Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Disclosure Digest 1-31-17

Wow,  January 2017 Was Enlightening...

  For the Sandra Walter fans out there; links to the whole series of Steve Beckow's articles

I wonder which countries the 15% live in?

Apparently, Pennsylvania, USA is firmly in the 85% majority:

It seems our Shadow Government just noticed the 'brick wall' at the end of their escape tunnel:

 The Donald was even successful in bringing Zen Gardner back to the blogosphere:

Next Ireland will be divesting the Catholic Church, predatory Banksters and Reptilian Royals:

What do Frosted Flakes and Marlboro cigarettes have in common:

 The repetition of this yearly Japanese atrocity is immanent - please send 
your prayers to our hunted Cetacean cousins, in Japan and everywhere else:

And now a little infomercial on basic Buddhism from one of my favorite teachers...enjoy!

The Federation Of Light Update For 1-30-17

 Via Blossom Goodchild

Hello Offworlders! First of all let me say that the topic I’d like to talk about is not because I am depressed. I’m not. Yet, sometimes … and I have heard others express this also, everything seems a little bit pointless! I KNOW we are here to Love and raise the Vibration of ourselves and The Planet, yet STILL … the everyday conversations etc … just seem so trivial, when you consider what we are here to do. Any advice?

Good day to you. Thank you for your consistency in bringing about thoughts that many humans have upon your Planet. We could not possibly consider such a thought, for nothing that we do or think or express in anyway, would be considered mundane or pointless.

Well that’s the thing! I know I shouldn’t feel this way. I should make the most of everything and I try to. Yet, it doesn’t stop my underlying thoughts of ‘What’s the point of this ‘triviality’ … or thinking to myself whilst doing something with others ‘How is this enhancing our souls and indeed our Planet? A lot of activities or conversations do not seem to carry a High Vibration with them.

Let us be polite, yet blunt with you Blossom. This attitude about things is brought about by you. This attitude is how you are CHOOSING to think. You COULD CHOOSE to completely change your thoughts around about any given conversation or activity ... And make your entire Being … your Entire purpose for BEing here … be of GREAT JOY!

This I also know. Yet … with respect … Life down here sometimes, 'aint always sunshine lollipops and rainbows! 

Yet, if you chose it to be … it would be … no matter what the circumstance.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Disclosure Digest 1-30-17

Epitaph For A Brave Assistant US Attorney General: You've Been Fired By the Best, Ma'am

Wow, PCR makes exposing the dark underbelly of fascist Team Dark seem like such fun:

Big Ag = Big Death - It's time for some serious No-Thank-You practice:

 Thanks to the John Smallman for this spot-on bit of channelling:

Brother Beckow serves up some timely reminders from Sandra Walter about surviving difficult times:

This will be the take-down of the Clinton Crime family...enjoy!

Dr. Grammar wades into the realms of Lies, Falsehoods and Untruths: 

Treat yourself to this spot-on interview of Barbara Marx Hubbard from 2012:

Sunday, January 29, 2017

GaiaPortal: Streamliners Command The Planetary Roadways

Channelled By ÉirePort On 1-29-17


Streamliners command the planetary roadways.

Keleg-miners create the paths.

Fires of celebration inspire the masses.

Heavens are opened to the common beings.

Disclosure Digest 1-29-17

He Just Got Here And Already 

The Fire Rooster Is Kickin' Butt

PCR delves into the ramifications of trafficking in "unauthorized ideas":

And whose truth are we talking about anyway:

Ain't synchronicity grand:

We are at the beginning of another great wave of disclosure and Surf's Up:

Aaw, give the bloke a listen, will ya?

Let's drop the whole focus into the 'so-below' department for a look-see:

This one goes sub-atomic and quantum...Git Sum:

Let the Restored Republic Games begin!

 So good to hear that Julian is still speaking truth-to-power from his London perch:

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Becoming A Golden One ~ By Sha-ier

Transmitted Through Sue Lie On1-26-17

Sha-ier 11Greetings, I am Sha-ier,
I am a representative of the Ashtar Command. I am now in training to join the Golden Ones. There were many initiations that I had to complete before I could purify my human component of SELF in order to fully merge with my Multidimensional SELF, and begin my transmutation back into being a Golden One.

In order to begin my re-unification with my Golden One SELF, I was instructed to share the stream of my consciousness from my third dimensional, Physical Self, through my fourth dimensional Astral Self, and into my fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF.

The first, and most confusing component of my sharing is that all these versions of my Multidimensional SELF exist simultaneously within the NOW of the ONE. Within the NOW of the fifth dimension, there is NO separation. Hence, all versions of my, as well as your, Multidimensional SELF simultaneously exist.

My fifth-dimensional Lightbody SELF is serving on one of the many Starships that surround Gaia. Therefore, through the communications within the NOW of my Lightbody SELF, I am honored to assist humanity with the preparation for planetary ascension.

Within this NOW, I am being guided to share my experiences with others, as humans often learn best from those who set an example for them. Hence, I will begin with my first recognition that I was VERY different than other humans.

My first taste of how I was different started back in Kindergarten. My parents were members of the Ashtar Command who had decided to wear a human form in order to better understand those who were wearing a physical body on physical Earth.

Friday, January 27, 2017

GaiaPortal: Harmonics Amplify In Presence Of All With Ears Of Higher Perception

Channelled By ÉirePort On 1-27-17

Harmonics amplify in Presence of all with ears of Higher Perception.

Stepwise introductions present as needed.

Stereotypes are ignored and dissolve with rapidity.

Clearances are given to the Higher Mind Hue-Beings.

Stars rise from the depths.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Saul: Release All Your Doubts And REJOICE!

As you have been told so many times by so many in the spiritual realms “There is no separation, there is only the One.”  Now your scientists have found it to be true, and that everything is connected inseparably to everything else that they are capable of measuring.  They are still having difficulty with the concept that there may be “stuff,” “material,” “consciousness” in the observed universe that exists but which they cannot be aware of through their five senses and which, therefore, they cannot measure with their instruments.  And many of them still believe that even the thought that there could be a 6th sense is but an insane chemical aberration within the brain! 

But some have moved forward beyond that severely limiting concept and are accepting that Reality is far, far vaster than they ever thought possible.  The best and the brightest of them are wise, humble, and open to new concepts which mainstream scientists still refuse to acknowledge, let alone investigate.  However, much progress has been made in the last three or four hundred years because science refused to accept religious dogma.  But now they have their own scientific dogma to replace it, although it is now being actively dismantled.

As humanity’s spiritual awakening continues to advance, more and more of you are becoming open to Love and to the enormous field of knowledge that It contains.  Your planetary damage issues, that seem insoluble, can and will be very easily resolved when minds open to Love and then allow their individual fields of knowledge to accept and investigate new concepts freely instead of refusing to admit that such seemingly preposterous ideas could perhaps have have merit and be worthy of further investigation. 

Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 1-24-17


Via Sheldan Nidle

13 Cauac, 2 Yax, 13 Caban
Dratzo! We come on this day to continue our narrative. Everything is steadily moving forward. The opposition to this distribution has been thoroughly broken. Over the coming months we expect to complete the topside of this very complex procedure. The Republic is finally ready for full disclosure. It has taken a long time, since its formal announcement is still somewhat controversial. We expect the rest of the entire package to be carted out very soon. This de facto regime has been in power for so long that its supposed legitimacy has seemed beyond reproach.

Our mission is therefore tied to explaining to all concerned just how this new governance is to be formally proclaimed. This procedure is nearly ready for disclosure and needs to be explained before this de facto and illegal regime is fully settled in. It is vital that this series of disclosures be fully detailed to the American public. In this regard, we are pledged to change the way this governance is fully announced and properly installed. If done without careful planning, it could cause some initial major damage. Therefore, a proper sequencing needs to be employed.

We have recommended that these important steps commence immediately with a set of formal proclamations about this most sensitive subject. NESARA and its special history requires a formal set of official announcements. Once this is accomplished, the goals for the next 120 days need to be set forth. Over the last two decades, a number of clandestine events occurred, and these need to be divulged. They are to be used to make public a new worldwide financial system. This needs. as well, a general overview of what lies in store for America and the world.

Disclosure Digest 1-26-17

Moving Right Along Folks...

Let's take a look at how the rest of the world experiences our 'attentions':

Good news folks, KP has relocated his sense of humor after a rough stretch of the yellow brick road:

This Sorcha Fal post is worth reading if only for the letter from Tricky Dick to the young Donald:

Here's the most recent Sorcha Fal report on Vaccine-gate:

Followed by second-source confirmation that the CDC raid actually occurred in Atlanta:

Here's another reason why I'm proud to live in Colorado:

 It seems The Ministry of Propaganda isn't going down without a fight:

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

React Or Respond? How Do We Use Our Power?

By Suzanne Maresca On 1-25-17

tranquility-helps-beat-depressionDoesn’t something amazing happen every day now? The Women’s Marches on inauguration day may have been triggered primarily by unhappy thoughts around a Trump presidency…

But there’s so much more here.

These energies amplify and accelerate pretty much everything now, so what started as an idea to gather some women to march on that very day evolved into something much bigger.

I did a little research into why the folks who marched were doing so, in whatever cities all over the planet. The reasons were both personal and collective in nature but overall, it was inspiring that our collective passion was activated.

We were willing to speak as one, to say we’ve had quite enough, thank you.

I trust that there’s no need to recount the myriad injustices that take place every day in our society. We all know what needs to change.

The absolutely most striking thing to me as I saw the pictures of the hundreds of thousands of women…virtually millions of women ~ They were acting as one unit, stating with unmistakable clarity that things will change.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Disclosure Digest 1-24-17

 Some Of This Is Just Plain Hard to Swallow

 There's an awful lot of money to be made in snake-oil sales to the rubes:

 The Donald really has got the lame-stream media on the ropes, such very good news for a change:

PCR provides a good overview of

An insightful video from RT on the real implications of ditching these Team Dark trade deals:

Don't miss this tasty bit of channelling from Sue Lie and the Arcturians::

Disclosure Digest 1-23-17

 Please Bring Your Seatbacks To The Full 

Upright Position For This Next Bit

Lets start with full-frontal Fulford to get the disclosure orb spinning:

Joe Jackson really is a dystopian prophet, remember his 1982 hit 'Everything Gives You Cancer':

George Soros is starting to physically foam at the mouth...sad:

From Chimayo, NM Judith K. Moore gifts us a wonderful channelled message from 'Upstairs':

Are you still cross-eyed from your last download? Sue Lie and The Arcturians can help:

The Latest Kryon Marshmallow Mini Message

Posted By Lee Carroll On 1-23-17

It's Up to You
From Kryon Live Channelling, "The Many You's"
April 2006 in Manhattan, NY

Spirit knows the potentials of all of the things that you might do. It’s extremely complex to you, but to us it is not. It’s multi-dimensional and it loops around in a circle. We can see the potentials of every decision you might make throughout your life. Therefore, we know everything except one thing: In this free-choice situation on this planet, we don’t know which future you’re going to choose. That’s up to you.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Disclosure Digest 1-22-17

Deep State Black Ops...Your Tax Dollars At Work

What the man actually said, it makes for an interesting read:

I don't post from this site unless the piece has legs and rings 'true to ME'  Feel for yourself:

 We are about to collectively discover just how deep and dark the Clinton's world really is:

Wow, when these Crystals get to Congress they can be quite a handful:

Cosmic Chaos getting you down Bunky? Try some of this new Porlana-C:

Saturday, January 21, 2017

GaiaPortal: Portals Of Determination Clarify To All

Channelled By ÉirePort On 1-21-17


Portals of determination clarify to all.

Inner Visions guide the Heralds.

Deft parables are released.

The blind lead the blind, as the cliff approaches.

Eyes that see, share their views.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Disclosure Digest 1-20-17

Welcome To The Apocalypse,

It's Now Official

This Trump-Ed piece just in from our correspondent in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey:

And this from a little South of there via the Agency White Hats:

And even further Southwards we have some post-inauguration insight from PCR:

The Team Dark minions are being neutralized all over the planet, including Isreal:

Ah, but for the real gangsters you just have to follow the money to the top:


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Disclosure Digest 1-19-17

Who's Foolin' You?

Thanks to Denise LeFay for finding this timely piece by Kryon on 'Wild Cards' during Ascension:

More and more folks are spontaneously awakening to the sufferings of the Animal Kingdom:

 A depressing bulletin here - surface-to-air missiles trained on Standing Rock encampments:

"As you can plainly see, I'm not all here myself." The Cheshire Cat:

Let's call it a day with this very informative interview of Magenta Pixie by Alexandra Meadors:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GaiaPortal: Friendlies Are Assembled As Unity Arises

Channelled By ÉirePort On 1-18-17


Friendlies are assembled as Unity arises.

Collaborations of Higher Light support the causes.

Destinies of all proceed direct.

Fantasies are dropped as the Real within expands.

The Bodhisattva

The Team - We Are Here


Channelled By Peggy Black On 1-18-17

A Message From The “We Are Here” ‘team’

 We are here. It is our desire to share these messages and offer an invitation for humans to establish a strong link and awareness connected to the many aspects of their own multidimensional reality. Each and every individual who awakens to the knowing that they are multidimensional Starhumans contributes to the whole.

It is important for humans to realize that they travel from one dimension to another many times a day. Remember you only see what you believe. Reality will match your beliefs. The dimensions are a matter of frequency and vibration. This truth is becoming known to many on your planet.

It is the awareness and the welcoming that allow for the merging and the exchange between our frequency and vibration and your frequency and vibration. Our invitation to you and to all other multidimensional Starhumans is to allow the softening and the merging of the dimensions. Let there be a flow, gently and smoothly.

It is a matter of shifting frequency and vibration. The most powerful tool in this Hologame on earth, the golden key so to speak, is the conscious practice and skill at holding a pure frequency of joy, gratitude and appreciation no matter what is happening, continuing to return to the alchemical chalice of the heart and radiate these vibrations into your daily life, moment to moment to moment.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Disclosure Digest 1-17-17

Leonardo Tried To Warn Us...

FYI - Pentagon White Hats have drawn the line in the sand - no one attacks the President Elect:

Trump To Include Alternative Media in WH Press Corps - this is Yuge:

Reverse psychology...ain't it grand:

Team Dark still trying to exterminate free and sovereign lifeforms...ad nauseam:

The fossil fuel reptilians just keep grinding away at the Standing Rock water warriors:

The unmasking of the Deep State, it's dastardly deeds and crimes against the people, proceeds:

Let's finish off by git'n sum love..Sophia Love that is:

Conversation With The Arcturians 1-12-17

Channelled By Suzanne Lie 

and Shawnna Donop

A:        Hello everyone we are the Arcturians, and we’re here with Shawnna again today.  Suzille and Shawnna wanted to have us check in with you because, wow, things are getting pretty challenging these days for a lot of our Ascending ones.

How about you Shawnna?  We know that Suzille is really having a lot of things going on.  How about you?

S:         I must admit that I’m feeling the same.  It’s an interesting whirlwind of activity for sure.

A:        Yes, what is actually occurring, especially for those who are the leaders, is that the leaders are being called into active duty NOW. The reason for that is because there’s a lot of higher frequency Light in the area through which Gaia is travelling within this NOW. 

Therefore, all of us, Galactic family, are right here to assist you.  The Pleiadians are here to assist you, we the Arcturians are here to assist you, and the Antareans are here to assist you. There are some Ascended Draconians, and they are also here to assist you.

We want you all to remember that you are not alone.  And, the Ascended Masters are there to assist you; the Archangels are there to assist you. And you can call on any of these beings that we have mentioned and any other beings that might be a part of your reality.

Call upon Jesus Sananda.  Jesus is now known as Sananda, and he is the commander of the Ashtar Command.  The Ashtar Command is in charge of the landings, and these landings will come.  They will come within the now.  We say, within the now because to us everything is within the now, because we no longer resonate to time.  But what we do resonate to is the energy fields of the majority of the people on the planet.

Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 1-17-17


Via Sheldan Nidle

6 Eb, 15 Chen, 13 Caban
Dratzo! The procedures agreed upon continue to move forward at their own slow pace. The emphasis as always remains security and the maintenance of an even flow. This operation has thus been reduced to proceeding with major sequences and keeping the public in the dark until certain primary security points are reached. This has become paramount to the success of this process. The initial elements remain the global introduction of the new treasury monies from the new Republic, the complex RV operation in America and the breakout of the GCR.

These new monies are to be accompanied by the official roll out of the new international financial system. At that time, the new designated President can explain NESARA and the jubilee to all. This set of special announcements is eventually to permit a disclosure statement to occur, and to finally permit us to commence our broadcasts to you. This is to set the stage for other events that can force world peace and a way to produce the environment dreamed of when NESARA was first proposed in the late 1990s. This global condition can lead to a number of other events.

One of the major events to follow the rise of NESARA and the new NESARA Republic is the formal implementation of the new financial system. Already we can see how the new international banking system is to be introduced worldwide. This is being rolled out first in China and to the rest of Asia. Then it is to be made dominant in Europe, the Americas and Africa. Oceania is to be the final stop for the new banking reality.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Arcturian Group Message, January 15, 2017

Greetings dear friends. Once again we come in love to commune with you, aware of all you are facing in these rapidly changing times. Many of you are in the process of integrating higher dimensional energies which can leave you feeling depleted and confused as physical and emotional issues connected with the clearing process rise to the surface.

Everyone is feeling the effects of the new and higher frequencies of Light flowing to earth at this time. Even those with no interest in such things cannot avoid its effects. These dear ones who do not understand the spiritual nature of what is taking place at this time interpret their experiences according to their belief system, usually believing that they have a physical, emotional, or mental problem.

We wish to speak of how your attained state of consciousness affects others. Love in its purest form is a  high-vibrational energy of pure Light which when aligned with, can lift another to the level of the one holding this resonance–one who recognizes the Divine nature of everything.

The resonance of a consciousness filled with unconditional love is felt physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by all coming in contact with it, making many into lightworkers without them even realizing it.

Many yet remain unaware of who and what they really are or that the energy they radiate affects those around them as well as adding to the universal energy of the planet as a whole. This is why it is important to be aware of your thoughts and beliefs or of thinking that your thoughts are hurting no one if you don’t say them out loud.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

GaiaPortal: Light BEings Are Strengthened As Closures Are Finished

Channelled By ÉirePort


Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished.

Handles are removed.

Flares of assistance are launched.

Cosmics come to the rescue for the I AM willing.

Spectaculars from Volcanics surface.