Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-9-20

 Was Summer, High 90's

Now It's Winter, High 20's

In 24 Hours...

Well. it's gettin' Biblical here in Boulder (MKUltra command central) as our first winter storm Hits:

This analysis on the potential uses of The Fourteenth Amendment resonates Bigly, Mike's spot On:

Nerd Alert - here’s the nuts and bolts of the new Postal Voting System; Blockchain for Patriots:
Chairman Xi is doing some swamp draining of his own...we’re watching a movie; moar Popcorn:
Major Cabal bad boy Berlusconi gets ‘Covid’ -read busted and in custody- This could be Fatal:

DUMB trafficking hub, 6 miles down, 6.6 on Richter (666), No pre-or/after shocks; be mopping Up:
Fake News can cause a serious anaphylactic reaction in the funny-bone; git yer Beestings On:
A 17:17 Jordan Sather shortie and some more investigative Q-fun with Uncle X22 Dave; Grokfest:

Monica Esgueva channels a lovely message for us from her Folks-in-the-Rafters; Git Sum:

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