Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some Very Good News From Sheldan NidleThis Week...

From DT the ET

3 Chicchan, 13 Uo, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We return!
At present, we are waiting for the date to begin the preliminaries that are to take place prior to bringing the new banking system on-line. This period will be swiftly followed by the formal announcement of this new global financial system, which by its very nature will create a situation that makes it impossible for the dark cabal to subsist. It is the subsequent new governments which will allow the prosperity funds to be delivered. Long ago, your world was prevailed upon to accept not only that the irrational Anunnaki worldview was 'real' but that no other reality was possible. This belief will be shattered by the new financial system which will open doors that have been kept firmly shut by the dark cabal. The upcoming, vast transference of funds will remove the lockdown on progress that the dark has imposed on you for decades, and once this clamp is gone, the new procedures and accompanying official expositions can go forward. However, these are merely the initial steps that will lead quickly to a massive operation that is to manifest the full agenda decreed by the Light and morph this present nightmare realm into a Light-infused dream.

Power Path ~ Full/Blue Moon Update Aug/31/2012 with Pat Liles

Dear Friends,

This is the second full moon for the month making it a blue moon. Full Moon is Friday, August 31 at 7:58 AM Mountain Daylight Time. This blue moon is a time for creative inspiration. It is a particularly social moon and should be honored with others. Do something creatively empowering. This is a good time to buy something new for yourself you have always wanted that feels empowering and raises the quality of your life. It is also a good time to nurture the body with some extra attention. And don’t forget to practice your gratitude.

The other aspect to this moon that has to do with the theme of power is the focus on what attachments need to be released in order to embrace change. Change is creativity and powerful creativity demands the fresh space resulting from something released. Allow for release and the opportunity to change something. This is power. If you intend the opportunity to change and release something, it will show up. Take advantage and DO IT NOW!



Written by Patricia Liles

Pisces Full Moon

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces 8ยบ
August 31, 2012 7:59 AM Mountain Daylight Time (1:59 PM Greenwich Mean Time)