Friday, February 9, 2018

Dsclosure Digest 2-8-18

Our Star Families Walk Among Us

Jordan Sather reports to us from God's Waiting Room, a.k.a. Florida:

I like Kucinich because he speaks truth to power and we both have the same first name; 'nuff said:

Peter Koenig takes a good look at what the USA Corp. does to countries that don't 'play ball':

KP in Hawaii is keeping pace with the roll-out of crazy in delightful Kahuna style:

If found this SGT Report from 2-5-18  concise and spot-on so I share it with y'all:

This is a sick example of the chemical industry weaponizing products to attack the sheeple:

Big Pharma likes to suppress any viable cancer treatments which they don't control and profit from.
100+ heart-attacked MD's in the last 5 years; this mobbed up racket kills their competition:

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