Wednesday, February 28, 2018

GaiaPortal: Fallacious Visions Are Exposed

Channelled By ÉirePort On 2-28-18

Fallacious visions are exposed.

Elements of materials change to the Cosmics.

Frescoes appear to hu-beings.

Freedoms are embraced.

Disclosure Digest 2-28-18

Epistles From A Planet In Recovery

We begin with the utter simplicity of sobriety from Bob J. in snowy Colorado:

It's high time we went after the bad actors; an ex-addict shows the way:

A further update on predator corporations scheming for more control of our lives:
 PCR does a fine job of pointing out the fallacies behind this most recent false flag attack:

So far no lame-stream media will mention that there was a 'Live Fire Drill' happening at the time of the shooting. Such 'drills' are used to orchestrate a maximum carnage scenario. Very sad:

Directed energy weapons currently used by bad actors (Cabal mercenaries) on Gaia:

Lightworkers openly disclosing the behaviors of Team Dark are now under digital attack:

Archangel Michael: Ready, Set, Go!

 I don't know this Australian channeller but I do know the voice of AAM and it comes through loud and clear in this message. 
Git Sum!

Channelled Via Adele Arini On 2-27-18

I am Archangel Michael. It is with great pleasure and honor that I am here today, reconnecting with all of you.

Today I would like to explain in greater depth what our expectations are from everyone who is part of our 'Ground Crew'. Please bear in mind that the above word 'our' also consists of your Higher Selves, who are jointly present to send you this message today.

If you are reading this, rest assured that you are definitely a part of the team of brilliant & powerful lightworkers; our Ground Crew who came from every corner of the Universe, to answer the Great Call that has reverberated throughout the Higher Dimensional realms. The Call was all about 'recruiting' volunteers to help Gaia and Humanity: grow into their next level of spiritual evolution and, move into the fifth dimension.

After the Great Call, how many highly-evolved Light Beings do you think answered and stepped forward to volunteer their time and services? The number stretched to millions, my dears. In the higher dimension, everyone's focus is all about loving service to Source/the Divine. Thus it did not come as a big surprise when millions of souls turned up & took their places in the queue; waiting for their turns for a meeting with members of the Earth's Grand Council. 

What happened next was remarkable. Whilst waiting, many souls willingly offered up their places in the queue to the more experienced souls standing behind them - souls who possessed greater Light and thus had greater potential to successfully complete the important missions they were all interested in participating.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-27-18

Some Whale Tales

This just in: Message from the Cetaceans for February 25, 2018:

While we're listening to Sirians let's check in with Sheldan Nidle for his latest Update from the Fleet:

Full Frontal Ben Fulford brings us more good news and some assorted probabilities:

Multiple Mike Quinsey is also singing a very positive tune in his latest report, SaLuSa style:

Brenda Hoffmann gives us a variation on the classic 'No Thank You Practice'...git sum:

Monday, February 26, 2018

WWCC of 9: Dark Deeds, Pole Shift, Indigo Revolution And The Law of One

 Some welcome news here regarding current chaos and the last gasps of the Cabal...well worth a listen.

Channelled And Produced 

By Magenta Pixie

 (This video is available on


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-25-18

The Old Empire Is On It's Last Legs

Our scene opens with two senior Rebel Alliance operatives chatting in a Japanese Zen  garden:

Bro Beckow does a thorough job of giving us an overview of Gaia's Planetary Ascension process:

Brit Conservative Jeremy Corbin calling out the banksters for the self-serving vermin they are:

This longish article on Fake History, and those who create and profit from it, is an enlightening read:

Creator gives us a quantum take on just how powerful we can be as Agents of Change; git sum: 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-24-18

For All Of You Old Lemurian Souls Out There

Denise LeFay shares some of her memories of the good (really) old days...grok sum:

We stay with Denise as she scrolls forward to the currently manifesting ascension symptoms:

Jordan Sather provides us with insight on how the Crystal Kids are handling media censorship:

Our satellite 'eyes in the sky' will be used to help us clean up our messes on Gaia's surface":

Social media's 'eyes on the pedophiles' is hugely helpful in cleaning up that worldwide nastiness:

The ugly truths behind the latest false flag atrocity in FL are rapidly coming into focus:

We check in with Sandra of Mount Shasta (via her latest newsletter) to close out this Digest:

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Your Infinite & Eternal Nature

No wonder I awoke this morning with the realization that I was the 800lb gorilla in the room...

 Via Daniel Scranton On 2-24-17

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have an eternal and infinite nature that defies your physical existence, where everything is finite. You are the extension of Source Energy that has chosen the unique path that you are on, and you have at your disposal access to all that you have ever lived, all that you have ever experienced, not just what you can remember from this one lifetime.

So it serves you to stop limiting yourselves by thinking about what you’ve been able to accomplish in this one lifetime, what skills and traits you have in this one lifetime. And instead, you can allow yourselves to bring forth aspects of who you have been as an eternal and ever-expanding being. You will never stop becoming more of the Source Energy Being that you truly are, and that is another reason why limiting yourselves in any way makes very little sense.

Physically speaking, of course, there are built in limitations. But even those are changing with the shift in consciousness. And as you feel less and less attached to your physical bodies, and accept more and more that you are beings of consciousness, you will be able to experience new heights in this lifetime and in the here and now.

Don’t wait for ascension to be complete before you begin to recognize yourself as your higher self, as an individual and a collective, and as an infinite and eternal being of love and light. Now is the time to awaken the truth of who you are and to let go of the thoughts that tell you that you are ‘only’ this or ‘only’ that.

We suggest that you feel for the infinite and eternal nature of who you really are. And when you do, you will feel expansive, you will know that you are changing and shifting in the present, and that you are allowing in so many more experiences than you had previously allowed yourselves to even dream of.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Jesus: It Is Impossible For You To Even Imagine The Truth Of Who You Are!


Via John Smallman On 2-22-18

As the human awakening process intensifies and accelerates much is arising that has been buried or denied and that needs to be acknowledged, recognized, and released.

There is no need to engage with these powerful emotions and feelings, they are like tropical storms that arise, expend an enormous amount of energy quite indiscriminately, and then dissipate. And, like storms, the feelings and emotions that arise will express themselves very powerfully, and that, of course, can be very painful. So do not attempt to suppress or control them, just allow them to flow though you, as they will, without attempting to direct them or dump them on others.

Doing that just aggravates an emotionally tense situation and invites in additional energy to intensify the pain that is already present. It would be like adding further moisture to a tropical storm, which you can’t do, or gasoline to a fire, which you most certainly can!

Stuff is arising for all who are presently incarnate as humans on Planet Earth. It is mostly very ancient stuff long suppressed or denied, and now it really needs to be released, and all of you – every human – chose to be on Earth at this time to take part in this enormous project so that the blocks to Love that have been in place for eons may be easily and swiftly acknowledged, thanked, and released.

Thanked because they had a purpose in the game you have been playing, and that purpose was to bring to your awareness the absolute hopelessness of life without Love. And this they have achieved. The evidence is all around you as you meet and come to know people everywhere who are seeking love and meaning in their lives.

Love is who you are, and It is your purpose. Love creates endlessly like Itself unless Its Presence has been blocked.  Love does not force or impose Its Presence on anyone, but It is always with you offering Itself to you unconditionally. All that you need do – as you have been told so many times – is to dismiss your fears of It and open your hearts to allow It to enter and embrace you.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-22-18

The Newest Portal Is Open

Git Sum!

The folks at are doing a great job of chronicling the incoming from Sol:

Congrats to GAoG for getting on the Q-Train; here's the latest bulletin of note:
Good news for us and Gaia from the environmental front lines:

Deus Nexus brings us a very good MK Ultra primer for the newly awakening ones:

From our 'Be Careful What You Ask For' File; Dr Crimi on the Law of Attraction:


GaiaPortal: Harmonics Are Uplifted For All To View

Channelled By ÉirePort On 2-22-18

Harmonics are uplifted for all to view.

Portentions of dark sights have closed and no longer apply.

Higher Sighted Ones give credence to the Guides.

Clarifications are finished.

Time to see for One's Self.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-21-18

Mount Analogue My Foot...

Drop yer clocks,  grab your hiking socks and join Bob for a timeless trek:

This seems to be Creators job description for Old Dog Lightworkers (a.k.a. Grey Panthers):

The Arcturian Council members see a planet-wide Human Council arising from this Chaotic Node:

The Collective via Carolyn Oceana Ryan wades in on free will and FL shooting:

We finish with a visit to Lisa Renee's metaphysical lab to see what's on the slab:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-20-18

Big Mamma's Bad

And She's Back!

Cobra points out just how vital the Divine Feminine Energy in all of us is to the Ascension Process:

Jordan Sather seems to have been targeted for chronic truth-telling...time to send him some Love:

Listen to your favorite tracks from The Wall by Pink Floyd whilst reading this tome:

Where does Fear Porn come from and why is humanity inundated with it these days:

Most of the 'school shooters' unleashed in the last 20 years are products of MK Ultra techniques:

Here is some more background on how our brightest scientists created this Franken-technology:

Occasionally Steve Rother channels something noteworthy from The Group - Espavo This:

The Arcturians: Make Friends With Your SELF

Via Sue Lie On 2-19-18

How often do you remember to take a LONG moment to make friends with your many, Multidimensional Friends who, by the way, ALL live within YOU!  You, the earth/bound Ones, often think of your Multidimensional “SELF” as being “above you.”  

However, in reality, you have many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF that live “within you.” However, since it appears to your Human/Self that you only have one body, you may tend to also put that limitation onto your Multidimensional/SELF.

Please remember that your Multidimensional SELF serves as the “Collective Self” of all the incarnations you have had on Gaia, as well as Venus, Mars, and any planets or stars within your present Solar System that you have visited.

We say, “your present Solar System,” because you have lived, and DO live, simultaneously, in more than one reality, or dimension. In this manner, you can participate in more than one reality within the same NOW of the ONE.

This NOW of the “ONE” of which we speak is the fifth dimension and beyond. In these higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, you have the ability to experience many different realities within the same NOW. This inter-dimensional merging awaits us all as we begin to perceive the threshold into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

What we think we are realizing (I say “we think,” because, when we get to the “Entrance to the Threshold of the Fifth Dimension,” we may feel confused, inspired, tired and can’t sleep.

What we are saying is that “concepts based on third/fourth dimensional thinking, and un-resolved issues are still limiting your aura to resonate to the third/fourth dimension.

Because the fifth dimension is not bound by time, space and/or the illusion of separation, that dimension of reality affords you the ability to experience more than one reality within the same NOW of that fifth dimensional HERE.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-19-17


Essential to practicing Tibetan Buddhism is the adoption of the Path of Compassionate Action - Bodhicitta. The Bodhisattva Vow is taken and personal enlightenment deferred until all Sentient Beings are liberated from Samsaric suffering. Then, the Last Bodhisattva to leave the Matrix gets to shut down the holo-projection and really 'turns off the lights". And So It Is:
It's high time for a Universal Debt Jubilee and a transparent financial system:

Folks, I just can't let up on unmasking the patently Evil agenda of Big Pharma, the pushers of poison:

Here's another way the drug industry works hand-in-hand with the CIA/FBI puppet masters:

Nation and Corsi are the Abbot and Costello of Deep State Disclosure...git sum:

Ben here reflects the general opinion of most pundits; we are now watching the Deep State expire:

Bro Beckow dug into the archives to retrieve this AAM snippet on fear porn - well done:

The Angelic Guides: Active Vibrations Don’t Stop Manifesting Immediately


Via Dr. Taryn Crimi On 2-18-18

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the active vibrations that each of you have at any given time. You are continually shifting your focus and therefore, your vibration. However there are some very habitual thoughts that each of you hold that have quite a bit of momentum. Just because you shift your focus back onto the positive doesn’t immediately prevent negative manifestations from playing out. Allow us to further explain.

We often say that there is a lag time between your thoughts and emotions and the physical manifestation of them. You see, when you have focused upon something for quite some time, you have given quite a bit of momentum to that thought. This could be about a particular area of your life that you hold a certain set of beliefs and expectations of because ‘that’s the way its always been.’
Now that you are becoming more aware of your thoughts, you are also becoming more deliberate in choosing what your thoughts will be. Many humans allow their thoughts to be responsive to the circumstances that surround them. We like to say that your thoughts are placed on ‘autopilot’ because they are more reaction based rather than deliberately chosen.

When your focus is placed upon the circumstances in your life they continually re-manifest similar experiences. That’s because what you focus on will always expand. It will draw more like thoughts and eventually circumstances to you.
When you have been focused upon the negative in your life and allowed those thoughts to gain a bit of momentum, shifting your focus is absolutely imperative in order to attract different kinds of circumstances. However, just because you stopped thinking about a negative situation and placed your attention onto something that feels better to you, does not immediately negate the circumstances that are already well on their way to manifesting in your physical reality.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-18-18

Sarva Mangalam!

VCTR Beyond Present, Past, and Future Is The Fourth Moment:

Lionel let's us know just what the Deep State doesn't want you to know...git sum:

Jordan Sather is back in front of his whiteboard exposing the Bad Actors of the Deep State:

My gut feeling about the future of bad laws and governance is the same as Bro Beckow's:

The upcoming Universal Debt Jubilee will solve the ubiquitous problem of debt slavery:
Caveat Emptor; what is the packaging your food comes in:

Something big is causing the ebullient tenor of the Voices in Blossom's head...git sum:

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saul: What You Seek You Already Have

Here in the spiritual realms we are observing humanity’s ongoing progress towards awakening with joy.  You are making astounding progress and moving forwards very rapidly as all the issues that have been buried and forgotten about arise into the collective consciousness to be addressed and released.  Many lightworkers and wayshowers are working hard and most effectively to connect via your modern communications networks with those who are starting to come into awareness of their spiritual nature.  It is very confusing for most of them because they have been living their lives as humans – looking after loved ones, earning a living, and dealing with the daily issues that humans have to deal with – while basically remaining completely unaware that there is far more to life than just being human.

Now these spiritual inner stirrings are demanding attention and most people have no idea to whom they can turn to discuss these unexpected and strange feelings.  Even though for the last fifty or sixty years many have been channeling and sharing uplifting spiritual messages, writing spiritually uplifting books, and offering workshops and seminars, the vast majority of humanity has remained unaware of the resources available to them simply because they have not been interested in such seemingly esoteric subjects.  Living an earthly human life has required all their energy, and so any energy they have at the end of the day has mostly been used to zone out in front of the television to watch sporting events or a movie.

For these unaware ones these new stirrings are very unsettling, sometimes even alarming.  They wonder if they are about to have a nervous breakdown or are starting to go insane, and there is no one in their circle of friends and acquaintances with whom they feel they can even broach the subject, let alone actually discuss it.

Those of you reading or listening to this message, and others like it from other sources, are already well established on your paths to awakening even if you yourselves feel quite lost and confused at times, and you now need to get out there and TALK about what is happening to whomsoever you may be in contact with.  That is your task, that is why you incarnated, and that is why you are among the first ones to start becoming aware that being alive is not just the physical aspect of being human, that it is indeed far, far more than just that!

Friday, February 16, 2018

GaiaPortal: Time To Rest With The Planet And Enjoy Her Recreation

Channelled By ÉirePort On 2-16-18


Time to rest with the planet and enjoy her recreation.*

Efforts of elimination are completing.

Elements of truth abound.

Participations are warranted as Gaia Spirits guide.

Florescents are plentiful.

Love the show.

*[Kp update: it just occurred to me that the title may very well refer to the “re-creation” of the planet. “Time to rest with the planet and enjoy her re-creation“. Feels right to me!]
This GaiaPortal indicates it is a time for us to rest with Gaia, and follow her Spirits. The word “florescence” means “A condition or time of flowering“, so perhaps “Florescents are plentiful” implies that there are a lot of “flowerings” (or, individuals going through the process of “flowering”) going on right now.

Disclosure Digest 2-16-18

Q This!

Here are some links for those wanting to explore the Q anon material in more depth:

People in the Resistance are beginning to appreciate just what an asset Dr. Corsi truly is:

As the cabal's influence wanes, so will basic sanity return to human affairs:

Dr. Michael Salla does a masterful job of dot connecting Q posts on the Hawaii missle attack:

Most lamestream media (with the possible exception of FOX News) is still controlled by the CIA:

An informed and engaged public is the best antidote to NWO fascism; Go Cal:

Here's a little primer on the Chinese New Year (Tibetan - Losar) celebrations:

Here are two updates on the ongoing takedown of Big Pharma and it's drug pushers:

Donovans ballad, Hail Atlantis, would make excellent background music while reading this one:

Channeling His Higher Self: 2-16-18

Via Mike (SaLuSa) Quinsey

Things you are involved in connected with bringing the New Age, move along very slowly on the Earth, yet the net result is that you are beginning to bring the changes about. Human thoughts are now more inclined to seek a peaceful path, having tired of the continual threats of war and confrontations. No sooner do you overcome one problem then another arises and in part it is a legacy of previous actions by the dark Ones.

Their set-up is still active but is diminishing with time, and is becoming fragmented. They certainly do not command the power they had previously, but still have established underground bases that are very active. They will continue until their funds run out as “war” can obviously be a very expansive venture. So, do not despair the future is predictable, and will fall in place with the changes that are lined up to come out.

There is no going back to how things were before 2012, as you are already making progress in the new vibrations that are lifting Humanity up. The future is Golden and it matters not which side of the veil you are on. The whole Galaxy is on the move into an area in space that will be new to you. It will be most welcome and enable you to live a very satisfying life far beyond anything you might have imagined.

Although you may not grasp the magnitude of what is happening, as the future unfolds you will be both amazed and delighted at the path that is laid out before you. In relatively short time life will be unrecognizable when compared to now, and you will be more than satisfied with the degree of upliftment that you will experience. Some souls will cling to what they are familiar with and be reluctant to change, and that is accepted as you are on a freewill planet.

Message from the 'Team' - You're A Highly Calibrated Processor

Via Peggy Black  On 2-15-18

We are here offering our extended support and gratitude as you continue to navigate the many shifts and changes that are taking place on your planet. You are in the midst of another evolutional upgrade which is taking place within your consciousness. This upgrade of consciousness is often reflected in your physical body. Notice and be kind and caring for what your physical body has to process in order for it to be able to allow more conscious light to be present in the DNA as well as every aspect and cell.

Be mindful that this shift of consciousness will be experienced differently by each and every individual, manifesting uniquely in each individual’s physical experience. Your consciousness is being triggered to expand to the next level, or upgrade, of your personal, gifts, abilities and understanding.

Become aware of how your physical body is responding. We have observed that many will express resistance to this conscious expansion. Notice how you react to, or perhaps resist, the subtle and sometimes not so subtle shifts in awarenesses. Notice if you, in any way, invalidate your expanded state of mind returning to what is most comfortable, what is familiar, known and believed.

Your physical body allows you to interface with this dimension and, so to speak, reality. You are familiar with ways of thinking and behaving in regard to the vibrations that you encounter each moment. You have learned or been taught how to stay in a safe zone of consciousness. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-15-18

Wishing You All A 

Cheerful New Year!

We start in very good company with Stephanie Austin's Eco-Astrology Update:

Major incoming from this last Coronal Mass Ejection; expect intense 3/4D consternation:

Patrul Rinpoche is a sterling example of an Ascended Galactic having a profound earth walk:

Our Lady of Mt. Shasta continues her current and highly productive sojourn in service to Gaia:

We close with this just in from Sue Lie and Commander Zarton (rhymes with Zarkov?):

Matthew’s Message, Feb. 13, 2018


By Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We share a reader’s comments that express the sentiments of many: “Matthew and other messengers say the light is changing the world. I don’t see evidence that substantiates this.” The cited situations: nations at loggerheads, political infighting in governments, disparity between the wealthy and the poor, brutal regimes, random terrorism, fear of cyberspace and nuclear war.

Those situations still are part of your world because they haven’t finished running their respective energetic courses. How we wish you could see the evidence we do, the light steadily diminishing the strength of those situations’ energy streamers and all others with negative attachments. Dear family, we know your eagerness to see unmistakable signs that third density’s ills are meeting their ends, and you shall! As the light continues to weaken and incrementally rid your world of everything based in darkness, your steadfastness as lightworkers will well serve you and Earth.

“Please ask Matthew why racial and religious prejudice is on the rise. With the light intensifying, shouldn’t it be decreasing?” It is not more prevalent than before, it is that its long-time destructiveness is being “brought to light” so the damage it has done to the civilization can be healed. Prejudice is not innate—it has been thoroughly taught by one generation to the next down through the centuries, and the divisiveness it has caused has been the dark ones’ great ally in controlling the masses.
Although prejudice is exhibited by attitudes of superiority toward people who look different, have different religious beliefs, different social, cultural or ethnic heritage, different philosophies, actually it is a sense of insecurity due to fear of those differences. Attitudes are changing, and as vibrations continue heightening and expanding conscious and spiritual awareness, everyone will come to know that they have had those lifetimes they deem inferior; they will come to know the Oneness of All, and the populace will be unified by aspirations, dreams and love of family that all have in common.