Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Disclosure Digest 2-28-18

Epistles From A Planet In Recovery

We begin with the utter simplicity of sobriety from Bob J. in snowy Colorado:

It's high time we went after the bad actors; an ex-addict shows the way:

A further update on predator corporations scheming for more control of our lives:
 PCR does a fine job of pointing out the fallacies behind this most recent false flag attack:

So far no lame-stream media will mention that there was a 'Live Fire Drill' happening at the time of the shooting. Such 'drills' are used to orchestrate a maximum carnage scenario. Very sad:

Directed energy weapons currently used by bad actors (Cabal mercenaries) on Gaia:

Lightworkers openly disclosing the behaviors of Team Dark are now under digital attack:

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