Sunday, September 27, 2020

Disclosure Digest 9-27-20

Time To Start Surfing Our Quantum DNA


The Farce Majeur kicks into Ludicrous Speed; snowflakes melting causes blue state Flooding:

It's really gettin’ Biblical folks - the Pope is under house arrest, guarded by US Special Forces:

Exposing rampant dis-info on Q and his merry band of Amphibians; the Dave & M3thods Show:

IPOT gets Persuity on the Carolina Evergreen mystery; it's examined and excreted right Here:

Jen McCarty interviews the ever-so-popular Charley Ward, posing him questions from her Tribe:

Entertaining re-caps by Sorcha; the Follies hit high gear and kool-aid flows like Champagne: 

Lorie Ladd relays this most recent Message from the GALACTIC FEDERATION; Grok Sum:

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