Saturday, March 31, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-31-18


Just Hangin' Out On A Holiday Weekend

The 9Th Dimensional Arcturian Council is promoting 'the attitude of gratitude' these days:

We haven't heard from Ashtar in a while; here he is with some very welcome information:

More medical mafia disinformation dragged out into the light of responsible scientific examination:

Ho hum...another 'conspiracy theory' proven to be true; who was suppressing all those patents;

Lionel groks Rosanne's Return; good clean fun for the whole darn family:

WWCC of 9: The Kali Activation (Easter 2018)

I have crossed oceans of time and space to be here, on Terra Gaia, incarnate as a human being,  just to receive THIS message; that My12-Strand DNA has activated at the Quantum level!
 Grok Sum!

Via Magenta Pixie

(And The Easter Bunny)

On 3-30-18

(This video is available on

Friday, March 30, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-30-18

 Friday Full Moon Follies

Jordan on the most recent Q Drops and how they are working out into the lightworker community:

Lionel does a fine job of elucidating the fine points of the Q phenomenon and disclosure:

This is the best, most recent overview of the true scale of the licit/illicit narco attacks on Americans:
And here is some backstory on just how, and by whom, Big Pharma was created:

We’re talking very big bucks:' this new bill could put Big Oil on the hook for climate change costs:

Thanks to Bro Beckow for digging this salient message from SaLuSa out of the archives; enjoy:

We wrap up this digest with the latest sharing from Our Lady of Mt. Shasta, Sandra Walter:

GaiaPortal: Isles Of Wight Stay The Course For All Hue-manity

Channelled By ÉirePort On 3-30-18


Isles of Wight stay the course for all Hue-manity.

Elements of brilliance shine upon the Druid regions.

Spectres of the past are released.

The New Path is unveiled.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-28-18

Can You Feel It?

Turn off the TV, grab some popcorn and join Dr. Corsi for some home schooling:

Jordan Sather's latest protestations and some musings on Q as a Psy-Op; a double dip just for you:

Lionel discusses, in high style, America's current ascension symptoms and QAnon:

Then he goes down the pedogate rabbit hole; why is this significant?

The Cabal drug operations are still huge in Florida; now the cops are willing bagmen:

Organic farming is rebounding big time; kudos to Costco for providing wide scale access to organics:

Zen teacher John Tarrant offers seven guidelines for taking advantage of life’s crises and surprises:

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Arcturian Group: Your Evolutionary Journey

Via Marilyn Raffaele On 3/25/18

Greetings, dear ones. Once again we lovingly offer guidance in order to assist your evolutionary journey at this time of so much chaos and change. The evolutionary journey has no ending but simply continues to unfold into other dimensions as new levels of awareness are attained. Because every individual is an expression of an Infinite Reality, unfolding consciousness never reaches a completion point but rather will continue to express infinitely.

Divine Ideas simply are–they have no beginning and no ending and constitute the substance from which all things are formed because you cannot make something out of nothing. These Divine ideas (creator substance energy), are understood according to the attained level of consciousness of the observer.

Some religious traditions teach that the world is an illusion, but the world is not an illusion, Gaia is a pure spiritual universe peopled with sons of God. Rather, it is the un-awakened interpretations and creations of the human conditioned mind that constitute illusion.

Everything within the dense three dimensional belief system, much that you have come to know and believe as reality, represents only the very tiniest tip of a vast reality iceberg awaiting recognition. There will always be more, new, and exciting realities to explore. Allowing yourself to evolve beyond the third dimensional belief system is an exciting and never ending journey, one that you are only now beginning to understand as such.

Life is an ongoing adventure throughout all dimensions but those not yet able to comprehend this, continue holding to the illusions of material sense in the belief that spirituality is not real, irrelevant, boring, impractical, and not worth pursuing.

Disclosure Digest 3-27-18

 A Short List of Farsighted Individuals

Effortless and spot-on wisdom flows through Brenda Hoffman's biological telephone:
This week's Full Frontal Ben nails it with another man-cave ready polemic on the Cabal take-down:

Marilyn Raffaele's personal blog is pretty punchy; here's a sample:

Speaking of in-your-face-stuff; grok some Paul Craig Roberts on a Righteous Rant:

I've come to accept Blossom as a perennial dimensional recalcitrant; and I mean that in a good way:

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-25-18

The Perennial Springtime Question: 

Was That The Last Snowstorm?

 Boulder astrologer Nan DeGrove welcomes the awakening Spring of 2018:

Some choice comments on current events from Jordan Sather and Dr. Jerome Corsi - Grok Sum:

Shekinah Rose brings us the latest news from the Sedona Vortex/City of Light:

So it's been a tough week at the Photonic Follies; is that what's troubling ya' Bunkie?

Kryon explains the latest rule changes in Earthschool Game; don't be the last one to find out:

Michael's Message April 2018: Are You Ready?


Via Ronna Herman Vezane, Sacred Scribe

Beloved masters, it has been some time since we discussed the Cities of Light in the higher realms and the wondrous gift that has been made available to humanity. We have observed that many of you, as part of your earthly mission, are actively involved in anchoring the Creator Light (Adamantine Particles) within yourselves, into the crystalline grid of the Earth, and then radiating the remainder out into the world at large. However, even though discontent, fear and anger abound, the human majority is still not ready to accept the fact that great changes in every area of life on Earth are in the making and that time is of the essence.

The masses are still in denial and resistant to change, and most are incapable of absorbing what they feel are far-fetched, radical teachings of the coming age of en-Lighten-ment. We have told you over and over again that you are the transducers, the receptacles, the human vessels into and through which the rarified frequencies of the future must flow in order to be anchored on Earth and made available to all earthly creations. That is why it is so important for you to balance and harmonize your personal frequency patterns and to “return to center,” in order to accommodate the greatest amount of the crystalline Creator Fire of Life/Love.

If you will remember, some time ago, we explained how, as the Earth was formed and made ready for human inhabitation; there were gigantic crystalline spires of Living Light implanted deep within the Earth that also extended high into the skies above ground.  These sentient spires, which surrounded the world, were the receivers and senders of the sacred geometric codes of Light from the Great Central Sun, and the energetic codes/frequencies of the Earth were then radiated back into the higher realms so that the great Beings of Light could monitor the progress of Earth and humanity. These magnificent pillars of Light were also used to modify and refine the Divine blueprint and the frequencies of Light which were being sent forth onto the Earth and throughout the grid system.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

GaiaPortal: Centers Are Stabilized For Future Developments

Channelled By ÉirePort On 3-24-18

Centers are stabilized for future developments.

Elterns have illuminated the Path.

Gaia novenas come to the fore.

Elements transmute.

Energy Update: Solar Storms, Retrogrades And Sovereignty

 Morag is spot on with her advice on navigating our current planet shifting retrograde Chaotic Node cluster-bleep. Step away from the drama and git sum!

By Morag O'Brien On 3-23-18

We are deep in the midst of solar storms blasting high frequencies into our atmosphere. Mercury Retrograde has joined Jupiter Retrograde for a double dose of icky, sticky, tricky unpredictability. Emotions run high creating clashes and confrontation. We are stepping into our power. We are seeing through matrix masks. We become less tolerant of disrespect, manipulation and deceit. We become less tolerant of abuse, be it misogyny or any of the isms our society is plagued with. We become less tolerant of spiked language, as we develop self respect. Anger is bubbling to the surface at every turn. Many may feel like giving up. As warriors of peace, of Gaia, of light are we really warriors of humanity? Gaia is transcending in quantum leaps of frequencies. Does it matter if many souls choose to remain in the third dimension? Can we judge anyone in darkness without walking a mile in their shoes? Maybe it’s time to let go, what will be, will be.

The tipping point of what many of us feel able to handle is flitting dangerously close. The ever widening polarity chasm between left and right, service to others versus service to self, is taking it’s toll on both sides. Frustration, cross comments and heated disagreements are rife online, in our personal lives and on the global stage. To the right, the left are still bleeding-heart-commies/hippes/do-gooders. To the left, the right are sheeple, enabling a tiny number of hugely powerful, wealthy individuals to remain in power. It would seem at the moment that ne’er the twain shall meet. Maybe we have to accept this. Maybe we have to stop thinking we can save people by igniting their soul with compassion. Maybe we have to accept that there are many who have made their choice. As Cypher proves ‘reinsert me into The Matrix…ignorance is bliss’.

Are we wasting our time in pointless political debate? Are we wasting our energy on unified collectivity rhetoric? Are we wasting our headspace exposing rabbit holes of corruption, depravity and deceit? Is it a pointless task trying to help people see we are not the only intelligent lifeform in our galaxy? If all those who are standing up for the rights of others stopped, what would happen? If we stopped challenging fascist conditioning. If we stopped lifting the veils on mass mainstream programming. If we stopped challenging selfish belief systems? Would those wrapped up in their own lives of status, image, money and superiority even notice? Would they heave a great sigh of relief that there was no longer opposition to war, poverty, hierarchy or discrimination? Would they pat themselves on the back, victory at last.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-23-18


Start your weekend with a large, chilled tumbler of Shungite charged pure water:

Corporate capitalism is so over; here's another terminal prognosis for our financial system:

Zarton Lives! Here's the fourth installment of his current messages through sue Lie:

Waiting for Godot we find Bro Beckow having a rhetorical conversation with his Guide, go figure:

Leave it to those Russians to give us a true overview of our very own lamestream media:

The Arcturian Council Message For Awakened Souls

 Via Morag O'Brien On 3-22-18

We are the Arcturian Council. We bring news of the Great Shift. We seek to reassure that no timeline is set in stone, no decision made without opportunity to transform. We have come to warn of potential great unrest. We seek to balance our warning with love. We do not want to exacerbate the situation on Gaia. We seek only to affect the outcome of Gaia’s ascension for the positive.

We ask warriors of light to release all last traces of fear. There is need for calm. Great swathes of negative energy are clouding the light on Gaia. As more awaken, tearing down the walls of deceit, fear is locking down their energetic systems. We see in colors and we see this energy as grey, dark and heavy. We can see density in its fabric. If these low frequencies are allowed to settle into Gaia’s vibration they will block future tidal waves of photonic light. Higher vibratory fields of light triggered by cosmic intervention. We can already see this light wave coming, as some of those on Gaia also see.

The tipping point between awakening and higher consciousness is being reached by many. Light workers prepare for business. The training of the last few Earth years has been partly in preparation for 2018. This is a key time in Gaia’s quantum leap. The American Solar Eclipse, as you aptly call it, in 2017 threw light on the darkness in the global elite’s strong hold. There has been a great and steady roll out of truth following this spotlight. There has been much done to prepare you. We commend warriors of Gaia who have shone their own lights into darkness in the face of contempt from unawakened souls. We are in continual awe of the integrity, courage and soul strength individuals have shown in this profound fight for freedom.

The Creator Writings: Two Notes

Channelled By Jennifer Farley On 3-22-18

Oh, what a roller coaster of emotions you have been on these past few days!  ‘Old stuff’ is coming to the surface and bursting forth faster than you can process it and the highs are so high you feel as if you will float away!  When the not so good stuff comes, your body and soul are reacting to the release with that ‘high’ feeling, buoyant and light. The best thing you can do for yourself in these moments is to treat yourself gently and lovingly.  Feed your body nourishing, comforting foods and take a bit of time daily to be in a quiet, non-invasive space.  The ups and down may be challenging for you to move through but, as always, The Universe knows you can do it and is supporting you.

Another noteworthy effect of this shift; some are choosing to cross over…very quickly and without prior notice.  Their souls had a deep knowledge of this event and made the choice to participate in this shift in a much different way.  It may be very painful for those of you left on your Earth plane but know that your friends and loved ones are helping and supporting you just as The Universe is.  They and their amazing gifts will be guiding you as you continue to grow and learn here. ~ Creator

Angelic Guides: Emotions Are Your Energetic Nerves

Via Taryn Crimi On 3-22-18

Your emotions are your indicators to let you know what vibrational “channel” you have tuned into. However most humans allow their thoughts to be determined by their circumstances as they continually react to the experiences around them.

You see, if you were to place your hand in a fire, you have nerves in your hands to let you know that it hurts. You would quickly remove your had. Not once would you leave your hand in the fire, and then discuss with those around you how badly your hand hurts. Nor would you keep your hand in the fire to justify the pain you are feeling. Yet we watch as so many humans do exactly this with negative emotions such as fear, emotional pain, sadness anxiousness and many other negative feelings.

Your emotions were simply meant to act as energetic nerves to help you quickly decipher and move away from what causes you emotional pain, just as your physical nerves are meant to quickly alert of you physical pain so that you can remove the cause immediately. You intended to use your emotions to help you gain clarity upon what you like and what you do not.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Process Your Emotions Before the Shift

 Via Daniel Scranton On 3-22-18

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are embarking upon a journey now that will take you through some experiences that you have set up for yourselves in order to elicit certain emotions. When you are in the midst of clearing and processing these emotions, please keep in mind that it is a necessary part of the process, and it is better for you to do it now rather than later.

As the energies continue to bombard your planet, you are going to find it harder and harder to ignore that which is within you and needs to come up and out. At some point, you would find it downright impossible. But now, while it is only challenging for you to face these emotions, and you get to do it in your own timing, with the support of others, and with the support of beings like us, we suggest that you allow these emotions to flow through you.

Now if you have been suppressing your emotions or numbing yourself with drugs or alcohol, it’s time to stop doing that. It’s time for all of you who are here to lead the way in the shift in consciousness to open yourselves up and let those emotions out. This is the way that you make room for the higher frequency energies. This is the way that you lead by example, and this is the way that you make the shift easier, more comfortable, and you make it possible for the shift to be pure ecstasy and joy for you.

It’s going to be much harder for those who are not facing what they need to face within them, and having done the work on yourselves, you are going to be the ones to hold their hands through the process. You are going to hold space for them then, as we are holding space for you now.

We also suggest that when you see one of your fellow awakened beings having a hard time emotionally that you listen, support, and show compassion for your fellow traveler. It is through those types of actions that you will come to a place where some of you are always doing the clearing and releasing, and others are always doing the supporting. And that is the world that you all want to be living in. That compassion will bring you into the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Archangel Michael: Equinox March 2018: Diamond Light, the New Earth, Sacred Clarity and the Opening of Conscious ReGenesis

Via Celia Fenn On 3-21-18

Beloved Ones, the Equinox on March 2018 is a powerful moment in the Spiral of the Sacred Year. 

The Equinox Star Gate is an 8th Dimensional Solar Gateway and it is transmitting waves of Diamond Light to the Earth along with powerful magnetic waves of Light Codes and Water Codes.

What does this mean for you and for the Earth?

These powerful waves of Light that are being received at the time of the Equinox transition (change of seasons) are assisting you to release and clear away remnants of old Time Lines and to focus on the New Earth Time Spirals that are being activated in this cycle.  Whatever is leaving your life at this moment is not necessary for your New Earth creations and journey.

As the old Time Lines collapse and merge, old feelings and memories may come up.  Fragments of what was or what might have been will surface to be experienced and then released.  Do not hold onto old dreams or old wounds, simply let them go and bless them for what they have given you or what you have learned.

As you let go, you are making space for Dreams and Creations that have more clarity and are in resonance with the Higher Frequencies of the New Earth.

Disclosure Digest 3-21-18

Time To Connect

Sheldan Nidle is back in fine form with an uplifting update from the Folks In His Rafters:

Jordan Sather does a short video on his favorite topic, personal healing followed by a DTI update:

This is the first public announcement of how American swamp drainage is being organized:

Bro Beckow enlightens us as to who's who among the Illuminati:

Current chaotic nodes are huge distraction and the source of great insight; grok sum Chaos Dharma:

Disturbing Truth - child trafficking is big business on planet Earth; when we see it, we can fix it:

Magenta Pixie offers us Ostara Blessings in this Song For The Equinox; git sum:

‘The Team’: You Are A Conscious Alchemist

Via Peggy Black On 3-20-18

We are here offering our support and our acknowledgement for your continued commitment to transforming this reality. We are aware that you sometimes question that commitment and even wonder if you and your action are making any difference at all.

Let us reassure you that you are making a difference. There are many, many more of you who are aware of your personal power to create. You are triggering and spreading this knowledge with everyone you encounter.  This awareness vibrates in your energy field, it radiates around you, it is a gentle frequency that touches the other and reminds them that they are divine.
You are making a difference every time you recognize a misqualified thought or feeling within yourself and when you shift that thought or feeling into one that is coherent, more loving, more inclusive. Realize that each and every time you shift a limiting pattern or thought to a more expansive one, the entire collective field is affected, is uplifted.

Imagine that you are part of a movement, you are part of an evolution in consciousness. This is truly happening around your world, in small pockets of light, in large gatherings of conscious beings, in silent actions by the many light workers and transformers everywhere. Your numbers are growing; conscious light is igniting, kindling, the conscious light within others.  More and more are waking up and becoming aware of who they are as magnificent multidimensional beings.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-19-18

Observations From The Dark Side

Great Idea Du Jour: Salvation Army opens it's first nonprofit grocery store to combat food deserts:

Why am I not surprised that our MD/Pushers are lavishly compensated by Big Pharma:

Enough already with this gradual disclosure! Just tell us we already have a Starfleet:
Jim Hightower is starting to see the Global Prosperity at the end of the tunnel:

Apparently, POTUS is pushing for the adoption of this concept by the FCC:

Master Astrologer, Stephanie Austin, offers us a survival guide for the month of March:

I see this Jupiter retrograde period as the ideal time frame for de-constructing the Cabal:

Please ignore all the hysterical cries from Cabal G7 countries for a war with Russia:
Just remember, another World War is NOT in our Ascension Timeline future:

Archangel Metatron On The Great Path Of Light

 Channelled By Adele Arini On 3-9-18

Greetings, Masters of Light!
I am overjoyed to see the amazing effects; the awakening and embodiment of your Higher Selves have on your planet and galaxy. Everything is intricately connected; what each of you experience daily in your life, we your Guides, Angels and your Galactic Brothers/Sisters, feel it too. We are excited! Everything is going so well, way beyond our more realistic expectations!

More and more of you have begun to live an 'authentic' life; staying true to your Self and always following your Inner Guidance and Higher Heart. Releasing everything that is not aligned with your Higher Path/Purpose has gradually become easier for you. You are all becoming a fully grown 5D adult; remembering how truly powerful your Higher Self is and what the Ascension process is truly all about.

Your Higher Self, your great and powerful Soul, was created into being by God in His/Her perfect likeness. All of you, during the many lifetimes you spent in the higher dimensions, had once upon a time created Planets, Suns and Galaxies. You are all children of God/Source/Prime Creator, and yet, you are all Gods/Goddesses in your own right. Each soul was created with the very essence of Holiness and Divinity of Source, the All That Is.

Now, have you ever wondered why God created so many souls, so many children? What was His purpose in doing so? It is really simple my friends. Our Creator longed to experience Himself as the Love that He Is. He created an infinite number of different expressions of Himself, so that He can experience Life through each and every one of you. He gave His 'Other Selves', i.e. your Higher Selves, the free will to do whatever you would like to do with the gift of life that He had given you. He then proceeded to create an unlimited number of physical 'playgrounds' for you to play in; located in various different dimensions, galaxies, planets and universes. He also created countless number of civilizations, all across the Multiverse. 

GaiaPortal: Glasses Come To Fullness With Light

Channelled By ÉirePort On 3-19-18

Glasses come to fullness with Light.

Dark remainders are handled.

Channels for the new Gaia bearers are opened.

Masters they are.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-18-18

The Game Is Afoot On Turtle Island

Well, it's about time Bro Beckow came out of the conspiratorial closet, so to speak; kudos:

Some tips on multi-dimensional self care in this short video from Patricia Cota-Robles:

Magenta A Capella, giving a great interview and tellin’ it like it is in her own words:

While marching out all the 'usual suspects' let's not forget Bossom and Co:

Or Matthew,  for that matter. Here's his latest Message via Suzy Ward:

Denise LeFay waxes rhapsodic on the New Embodiment Level manifesting NOW:

Multiple-Mike graces us with a SaLuSa-like message for this week; git sum: