Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May Daze – Love the Experience of YOU

By Sandra Walter 5-13-14

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The current wave (May 8 -14) is powerful, yet refined. This wave feels subtle and strong at once; peaceful yet purging. Wayshowers and gatekeepers, I understand the need for rest … grab it now. Try not to impose personal will on the transformation, this is a wave to flow with, not steer.

Obviously the energies are getting more refined in their demand for order. Our next gateway is May 25, indicating May 22 – 28 for the full wave of energies. This month is focused on preparation for June, stay true to your heart and your journey’s intentions.

A Focus on Divine HUmanity

This month is a great opportunity for gridworkers and light servers to focus on the individual journey. Why? Because we the June wave feels like the collective is going to get shaken up a bit. My timeline vision goes golden-white mid-June, so I anticipate a good acceleration in the Ascension crowd.

Typically that means the collective feels us leaving (that is leaving a lower state of consciousness), which can bring about anxieties, fears, and emotions. No one wants to be left behind, and those separation scars run deep.

As the division of experiences gets wider (no judgment, it won’t be that way forever) we need to be strong, confident and centered in our hearts. We’re holding a vibration that intimidates the shadow of the old paradigm, and sometimes that shadow is fighting for survival within our beloved friends, family or connections. Gosh some folks can be awful right now. The boomerang effect of Zero Point will take care of things; you have divine permission to love them anyway – from a compassionate, detached distance.

The increase in light this month brings personal disharmony to the surface. Take a look at what arises, but don’t drown in it. Learn from it, re-train your lower levels to deal with fears in a new way, rather than falling back to old comfortable coping mechanisms.  Pure love emanating through an activated heart center overrides all of that easily. Parent the reactions, direct your own journey diligently, and remember that you are the creator of your experience – both your individual reality and your reaction to the collective experience.

There is a focus on restoring purity and divinity as the Crystalline activation energies grow stronger. Assist it with detoxification, fasting and rest. Avoid the yo-yo detox/retox, that may be your own programming fighting for survival. Go for dominion of the lower levels; test yourself now (gently if needed) so it will be easier down the line. Remember that activation and healing take place in calm, focused vessels.

Swimming with the New Current

Last month the energies aimed at martyr and savior dynamics (and will continue to do so). Let’s remember that evolution is most challenging for those walking through first. We are conscious during the process, and it gets weird sometimes. We are doing this out of love, not to be gurus, self-righteous heroes or slaves to the Shift. Yes, the physical effects of Ascension can get tedious and exhausting at times. Yes, the beings and visions and what-the-heck-was-that?! moments can be bizarre (and funny).

You might feel isolated, lonely, bored. That’s nothing to be concerned about at all. It is what it is.
What is a little loneliness, or aches and pains, or strange experiences compared to the end result? Let us not dwell on how difficult or bizarre or challenging it is to be one of the first to embrace evolution. Wayshowing was difficult work as we swam against the old current. It used to be much, much harder than this. The new waves of light flow in the direction of Ascension, changing the current in our favor. It’s all love, love, love.

This is a passage of joy and miraculous transformation. To experience pure divine love, divine light, and divine will is something to be celebrated. Acknowledge your own progress with little victories, little celebrations; make sure that you infuse this journey with joy.

Ascension is a Tremendous Gift to All of Us

Treat it like the precious jewel that it is, the precious gift that it is. Even when the body vehicle is having a hard time keeping up, even when the mind is scrambled, even when the ego demands victory right now or else, even when the emotions wail for no reason, come back to your heart center, breathe in the multi-verse and feel yourself as Source in this experience. Honor the experience of Source-as-Self. Love the experience of YOU.

Gaia is Glowing

Anyone else noticing the golden glow lately? As if someone turned up the exposure?  I will write more about recent experiences with dimensional bleed-through, first contact, wormholes, the glow, all the funky stuff, very soon. Kindwhile, Gaia is beaming with this new light. Get out in nature, even if it is just to walk, sit and BE. The frequency available is healing; it may induce involuntary joy. Shine as directed.

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