Friday, January 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 1-11-19

 Vive Le Donald!

Forgotten France rises up and the Yellow Vest Revolt spreads world wide; git sum hazard clothing:

Fairly conscientious overview of the White Hats dethroning the Cabal; WWG1WGA:

X22 Report delves into Operation Disclosure in Episode1762; nice work Uncle Dave, carry on:
This Is Our War: For the Wall, Liberty, Sovereignty, Safety, and Security; rant on oh Leonine One:

Team Dark's obsession with occult symbology is always a dead give-away in their propaganda:

PCR elucidates a profound truth that seems to elude vast numbers of sheeple; baa baa baa:

My favorite Slavic Psychic, Utsava highlights the arrests and the real reason for the shut down:

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