Saturday, August 31, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-31-19

Red Pill Express

Arriving Over Target

Well done video; well worth a look-see; Graham Hancock does a nice job on the reading:

Dylan said “You got to serve somebody”; Macron and his handler wife only serve the Rothschild's:

Run, rabbit, run... and follow Sorcha down the Cabal rabbit hole; price of admission - your mind:

From our Omar Does Dems File - the latest turd-blossom rising to the turbulent Swamp surface; Oy:

Cabal stooges wanna fly the black UN banner over USA; Satanic wet-dream that ain't gonna happen:

IPOT just released this needfully disturbing look at Pedo/Satanic insanity; Yuck, parts ain't just parts:

Dave at X22 Reports outlines the Fall of the Fed and the New Financial System; Yes, it's happening:

Brits are grokking the realities of allowing Frakatopia to poison the UK altogether; wakey, wakey:

Federation Of Light Message 8-28-19

 Methinks the 'Spheres' herein discussed are representing The Arcturian Masters/Time-Lords in their highest dimensional aspects; we refer to them as Adi Buddas (Primordial Source Love/Compassion, 'The Watchers' ). They represent the most ancient Star Family in our Local Universe and are tasked with enabling all inter-dimensional transferrence of Consciousness/Soul Essence; coming and going all beings of Earth must utilize the Corridor.  Grokfest

Through Blossom Goodchild

Hello everyone. For the past 11 days I have been trying to sort out my mailing list problems, to no avail. My nerves are shot from being on the phone to my IT server and trying to work things out on my computer. Drained to the core!
I feel, without a doubt there are those who do not want these messages of Light to get out there, and would like to send me to the funny farm! LOL … ( As many of you may recall, I went through all of this back in March!)

I begin rehearsals full time on Monday. The Universe always provides me with one professional show a year … (that is all I ask/need). Therefore, there will be no more channellings until the end of Sept. This is the only way I have of letting people know.

After the show is up and running , I will be looking into a new server for bulk emails and I am so very blessed to have had a lady from the US offer to sponsor me for a year’s subscription. I choose to find an Australian-based one. Less complicated … one hopes.

Ok. Well done if you are on my newsletter and have found this! I would be so grateful if emails could be kept to a minimum or sent without needing a reply … during my ‘playtime’!

So, for now I bid you Adieu, and Cheerio … UNLESS OF COURSE something major happens and I am called to duty!

Thanks to everyone who posts these channellings on other sites and on social media . Every bit helps the Planet.

Sending so much Love and Golden Rays

Blossom G.                                  
And here is the latest channelling:

Hello, my friends. Without any doubt in my mind, those of lesser Light are doing their very best to drive me insane! And it’s working! Once again, I cannot send my newsletter out to inform people that a new conversation with us is posted. I won’t go into it here, yet I guess it is wonderful proof that what you have to say is of Truth and is trying to be quashed. So, let’s ‘battle on’! Could you talk to us about how to connect more consciously with the Energy boxes you spoke of last week?

Friday, August 30, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-30-19

A Cheerful New Moon To Ya!

We open this New Moon Day with Sandra Walters latest download from the road; Grok on:

Let's calm things down a bit with these Words of Wisdom from Creator; Easy Does It:

“President Q, China and The Cisco Kid” KP grudgingly posts juicy stuff now and again:

X22 Report on 'The Chosen One' et al; Dave is one of the best Great Awakening analysts out there:

This vintage Great Awakening video from JoeM clearly presents The Great Awakening paradigm:

Grey Panthers have experienced paroxysmal spasms of mirth upon reading this news piece: git sum:

Disney's gone to the Dark Side yet the Star Wars Galactic View remains largely unsullied;

We love Sara Carter at this blog; she's got the ear of Q+ and is a Trusted Scribe and LSM Survivor:

Feeling slightly yucky after reading the above? Kuan Yin's got the remedy; read on, Pilgrim:

GaiaPortal: Archangelic Guidance Is Recognized

Channelled By √ČirePort On 8-30-19 @ 11:11

Archangelic Guidance is recognized.

Connections of all and for all are made from this realm.

The "Higher Law from within" is followed.

The Keystone card has been played.

Middle paths are abandoned.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-29-19


The Cosmos In A Chrysanthemum

Here we are again coming up on a New Moon (read No Moon) period and an article by Stephanie:

This just in from the Denise Zone for all of us striving to live the High-Heart Life; ponderfest:

Creator, via biological smartphone, Jennifer Farley, comments on our current Amazing Changes:

Lets recap this summer and its off-the-charts energetic downloads with Gillians newsletter; Grokfest:

Woke folk at golden Age of gaia are setting the record straight and debunking the Fear Porn:

A new video trailer for the new Cosmic disclosure film soon to be released; well done eye-candy: