Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Disclosure Digest 1-31-17

Wow,  January 2017 Was Enlightening...

  For the Sandra Walter fans out there; links to the whole series of Steve Beckow's articles

I wonder which countries the 15% live in?

Apparently, Pennsylvania, USA is firmly in the 85% majority:

It seems our Shadow Government just noticed the 'brick wall' at the end of their escape tunnel:

 The Donald was even successful in bringing Zen Gardner back to the blogosphere:

Next Ireland will be divesting the Catholic Church, predatory Banksters and Reptilian Royals:

What do Frosted Flakes and Marlboro cigarettes have in common:

 The repetition of this yearly Japanese atrocity is immanent - please send 
your prayers to our hunted Cetacean cousins, in Japan and everywhere else:

And now a little infomercial on basic Buddhism from one of my favorite teachers...enjoy!

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