Saturday, May 3, 2014

Heavenletter #4907: On God’s Earth

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff On 5-2-14 


God said:
When you think about it, even the mundane is a treasure to you. How you would miss certainties that are part of your life now. Turning on a light. Putting on your shoes. Stubbing your toe! All these little things are a treasure to your heart. All the things you would miss, things that now may seem humdrum in your life yet are more precious to you than you had thought.

What photographs would you take? What little puddle of water? One smile, one mile.

Your mind takes photographs, and you keep all the photos in an album of your mind.

What sound recordings would you take? What sound that you hear every day lacks an added meaning to you? The doorbell, the phone, a dear voice.

What scents stir your heart? Lilac, violet, Sweet William?

What tastes? If you could have only three, what would they be? Sweet, sour, salty? What taste would you most want right now? Just think of it, you can get up and go to the fridge and find the taste you want to put in your mouth.

What touch do you most desire? Whose hand? What breeze? What temperature of water?

Don’t tell Me that you don’t love life, the bare bones of life, the long times, the short times, the blank spaces. 

Don’t tell Me that you are not attached to life as it is, even with the tears. What a talent, to be in love with life despite tears and longings? Ah, longings are even a treasured part of life.

You might think you would never want to hear a dog’s long loud barking or a cat’s recurring meow, but, oh, yes, how you would want to have the privilege of wanting to hear a sound once more. The thought of never hearing a sound that you don’t even realize is precious to you is too much to think of.

You may be annoyed every time you can’t find your keys, yet hunting for your keys holds a special pleasure for you. And the joy of finding them is too wonderful to miss.

So, there, in a nutshell, I point out to you that, despite what you might think or say, you are not tired of life. You are in love with life. You may talk a good game. You may say how bored and blasé you feel about life, yet that isn’t so when you come down to it.

You may say you never want another cold in your life, yet, even in the perceived misery of a cold, you have a certain fondness for it. An itch. You may say you never want to scratch again or brush your teeth or cut your toenails, and, yet, you are attached to every iota of life in the world. The long and the short of it is that you enjoy life in the world, even at those moments when you are most sure you don’t.

Gloria WendroffEnjoy the rosebuds while you may. Take big breaths. Enjoy life, the taste of it, the nature of it, the glory of it.

Come to your senses, beloveds. This life in the fictitious world is blessed and beautiful, and you are engaged in it. You know you love the sound of raindrops. You love to sweat, and you love to shiver. Think of it! You are alive on God’s Earth at God’s bidding. You are glad to be alive at this time in history. There has never been another life like this one of yours. And, you know what, there will never be another quite like yours. Hail to the crowning glory here. The hero is you.

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