Friday, August 2, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-2-19

Planetary Cleansing Ongoing 

Please Stay Behind The Yellow Line

Thanks to Suzanne at GAoG for posting this timely tid-bit from Magenta Pixie; git sum:

For all you Q Anons out there here are some recent decodes, courtesy of KP's Blog: Interdasting:

Sir Patrick Mack at IPOT shares another amusing and timely Q-Decode for all you Lurkers out there:

This isn't anecdotal opposition research, the Japanese government isn't making this stuff up; grokfest:

5G would be like HAL on digital meth, needing to purge the planet of the 'messy eaters'; 5:5:

Strange Days at the various Alphabet Agencies as they realize that the noose is pulling ever tighter:

Sierra from New Zealand is always a calm, compassionate voice is the Dinar Intel world; sweet:

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