Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-29-30

 Oh For Joy!

A Full Moon During A G2 Plasma Storm


Stephanie Austin graces us with her Aries-Libra Full Moon EcoAstrology report; Grok-A-Thon:

This light-hearted collection of amusing tid-bits will be known as 'the Horsedrawn Trump Train':
I like Mike’s reporting on the mopping-up operations but just don’t grok the freeze-dried Stuff:

This little Aussie inspired collection is down under and over the top; git sum Blossom & Co:

GaiaPortal Swimmers Of Light Are Released

Channelled By √ČirePort On 9-29-20 @11:11


Swimmers of Light are released.

Multicoloreds show the way.

Awakenings of the Gaia Keepers expand.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-28-20

Garrison Agrees...It's Getting Biblical

The 800lb investigation at the DOJ is out of bananas and ready to bust out those juicy Indictments:

This low-rent Albino faux-bro takes a collar for the A-Team as Darwinian selection ramps Up; Kekish:

The West Coast insurrection is forcing millions out of their vintage comfort zones; Kalifornication:

Here in Colorado we honor our dearly Departed with inter-dimensional mail-in Ballots; Nanu Nanu:

And here’s another great reason to avoid commercial flying during our planetary Dimensional Shift:

The follies Karma Caravan includes a homicidal Princess in a locked & loaded Prius? Whooda thunk it!

The Kogi Mamos of Venezuela bring us this Heartfelt missive from Pacha Mamma; listen up, Y'All:

Creator closes us out with a simple, non-judgmental Universal Truth to Contemplate; Grok On:

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-27-20

Time To Start Surfing Our Quantum DNA


The Farce Majeur kicks into Ludicrous Speed; snowflakes melting causes blue state Flooding:

It's really gettin’ Biblical folks - the Pope is under house arrest, guarded by US Special Forces:

Exposing rampant dis-info on Q and his merry band of Amphibians; the Dave & M3thods Show:

IPOT gets Persuity on the Carolina Evergreen mystery; it's examined and excreted right Here:

Jen McCarty interviews the ever-so-popular Charley Ward, posing him questions from her Tribe:

Entertaining re-caps by Sorcha; the Follies hit high gear and kool-aid flows like Champagne:

Lorie Ladd relays this most recent Message from the GALACTIC FEDERATION; Grok Sum:

Disclosure Digest 9-26-20


Incoming Tsunami Of Love !

Get the latest on the current Geomagnetic Storm (G2) from the good folks at Spaceweather.com:

It’s time to put Gen Flynn in charge of the terminally corrupted FBI/Stasi Mess: Mr. Clean:

Tsarina Hillary is square in the sights of not-so-blind Justice; but seriously - will they execute a Clone?

Charlie Ward sure is a popular guest these days on alt media programs; good looks or Content?

Death cultists have institutionalized this Death Economy WW; git yer cultist scorecard right Here:

Gavin Newsome must be running out of Adrenochrome to think that this sounds like a good Plan:

There’s a New Sheriff in town, WHO/CDC cucks are in high dudgeon as the Real stats are Released:

Enjoy this Barbara Marciniak snippet from The Pleiadians; seminal stuff and absolutely no Nonsense:

Never a shortage of Last Words when All-That-Is has the microphone; yada yada Yada:

Your Daily GAB Grab

 Posted By An Anon On 20-26-20 


Friday, September 25, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-25-20

 Rig For A Red Rock October

Let's lead off with Sistar Sandra and her Redrock Insights; just in time for a Solar Flash-Sale:

Here comes the Quantum Financial System, the bankster's bane, disguised as a Fed program; Git Sum:

Old C_A honey-pot operations don’t just fade away, they get re-packaged and Revived; caveat Emptor:

Whoopee can’t follow all the spins/lies anymore; Joy is nowhere to be found in this View; Kekfull:

Git yer Bee Stings bundle on right Now cuz yesterday's history and tomorrow's a big fat Mystery:

Good message yet I find the long10 yr. timeline doesn't resonate for my sense, but what do I Know:

From our Last of the Last Words File comes his from you-know-Who:

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Question of Being

 By Adyashanti

Above the entrance to the Oracle at Delphi were written the words, “Know Thyself.” Jesus came along and added a sense of urgency and consequence to the ancient idea when he said, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

What Jesus is saying is that spirituality is serious business, with serious consequences. Your life hangs precariously in the balance, teetering between a state of unconscious sleepwalking and eyes-wide-open spiritual enlightenment. The fact that most people do not see life this way testifies to how deeply asleep and in denial they truly are.

Within each of our forms lies the existential mystery of being. Apart from one’s physical appearance, personality, gender, history, occupation, hopes and dreams, comings and goings, there lies an eerie silence, an abyss of stillness charged with an etheric presence. For all of our anxious business and obsession with triviality, we cannot completely deny this phantasmal essence at our core. And yet we do everything we can to avoid its stillness, its silence, its utter emptiness and intimate embrace.

To remain unconscious of being is to be trapped within an ego-driven wasteland of conflict, strife, and fear that only seems customary because we have been brainwashed into a state of suspended disbelief where a shocking amount of hate, dishonesty, ignorance, and greed are viewed as normal and sane. But it is not sane, not even close to being sane. Nor is it based in reality. In fact, nothing could be less real than what we human beings call reality.

By clinging to the mind in the form of memory and thought, we are held captive by the movement of our conditioned thinking and imagination, all the while believing that we are perfectly rational and sane. We therefore continue to justify the reality of what causes us, as well as others, immeasurable amounts of pain and suffering.

Deep down we all suspect that something is very wrong with the way we perceive life but we try very, very hard not to notice it. And the way we remain blind to our frightful condition is through an obsessive and pathological denial of being — as if some dreadful fate would overcome us if we were to face the pure light of truth and lay bare our fearful clinging to illusion.

The question of being is everything. Nothing could be more important or consequential — nothing where the stakes run so high. To remain unconscious of being is to remain asleep to our own reality and therefore asleep to reality at large. The choice is simple: awaken to being or sleep an endless sleep.


Disclosure Digest 9-23-20

The Wait Is Over, Come To Me Ruthie!


I see patriotic food and schwag vendors along the line; like a long skinny crafts fair/Demonstration:

BOM turning the Federal Reserve screws on anarchist zones; Dem screams are music to my Ears:

This comely high priestess is Shining the Light on the Elijah Cummings corrupted Baltimore: Gritty:

First Wexner then Feinstein and now Perelman; the rush to create ‘lawyer-up liquidity‘Begins:

Top-shelf Aspen fascists squirming as their dastardly plans are put on full display; aah, Transparency:

Q supporters in Bulgaria show solidarity with young Kyle Rittenhouse; Patriots have Global Reach:

Folks put masks on and frequently behave very badly, my retired banker wife Insists:

Rudolph Steiner, the Prophet in the Pince Nez, deserves some Love for all his Good Works: top Grok:

Creator explains that roaring, ripping sound that totally permeates our comfortable holo-deck Earth:

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-22-20


Feeling Balanced Yet?


Dig a little deeper into the current maelstrom of multi-dimensional energies and you'll find Balance:

Lorie Ladd does a nice public service announcement in just over 8 minutes; and it's all just Perfect:

Snowflake Pain-Bodies on Parade; a big shout out to James Woods for this Kekfest:

Moar popcorn, the Nancy clone's chirping right on Cue; you are watching a movie: all for a LARP?

Here's your troika of Bee-Stings to lighten the mood a tad; y'all need to get some some Grins On:

POTUS UN Speech Special listen-up! He's revealing the rest of the movie plot; Kekfest:

They are panicking cause they can’t keep up with all their own Lies; from our Tangled-Webs Files:

Many thanks to Suzanne M. @GAoG for another Angelic smorgasbord w/tankards of Nectar:

 Git sum famous last words from All That Is & Co; read 'em and you can leave this digest - Promise:

GaiaPortal: Mosaic Constructions Continue To Unite As One

Channelled By √ČirePort On 9-22-20 @ 08:08


Mosaic constructions continue to unite as One.

Gaia rests in the comfort of her caretakers.

Avians fly toward the East.

Harmonics rise.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-21-20


We Are The News Now, Frens

Lorie Ladd sez "Welcome to the Cosmic Cuisinart Pilgrim!" Got any emotional Dramamine?

The Great Awakening Follies keep on rollin'; a never ending font of farce, black humor and Kek:

Another Manchurian assassin is activated to commit a random obscenity; the Loosh must Flow:

The Jinn of Lolita Island has escaped from his Lalique flask; time to lawyer-up, Skells:

The noose tightens and the rich, famous and the busted; powerful pedos are developing Incontinence:

Glitching, dog-tired clones loosing it all over the airwaves

Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Arcturian Message For 9-20-20

Via Marilyn Raffaele

Welcome dear readers. Know that through your alignment with these messages you are in alignment with the energy of the Arcturian Group. All is proceeding according to plan even though appearances look increasingly negative especially for those who are unaware of the ascension process taking place. You may think you are doing nothing but each and every one of you chose to be a part of these energetically powerful times in order to provide your energy, experience, and knowledge from hundreds of previous lives to collective consciousness.

The energy that emanates from one's consciousness is automatically felt in varying degrees by others because there is only One. Energy always seeks to align with ITself, drawing its own level of vibration. This is why there is the saying; "Birds of a feather flock together" and is also why attraction or repulsion frequently happens between people who do not even know each other.

No one can hide their state of consciousness behind a mask for very long although many try and a few even succeed for a while. Energy speaks loudly without words or actions especially to those who live more from within than from without, and have become more aware of energy. Trust your intuition for it is a powerful tool.

Certain places will begin to feel heavy and uncomfortable because your energy is now resonating at a higher frequency causing you to be out of alignment with some favorite places, people, or activities. Honor these experiences without resistance or fanfare but with understanding. There will continue to be times when you must participate in something you have outgrown but rather than resist, use the occasion as an opportunity to practice staying centered without judgement or criticism of those still in alignment with them.

Never attempt to hold on to or restore something you have spiritually outgrown through peer pressure, guilt, attachment, or common belief. Once you no longer energetically align with some person, place, thing, idea, or belief nothing can make it as it was in a previous state of consciousness unless it moves to your level. This is spiritual evolution. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-19-20

The Endless Weekend

Has Finally Come To An End

Neon Revolt posted this highly likely post-RGB cabal strategy; POTUS sez Fugedaboutit!
Sorcha is tracking the Follies with great alacrity, foreign intel sources and funky memes; Git Sum:
X22 Dave got banned from You Tube again so give him some love& follow at his other Sites:
Denise is my favorite Cosmic Curmudgeon and she doesn't disappoint in this multi-dimensional Rant:
Jenny Schiltz is still learning about maintaining Psychic Boundaries during this timeline Split:

Topkek Ruthie Memes


And to close...the long awaited Dance Number!


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Dsclosure Digest 9-17-20

Happy Birthday America!!!

Stephanie Austin's EcoAstrology: Virgo New Moon Report just landed; time to Enlighten-Up:

St. Germain on our Constitutional legacy; 9-17-20 is the birthday of our US Constitution, Big Booms:

C-A = Jesuit command&control - HQ in CH - enemies of all people Everywhere: Say it Loud:

NFL owners are goin’ full-on CCP by tagging their gladiatorial properties for maximum Control:

POTUS doesn't misspeak, all misspellings and strange word usage are coded messages to Sheeple:

Shop early for your Halloween trick-or-treat adventure and don't forget to stock up on Bee Stings:

Peggy Black channels the Hathor 'team' because she is One; their incarnate earthly Scribe:

Mega Reveals Just Arrived

 I reviewed two videos (Magenta & Lorrie) and this article from Patricia Cota-Robles yesterday and had many, many esoteric 'dots' connected by them. There are profound truths about our planetary history and the current Great Awakening to be gleaned from these sources and I heartily recommend them. Repeated listenings and readings may be needed to grok the concepts presented; your persistence will be greatly rewarded.

The Big Reveal Package

Start With Magenta Pixie:

Then Lorie Ladd:

And PC-R To Tie It All Together: 

By Patricia Cota-Robles On 9-16-20


During this extraordinary time, what I AM hearing most often from people all over the World is that they know something really BIG is happening on Earth and they realize intuitively that this is the reason why they are here. Many of them say that all of their life they have had an Inner Knowing that whatever they are here to do is going to make a tremendous difference in a very positive and healing way for Humanity and Mother Earth. They often have no idea just what that means and many times they even feel like they must be crazy to think such things, but they are not.

Now, due to the monumental changes that have taken place since the Birth of this New Decade in 2020, every person’s I AM Presence has been able to fully integrate into the Core of Purity within the atomic and subatomic cellular structures in his or her Earthly Bodies. That means that this aspect of our own Divinity can now communicate directly and far more obviously with our conscious mind.

For this reason, the Beings of Light want me to reiterate something they have been sharing with Awakening Humanity over the past several decades. This information has been given to ALL of us, not to flatter us or stroke our egos, but rather to give us the trust, confidence, strength and courage we will need in order to accomplish the awesome facet of the Divine Plan that is unfolding on Earth during this Cosmic Moment. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-16-20

Manic Maniacal Maniac

Demonic death-cultists are maniacally trying to destroy all that is of the Light; it's what they Do:

The massive class-action suits are coming & they will quickly re-shape the fabric of our Civilization:

Donation laundering in plain sight; all nefarious assets are dumb and deployed; Kekfest:

Dave sets the stage for the Alliance 'Trap of Traps'; the end of the Hidden Hand draws Neigh:

Ranger Mike gets it mostly right about the motives of the terrorist arsonists; good Sauce:

Get my shotgun Daisy Mae, there’s hooded hooligans a tryin' to burn down our Homestead:

Biblical! we're witnessing Five weaponized storms at once in the Atlantic, all doomed to failure; Kek:

Brenda Hoffman reminds us to step into our true Co-Creative Power as old 3/4D self-Destructs:

The Matrix is in tatters and the glorious Reality is hid is streaming through Unabated: