Friday, February 16, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-16-18

Q This!

Here are some links for those wanting to explore the Q anon material in more depth:

People in the Resistance are beginning to appreciate just what an asset Dr. Corsi truly is:

As the cabal's influence wanes, so will basic sanity return to human affairs:

Dr. Michael Salla does a masterful job of dot connecting Q posts on the Hawaii missle attack:

Most lamestream media (with the possible exception of FOX News) is still controlled by the CIA:

An informed and engaged public is the best antidote to NWO fascism; Go Cal:

Here's a little primer on the Chinese New Year (Tibetan - Losar) celebrations:

Here are two updates on the ongoing takedown of Big Pharma and it's drug pushers:

Donovans ballad, Hail Atlantis, would make excellent background music while reading this one:

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