Saturday, February 24, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-24-18

For All Of You Old Lemurian Souls Out There

Denise LeFay shares some of her memories of the good (really) old days...grok sum:

We stay with Denise as she scrolls forward to the currently manifesting ascension symptoms:

Jordan Sather provides us with insight on how the Crystal Kids are handling media censorship:

Our satellite 'eyes in the sky' will be used to help us clean up our messes on Gaia's surface":

Social media's 'eyes on the pedophiles' is hugely helpful in cleaning up that worldwide nastiness:

The ugly truths behind the latest false flag atrocity in FL are rapidly coming into focus:

We check in with Sandra of Mount Shasta (via her latest newsletter) to close out this Digest:

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