Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sandra From Sedona

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe


The effects of the Equinox Gateway passage are anchoring into the collective consciousness. The Cosmic Mother/Divine Feminine energies bring us fully into the experience of consistent NOW dynamics; the absolute Presence of the Multidimensional Self.
While the newness and beauty of this state of BEingness is difficult to convey, the key quality is it's unshakeable nature. This consistent Zero-Point awareness demonstrates the new phase of our embodiment. Many Wayshowers are experiencing this merge of past, present, future and multidimensional aspects of Self in synchronous time. A true taste of consistent 5D consciousness at last.
Embodiment of the Divine Multidimensional Self has been the goal of the Wayshowers, in order to anchor this state into the collective, the grids, and beloved Gaia. This has been a message for years: Embodiment first, then a profound acceleration of Ascension can unfold. The continual amplification with every Gateway this year is palpable for many. Strong Cosmic factors are assisting us along this path, however the shifts to Christed/Unity consciousness are a Divine HUman choice.
Remember we are here to demonstrate what is possible with Ascension, as well as transform realities. Divine HUman DNA, the miraculous crystalline DNA, is a powerful conduit for Pure Source consciousness. When we pair it with the availability of Primary Christed timelines, which don't feel like timelines in this state, we open brand new Gateways within the cosmos for brilliant unfoldments to occur.
Podcasts with the Sedona Tribe
I depart Sedona this day, so I will write more about these new experiences when I return to Mount Shasta next week. Kindwhile, the Presence is described - and perhaps felt - through a podcast recorded this week with a beautiful Sedona siSTAR.
Emergence of the Divine HUman: Podcast with Giselle Koy
Giselle is the creator of the Conscious Media Festival, an event I had the pleasure of presenting at last year. She is also a dear Soul siSTAR who attended the Sedona gathering and New Moon ceremony. We share experiences during the events, the new embodiment level, and what is unfolding with Ascension.
Watch & Listen HERE
Unity Meditations this SUNday
Infinite LoveLight to all who are embracing this next level of Ascension. We continue to infuse the Unity Meditations with the highest level activations, healings and amplification possible. Intentions for peace, balance (Pacific Rim focus this week) and the experience of embodiment for all willing hearts will be surged through the field and New Earth grids.
Join us in SUNday, October 1 at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm PT to connect in Divine Service to the Ascension. Details on the Global Unity Meditation page. Thank you to all open hearts who share these meditations with groups, friends and loved ones. Together we hold this ONEness experience for all.
In Love, Light and Service,

Friday, September 29, 2017

Archangel Michael: The New Empowered You

Think of AAM as the regional Director of Divine Development for our Sector of Creation giving us 'the skinny' on what's coming down, Ascensionwise. It's one of the best I've read.

Beloved Masters, as the Supreme Creator increases the flow of the Elixir of Life throughout the Omniverse, it is affecting all Creation. You cannot hide from it. You cannot deny it. Your lifeline to your Source is growing stronger and more compelling all the time.

The magnetization factor is growing stronger, and you are magnetizing to you in stronger and stronger measures that which you have claimed as your reality.

If you believe that you must live in poverty and chaos, those thought forms will be reinforced and magnified in your life. If you have accepted the truth that you are entitled to a life of beauty, joy and prosperity that reality will unfold before you (if you follow through, and take the proper steps as outlined in our many past messages).

Many of you are in a phase of transition whereby you are feeling disconnected and alone as you strive to adjust to the next level of cosmic vibrational patterns. Humanity is gradually emerging from the restrictive illusion of the lower astral planes as the expansive, accelerated frequencies of the higher Fourth Dimension permeate the Earth and all its inhabitants at one level or another.

Know that your column of God-Light is widening and becoming stronger, so that more and more Divine Elixir of life can pour down into and through you, as it saturates your body and radiates down into the Soul Essence of the Earth. This rarified energy is critical for your host planet, as this Great Being struggles to return to balance and harmony within, as well as to lessen the intensity of the cataclysms on its surface.

The Equinox Gateway ~ 2017 40 Day Focus Event ~ American Shifts Since Total Solar Eclipse

Somehow I knew that Tantric Sex with someone was responsible for Bill's present 'condition'. Enquiring minds that want to know...
give a listen!

By Bronco-Billy Ballard On 9-21-17

(This video is available on

GaiaPortal: Frozen Landscapes Thaw As Cosmic Warmings Enter

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-29-17

Frozen landscapes thaw as Cosmic warmings enter.

Spanish concurrences are accepted as the truth.

Entrance of insight seekers occurs with all Light-Centereds.

Planetary stabilization ensues.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Federation of Light, September 23, 2017

I've rarely given a message through Blossom a 7 Star rating but this one is special. Concise and to the point, the Federation comes through loud and clear with very pertinent info...Git Sum Blossum!

 Via Blossom Goodchild

Blossom: Hello. Me here! Knowing all is well with you, may I begin by asking you a question about the ‘Energy Grid’ you have spoken of? Quite a few folk are interested to hear more? Thank you.

Federation of Light: Welcome to you and all who partake in the reading of our messages, which as you know, Blossom, we bring forth for the Purest reasoning, to assist those on your Planet to understand themselves, and why they are partaking in this Game/experiment. The more we have been communicating with you over many years, the more we have seen many more ‘come on board’ and change thought pattern and indeed change heart. This we find most encouraging.

Oh! Me too!

We are taking into consideration your question and we would answer in the KNOWING that this will allow greater understanding, again to assist.

This Energy Grid that surrounds your Planet is made up of many components. Its purpose has also, many aspects. It is rather complex and once again, we found ‘what it is’ rather difficult to ‘simply’ put into words.

OK. Seeing this is another ‘out of my comfort zone’ thing … treat me as a toddler, if you will, and see if that helps at all?

In essence it is what it says it is … A grid of Energy. It serves to assist your Planet and directs/redirects/transforms/internalizes/dematerializes Energy to suit the needs and requirements of … not only what goes on above your Planet … yet, also what goes on within it.

WWCC of 9: The Second Coming Of Christ (September Equinox 2017)

Channelled And Produced

By Magenta Pixie


(This video is available on

The Ancient Prophecies Won’t Be Happening

Most of us have either read or heard about the end-time prophecies in sources like the Book of Revelation. They promise catastrophe for humanity.

Here’s one prominent Lightworker pointing to them as determining present events.

“World religions and prophecies throughout the Ages have all talked about these end times. What Humanity is experiencing now has been referred to time and again in various ancient scriptures as the time of screaming and the gnashing of teeth.

“Despite that ominous description, ALL of us volunteered to be here during this purging process.”

What’s new today is that many of our galactic and celestial sources deny that the old prophecies any longer apply.

Let’s listen to SaLuSa of Sirius on the matter. He denies the continuing applicability of the old-time prophecies:

“You may have noted that you have not been beset with catastrophes of a physical nature, in spite of the ancient prophecies for this period of time. We have been able to control such issues, but certain Earth changes will have to take place as part of the cleansing.

“Whatever happens know that we are working behind the scenes to keep damage and death to a minimum, and we will do all we can to warn you in advance of any major event.” (1)

Disclosure Digest 9-27-17

Solar Wind = Galactic Consciousness


That old Solar Wind is a-blowin' round my head:

Mr. Galliland waxes eloquently on Humanitie's sordid back-story; spotty but accurate:

The real Team Dark agendas are fast becoming a matter of public record; So Be It:

The Cabal doesn't care what we call them as long as they end up enslaving the entire planet:

Pedophilia is the engine driving the worldwide war-machine and Washington is it's epicenter:

If you read the last GaiaPortal post and were wondering just Who the Dragons were, who have NOW entered, give this message a listen and be En-Lightened:

Finally, our weaponized food supply is getting the public scrutiny it so richly deserves:

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Arcturians: Ascending With Gaia Through Service To Others

 Now we're getting down to the nitty-gritty of the Ascension process. Please take the pointing out instructions presented here by The Arcturians to heart. It's put-up or shut-up time.

Through Suzanne Lie On 9-26-17

Behind the Scenes Discussion with the Arcturians
through Suzanne Lie and Shawnna Donop

We are on a journey to remember who we are, why we came to Earth, and what we are supposed to do on Earth. This is where humanity is within this NOW. It is the NOW for humanity to begin to wake up and realize that they chose to come to Earth. Humanity also needs to remember that they are the creators of their reality.

In fact, their fifth dimensional self chose to take a 3rd/4th dimensional body to assist the planet. Suzille has been hearing from more and more people that have suddenly remembered, and this remembering is a vital part of what is occurring. Every day, more and more people are beginning to remember. Therefore, there will be people that will be drawn to this truth because they remember something.

That “something is a toehold.” This process is much like a mountain climber climbing up a steep mountain. They have to stick a piton in the mountain and keep tied to that piton so they don’t fall, and so that they can move up to the next level. Then when that is stabilized, they put another piton into another rock and move up again.

It is the process of allowing one’s self to bring in the acknowledgement of what they have experienced as being “real.” In order for it to really be real, it needs to be integrated into one’s daily life. This integration of one’s meditations, dreams and cosmic, higher dimensional experiences into their daily life is something that’s very difficult to do alone because it’s not anything that’s ever occurred on the planet ever.

It has never occurred. Therefore, one cannot go into any past lives to assist in dealing with this challenge. What needs to be done instead, is to move into your fifth-dimensional self that chose to take the physical vessel that you are now wearing.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Arcturians: A Blessing

  Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 9-21-17

We the Arcturians, appreciate and bless the many humans, animals and plants in the lower United States and Mexico who have greatly suffered. We are sorry that dear Gaia needs to “shake her self out” a bit before she can begin her transmutation from the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension.

However, humanity has banded together, assisted each other, and greatly expanded their compassion and their consciousness due to their “Service to Others.” Service to Others is what will allow the landings to occur. In other words, the Galactics can not land to assist Gaia and humanity before the humans show that they can work as ONE to assist each other and to assist their planet.

Gaia is a “Free Will Planet.” What that means is that the humans, who were meant to be the most evolved beings on the planet, must expand into the frequency of consciousness to the frequency in which they innately “bond together and offer service to others” during a crises, as well as during their everyday life.

When humanity has come to the point of evolution that they realize that “helping each other” expands beyond just humans and encompasses the entire planet, as well as ALL of Gaia’s creatures, elements and Elementals, we, your Galactic Family, will gain the “go-ahead” from the higher dimensions that “IT IS THE NOW” to directly interface with humanity in preparation for First Contact.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Disclosure Digest 9-25-17



We begin today with a very appropriate piece from Brenda Hoffman exploring our current Light Explosion. good stuff:

Kryon, through his Scribe Lee Carroll, is on the same Ascension page as all the other reliable channellers.  These sources are the most trustworthy to be found in these chaotic, confusing times:

Remember, the same Team Dark players have been fomenting conflict for thousands of years; playing both sides off against each other while they quietly amass more wealth and power for themselves:

Folks, you can't make this stuff up. This is why Disclosure rolls on, gaining speed: 

I re-post this longish piece from Denise LeFay because it highlights the more visceral aspects of becoming Galactic Humans and the resultant disconnects one experiences from ones old reality:

Another example of Trumpian reverse political psychology pushing us all in the right direction:

And now it's 'time' for a 'timely' piece on, what else, TIME! time to git sum, right here and NOW:

Matthew Ward - 9-25-17

Channelled By Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Deepening concerns surrounding North Korea have led to inquiries such as “Can ships land if ET presence would avert a nuclear war?” and comments like “It would be really helpful if disclosure and spacecraft landings happen soon!” Dear ones, let us assure you that escalating rhetoric will not lead to nuclear war, and if any missiles are launched with nuclear warheads, crews in spacecraft will prevent their detonation.

As for disclosure and landings, what we told you some time ago still stands: God is in charge of timing as only He can know when safety is certain for the landing parties and Earth’s peoples. Final details of official acknowledgement of extraterrestrial presence will be tailored to that timing, but we haven’t heard of any changes in the basic plan.

Via a telecast beamed into all national systems, internationally respected persons will announce that benevolent civilizations’ crafts are in your skies and some will land imminently. Next, well-known dignitaries greeting disembarking crews will be aired, and if not at that time, then soon afterwards, members of our universal family who are assigned to various missions around the world will be introduced in a conference-style telecast. As the society becomes acquainted with their visitors—and light beings throughout this universe will be overjoyed to see Earth’s peoples mingling with these family members!—the scientists among them and your teams of specialists will pool their ideas and technologies and restoration of the planet will begin in earnest.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Which Ascended Masters Have Taken Form?

What ascended masters have taken form?

In 2013 I asked the question of Sanat Kumara and received a list of the ascended masters known to us. Quite frankly I was delighted to get such a detailed listing.

Here it is. There were some surprises for me.

From “Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions,” May 28, 2013, at

Steve Beckow: Could you tell us in more detail who the people are who have come to participate in form in this Ascension effort, please?

Sanat Kumara: Now, also understand, as I say some of these names, there are those who choose not to be known, and that sometimes it is not an aspect [of their being that incarnates], but an expression of their being.

All of the Apostles as you have known them are already on the planet, as are most of the disciples that have walked with Yeshua, including his family — no, excluding the mother [of Jesus], of course, (1) and excluding Jophiel.

The Latest From The Arcturian 'Team"

Channelled Via Peggy Black On 9-18-17

We are here, acknowledging your resilience and courage while holding a space of peace and calm in the midst of incredible chaos. You are witnessing great shifts and changes. Also, within your own personal reality and body you are feeling/sensing great shifts and changes. The celestial energy events are being felt far and wide and their effects are being felt by your entire planet.

These times invite true mastery and awareness of your multidimensional gifts and abilities. It is most important for you to remember that who you are as a divine being is a doorway, portal and anchor for the frequencies and vibrations that are bringing about this evolutionary surge.

There is more that is unfolding than what is visible. Remember, appearances are often misleading, so continue to know and understand that there is more to be revealed. You are in the process of your own personal activation and recalibration. So we invite you to be gentle with yourself and practice good self-care.

Many are experiencing what they might call unusual events, sensations, thoughts and even images coming forth. Just allow these experiences to be witnessed and to develop without expectations. As you know you have been inviting this expansion, activating your memories and your own personal ascension codes.

Disclosure Digest 9-24-17

Are We In The Void Yet?

"Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news." Ven. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Not to forget that every country has it's dark, cabal players and surveillance programs:

The Cubans have definitely got the USA Corp's over Team Dark:

This just offered by Seldan Nidle for our edification. I take exception to his recurring meme that humanity must, at some point, be evacuated from Gaia's surface for her Ascension to be completed. My sources assert that Hue-manity has risen enough in frequency as to make this scenario unnecessary.  We'll know who's right soon enough: 

This goes a long way to explaining my wife's Scottish locks and their stubborn behaviors:

Now I realize why I was attracted to multiple viewings of these shows...Nailed It!

We finish today's offerings with this message from Caroline Oceana Ryan:

Friday, September 22, 2017

GaiaPortal: Enter The Dragons.

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-22-17

Enter the Dragons.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Disclosure Digest 9-21-17

Oh My! We're Going Galactic!

Let's start with Mike-SaLuSa-Quinsey's latest bulletin from the Fleet:

Stephanie Austin has written a fine synopsis of the Cosmic/Astrological Mandala now manifesting:
This is the latest from Cory Goode and David Wilcock on the Full Disclosure front:

White Hats in the alphabet agencies are starting to sing like canaries...good stuff here:

Disclosure of the worldwide pedophile command-and-control program of Team Dark continues: 

Sheldan Nidle dials up a report from his 'crewe' that's spot on IMHO:

Full-Frontal Ben Fulford is in good voice and Spirits these days, so to hear:

WWCC of 9: Divine Arcitecture And The Starseed Template

Git Sum Magenta Pixie On 9-9-17

(This video is available on

This Just In From Sedona!

By Sandra Walter On 9-20-17

This Newsletter is light-encoded to assist your journey...

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Our Equinox and Cosmic Trigger Gateway is upon us. Gatekeepers opened on the New Moon for this passage, and the ever-increasing Now moment energies are palpable.

This is the second-to-last major Gateway of this transformative year. This alignment of cosmic factors, combined with our co-creative intent of Ascension is a timeline choice-point which requires focus and a calm, centered beingness as the influxes are delivered. Similar to last September’s timeline shift, only on a hyper-dimensional scale.

Feeling the Primary Timelines

Cosmic factors affecting our Ascension were covered in last week’s extensive list. With that awareness and integration in heart, Wayshowers are moving into a consistent experience of the Primary Timelines of Ascension.

Primary Christed Timelines, which became available with the eclipse, will continue to raise willing, prepared consciousness into a clearer and direct experience of Zero Point and New Earth dynamics.

The key aspect of Primary timelines is that they don’t feel like timelines. It is an unshakeable Now experience, unifying the multidimensional Self and Source as a simultaneous awareness. With conscious heart-based direction, Primary timelines release entanglement with the lower realities.They are encoded with the pure Christed dynamics, and overwrite the denser experiences of past, present, and future.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jesus: Providing A Safe Space For Others Is Why You Are On Earth

Via John Smallman On 9-15-17

There is only Love. You all know that, you also know that everything else is illusory, and yet many of you engage unlovingly and judgmentally with others almost every day – frequently you are so unaware of your own ingrained beliefs and behaviors that you do not even realize that you are doing this.

Taking time daily to go within, to your sacred altar, and relax in the divine Presence that is always there with you, the field of infinite and unconditional Love that is your true nature, will help you, if you choose, to become increasingly aware of how your egos are constantly attempting to distract you from perceiving yourselves as others see you.

Being aware of how others see you helps you to become aware of how your egos operate, something to which you probably pay very little attention because you mostly think of your egoic selves as “Me.” This is not the case, the egoic “Me” is mostly driven by feelings and emotions, and generally reacts rather than thoughtfully responding, and it is not you.

Many humans appear to live at the center of their own personal universe – the ego’s universe – separated from all others by their own egoic and self-centered personalities.  They are so wrapped up in their own issues of self-defense and how best to ensure their personal safety, that they cannot conceive of any meaningful opinions apart from their own.  And yet they are constantly seeking recognition and approval from others.

The need to be right and make others wrong, except, of course, when the others are in agreement with them, is one of the major causes of conflict worldwide, from individual relationships right up to international relationships.

This Just In From Boulder...

 Mea Culpa!


Apologies for the sparse postings this last week here on the blog; I was busy putting on a large event here in The Peoples Republic of Boulder and been up to my eyeballs in Monks the whole time.
Buddhist 'time', that is.

The Dust has settled, the Monks have left for another gig in the mountains and the Mandala Sand is going out in the mail to all the generous crowd-funders who helped make it all happen.

Here is a link to the Event Website (with some great photos)

And this is a short rapportage broadcast by our local NBC affiliate in denver last Friday:

Monday, September 18, 2017

GaiaPortal: Preliminaries Of Gaia Ascension Have Completed

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-18-17

Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed.

Subsequent Higher Energies are released, and accepted by Humanity.

Fibres of intent strengthen.

Maritimes complete the mission.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Disclosure Digest 9-13-17

Happy Hump Day!

 Let's begin with the latest update from the Voices in Sheldan Nidle's head:

An update from Sedona Sandra Walter...Git Sum o 'this Good Stuff:

A lovely piece by Meg Benedicte on the Zero-Point Eclipse Energies rewiring of Gaia:
Many thanks to Steve Beckow of GAoG for this heartening archive channelling:

While we're hangin' out with Dead People let's check in with VCTR for the Buddhist View:

Here's the latest from Full Frontal Ben Fulford on the ongoing demise of Team Dark:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Arcturian Group Report For 9-10-17

Channelled Via  Marilyn Raffaele

Dear ones, we come today to speak of love and the ramifications of its denial and suppression. Love is the cohesive energy of all things and is omnipresent, but until realized and acknowledged as such, can appear to be nonexistent. Never forget that you are creators.

The world holds a multitude of concepts regarding love, all reflective of varying belief systems. However, even the most dense and unawake state of consciousness cannot change the fact that love is and can only be all there is. Love is the energetic glue that binds all living things together within ONE whole.

This is the reason love is sought on all levels by all souls even in its most distorted forms and often through any means. Even the terrorist believes he is making the world a better place for those who agree with him. Everyone seeks the acceptance and love of oneness that lies innate within, but is only able to interpret this inner yearning according to their attained level of awareness.

Gaia is ascending along with all who are prepared for the shift into higher dimensional energy that has begun. Gaia is a living soul, consciousness, who has lovingly served all upon her with gifts of beauty, abundance, and love. Because much of mankind continues to consider Gaia to be simply dirt, with resources to be misused and abused for personal gain, she has chosen and is ready to make her own ascension.

Fires and floods are some of the ways Gaia has of clearing many layers of old dense energy reflective of spiritual ignorance. She has carried them for eons and is choosing to release them. She, as well as all upon her, cannot carry old and dense energy into that which is higher and lighter, thus the need for the releasing and clearing of cellular memory so many are experiencing at this time.