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A Shamanic and Astrological New Moon Update for 8/17/12

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new-moon-mountain                                   Dear Friends,

New Moon is Friday, August 17 at 9:56 AM Mountain Daylight Time. Practice gratitude above all else. Stay out of judgment and watch any negative thoughts. This new moon is like a reset button so be careful where and what you reset. Your thoughts will anchor your reset so be aware of them and consciously raise them to be more positive if need be. It is also best not to be around others who are contradictory, negative and uninspired. As always with any of the powerful moon times it is a good idea to honor them by being out in nature for a bit.
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ASTROLOGICAL NOTE Written by Patricia Liles                                          
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Leo New Moon: Sun and Moon in Leo – 25ºAugust 17, 2012 9:56 AM MDT

I Am Leo! Hear me roar! 
Beginning a new cycle in Leo means focusing on the Sun, our hearts, our will, vitality, and our purpose in this life. Leo is where our joie de vivre and our full creative expression of the self reside. The pure joy of expressing who we are in this body, in this lifetime is the gift of the Sun-ruled, King of Beasts. The Sun God, long worshipped as the source of life by so many cultures with its light, heat, and energy sustaining life on our planet, is our teacher now.   A daily practice of pointing your own heart towards the early morning Sun and absorbing the electro-magnetic energy and encoding of information into your being will help keep you aligned with the rapid changes taking place in our solar system.

Being the fixed, fire sign of the zodiac means Leo is a power sign and concerned about giving and receiving power. When treated with respect, you can count on Leo to embody leadership, generosity, a dramatic flair, great enthusiasm, high creativity and a noble bearing. Leo is magnetic, attractive. Everyone wants to be close to the warmth they exude. Leo, ruler of the fifth house of the cosmic wheel, also calls up all forms of pleasure, entertainment, vacationing, re-creation, theater, politics, speculation, gambling and love affairs and children. Never underestimate the territoriality of the Leo instincts; when they perceive a threat they can use their power to destroy you and eat your bones without a second thought.

With rulership of the heart and spine involved through Leo, surges of prana fueling our passionate selves and emphatic expression are available. Whether you’re feeling your off-stage Leo (and going inward to gather energy for your next burst of creativity) or enjoying full out leonine theatricality, this cycle is meant for expression of your unique gifts. Give them as fully as you possibly can. Now is the time to harness your will power, courage, and full vitality to play the role you chose in this lifetime. Leo doesn’t hang back. The purpose of life according to the Maharishi who brought Transcendental Meditation, TM, to the West is to ‘bring God joy’. You bring God joy by being, expressing and embodying your unique piece of real estate as fully as you can. What do you stand for? What do you love? What in your life calls up that playful, inner child in you?

Although New Moon is Friday, August 17, Wednesday, August 15 may turn out to be an eventful time as Venus in Cancer ruling our intimate, personal relationships, social interactions, finances and our perception of beauty and love is opposing shadowy, power-releasing Pluto and squaring the revolutionary and shocking Uranus. One may find it difficult to predict just exactly what will happen, but the social and relationship arena will be where there is ground for power re-balancing and clearing of the air to take place. Last month before New Moon, when Mars took up a similar position in relation to Pluto and Uranus, we experienced the violent act of the wounded masculine in the Colorado theatre shooting. Venus does not express with conflict and violence as Mars is inclined to do, but any hidden or unexpressed relationship needs will demand attention and may openly lead a revolt against the status quo.

If you’re feeling compelled to free your personal power from restriction, then you are feeling Pluto. Pluto is slowing its retrograde motion now to a crawl in preparation for going direct on Sept 18. During Pluto’s current retrograde, we have been percolating internally since April on some of the more toxic ways we use our power and energy, maybe we are more aware through our life experiences of loss and hidden regenerative power, or maybe we have been committing to gathering power and stemming our power leaks or learning to become more ruthless while holding a compassionate heart. It’s always better to create a container through which these powerful energies can work rather than have them rip a wall out of your life unexpectedly.

Also on August 15, Mars will be conjuncting Saturn in late Libra. Not a great combo as Mars likes to be the gas and Saturn likes to lean on the brakes. Mars wants to blow something up; Saturn wants to deliberate. Libra is all about balance and relationship and is ruled by Venus herself – hence beauty, order and justice are of utmost importance. For the last two years with Saturn in Libra, we have heightened our awareness of the imbalances that our relationships have been mirroring back to us and have strived to heal and rid ourselves of old engrained behaviors that don’t lead to what we want. Saturn will change sign in October and move into Scorpio, so under what’s remaining of Libra’s influence we may find ourselves getting very practical and goal focused and taking whatever risk necessary to make a positive change and just count the consequences as the price of spiraling to a new balance point.

Much could be accomplished during this next New Moon cycle with the amount of dynamic (that’s the polite form) energy in the chart. The Leo Sun/Moon are in a primarily mutable Grand Square with the North/South nodes and Neptune promoting growth, change and evolution. There will be high tension if we don’t more toward some aspect of growth and change. Change something – if you can’t move your King or Queen in this game, move your pawn. And most importantly, let essence speaking through your heart be the guiding force. Leo teaches us about having courage and courage comes from the Latin word for the heart, cor.

Again we have not one, but two Thor’s Hammers or Fists of God formations focused on the Sun/Moon and Uranus. It’s an ongoing theme over the last months with various planets rotating into the configuration. There is a yearning to express something welling up inside ourselves. We want to see it expressed outside ourselves, and if we neglect the internal prompts, the tension and stress of this dynamic energy gets vented in ways we would rather not see – irritation, outbursts, panic, bitterness, resistance, deep dissatisfaction – the feeling that you’re dragging this huge burden that is your life rather than living in the joy of expression and enthusiasm of creativity and enjoying your short-term reservation here on Earth. If one is holding a great deal of internal tension over some issue there is the potential for destructive eruptions. Give it a creative focus! The Sun/Moon are involved in the Fists of God and so is Juno, goddess of marriage and committed relationship. Juno in Scorpio wants to focus on issues of intimacy born of trust to support depth of connection and merging of tangible resources. This points to letting go of resentments and being creative in solving old power struggles and obstacles in relating of all kinds.

New Moon is the time to reset your intentions for the next cycle of increase. Let the Sun shine through your heart and fill you with vitality, elemental light, joy and power.

08/22 Sun enters Virgo
08/31 Full Moon in Pisces at 7:58 AM MDT
09/15 New Moon in Virgo at 8:11 PM MDT

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