Monday, March 19, 2018

Disclosure Digest 3-19-18

Observations From The Dark Side

Great Idea Du Jour: Salvation Army opens it's first nonprofit grocery store to combat food deserts:

Why am I not surprised that our MD/Pushers are lavishly compensated by Big Pharma:

Enough already with this gradual disclosure! Just tell us we already have a Starfleet:
Jim Hightower is starting to see the Global Prosperity at the end of the tunnel:

Apparently, POTUS is pushing for the adoption of this concept by the FCC:

Master Astrologer, Stephanie Austin, offers us a survival guide for the month of March:

I see this Jupiter retrograde period as the ideal time frame for de-constructing the Cabal:

Please ignore all the hysterical cries from Cabal G7 countries for a war with Russia:
Just remember, another World War is NOT in our Ascension Timeline future:

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