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Salusa: Clearing the 'Hotspots" Of Negative Energy

Channeled by Mike Quinsey On 5-30-14

We observe what you call the “hotspots” of negative energy brought about by the confrontation of groups that have different aims in life. Some choose to impose them on others with the result that clashes take place that often lead to a serious outcome.

These are yet further lessons for all concerned, until they realise that differences must be settled through peaceful negotiations and are the only way forward. Man has almost always sought to settle differences through the use of threats or violence to gain his own way. The message that peaceful negotiations are the only way to achieve a peaceful settlement is just beginning to be accepted, and the people are leading the way.

Sooner rather than later your leaders will realise that there is only the one way forward to permanent peace. With it will come great changes that will move you out of the lower vibrations into a peaceful era.

Our presence helps to ensure that matters do not fall back into the old patterns of confrontation, as we are preventing the dark Ones from progressing from their present position. We have been given the authority to intervene where it is necessary to maintain the progress towards full peace, and a total end to warlike confrontations. So be assured that regardless of any outward appearance steady progress is being made towards the goals that have been set.

In the greater picture, we are constantly monitoring your weather and its effect upon you, but certain necessary changes must be allowed to go ahead as part of the moves that will take you into the New Age. The groundwork is going ahead in respect of a number of different projects, and at a desirable speed, and many new ideas are waiting to be revealed. Quite a number of them are already known to you and it is simply a matter of waiting until the right time to introduce them.

St. Germaine On The Charges Being Leveled Against Pope Francis

pope-francis-timeBecause I’m receiving emails that accuse Pope Francis of heinous crimes, I asked St. Germaine today (May 29, 2014) on An Hour with an Angel to comment on the accusations. He called them “malicious gossip” and urged us not to “allow this to stall what is happening in terms of creating Nova Earth.” Here are his complete remarks.

Steve Beckow: One of our listeners has asked me to ask you about Pope Francis and in fact I’m getting emails about it as well. He says: “It seems the dark Ones are doing all possible to ‘drag him down’ with suggesting his involvement in child killing and the ‘Ninth Circle’ satanic infant sacrifice rituals.”

He names a name, which I won’t name on the air “suggests witnesses have come forward saying they saw him taking part in these abominations “ Is Pope Francis guilty of the crimes he’s being accused of?

St. Germaine: Well, it is very timely that I have suggested [using the cleansing, spiritual violet flame] on those who would malign and nay-say such a saint.

And I mean this in the truest sense. there are many who would not only like to have Pope Francis maligned and dragged down but would like to have him removed from this office because he is a pope of the people.

Heavenletter #4935: Where Are We?

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff On 5-30-14

God said:
Consider the world nothing but love stirring. I tell you that I love you with all My heart. You make Me happy. You make Me smile. You make Me laugh. I enjoy you, and never do I leave you.

I am with you before, after, and between time on Earth. You are the embrace in My heart that never ends. You are the embrace and the call of My heart. Our hearts resound. Our hearts sing and dance. I lift you up to the Highest Heavens, and you are light in My arms. I know no weight. I know only light and lightness. You are beyond the threshold of My heart. You are over the door-sill. You are My companion for all-time.

You are My delight. There is room always for My delight. You are One Child I carry as if cradled in My heart. I carry you everywhere, and I swing along with you. How We love. We know naught else. There is no effort to our love, no weight to it. We bounce along in love. We come across more love on the way, and We add more love as We strew more love along the way.

Our love is like seeds We strew, leaving nothing but love in the wake. There is nothing but love to leave and nothing but love to see ahead. There is nothing but love on the loose. Love looks for where love can be planted and grow, and this is all-around everywhere.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Archangel Michael: Resources

Channeled by Daniel Scranton On 5-28-14

“You give yourselves what you need. You have much more than you realize. If you are experiencing shortage of any kind it is only because you have not allowed yourself to see everything that is available to you and to see it in its fullest form and greatest value. You are one of those resources.

You have much more potential than you allow yourselves to realize. You have opportunities that are given to you to demonstrate how many resources you actually have. Seizing the opportunity is as simple as widening the scope of your perspective.

When you are struggling, and clenching your fists, and gritting your teeth, you are narrowing your perspective, and you are unable to see all of the resources that are available to you. When you relax, let go, and open yourselves to possibilities that may not fit in your idea of perfection, you are then able to not only see the resources that are all around you, but you are able to utilize them with ease and grace and joy.

Instead of asking for something that you feel you are lacking, ask to be shown more of the gifts that are all around you, waiting to be discovered by you. And recognize yourselves as the biggest resources, the greatest gifts, and the most honored and revered beings. And you shall receive all that you need.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are love.”

SaLuSa Wishes To Make Us Dream Of The Spaceships Tonight

Channeled by Laura Multidimensional Ocean On 5-26-14

Dear ones, we are so glad to see the ranks of lightworkers increase almost every day. This pleases us very much. As you know, many of you are our brothers and sisters from the stars quite literally. Many of our fleets are on Earth in order to protect and supervise our ground crew.

Dear ground crew, this message is especially for you today. Many of you have entirely forgotten who you truly are. You have become identified with Earth’s history and personal goal. In time you will have to go within and to distance yourself from the daily activities that all humans are involved in, and to elevate yourself above those daily concerns in order to be able to see the bigger picture and to sense your part in the Earth Ascension.

We are by your side on regular basis, our dear ground crew. Although we usually are not allowed to openly communicate with you in your awaken state, we are in constant contact with your subconscious, through telepathy, empathy and dreams.

We know how difficult life on Earth can be for all of you, and hear your cries for your return home. We love you very much and acknowledge your true merit for having volunteered for this dangerous mission for your soul.

We want to tell you of what awaits you once you have contributed to the planet’s Ascension. You will join your designated Galactic fleet, who will debrief you and help you review your Earth life. This team will also help you deal with your life mission, but also with its pains. The healing process can be a lengthy one sometimes, when souls have not come to terms with some people and with some events. Your “home” team will help you clear any residual karma, on many occasions directly with the souls concerned.

The Arcturians: Layers Of Reality

Here is Suzanne's newest channelling from the Arcturians as video and transcript, enjoy!   DT the  ET

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 5-30-14

The Arcturians Speak

Reality is in layers of frequencies that are embedded on the holographic projections of 3D and 4D Earth. Your difficulties on these levels of reality are not just about the persons known as the cabal or the dark ones, but have to do with the frequency of reality to which each of you are attuned.

If you look at the fourth-dimensional lower astral pane and the lower survival levels of the third-dimension, you can see that the cabal is still in control on those frequency layers of reality. In fact, many of those who desire power-over others have migrated to these lower levels of reality because they cannot tolerate the higher light that is flowing deeper and deeper into Gaia’s third and fourth dimensional layers of reality.

Meanwhile, more and more of you, including Gaia Herself, are moving into the higher frequency layers of reality in which energy out quickly returns as energy back. The cabal and others ruled by fear and anger are quite terrified about have the energy they send out being quickly returned. They know the energy they have put out into the world and do NOT want to experience it coming back to them.

The selfishness, the taking from others, the power over and the fear lived as anger and domination is not something they want to experience in their lives. Therefore they seek refuge in lower frequency layers of reality where energy out does not come back for a long time. There they rule over those who also live within that lowest frequency of reality.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Saul: The Way Out Of This Exhausting And Repetitious Cycle Is To Let Go Of ALL Your Defences

Channeled by John Smallman On 5-28-14

The all inclusive and integrated oneness of God and all that He creates is becoming impossible for humanity to remain unaware of. Modern physics has made it abundantly clear that everything is connected to everything else! There is no separation; separation is an illusion that you have believed in and which has brought you much pain, but it is unreal. Because you believed in it you were fearful and felt the need to protect yourselves against others by building defenses – sarcasm, wit, humor, dismissal, judgment, and attack. Protection, defense, and attack are all reactions to your fear, the state that your apparent separation encourages you to believe in, but to engage with them is to inflict pain on yourself!

Everything you think, say, or do affects the whole of creation even though this is not apparent to you while you remain in your state of very limited consciousness. However, Reality, Heaven, Oneness with your Source can never be damaged or even offended because It is the supreme sovereign state of infinite Love, complete in and of Itself, containing and embracing all, and in opposition to nothing because there is nothing apart from It.

Any unloving – i.e. insane – activities in which you engage with in the illusion have severe and painful effects that can be extensive, but they are illusory like the environment in which they take place. Therefore if you choose to defend yourself or attack another the effects of those thoughts, words, or actions reverberate widely and painfully throughout your environment, increasing the sense of fear and insecurity that drives you into action in the first place.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension: Back From Lemuria – A Morning Message

I've been through this message 3 times and I'm still connecting dimensional dots...DT the ET


Channelled Via Suzanne Lie On 5-26-14

Jason Speaks:
I woke up in our bed wondering if the whole event of finding the fifth-dimensional airport, going into the core of Gaia, attending the Lemurian celebration and the messages from the Arcturian, Gaia and Sanat Kumara were a dream.

“NO,” said Sandy who was still half asleep, “It was NOT a dream.” She then sat up, looked straight into my eyes and said, “Was it?’

I wanted to answer her, but heard a sentence in my mind, which felt like it was from Sanat Kumara and ran to get my computer.

“Are you getting another message?” I heard Sandy’s sleepy voice.

“Yes,” I replied, “can’t talk now.”

I knew that Sandy would respect my wishes and would even help me to make sense of the jumbled messages that I had increasingly been receiving as I woke up. I plugged in the computer and booted it up as I glanced as the pile of mail in front of our mail slot.

I was wondering how that much mail could accumulate when I saw the computer was ready. Just I was beginning to write, Sandy entered the room and said, “Would you like me to type while you channel the message?”

Update From The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation 5-27-14

Routed Through The Sheldan Nidle 'Cloud'

3 Ix, 5 Pax, 10 Caban
Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) A grand series of events is now occurring around your globe! These events mark the beginnings of certain critical projects that are to bring you freedom, sovereignty, prosperity and new governance.

Our liaisons report that several groups, which comprise our Earth allies, are moving to push the dark cabal and its minions from power. Included in these projects are the means to exponentially expand a nation-by-nation common law network, and projects, which tie this network into a means to forge new governance around your globe. The prosperity projects are also readying the delivery systems that are to be the basis for declaring NESARA to come into effect. As these events get ready to surface, we are preparing to put a formal stop to an international conspiracy that has made the spraying of "chemtrails" a nearly daily occurrence. The Agarthan liaisons are also busy informing the various dark cabal leadership groups that their vile objectives are to be ended in a slew of mass arrests.

It is vital that Gaia be saved from a daily onslaught of innumerable surface human companies that seek to exploit her many resources. These earthly resources are really the source for many items which help to maintain her numerous and diverse ecosystems. Our scientists daily monitor these developments and do what they can to maintain a degree of stability.

Kryon On Ascension


From Kryon Book 6: Partnering with God
Pages 176-177

Ascension is a graduation by design, and with permission, that is human enablement at its highest form. It is where humans have permission, EARNED by every one, to move into a status that has you REMAIN on the planet, living a very long time while actually moving into the next incarnation that you designed for yourselves—without having to experience death. That’s ascension. Did you get that? You move forward into the next designed expression holding your biology, vibrating at a high enough level to allow for such a thing without death.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Soul Journeying And Ascension

Published on Apr 5, 2014
The subject of the main channellings below is "SOUL JOURNEYING," and is one of the most complex channellings given yet about the soul of the Human Being.

(This video is available on

What Kind Of Wave Are We Experiencing At This Time

Channelled By Méline Portia Lafont On 5-21-14

Méline Lafont
Breathe my sweet friends and fellow travelers of Light. We are being absorbed into an exhale of creation, where we plant the seeds through our being and our consciousness level of being which is rising as a result of all the intense integrations that we are absorbing and even start to emanate at this time. We exhale our new birthing Self into this reality, because we are embodying our Divine and true essence more and more on several levels, which our bodies can hold for us at this time.

Just like in the times of Lemuria we are holding the space and the frequencies of Light, through our own consciousness in our embodiment, this as high as possible for us to maintain. What we hold now, is something that we could never hold before on such a level of consciousness and in this lower density simultaneously, for our bodies are transforming at the same time and at the same rate that our consciousness is re-birthing us into our Divine essence.

We are currently arriving at the higher levels of integration of our birthed Self, which is our Divinity, our Christ consciousness and our I AM expression. These levels require a lot of Self acceptance, knowledge, trust and allowance for we start to experience the Mastering level of our own Self. This Master level brings us all into realities where you are pointed into the direction of that which must be released concerning the ego, for there is no ego in self Mastery.

Heavenletter #4930: Minds Research, Hearts Know

Channelled By Gloria Wendroff On 5-25-14
God said:

The power of your mind is enormous. The power of belief is enormous. The power of your heart is greater yet. Your heart can surpass everything. Your true heart can. I do not speak of your heart being convinced by this or that. I am speaking of your pure heart left to its own devices. Your heart knows everything. Deep down, your heart knows all. Your true uncovered heart knows Truth. It knows everything, only, too often, your heart has been covered up, protected as it were, because your mind decides that cover-up is a good idea. Your mind buys this idea. This idea is circulated, advertised well, and you buy it.

Come closer to your heart, and you come closer to Me. Yes, I created your mind. This was a good thing, only mind and thought in the world have been aggrandized, and your mind takes over, as though your heart is less important. Your heart is most important of all. And so are others’ hearts.
The heart can steer with its eyes closed. The mind steers in many directions, replete with all its knowledge that comes from somewhere else. The heart is true to itself when not battened down.
Your true heart is not made of whim and catch-as-catch can. Your heart is the Knower. Your heart is the Knower because in your heart is where I abide. I am within your heart, yet you have trained your heart to wait for instruction from your mind.

Does this seem farfetched to you? Does not your food digest itself without your permission or instructions? Does not the sun shine without My reminding it to every morning? Do flowers have to make the decision to bloom? We are speaking of what is natural.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Arcturian Group Message: May 25, 2014

 Channeled By Marilyn Raffaele - May 25, 2014

Greetings people of dear planet Gaia.
We observe Light shining ever more brightly as more and more awaken to new ways of seeing the world and their place in it. This is evolution dear ones–the changes–the opening to new ideas and higher ways of understanding normal everyday life issues.

Spiritual ascension is not normally a sudden blinding flash that leaves you ascended (although this has happened for a few individuals who had already attained this consciousness in another lifetime). Ascension is a state of consciousness that has been attained through the myriad experiences of many lifetimes lived in the energies of duality and separation. From these experiences, the soul learns and grows until at some point he moves beyond having to learn in this way and begins to be taught from within. You are at that place now Dear Ones.

Take your quest for answers into meditation and ask your questions there. Ask for more Light, more understanding, and more awareness but avoid asking for “things” because when you ask for “things” you are automatically stating that you “don’t have” and are creating “don’t have”.

The June Retrograde Of Mercury

Received By Peter Phalam On 5-26-14

Normally the Mercury retrograde event has some abnormal impact on our lives but we have gone through so many of them they primarily end up as non-events. This retrograde, however, settles in on the Summer Solstice point as well as the early degrees of Cancer. More importantly, it lands in the last decant of Gemini. Mercury retrograde in Gemini is a whole different animal than all other retrogrades.

When the magnetosphere of Earth began reverse polarity in early 2013, a dimensional merging event started. As we enter into 13,000 years of strong feminine influence on this planet the ancient beings overseeing this experiment felt that greater dimensional access for the evolving female leaders of this spiritual movement would be appropriate. This access is granted to budding female leaders as well as anyone who has their feminine side fully organized.

This particular Mercury retrograde will open a number of essential portals within the 5th dimension. These portals travel through sixth- dimensional time planes and end at the altars of seven Divine goddesses: Mary, Sophia, Juno, Athena, Kwan Yin, Portia and the combined altars of Lady Nada and Lady Vista. Nada and Vista are celebrating the Gemini retrograde by combining efforts in what they and the others hope is a tremendous period of spiritual downloads.

Éireport Blog: Platforms Of Illumination Have Been Created...

On 5-27-14 Éireport Group Energy Reporting Posted The Following:

Platforms of Illumination have been created to support "mass" consciousness ascension.

Selected individualized groups are in place to create lower atmospheric attenuation and eduction into Higher Mind.

Transference from platform to platform occurs with great ease at this time.

Elevation of humanity to Hue-manity on "mass" scale occurs is accelerated.

Mercury Retrograde: Entering Gemini Full Speed Ahead

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Mercury retrograde is a maintenance period, perfect for revisiting everything one has not gotten to in the last several months. The planet Mercury is associated with the god mercury/ Hermes who is the 'god of the unexpected' and divine coincidences. Hermes/Mercury is the creator of new and sacred spaces.

Mercury retrograde is inevitable regardless of our best-laid plans; we might just get a taste of unexpected luck in a serendipitous coyote medicine type of way. Mercury makes us go to the picnic in the pouring rain and have a great time. It asks us to be fluid in our day and remain flexible, having as many backup plans as it takes. Whenever things seem 'stuck,' Mercury/Hermes introduces fluid movement laced with little chunks of surprise. Mercury retro is all about getting unstuck in thought deed and dreams forgotten.

Mercury in retrograde can be a deep healer of the soul. It asks you to look at what you do not want to address, what you do not want to clear up, what you do not want to heal. The winged messenger sits pondering what he should be doing, what he could be doing, what he was supposed to do. Mercury retrograde is a magical time of slowing down, being made to stop and smell the flowers. It asks you to pay special attention to detail to pay special attention to what is small and minute.  It asks you to address everything that you are afraid of remembering, of becoming, of doing. Call those that you haven’t talked to in months or years or decades. Look backwards in time but don’t lick your wounds.

GaiaPortal: Centering And Grounding Of Ascended Gaia Energetics Occurs At This Moment

 Channelled By ÉirePort On 5-27-14 

Centering and grounding of Ascended Gaia Energetics occurs at this moment.

Flash points are reached and released in rapid succession astro-points are passed.

Sufficient Hue-manity numbers allow up-risings on planetary scales.

Solar accompaniments produce necessary planetary adjustments.

Phase nears completion.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Rx For Tom Kenyon And The Hathors


Thanks To Dennis Anne For Suggesting This Cosmic PSA...DT the ET

Moving from duality into non-dual states of consciousness while remaining embodied is the path all of us have chosen who would Ascend with Gaia.  The physical, emotional and psychological resistance to this expansion of consciousness we have come to refer to as 'ascension flu symptoms.'

My wife and I have found that the voice channellings from the Hathors via Tom Kenyon (and his enlightened vocal chords) have consistently provided the integration and relief we needed.

For three years we have daily donned our blindfolds, plugged in the earphones and allowed the sacred tonings from Tom's recordings to lighten the load.  We have recommended this approach to many others who have also found relief in this sound-imersion technique.

These are our top Ten Tracks -(they can be purchased or downloaded for free from Tom's site)

1- Lightship                                                         6- Infinite Pool
2- Aethos                                                            7- Pineal Dimensional Attunement
3- Solace                                                            8- Sound Transformations
4-Immunity                                                          9- Kalachakra Of Great Compassion
5-Ascension Codes                                           10- The Crystal Palace Within and other
                                                                                    free downloads Here

Archangel Michael: Listen To Your Life

If you're not in a hurry, everything is within walking distance...
DT the ET

 Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Living this moment is all you need to focus on. Being aware in the moment will give you everything that you need to know. Giving your complete self to a moment is all that will ever be asked of you within it. Set your sights on what is in front of you and give it your complete attention, your complete awareness, and your complete self.

Listen to your life. Have you noticed that your life is speaking to you? There are times when you will find that it is easier to unravel and decode the messages of your life. And there will be times when what your life is telling you is so obvious that you would literally have to close your eyes and cover your ears to ignore it.

Let your life tell you what the moment is all about for you. If you are willing and able to stay within the moment to listen to what you are getting and to relax, you will have no more problems, issues, or life catastrophes. You will be able to unlock all the mysteries, all that has been eluding you. And all the excuses that you have been using to not live the life you want to live will wither away and turn to dust.

‘Is it really that simple?’ you might wonder. Well, everything is simple and easy if you allow it to be and if you allow it to be whatever it is without resistance.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are love.”

The Lightbringers: How To Manifest In A Time Of Great Change

Let's preface this message with a Lightbringers quote from the website -
“We ask the inhabitants of Earth to connect with the long-forgotten knowledge that you are citizens of the universe who came here to take part in a divine experiment. You were selected because of the great power and beauty you possess, but you have forgotten who you are. Now you must remember and activate the divine part of yourselves that has lain dormant for so long.”

Channelled By Nancy Van Domelen 

We welcome you, our dear friends. The souls incarnating on Earth’s plane have just passed through a thirty-day period last month that was intense on many different levels. The planetary configuration of April was powerful and seldom experienced. A grand cross of planetary energies was in direct alignment — an unusual and very rare placement that appears only when a massive shift is underway on Earth. Your solar system is a microcosmic blueprint reflecting major spiritual themes that are manifesting throughout your universe.

At certain key intervals spiritual powers increase, providing the catalyst for transformative growth. 2012 was the year in which your planet’s vibratory field opened to receive new more refined energies, which began to enter. The three-year cycle of 2013, 2014 and 2015 is providing the touchstone that will shift many living on your planet to a more advanced way of life.

In order for this monumental change to occur, the people of Earth must turn to a new and more highly advanced way of functioning. The vibratory energies of this three-year period are assisting anyone who is committed to spiritual growth. In order for you to see clearly the power of this shift, we ask that you take a moment and quietly reflect on the condition of your life in 2012. What were the key issues you were dealing with at that time? What kind of person were you then?

Do you feel that you have evolved into a higher state of being since that time? If you can identify ways in which you are living at a new, more refined level, then you are absorbing the powerful spiritual energies that are entering all over your planet. These energies will assist you in developing capabilities you did not have before or possessed them in a more diminished form.

Jesus: Your Choice Is Greatly Honored And Appreciated By All In The Spiritual Realms

Finally, the truth about Santa Clause!  'Bout time...DT the ET

Channeled by John Smallman On 5-26-14

You are most dearly loved. Focus on that when you go to your quiet inner space to meditate, and don’t judge or, worse still, condemn yourself for your perceived lack of ability or value. It’s an utterly wrong and invalid perception that your ego encourages you to believe is true in order to keep you in doubt and fear. You are on Earth at this point in your evolution – humanity’s awakening process – with a very specific and essential purpose.

You chose to take part because you knew that you could be of very great assistance, and your choice is greatly honored and appreciated by all in the spiritual realms where we have full knowledge and understanding of what is required of and offered by all our brothers and sisters presently incarnate on Earth. Every one of you is highly honored and respected for your choice to be human at this point, and our love for you all knows no bounds. We thank you.

Waiting for this divinely planned stellar event – humanity’s awakening – is often very tiring and worrying for you as it brings to the fore your own personal doubts about your belief in God and Heaven, as, from time to time, you get drawn down into the darkness of the illusion, where it seems most real. “Is a belief in God, a Source of all that exists, a supreme and divine Intelligence an adult version of a child’s belief in Father Christmas,” you sometimes ask yourselves when you are feeling particularly low?

A Great Interview With Daryl Anka/Bashar

Congrats and Kudos To The Dynamic Duo For Almost Three Decades Of Service To Humanity...DT the ET

(This video is available on

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hilarion's Weekly Message, May 25-June 1, 2014

Channelled By Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,
As the energy continues to come in waves, so too, do the symptoms your bodies are experiencing. Just when you thought that you were over the worst of them, another round is started. Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that it brings lightness of heart and being as the ancient memories in your cells are brought to the surface to be addressed and released. All that is of sorrow and sadness is being eliminated and in its place comes more refined light. As those at the forefront of this movement and transformation, you are doing a wonderful job of assimilating and eliminating. The ups and downs that you have been experiencing are a part of the process. Listen to your bodies and allow rest when it is needed and for some of you, this reminds you of the story of Rip Van Winkle who wandered into the mountains and slept for twenty years. This too shall pass.

Follow your heart in all things for it is the true barometer of what is the right thing for you to do in any given moment. Many of you are going deep within to touch the core of your being and are realizing what it is that you truly desire to experience and create in your experience of life. Follow the joy that these activities bring within you and focus on that state of being. Within every moment lies the seed of infinite possibility and it is you who must nurture and allow the seed to germinate, grow and flourish in abundance. The well of creativity runs deep within you and you have but to tap into its flow. Tap into the inner child within you and feel the wonder and the magic of your life with enthusiasm. It matters not what chronological age you are at, what matters is feeling the essence of magic and wonder within you as you begin to experience the unfolding of dreams you have had for your life in an earlier time that are now coming into manifestation.

The Moon - Engine Of Ascension


Transcript From the Bashar Tapes 

For those wanting to know more about The Founders I would refer you to The Prism Of Lyra - by Lissa Royal and Keith Priest. DT the ET


(This video is available on

GaiaPortal May Re-Cap

Current Energetics of Ascendant Gaia call for Rejuvenation of GaiaPortal Communications Portal

May 8, 2014 By ÉirePort
Current Energetics of Ascendant Gaia call for rejuvenation of GaiaPortal communications portal.

Energetic shifts and changes now occur at acceleration levels that have asked for communication to Hu-manity collective.

Ascendant Gaia has accepted her role as communicator of Higher Dimensional Energetic transformations.

Such is a vital necessity at this moment of Now.

May 9, 2014

Presentation of Gaia Energetics requires Hu-manity vision upgrades, which are currently in progress. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Channelling Unmasked!


These Kids Are Alright...DT the ET


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Archangel Gabriel : Responsibility

Channelled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana On 5-22-14

Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as responsibility. This quality entails the acceptance that one is governed by this quality in all things. For each person must be completely honest within their own choices, decisions and deeds in order that their soul’s purpose for experiencing this world is fulfilled in all its many facets. Each soul desires to bring a greater expansion and a reminder to their physical expression here on Earth of the magnificence of their real essence, their divine essence. Holding this vision before them, the individual living their daily life upon this planet understands that no one else can do the work that is required to attain the highest expression of their true selves and that it is their recognition of this quality of love known as responsibility that will assist them to align with that higher aspect within themselves. They understand the solemn duty they have to honour their highest integrity in all interactions with others, for to do so enables the greater light within them to radiate more fully at all times.

When each soul in their physical expression uses this quality of love, they become more impeccable in all activities in their daily life. Upon the commitment of each individual to live their highest purpose rests this responsibility, this quality of love. It means that they must follow through on all their goals, desires and dreams for a better world, a better way. Taking responsibility for one’s own actions, words and deeds is a loving acknowledgment to one’s divine presence that one is sincere in their desire to walk a higher path back to unity with their enlightened aspects. When an individual answers this call, they become more attuned to their higher aspect and it soon becomes clear to them that they are walking their true path and that they are on the right track. When one always automatically attunes to their higher aspects in all things, the elements of doubt, fear and confusion fade away from their consciousness and the individual is confident and sure that they are following the right course of action.

Archangel Michael: Being The Love

Channelled by Daniel Scranton On 5-24-14

As you find yourselves stuck in a situation where there seems to be no way out, let go of your need to be anywhere else. Give yourselves the opportunity to be the love that you are while you seem to be stuck in a situation that is reflecting back to you that which you are not. The love that you are is not state specific. It is infinite and all encompassing.

Anywhere you find yourselves that does not include the love that you are is simply asking for you to be the conduit, to be the conductor, to open yourselves up to include the situation in the love that you are. Being creators does not mean that you must use that ability to get yourselves out of situations that you do not prefer. You created the situation so that you could be the love that you are within it.

And then, of course, the love that you are will be reflected to you. And you may find yourself in a seemingly different situation, or you may find the love where you already are reflected back to you in ways that you could not see when you were scrambling with all of your might to get out of it.

Surrender is not giving in to the circumstance where you find yourselves. Surrender is giving in to the love that you are in spite of the circumstance where you find yourselves. Bring more light and more love to wherever you are, not because you are trying to get out of it, but because you are desiring to be who you are within it.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are love.