Thursday, January 31, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-31-19

 A Quantum Tide Lifts All Boats

Creator re-states the obvious here; yeah, it’s edgy alright: 

An astute geopolitical primer outlining the real globalist coup attempt in Venezuela; grok sum:

This story is going to explode into the collective consciousness any moment now; grok on:

Fully formed, unsullied human fetuses are worth their weight in gold to the Satanic cultists who skim the best of the crop from abortion clinics; your tax dollars at work:

The  ancient voice of god tech is being trotted out as a ‘new’ discovery; BS in extremis:

Trump can make this deal happen yesterday...pray for Peace on Gaia:

Tired of being cheated and poisoned by bottom-line-feeding corporations? grok-a-lot:

As the alliance winds down this sick program we get a look at it's twisted origins; git yer barf-bag:

Morag is getting more traction with her sharings; here's one posted recently on GAoG - enjoy:

Kryon - Global Warming Or Mini-Ice Age?

By Lee Carroll On 1-31-19 

Hopefully as you read this, many of you in the northern hemisphere are able to stay warm! My country is now seeing the beginning weather change of what is going to occur over and over. This "absurdly cold weather not seen before" (CNN) is upon us.

The most on-going controversial message from Kryon continues to be weather change. For over a decade, Kryon has given the statement "Cold is coming." The main controversy is that this information is totally at odds from the current popular on-going push about Global warming." Kryon is a "greenie," and has said many times to clean up the pollution because we are killing ourselves. He also tells us that the planet will survive with or without us.

ASHEVILLE, NC - 2008: "You're in a water cycle that is profoundly set to create a mini-ice-age. It may seem odd to you that it gets hot before it has to get cold, but if you will look into your geology records, you will find the exact same thing has happened before."

Kryon has also told us that what is happening now while Humans are here, is the same as what happened before when Humans were not here. It's a cycle of weather that we did NOT cause, and which the planet has seen numerous times. It is linked to the cosmos (the sun), and the ice-core samples clearly show this cycle.

AA Michael - The Empowering Gift Of Forgiveness

Via Ronna/Sacred Scribe On 2-1-19

Beloved masters, as the higher frequencies of Light and Creator wisdom permeate the Earth and humanity, a radical shift in consciousness is taking place.  More and more precious Souls are questioning their basic beliefs and examining their life patterns, the many structures they have built, both physical and mental, which make up their personal reality. Fear and uncertainty are rampant, and a great majority of people fear that the best times are past, and the future looks bleak and uncertain.

It is normal to resist or be uncomfortable with dramatic changes, especially when people feel they are not in charge and in control of their future. That is why it is so important to tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self, and to connect with your wonderful angelic guides and teachers.

Know that the pathway home has always been in place and your return to the higher realms of illumination is assured. However, be aware that the secret of how this is accomplished comes from within, not from your outer world.  The internal transformation process can be accomplished with ease and grace when you once again gain access to the wisdom of your Sacred Heart and Mind. We encourage you to take advantage of all the wonderful information that is coming forth from the Realms of Light via the many messengers and teachers who have dedicated their lives to bringing forth advanced universal wisdom.

Beloved ones, you are deep in the process of healing past transgressions, and releasing the painful memories of your many past lives on the earthly plane – as well as those from throughout your solar system and galaxy as well.

We have said before, you will not be punished or cast into hell. Will you please heed our words? You are not judged – you never have been judged by anyone or any Being from the unseen or higher realms – YOU ONLY JUDGE YOURSELF!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-29-19


  Time To Git Yer Space Weather On!

There's enough cosmic incoming headed our way to fry the expired Old 3D dimensional grids:

An insightful essay on planetary liberation from a senior Lightworker; Grok some Gilliland:

Be kind to your local Sheriff; they really are on your side and take no orders from TD:

Ben goes way down the rabbit hole in this one; Oy! I knew it was bound to happen:

It's time to round up the usual Cabal drug pushers, both licit and illicit; Spacey too s.v.p.:

Food is your first medicine; no side effects if it’s Organic - munch a bunch:

A Message To Humanity...

 Facebook Post By Teri Wade

Image may contain: text It’s time for the world and America to wake up and grow up and end the ignorance and beliefs that have nothing to do with God or the origins of humanity. We no longer have the luxury of remaining in ignorance and acting outside of Universal Law. What is being done in the name of God and country is an abomination. We have been lied to and mind controlled our entire existence and it must end.

Earth has been visited and colonized many, many times going back hundreds of millions of years. The Annunaki… Those who came from Heaven to Earth were one of these colonizers. Some of these races operated under Universal Law and service to others, others were self-serving and took advantage of the primitive people meaning us the human race.

They came in physical ships and ships that were just pure energy. They had weaponry the human mind can’t even comprehend. Earth was started and restarted many times due to ongoing wars. Sunken cities and pyramids underneath the sea are testimony to these wars.

Governments and Religions know all about this, they know all about our ancient past only to keep hidden, to keep the human race ignorant, divided and brilliantly controlled. There is no right wing, left wing that is all a very destructive distraction. There is a global, a planetary control system that most have no idea about. I know I hammer on the heavily religious but they are totally ignorant to their real handler’s.

GaiaPortal: Flashes Of Light Cannons Are Viewed With Gratitude

Channelled By √ČirePort On 1-29-19

Flashes of Light cannons are viewed with gratitude.

Portions of mesmer are refused.

Philanthropics are engaged for hu-manity.

Stardust engaged.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Arcturian Group Message: The Point-Of-No-Return Has Been Reached

Channelled By Marilyn Raffaele On 1-27-19

Welcome to the new age, dear ones, for in spite of appearances you are indeed on the cusp of the new age long predicted by seers of the past and present. The evolutionary process cannot be stopped because it is simply the process of awakening to what already is.

Sooner or later every soul tires of the fruitless efforts involved in third-dimensional living and without personal alignment to feed them, the illusions of material sense begin to fade away.
Evolution can be ignored and delayed but cannot disappear because it is the means by which every soul awakens out of illusion and into reality.

Try not to imbue your concerns with power over you, but rather remain centered in the realization that your oneness with Divine consciousness constitutes your oneness with harmony, peace, abundance, and wholeness–everything IT is. Then after doing that, take the human footsteps you may be guided to take.

Many are suffering at this time of transition and those on the other side are well aware of it. The world has not been abandoned, nor is it being punished for its “sins.” Events taking place in these times are necessary to the completion cycles of clearing for Earth’s ascension process that is now well on its way. A point of no return has been reached.

Disclosure Digest 1-28-19

Postcards From The Swamp


 Sing It! Bad Orange Man...

It's meshugga, this Soros clone in Davos sounds like a White Hat on the chans; whoda thunkit:

Part Deux of Jordan Sather's eye-opening interview on the (not so) Secret Space Programs; grok on:

Apparently they still haven't run out of MK Ultra conditioned Manchurian maniacs to set off: Sad:

The ongoing migration-waves-as-weapons strategy by Team Dark is getting really old:

Keep It Simple; the US is totally wrong about Venezuela; luckily they have good allies:

 While we're down under let's pay Blossom a visit and get the latest FOL download; Krikey:

The Arcturians: On The Edge Of The Next Frequency Of Reality

Through Sue Lie On 1-26-19

More and more of you are starting to see yourselves standing on “THE EDGE.”

“The Edge of what?” we may ask.

You will not know what you are “at the edge of” until you are there.

The reason for this is that:

“The EDGE is when you can perceive yourselves at the edge of what you are releasing and transmuting into the EDGE of Your next higher Frequency of Reality.

We say “next” because there will be more and more fifth dimensional energy fields that will be searching Gaia to share their fifth dimensional energy fields with the areas of Gaia that are still strong enough to accept such a powerful gift.

Unfortunately, there are still humans who have not yet remembered the promise they made before their incarnation on Earth. This promise was to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to remember that they took this body on Earth to fulfill a promise to assist Gaia.

They made this promise to Gaia from the safety of their fifth dimensional Homeworld, or Starship. Therefore, many of them were surprised to see how damaged Gaia had become and how this damage was getting worse rather than better.

Disclosure Digest 1-27-19

Downloads From The 

Folks In The Rafters

Saul, via John Smallman, has a way of presenting multi-dimensionality like it's a slam dunk; Not:

Brenda Hoffman makes it official with this channelling; get plenty of R&R and lots of H2O:

Svali does some Q&A as we peek behind the dark curtain of Illuminati cult training circa 2008:

Multiple Mike passes on this Lord Sananda message extract through Elizabeth Trutwin; grok on:

Our old friend Ron Head channels The Council, discussing some apparent frequential contradictions:

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Celestial Events Message From The Arcturian Council

Channelled By Morag O'Brien On 1-26-19

Contributing writer,
Welcome dear ones to the higher realms of perception, where thought manifests on quantum frequencies. We are members of the Arcturian Council of 12, assigned, volunteers, to aid humanity in Gaia’s Ascension. We can offer great tidings of joy, light and love. The transition from 3d to 4d has been successful. The third dimension, weighed down by primitive drives has been transcended. Much has changed from our perspective.

The World, your world has shrunk, it becomes more authentic as each of you complete karmic clearing and integrate upgrades. The process was completed on the close of the last moon cycle, we have been waiting and watching, observing variables. We would like to speak today of combat in the fourth realm. We would like to equip you with knowledge that will aid in your understanding of the Change in vibrations. We hope to press upon you the delicate nature of manifestation, the signatures of energy and resonance.

Dear ones we are close by, communicating with several humans on Earth. Our message is being delivered in truth and as lies. We are here to set the record straight. We are not saviors, we are aids. We are not miracle workers, angels or demons. We are from a world not so far from earth. We travel light years as you travel miles. We see future, present and past simultaneously.

We see timelines breathing, evaporating, switching and flickering in and out. Our collective conscious is in part due to telepathy, a skill humanity is downloading as we speak. We are individuals within a higher energetic space of oneness. There are many of us, though only a few are here in the physical realm. We use Portals to bend space enabling us to travel great distances quickly. We have been traveling for millennia, recording all we experience.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-24-19

Terence Kemp McKenna 

(November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000)

I really do miss the psychedelic wit and wisdom to Terrence McKenna; here's his take on TV:

This  channelled message by Brenda Hoffman puts the co-creative ball squarely in our court:

Jordan Sather is interviewed by the Edge of Wonder guys on the Secret Space Programs; Grok on"

Bronco Billy Ballard is back making videos again; he's still spaced-out looking good, ponderable:

This post migrated from 8Chan to Voat and deserves to be spread far and wide; Truth will out:

Over at Intel Dinar Chronicles the latest Reval news looks like this; good work Judy:

On the vaccine front more startling news is breaking through the fog of ignorance; 2 for you:

Thanks to Steve Beckow for finding this highly pertinent info on Ascension from Matthew Ward:

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-23-19

Time To Kick Back,

Light Up A Spliff

And Enjoy...

The biggest, most closely guarded truth about Cannabis - It's the 'antidote' for Big Pharma; Gitsum:

This Adamu piece from our Sympathy-for-the-Devil File bears re-reading as the Follies progress:

The lame-stream media will be the last place you'll find out that the world is in active Revolution:

Sorcha Fal, what's going on? So much good reporting; so little dis-info; Bravo, digital Comrades:
Uncle Vlad  sez - Anons would be wise to keep [Backpage/Perkins Coie] firmly in the kill box: 

 Kejrej (KayRy)is getting the Galactic/Alliance memos and it shows in his op-ed pieces; enjoy:

Disclosure of the not-so-Secret Space Programs and their tech is screaming along; Grok On:
Just a reminder to vote for clean, healthy food with yer damn feet; eat right and protect the Temple: 

Collateral damage to the Catholic Church is happening worldwide and on many fronts: Amen:

A lovely and informative multi-dimensional pointing out instructions from Sue and the Arcturians;

GaiaPortal: Perturbations In The Matrix Are Felt By All

Channelled By √ČirePort On 1-23-19

Perturbations in the matrix are felt by all.

Planetary awakenings are near completion.

Fairy tales are abandoned.

Dark forests are cleared.

Nature Spirits rejoice.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-22-19

Welcome To The First Day

Of The Restored Republic

Let's swing into the swamp with this week's Full Frontal Fulford report in it's entirety; grok on:

My best info has George Soros being dead for the last 18 months, though his 'machine' marches on:

Israel, the Khazarian black ops capital of the world; Dark to Light; severely twisted business model:

A virtual tour of the rigged casino of modern wealth management; Haves have and you don't:

I predict this Dump-The-UN-Bill is going to sprout wings as congress gets cleaned up:

Here's a synopsis of the real science on Glyphosate - the Anti-Life,  NWO wet dream; Yuck:

Water is multi-dimensional and not bound by our provincial physics; Dr. Masaru Emoto knew it:

Monday, January 21, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-21-19

Samsara Is Dissolving Into The Light

The Angels message (right from the head office) 'God Doesn’t Want you to Settle'; that's nice:

Creator points out the oh so pleasant truth that it's relatively smooth sailing from NOW on:

PCR reveals that the Kennedy and King family members call for reopening investigations; Hmmm:-

X22 Report sets the stage for the coming fireworks as rogue agencies are taken down: great content:
A tuxedoed rant worthy of our resident curmudgeon and spot on the mark; enjoy:

Jordan Sather is back posting and this is his Sunday news roundup; the Follies don't disappoint:

Was Nancy Pelosi flying the coop with her whole brood? Inquiring Lightworkers want to know:

One of the best statements of Indigenous Sovereignty I've ever read: grok on, Whitey:

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-20-19

Welcome To The Collective Detox,

With A Happy Ending

Morag gives us an eclectic Super Blood Moon Eclipse message from her Rafter-dwellers;

Oh, I can imagine quite a lot; show me what ya got:

The postings from Sorcha Fal/Russian Intelligence are praising our President on high; Respect:

I now know that my deep-seated dislike for speed traps is shared by the woke French populous;

Costco, the French government just revoked the Bayer license to sell Roundup in their country;

Conquest by pipeline in British Columbia; the globalists just can't stop dumping on the Indigenous:

Cabal infiltration of previously worthy organizations is rampant; major manipulations afoot:

The Phoenix of Freedom is arising from the ashes of the Old World Order; it feels so good:

Multiple Mike Quinsey helps us wrap it up with this SaLuSa-like commentary: grok on:

Saturday, January 19, 2019

WWCC of 9: Wolf Blood Supermoon, Total Lunar Eclipse 20th/21st January 2019 (GREAT GRAND GATEWAY)


Via Magenta Pixie On 1-19-19

(This video is available on

Jesus: The Apparent Separation That Humans Experience Is But A Trick Of The Ego

Via John Smallman On 1-16-19

As you are well aware, enormous changes are occurring all across the world both within humanity, and within the planet herself and all the life forms she so willingly supports. This is a time of great change that has been divinely planned for eons, it is indeed very stressful for all, however, it is a necessary part of humanity’s awakening process.

Taking time out at least once daily, to relax your physical bodies and then quieten your minds, is an essential requirement as you all struggle to release emotional/psychological stuff within yourselves individually, and within the human collective, that you have denied or buried in order to avoid the pain of dealing with it. It has to be seen and released.  Do not engage with it or attempt to analyze its purpose or its source.  Instead observe it, thank it for rising into your awareness to show you that it needs to be released.

Then all the bitterness, resentment, anger, and judgment that has plagued humanity for so long – as your own egos have attempted to blame others for the pain and suffering that they have caused you – can just fall away and dissolve into the nothingness from which they arose.

All sentient life is One with Source, there is no separation! The apparent separation that humans experience is but a trick of the ego. Your egos were originally provided to assist you in operating and directing your human bodies while you chose to experience form, physicality, the material environment, temporarily.

January 20, 2019 ; A Super Moon Eclipse Message Fom The Andromedans

Via  Morag O'Brien On 1-15-19

We come at a time of great transformation on planet Earth. We, like our soul comrades, the Arcturians, come with news of the great war of Light and Dark as it plays out on Gaia.

We are here as Ambassadors of Peace and Light. We hope to shed Light on personal pathways many of you are traveling. We urge you to remember, all that we say is within the context of the Great Awakening on Gaia. For none of you experience just as individuals now that the Collective Consciousness has been activated. All that is micro is macro, one and all.

The Sky Wars have stalled, in preparation for tornadic Light energy, triggered by January’s coming Lunar Eclipse. Illumination will flood your northern hemisphere. Laser beams of Light will penetrate dark corners, already loosening, ripe for release.

Karmically, this long Lunar Eclipse marks the beginning and end of one phase into another. Waking Up has completed its cycle due to seeds sown by brave souls fighting a dark web collective consciousness. Seeds now bearing the fruit of truth, joy and spirituality take root and flourish.

The August Great American Lunar Eclipse of 2017 marked the Illumination across western and northern territories. The coming Lunar Eclipse will vastly accelerate this process, adding fuel to it’s ever growing wildfire. To change the direction of humanity, to steer a great craft takes passion, vision and integrity.

Disclosure Digest 1-19-19

Git Sum 

Super Blood Wolf Moon 

Eclipse Action!


Git sum EcoAstrology: Leo-Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse courtesy of Stephanie Austin and RT:
 I am sincerely intending that this scenario really plays out; a masterful 4D chess move; grok sum:

Q+ has a major clean-up job on his hands, reigning in the world wide web of Cabal/US military occupation strong-points. Methinks he (and the Alliance) are oh so up the task:

Automation: a very slippery slope for wage slaves.; it’s Sovereignty Time folks; Git Sum:

Deep, dark, pro-profit and anti-life, this Cabal drug-running clan needs some serious RICO jail time:

Not so soft disclosure here; like Trekkies prepping for visiting the Lunar Mission Control complex:


Andy Sirkis resurrects Gollum to take the piss out of Teresa May, such a worthy Subject; Hilarious:
(The Bohemian Rhapsody Re-Mix)

Blossom's long distance connection is suffering the major incoming Light Tsunamis; her latest:

Friday, January 18, 2019

Utsava: More About Arrests and The Real Reasons For The Government Shutdown

Utsava’s latest downloads, loaded with confirmations and lots of fresh prognostications; nothing here that I find to be off the mark or dis-information. She's 'connected' to the Alliance as an information portal to the populace and does good service to the Light as such. Enjoy the Slavic Psychic...

By Utsava On 1-18-19

(This video is available on

Saul: Fear Is Unreal, A Figment Of Unreality

Channelled By John Smallman On 1-18-19

The New Age has arrived!  Yes, there appears to be increasing chaos and confusion, with some major catastrophes occurring across the world at present, but that is just a sign that life on earth is changing for humanity.  The ongoing changes are enormous, never before, in all of human history, have such major changes happened.  This is a First,and it is a VERY GOOD SIGN!  Nearly everyone is going through very unsettling emotional and or psychological issues as they make room to fully accept the Love that has been waiting patiently for this moment in order to enter into and completely infuse your hearts.

As I have said before, and quite recently, this is truly a time for CELEBRATION.  The old order, which has never really served you at all well, is collapsing as its foundations crumble, because humanity is no longer willing to accept the authoritarian dogma that it has used – in the service of a few powerful but very misguided ones – to control and subdue you.  You have become FREE – in truth you have always been free – but you are only just beginning to understand what this means.  It is indeed a vast learning curve, as you move from bitterly held resentments for pain and suffering imposed upon you over the eons, to a place where you can understand why it happened, and then lovingly forgive yourselves – remember, there is no separation, You are all One – and the perpetrators who are themselves in intense pain.

Everyone has lived in fear for a very long time, and although you are discarding it very rapidly indeed, the scar tissue, the psychological and emotional damage that you have undergone needs to be healed.  And that is what Love is doing right now as you write down this communication that I offer you, and asothers read it, listen to it, or in anyway become aware of it.  This is about your awakening, about (figuratively) rubbing the sleepy dust from your eyes, splashing cold water onto your faces, and leaving behind the world of dreams and nightmares.