document” your experiences in any manner that best suits YOU.

We are requesting that you share your process because it is the NOW to release the protection of your forgetfulness. Yes, forgetting disturbing perceptions and experiences was often your only protection during the dark times of Gaia, but this reign of darkness is coming to a conclusion.

You, our brave Emissaries to Gaia, have had to hide your Light. But NOW, you can begin to BE your SELF and LIVE your Mission. NOW, that the Light is brighter than the darkness, you can more easily perceive – and thus release – the illusions that you have had to tolerate and live through for myriad incarnations.

Not all of you chose to first enter Earth at the fall of Atlantis, but once you entered the 3D matrix, you could experience an incarnation during any timeline that was in need of your assistance. In many of those timelines, the Matrix was so polluted with darkness that you totally forgot your SELF.

Worse yet, you fell into that darkness and believed what that darkness told you. In other lives, your remained connected to your SELF, but often were punished, tortured and/or murdered for being “different” than the ruling darkness.

Top 10 Spiritual Truths We Weren’t Taught In School

By Michelle Walling, CHLC,, May 19, 2015


What would our world be like today of these top 10 spiritual truths were taught in our schools, in the mainstream media, and in our history books? How can we change the system to introduce these topics to our future generations? What will the world be like after successfully recognizing these spiritual truths

1. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. Before we came down into this physical body, we planned out the point in time that we would begin to awaken to who and what we are. The womb of our mother was the tunnel of forgetting, and we knew the challenge of remembering would be tough. The biggest risk we took was never remembering. We were never disconnected from our source of light, however the connection was stretched very long and thin to reach this part of the universe in density. Our challenge is to strengthen this connection and to grow our pillar of light in remembrance and recognition of who we truly are.

2. Our souls never die– we just change our focus. As a spark of light from Source, we are infinitely connected to the flow of experience. When it is time to disconnect the cord of life from our physical body, our spark rises up and out of the human physical body. We take the experience of our lifetime with us, but our focus is changed to a slightly different level of vibration. We still exist as the person we were in human form as well as the many people we have been before. Every lifetime builds experience and wisdom.

A Fine Matt Kahn Video


Enjoy Matt, The Mastery Mouthpiece - 

He's truly is a blessing...

DT the ET

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The Team - Life Is An Inside Job


 Channelled By Peggy Black On 5-20-15

Message 22
Emotional spins, as you call them, are usually the results of your reality not meeting your expectations. There is usually an old mental program running. When this happens, you are looking outside yourself for validation, as well as satisfaction. The picture of what you want in your life and the actual reality of your life are not a match. Remember this is an illusion. Everything is created within and then projected out. So the key is to look within and see the unfulfilled expectation within.

Life is always an inside job. You are always the key... you are the creator, you are the observer, you are the lover, and you are the loved. So be gentle with yourself and return to that space within where you honor your joy and gratitude. Those are the vibrations, the stepping stones out of the emotional spins.

At this time, it is easy to drop into the mass consciousness grid. There is much chaos and distress happening everywhere, and it can be a fragile emotional path to walk with all the images and the awareness of the death, destruction, loss, and anguish happening in the collective grid. The responsibility of you and other multidimensional starhumans is to anchor a strong vibration of love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation. Any other emotion only adds to the collective anguish.

©2006 Peggy Black All Right Reserved.

Saul: All That Exists Is God’s Divine Creation, Which Is Love


Channelled Via John Smallman On 5-17-15 

Here in the spiritual realms, we are well aware of your increasing impatience, as it seems to you that the spiritual evolution of humanity is proceeding far too slowly, or may even be backsliding.

The mainstream media continues to avoid reporting on the true issues that concern humanity, and focuses instead on items that serve to increase the energies of fear and anxiety in the general population; energies on which those who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart feed voraciously.

However, all is not as it seems. Those negative energies are weakening daily, and those who feed on them are starving. The Tsunami of Love is all pervasive; it is infiltrating every area of human activity on every continent, and as a direct result change is occurring very rapidly indeed.

Love is the only Reality. Anything not in alignment with It is illusory, dreamlike, and is being ineluctably dissipated as you move most purposefully forward towards the moment of your awakening. God’s divine plan for his children will not be delayed or interfered with; it will be brought to a stunning fulfillment precisely as divinely planned.

Best UFO Disclosure Speech To Date

The most concise summation of the current situation I have yet heard...Git Sum!

Testimony Of Richard Dolan From 5-8-13

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Hilarion - The Divine Spark Within Each Person

Via Marlene Swetlishoff On 5-17-15

Beloved Ones,
Those who read these messages are well aware of the energetic happenings upon your planet and the reason for them.

But there are many, many others upon this world who are seeking answers that do not encompass the possibility of doom on their world.

We wish to inform these ones that although there will continue to be Earth changes throughout different areas of the world, humanity as a whole will survive and even thrive.

And we strive to encourage everyone to maintain peaceful, loving and harmonious thoughts, for these are very powerful and make a big difference.

As you align yourselves each day and balance your own energetic field, it helps in the balancing of the global field of collective consciousness to which all upon the planet are connected to and influenced by.

Those of you in alignment with the cosmic flow of energy are experiencing creative ideas that cry out for physical manifestation. Some of you are being inundated with a diversity of concepts that offer potential germination into forms of art, writing, new technology, inventions and the like.

GaiaPortal: Biometric Attendants Carry Forth Elevation In Subtle Body Energetics

Channelled By ÉirePort On 5-19-15

Biometric attendants carry forth elevation in subtle body energetics.

Creation of Higher body multidimensional pathways has been accelerated.

Traversing of multidimensional pathways is facilitated for all.

Effects are "sensed" at all levels of Hue-Being experience, as well as humanity elements, accompanied with "sense of acceleration".

"Open Universal Arms" presents to all.

How to Lose Your Mind without Losing Your Mind – Part II

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
I AM the photonic interface,
the metamorphosis of OverSoul,
and the Coherent Light Stargate.
And so are you.

This linear week marks my three-year anniversary in Mount Shasta. It has been a brilliant, challenging and revealing relationship, and I AM deeply honored to serve this Gateway (again). I will be up on the mountain on May 21 for Gateway  preparations, feel free to connect with me on the higher planes as we open up for the May 23rd cosmic trigger. I AM sure many of you integrated the amplifications of last week’s influx. It was a step to get us ready for next weekend, so let us all remain centered and focused on the higher levels of peace.

The Lyrans (pronounced like Lion with an R, the feline folks) have presented to assist with this cosmic trigger. You may remember your connections to Lyra and their high-level gatekeeper skills during this passage. They are adept at utilizing parallel realities, and I feel this will provide clarity, and perhaps comfort, as we walk in between worlds.

The Experience of the Pure Presence

Embodying your True Self allows you to witness the transition and flexible nature of the reality around us. Many will be experiencing the AHA moments as the messages of the last decade leave the context of theory/precognitive intel and enter your waking, palpable consciousness. 3D has been absent for years, and now the higher-vibe collective perception is catching up. The energies coming onto the planet support that realization, and now we are getting a sense of how fabricated the external reality is. Out of theory, into the grounded collective experience. The lag between 4D and 5D is breaking down as well, which is why so many are feeling out-of-body, out-of-world. Breathe, we are all in this gorgeous merge experience together.

Monday, May 18, 2015

SaLuSa: 5-15-15

Sorry for the 4-Saucer rating, Mike, just too many "Dear Ones" for DT the ET

 Channelled By Mike Quinsey

The way forward is becoming clear to many people but there are so many misleading situations that you are never certain whether you are taking the correct path. The best measure is to ask yourself what expectations are you personally aiming for, and trust your intuition to determine whether you are heading in the right direction.

It is desirable to have a goal in life rather than an aimless existence, yet all situations will address your need to learn certain lessons to help you evolve. Bear in mind that nothing that impinges upon your life has done so by accident, even although there is no immediate outcome apparent. You Dear Ones, are responsible for whatever path your life takes having been gifted with freewill. However, you always have a life plan agreed upon before you incarnate, and this must be taken into consideration.

All will be revealed when you return to the higher dimensions, and it is a time of self-appraisal when nothing but a truthful account can be recorded. Be assured that all along the way you have support from many souls, who wish for you the best outcome. However, humans being what they are can lose sight of their goals when they get embroiled in earthly emotions. Self-control is something you are learning all of the time as without it you are literally a lost soul.

Nobody Knows Jack Shit About What Is Going On

Certainly a true statement when we look at the planetary ascension process through our old 3/4D lenses...DT the ET

By Terence Mckenna

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Message From The Arcturians: On 5-5-15


Channelled By Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie May13, 2015When my computer crashed, because of my mistake, I was talking to my friend, Shawnna, about the higher purpose of this “mistake.” We pondered that question because one the myriad “realizations” of our Ascension process is that “there are NO mistakes or accidents.” We are the creators of our reality, whether that creation arises from our conscious or unconscious mind.

Therefore, we decided to ask the Arcturians about why “I dropped my computer,” which set into motion a huge challenge for me. I was in the middle of a big project, which I had to do via my iPhone and pad. I could never see the “big picture,” so I had to just “carry on” the best I could. I wish I could say that I was always calm and collected, but that was NOT true. I guess I needed to perceive my Self in full drama mode.

Below is what the Arcturians said, as Shawnna recorded and transcribed their message…

Message from Arcturians on May 5, 2015

Sue: “Dear Arcturians, help me to understand why all of my technology has died.”

Arcturians: “During the time of “The Event,” most technology will go down. Because everything will reboot into a higher frequency so all that you have held as security, ease, communication, necessary, and important will need to be released temporarily because you need to recalibrate to a higher perception of reality.