Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hilarion - The Divine Spark Within Each Person

Via Marlene Swetlishoff On 5-17-15

Beloved Ones,
Those who read these messages are well aware of the energetic happenings upon your planet and the reason for them.

But there are many, many others upon this world who are seeking answers that do not encompass the possibility of doom on their world.

We wish to inform these ones that although there will continue to be Earth changes throughout different areas of the world, humanity as a whole will survive and even thrive.

And we strive to encourage everyone to maintain peaceful, loving and harmonious thoughts, for these are very powerful and make a big difference.

As you align yourselves each day and balance your own energetic field, it helps in the balancing of the global field of collective consciousness to which all upon the planet are connected to and influenced by.

Those of you in alignment with the cosmic flow of energy are experiencing creative ideas that cry out for physical manifestation. Some of you are being inundated with a diversity of concepts that offer potential germination into forms of art, writing, new technology, inventions and the like.

If these new concepts come into your individual field of expression and put you on overwhelm, just record the impressions and ideas for a later review. These concepts are flowing along the new energetic pathways and are looking for a receptive and resonating humanity to embrace and manifest them into their reality.

Those who receive these ideas must act upon the impetus in a way that is in alignment with the skills and talents they carry individually. Many people will receive the same ideas and will carry them forth into manifestation in a totally new and unique way from another who has different talents and abilities. All serves a greater good.

There is, emerging within each individual, a greater willingness to move beyond former limitations of perception in an attempt to see those around them with greater compassion and understanding. They desire to open their hearts in fellowship and oneness with their sisters and brothers and this movement will become more pronounced as each day passes.

Old enmities and dissonance between individuals will begin to melt away as each person strives to expand their personal boundaries to include the sovereign right of their neighbour to express their own individuality within the collective field to which all are connected. Each begins to follow that which resonates and feels good to them.

Life takes on a genuine sweetness of being which fills each person with joy and delight in the expression of it. People will rediscover and act upon youthful aspirations that they had in their earlier decades of life and will find that these aspirations can now find physical expression.

All their former dreams now come to the forefront and find expression. This will serve to give people a new lease on life as their renewed creativity now brings fruition and fulfillment in their daily lives. They remember to dream big and allow the expansion to occur.

They realize that they now have opportunity to follow their visions and passions and allow these concepts a prominent place in their priorities.

Each individual contributes their unique abilities in a way that is joyful and expanding to them and they will find that their gifts are sought by others for the value contained within the truths and the beauty that they hold.

In this manner, the divine spark within each person can be ignited into a bright and ever burning flame of love and inspiration that expands into infinity.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2008-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.

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