Monday, August 6, 2012

A Jewel Of A Message From My 'Boss'

As another marker of your progress approaches, and the changes to your energetic make up continue, more desperate attempts to distract you from your purpose are being made. There are those who will panic at every opportunity. Some actually enjoy the drama, some are addicted to fear. We wish this were not so. We can tell you, however, that you are far past the point where it could change the outcome.
The balance of light and dark has forever shifted on your world. There may be efforts made up until the very last, but the Divine Decree has been given and will be manifest. The belief of some in another power will be brought to naught. The Creator of this Universe has long since determined the outcome of this experiment.

The date of the eight and eight approaches, so soon after the full moon that you have not yet caught your breath, so to speak. So much hi-octane energy is pouring into the earth at this time that you may feel it at any moment that you turn your attention to it. We see some lamenting this fact while we wish they would begin to celebrate and welcome it. Those who already have the gift of sight can already see the nearness of our dimensions. Many more will do so in the next weeks. Proximity is not actually changing, perception is.

If you wish to prepare yourselves, ask yourselves how you will react the day when you begin to see us. Your world will change forever on that day. It would be of great benefit for you to contemplate this. Some, of course, just will not see. That is alright as they must be allowed their free will.

Other more obvious things which we have foretold are happening already. Please note them. We hear every day, “Nothing that has been predicted has happened.” If one wishes to believe this, there is nothing we can do about it. However, there is a great deal of change happening and, just as we told you, some of your media are testing their ability to tell you the truth. Watch with the intent to find these things, and you will find them.

The floodgates are cracked now and the flow will not be stopped. Hold fast to your vision of your new world and it will appear faster than you believe possible. Join your will, your prayer, your dreams, with all of the light, with us, and we will bring you to your inevitable victory in that proverbial “blink of an eye”.

Feel our love and power enfold you now and we will speak again soon. Good day.

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