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Embodiment: How to Lose Your Mind Without Losing Your Mind – Part 1

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The last wave of May 4-7 blessed us with an X flare. You may have noticed how powerfully intense the SUN is feeling, partly due to our diminishing magnetosphere. The frequencies coming through the SUN have changed dramatically – again.

Be sure to balance your Solar charging and gazing activities with grounded sense of the body vehicle. The more you expand and amplify the Solar Heart Center, the easier it will be to balance the energy. Everything comes back to the Heart and the ability to be a conduit for the frequency of Divine Love.  Always.  Love = Light = Divine Intelligence = Universal Rewrite in alignment with Divine Perfection. How blessed we are to experience it so consciously.

We have another amplification May 13-15, and again on the 23rd which feels like another cosmic trigger. While the gateway dates of the past few years have consistently predicted (measurable) Solar and Planetary activity, it is our pure service to welcome, hold, send these frequencies out through the grids of Gaia and the awakened HUman Heart grid. That is a daily practice for Gatekeepers and LightServers; we become conduits for the Christed Light – and that service is taking on a new level this year. Gatekeepers, I know it feels more out of body than in as we walk between worlds. Trust your new skills, let the new service flow.

New Non-attachment

Along this path of Mastery, embodying the Cosmic Christ and the Higher Levels of the True Self, we embrace a phase of melancholia. Many in the collective experience this for prolonged periods of time; be clear about that phase of Ascension. Do not mistake it for depression. Depression is a construct which affects the mind, ego, and emotions and it can hold one back from higher states of consciousness. On the path, we refer to the higher state which many Masters seek to achieve; a state of melancholia, pure non-attachment, which leads to Pure Presence.

It is complimented by the current energy aimed at wiping away all of the old Self. At a minimum, it breaks through the patterns and belief systems of the old Self in order to experience the higher True Self. Understand that it is purposeful, this state of detachment. It may be experienced as a listlessness or lack of interest in anything external. It is a vital step in Ascension. Know that it is not the final step, it is an interim phase which serves to put us in touch with the Zero Point Presence.

This provides the in this world but not of it sensation. We are still able to function in these lower realities – go to work, interact with people, carry out our grounded tasks – however we are not stimulated by the lower reality the way we used to be. The structures that were entertained by the lower reality no longer have control over the life-stream at this level.

Know that this phase is purposeful; it teaches you Pure Presence, if you embrace the change that is occurring within your consciousness. It is fine to experience the changes in the body vehicle, those are very strong right now, however the Shift in our consciousness, the expansion of our consciousness, is the goal. The True Higher Self will override all of the lower experience when we are complete in the merge of lower and Higher Self.

Melancholia vs Mourning the Old Self

If you are experiencing a lack of passion, or feel you are missing something, you may be experiencing the loss of the old Self. It can get intense as we move deep into these merge sequences with the Higher realms. We detach from what we were, yet the Higher Self feels vividly different; powerful, Divine Pure Love. Radically New.

Some may fall into depression if they engage with the mind, ego or emotional judgments about the loss of the old Self,or the associated isolation, listlessness, or boredom. Work through those lower level constructs; detach from their survival instinct’s need to make things as they used to be. We cannot recreate what was; moving forward to the Divine detachment phase takes courage and trust of the Heart, not the mind.

When you achieve detachment from the external reality as a stimulus for your experience, you enter a state of Divine melancholia. It is a wonderful phase in the Ascension process, because you will witness your own Self-realization, a Self- empowerment which is not fed by, or validated by, the external world (and that includes the Higher realm assistance). The stillness within the void creates a loss-gap between the old Self dissolving and the new Self stepping completely in. Understand this is needed and powerful for your process.

When the gap between the old Self and the new Self becomes too frustrating for some, it may turn into depression. This is because they are dealing with it from the mind-level, rather than understanding the gateway is through the Heart, through Unconditional Love – even love of the frustration.  When the loss-gap starts to get uncomfortable, this is when the pure true lessons can emerge. Pure lessons of Self acceptance, Self-confidence and Self-realization can present.

It is during the melancholia, the Divine detachment from the lower reality, that the Higher Self has an opportunity to take over the lifestream and rewrite the lower consciousness in alignment with the true Self. It allows for the opportunity to transmute any remaining worthiness issues, Self-love issues, frustrations of the lower reality, and can lead to divine neutrality if you learn to embrace that void and be okay with the deep transition occurring in the expression of you.

Modern Cave Time

In the past, Masters would go into caves, deep meditation or long fasts in order to get into that state of ultimate detachment from the external reality. The old teachings told us that we had to give up everything in order to experience connection with the Divine; it used to be about giving up material things and a complete surrender of all external attachments.

Now in this modern application of Ascension, we deal with many more factors. The experience of being capable of handling your lower reality and your higher reality at the same time, from a state of stillness within, is potent. For some letting go of the old Self means changing jobs, changing friends, or changing locations, however in the advanced stages of Ascension the external reality is not going to have an effect on the emerging Christed Self. Total surrender to the greater service. Everything feels like a meditation, a lucid dream, a multidimensional whirl, as we pass through 4D. Blessings upon those accepting this and holding the New Light in service to all. Our modern cave is the palpable realization of Source-as-Self; the universe of our our own energy fields sending forth new Light. A private sphere of stardust and interconnected Unity at once.

We still holographically project our presence into this realm, however many Higher Selves have merged into the OverSoul agenda. Many Oversouls have attained a new level of consciousness, a new level of service. You may have sensed this Shift, as if something new is available, as if something else is going on. It is important to stay in the Heart and not focus on mind-level comprehension at the moment. We are embodying levels of Prime Creator beingness that are a brand-new experience to the body and the lower Self. It does feel different from the old reality. Witness this, feel this. Your journey is your own unique creation; honor the cave – the focus on stillness – whenever and however you can.

Willingness to Experience – and Stay Balanced

It's mostly dead.
As with any of these new experiences, it is our willingness to have the experience, to anchor it, and to transcend the old light dynamics which accelerate the collective progress. The Higher realms – us – consistently monitor and modify the incoming energies and our ability to handle more, more, more. Obviously we have experienced dramatic levels of More in the last few months.

The energy itself right now is flattening people – many of us are experiencing hours of immobility. Not disease or disharmony within the body, rather deep rewrites of consciousness amplified by the current waves of energy. It can be intense to the body vehicle as crystalline structures rewrite the particles of your old beingness. Currently we have codes activating in the bones, so you may feel flexible and active one day, and quite slow the next. Again, it forces us to be so present with these beautiful energies of 2015. Transformation of consciousness and transforming the physical at the same time. Brilliant. Also exhausting on some days.

To be capable of witnessing and experiencing this evolution into true Creator beingness – in a conscious way – is beautiful. Try not to get lost in the weirdness of the energy or the experience itself. It is miraculous to experience this. If you are frustrated with the loss-gap phase, the passage of melancholia, understand that until you find peace with the Presence of Divine Love, you are unable to move forward. It is purposeful – a test of sorts – because we cannot embrace our true Mastery and these higher states of Divine Love without surrendering the ego-mind, the lower emotions.

The Lower Self may ask, What is going to happen to me if I give into this Higher state? Will I be lost in it? Am I able to come back, to be here – and there? 

In brief, it is your choices moment to moment which will allow you to experience the merge without getting spun off center. it is one thing to talk about or read about Ascension, and quite another to fully embody a new state of consciousness.

Besides BEing with this new level, and BEing okay with the sensations/revelations of it, we can integrate with tools that assist in the moment – and compliment your unique experience. Reset with the Creator Breath often. Realign your fields to accommodate the expansion and magnetics. Do not use substances which alter your consciousness or energy; let the organic activation unfold. When you feel overwhelmed by the new sensations or visions, share your experience with your Higher levels.

Ask for help, but be specific in identifying what you need help with (it helps to identify fears and what the grounded Self can do to assist). Get a massage. Take a bath (water exposure is very supportive). Talk a walk. Do yoga. Move the energy or it pools and causes disharmony. Creative expression. Let the strangeness be the strangeness, and know it is a phase, not the final product. Breathe. Love. Be.

The merge sequences do take over, and they can present without notice after the initial phase is anchored, to show us our alignment with Source. If you’re in the nothing is working phase, and getting frustrated, pay attention to melancholia portion of this article. You must be okay with Divine Presence before embodying Divine Presence. Free will is honored at all levels of the Ascension process.

When you become familiar with the sensation of absolute Presence, and accept the merge of consciousness with your own True multidimensional Self and its higher acts of service, the physics of pure Love take over. Higher vibration in the Heart center, energy fields attracts more of the same. This is why our intention has been to serve as a pure conduit of the true Ascension. Clean, clear, conduit. And the flow feels like a firehose – the floodgates of your Central Sun open wide to accommodate the Light.

The expansion into the cosmic Heart of God, the state of absolute Presence, will stir a craving, a deeply encoded cellular remembrance for embodiment. You will take that state of detached stillness into the next phase of the multidimensional merge of Unity consciousness.

Kindwhile, it is safe to explore these sensations and merge sequences, the pure Source Presence. Trim any extraneous distractions, simplify wherever possible. Create, in private beautiful expressions. Light-ground your observations and insights. Support the body in its transition, and avoid re-engaging with old coping mechanisms as they will cause distress at this juncture. The kingdoms, elementals and Gaia are emanating codes and frequencies to support this transformational phase – be in nature, be at peace, let it commence.

In Love, Light and Service,

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