Thursday, September 3, 2020

Disclosure Dgest 9-3-20

Future Proves Past...Just Sayin'

You just can't make this stuff up, folks; we're dealing with a time-traveling disruptor-in-Chief:

It's time you got your GAB account up and running before FB & Twatter go totally dark for Patriots:

X22 does a lovely job of explaining that it’s All Happening yada yada...grok sum Y'all:

Is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo the Pied Piper of Peace? This just a week after his visit: Hmm:

The Deep State Department gets busted Bigly; it soon will be Hammer time, Kansas: Oorah:
This righteous, expletive-laced Razorfist Rant is truly a balm for my slimy green Soul; Ribbit:

As you may have notices the kid gloves are Off; withholding Federal money talks...Loudly:

The REVAL Quantum Financial System is already working; public disclosure by years End:

Denise LeFay shares her second-sight imagery as she explains the cosmic Cease and Desist:

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